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  1. You deserve it MG my idol # & bb pilipinas 19
    Miss Globe you Nailed it said by miss universe Pia I love you Im one of youre fans

  2. I must admit, although not my personal choice to win Miss Universe Philippines, she’s a major contender for the said crown. That said, I believe she, along with Catriona Gray and Andrea Abesamis, is a definite lock for one of the titles on the 18th.

  3. I think Michelle is great. Spectacular, no. No where near it.
    Looking at her pictures, her face comes off as round. Not clearly defined. The round face makes her a little masculine.

    She is pretty however not for MUP.

  4. My Bb Pilipinas – Globe 2018.

    Nichole Manalo, Nelda Ibe… up next, Michelle Gumabao. 🙂
    Just me.

  5. michelle’s progress is very imprerssive
    she achieved so much in so little time

    love that face and personality!

  6. Gusto nyo ba dark horse ang manalo ng Miss Universe Philippines? Sige kayo lahat nang dark horse ng Binibini ay waley at nganga sa international pageant nila, from Perfida to Dindi to Carla, and you can even name the rest, kasi ang mga dark horse ay para lang yan nakachamba at akala makakachamba ulit sa international pageant.

    Pakunwari pa yang Mariel na yan na scripted daw ang pinagsasabi ni Cat kahit hindi naman kasi may ill intention siya that’s why she intentionally look for a loophole, kasi ang gusto nyang manalo ay dark horse, and that is according to one of her interviews.

    Dapat the judges should look for someone who is a complete package. Just like looking on a clean sheet of paper with a black dot. The dark spot is very small when compared to the totality of a pageant contender/front-runner.

    • U have a pt there
      Dashawna winning over MIss Hawaii in 2016 is another example. Miss Hawaii could have easily won MU in the Philippines

    • Ok RubyG,
      Let’s wait for the finals and we’ll see who’s dreaming between us.

      Michelle Gumabao rhymes with Mirriam Quiambao and I believe that A&Q should package her similar to Mirriam. Confident without being Loud, Smart and witty minus the intention to impress and just being real without any pretension.

      She is the one who really excites me on her transformation for Miss Universe. Ngayon pa nga lang milya milya ang improvement nya mula nung selection ng official candidates.


      • Jeremi, bakit ka nagagalit kapag ikaw ang iniinis? Diba ganiyan ka din kay Catriona? You are worse pa nga with your negative criticisms sakaniya eh. Kalma lang.

      • And yet he critically criticises Cat when we say she is MUP.



      • Miriam Quiambao? Huwag mong ibaba si Miriam sa pedestal maikumpara lang kay Michele. Puhleeeeaaaassseeeee.

    • That ai-ai delas alas’ish peg ng personality nya (pde din looks, char!) fits like Miss Grand International and the way she talk parang Nicole Cordoves.

      • hahaha! mjo may pagka Ai2 nga naman noh?… but she can easily get any crown… Supra or MGI , she’s IN!… Goodluck Michelle!


    2012 – JANINE TUGUNON*
    2013 – MUTYA DATUL
    2015 – ANN COLIS
    2016 – JOANNA EDEN
    2017 – NELDA IBE
    2018 – CATRIONA GRAY

    *2012 lang ako jumackpot sa bet ko
    **2012 at 2013 at 2010 lang ako naging masaya sa result ng nanalong mup!!
    ***feeling ko TEAM GUMABAO mananalo ngayon kahit TEAM CATRIONA talaga ako!!!!

  8. Super duper like ko Yung vibrant and perky personality niya. The way she express her thought is also very light to receive! No pretentions and no inhibitions also!

    I like her for Miss Grand! She will nail the speech portion of that pageant. She can also use her life experiences to be able to relate with the advocacy of that pageant!

  9. She will win a crown, but not MUP. IMO she’s best suited for Globe, Intercon or Supra.

  10. I like her and Cat. Pero what if mag laro ang tadhana at sya ang coronahang MUP?

    • I think okie lang naman cguro,… work out lang nya ung katawan nya tapos ung s facial features…nahhhh mjo madami daming trabaho pahhh… pde kay CAT na lang muna ang MUP2018…hihihi

  11. Michelle for Supranational! Saw her in person during the parade and she reminded me of Janicel Lubina who’s more energetic and refined.


      • Hi 4M! Kamusta na? Sira ulo ka parin? Parang tanga yung Sra. Mayo Uno account mo. Awayin ba naman si Monch? Si monch na walang malay! Kaloka!

  12. This lady drastically improved and she really blooms at right time… Sana hindi ito kabahan during the final night… Crown na bagay sa kanya ay Miss Grand International Philippines or Miss Universe Philippines… She look Nicole Cordoves.

  13. comm skills/public speaking wise – she can be MUP.. That’s all.

    Beauty – yes, she’s beautiful but not for MUP. Girl, itabi mo yan maski kay Miss Vietnam, lubog yan.

  14. It’s between Cat and Michele for best spokesperson of MU😄
    But Cat is the total package for MU.
    Michele is for MGI, Globe or Intercon.😄

  15. Question lang. Is there a closed panel interview like last year? 40 to 25?
    Or rarampa ulit yung 40 then cut to top 15?

    • If they would reveal the first cut early in the pageant night, it’s gonna be a deal breaker to some! Hello Angelique D.. Hello Dindi P…

  16. Michelle’s strengths:
    1. Her killer instincts. She’s an athlete and athletes are bred to perform and bring home the gold. Expect her to do her home work, train really really hard and psychologically prepare herself for the competition.
    2. The height.
    3. Her comm skills are to die for.
    4. And a good head between her shoulders. Bright girl.

    Michelle’s weakness:
    1. Inexperience. Even though she absorbs like a sponge, she doesn’t have a full grasp on how to really be on a battle mode when it comes to head on competition with other international delegates ( Cat definitely got this in the bag. I mean Top 5 at Miss World? Piece of cake. )
    2. Facial beauty. No offense to her, she’s a beautiful girl. But is her beauty in the same league as Demi Leigh Peters, who got it in the bag since IMG laid their eyes on her?

    Her best placement: International. Universe, possibly. She is the only threat to Catriona at the moment.And if she wins MUP, probably the biggest upset in Binibining Pilipinas history.

    Worst case scenario: Grand International or Globe, any of those minor pageant hell.

    • Have u seen her talent show ?
      If that’s a killer, I don’t know what’s not

      • Her best talent is something that could not be demonstrated on the stage and everyone already knows what that is.

        We should not fault her for what happened nung talent show. At least she joined. A lot of other girls didn’t even try (baka walang talent, LOL).

    • Grand International is okay. Well, I hope they make some modifications to make her look like Nia Sanchez, that perhaps would be awesome!

    • I have read this comment to a certain page ,I saw the one who posted it and he is quite goodlooking. Ikaw ba ito martirez ricky? Charrr…

  17. I am lovin’ this girl each day I see her on my FB news feed, pageant blogs, network online news, etc. I can see that she puts all her efforts in every BbP activity, so she won’t let her sparks lost. This might score negatively for others because this makes her more in the game than enjoying it. Whatever it is, I like Michele and I want her win a crown. Now, here is the real deal: if she gives a stunning performance on the coronation night to the extent that she can outdo Cat Gray’s, then I won’t get damn hurt for Cat’s lost, that is notwithstanding the fact that — Cat is still leading the pack in all department and a lot of supporters are favoring her to snatch MUP.

    As regards the demolition job relating to Michele’s campaign ad, have these people wondered how the BPCI Legal minds reviewed all her portfolios? Com’n, don’t witch hunt because before everything gets a good run, BPCI did its job well.

    On a lighter note…

    Lailaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kumusta na, mars? I missed all your views and opinions on this blog. I know that you have hibernated somewhere (Insta perhaps?), and I thought you made an alter account here via Claire chuva, did ya? Ano na ang ganap sa ibang campo karne at sa mga kapitbahay na sobrang inaabangan ang BbP? Mars, labyah. Minora? Char!

    That’s all!

    • Uu nga ano nasaan na siya si Laila????? isa yon sa pag nag comment or nag share ng news dito from ouside ay my sense.

      • If you know the IG account Titasofpageantry ate Laila is one of them. Im almost certain the new Laila commenter here is not the same as the old Laila

    • @Ana Winter the Laila commenting now is not the same Laila that we’re used to ever since 2012.

      • @unorthodox, Hmnnn… I am tryna analyze it. The way she puts words in her statements now, mukhang naiba nga. Besides, her profile picture is no longer the same. That’s all.

      • @Ana, hindi lang naman kasi nagiisa ang”Laila” sa mundo. Cherette ka talaga!! Hihihi

      • Thousands of monthly readers ang nandito. Hindi ito groupchat na inaakala mo. Cherette hihihi….

      • @4M, I know right. But, I am thinking that Laila is the lone user of such pseudonym here, just like me wherein I am the lone user of Ana Winter. ‘Pag may gumamit na iba ng name ko, hahampasin ko s’ya ng Louboutin shoes ko. That’s all!

      • Ayun nemen pele eh!!! Louboutin! Cherette! Pronounce louboutin nga!! Hihihihi cherette ka Ana,,,,, Hihihi

      • What about you 4M, do you want me to hog-tie you with my Yves Saint Laurent (read: Iiiv Soohngk Lohooongk) scarves? That’s all!

    • Flattered naman ako to be mistaken as Laila pero hindi ako si Laila. Nakakahiya naman sa kanya kc may name na talaga siya sa pageant world! Marami na rin siyang mga beauty queen friends! Kaya ini-i-straighten ko Lang kc baka may makabasa ng comment to dito na minsan negative akalain si Laila nga eh friends naman kami sa IG.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Claire. I thought talaga ikaw ‘yun, mars. At least, I am now clear with this. That’s all.

  18. Her bubbly persona is best at Supra. A little toning here and there and she’s good to go. She’s an athlete so attitude and discipline is there 100%.

  19. #spikeforthecrown

    it’s been a long time on both BBP and MU that a winner is a sports enthusiast.

  20. I like Michele. I saw her in the parade last Saturday, and she looks better in person than in photographs. I do hope she gets one of the major crowns this year.

  21. If MUP is not Catriona then its going to be Michelle or Aya. I dunno over the years it is how SMA assigns MUP/MIP.

    • For me it’s either Cat or Michele preferably the former . If Michele wins, something has to be done with those thighs -not sexy

  22. NO…if i go by the story that SMA looks for candidates with good family and educational background, then MICHELE MIGHT not be it! She is one candidate supposedly a FRONTRUNNER at that na kailangan mo pang hanapan ng magandang ANGGULO para gumanda ng husto. CANDID SHOTS ESP WHEN SHE LAUGHS REVEAL HER UNFLATTERING MOUTH! I saw her UP CLOSE 3x during the parade, mas maganda pa si 21-26 at sina 35-40 SA KANYA! FRANKLY TOP 15 lang or runner-up.

    • Ang sentences mo ay hindi nagdudugtong. Ano ang koneksyon ng good family and educational background sa “kailangan mo pang hanapan ng magandang ANGGULO para gumanda ng husto? Non-sequitur at may kasamang ad hominem pa.

    • Good Educational background?!

      Hello?!! She is a graduate of De Lasalle University…. Was a consistent dean’s lister while being a full-time varsity player!!!

      • Did she graduate cum laude at least ?
        Oh well I’m not even she graduated from college

  23. #Spikeforthecrown

    Whatever crown you win, you have been the most fun and interesting candidate I followed this year. Her social media presence is one of the best if not the best. She knows how to use social media to keep herself in the discussion and her perseverance to win really shows. Practice your walk and projection and you will most likely be rewarded. She has a solid team behind her with A&Q hopefully doing some final polishing before the main fight. I’m sure Lola Jonas wants the universe back but right now, Catriona, her former discovery is getting in the way.

    I’m going to repost the video here since this is the right place to share it.

    • Wow I can see a halo on Michele’s head … just by reading your tribute to Her hahahahaha

    • I really wish she competes for Miss World PI, nonetheless she’s my MGI. She reminds me of Nicole Cordoves.

  24. Michele is undeniably a star on her own. She is the paragon of a surprising transformation.
    She will do well in Grand or Supra 🙂

    The MUP crown would fit better on Cat’s head. ❤️

    #40 Aubrey may be the Kristel Guelos ths year. What a surprise! Who knows, she might snatch a crown from the so called front runners.

    I would go any day with Kayesha (beauty and brains) over Vickie or Sandra who clearly lacked substance and conviction.

    Wynonah and Eva proved to be the stronger Cebuanas than Murielle and Ena.

    Athisa may settle for a runner-up finish to prepare her further for 2019 or 2020.

    Although third time is a charm, sadly, this may not be the case for Jehza.

  25. She’ll definitely win any of the crowns. She can beat the ball to a pulp, chos!

  26. I like her ‘open’ personality .. which makes me worried about Cat . While Michelle just let it all out during the ‘inspiration ‘ monologue , Cat looked and sounded really nervous .. acting like she was about to take a test at school.
    Cat is still my bet for MU. But she needs learn how to relax smile and level-talk with the interviewer .

  27. She’s genuine. What she presents during the pre-pageant activities appear to be who she truly is.

    As someone said in another thread, hindi yung tipong gumawa ng advocacy for beauty pageant purposes lang. I like that she has a career outside pageantry and her life doesn’t revolve around pageantry. It’s a personal preference, but those are the types of candidates that I like. Yung diamond in the rough, kumbaga.

    She’s also very attractive, much more in person. I think she’s one of the candidates who registers better in person (and in videos) than in photos actually. Yung charisma niya doesn’t show in photos. She also looks much better without (or very little makeup)

    But I don’t want her to win the top prize. God knows how much bashing and criticism she will get if that happens. Another crown would be ok, but not a runner up position. I don’t see her doing this all over again if she doesn’t get a crown this year.

    • G, why not name names ? Well , you didn’t have to . It’s obvious who your subject was.
      Wow, Michelle is the queen of everything that is true and honest and beautiful.
      And Cat is just faking it .
      Thank you.

    • If you are referring to Cat’s advocacy, you have no right to question her integrity. May track record yan, sis, even before pageantry, 2012, 18 year old Cat ay involved na sa mga charitable works. Pageantry just became her way to widen her platform and to have a bigger voice for these advocacies. Sure, may personal dreams din siya, just like every other girl who joins bbp, pero her personal dreams are only second to her main objective which is to bring the spotlight to the filipino people, especially those voiceless underprivileged.

      If you are not referring to Cat, then you probably have a point. I know some girls who create unrealistic advocacies, which they abandon after pageantry, for the sake of having an advocacy. Cat, on the other hand, never abandoned her advocacies, even after pageantry. Continous ang help and support niya to everyone. We are talking about a girl here who built a school, for the underprivileged kids, from trash on top of mountains of trash in Payatas. Cat talks the talk and walks the walk. Get to know the girl and you will know that her actions speak louder than her words.

      • I’m not referrring to Cat. If you’ve read my other posts here, you would know she’s my pick for MUP.

      • “If you are not referring to Cat, then you probably have a point”

        these types of lines are what make us Cat fans look “bad” to her nonbelievers/bashers. It sounded like we’re putting Cat waay up high in the pedestal of ‘she who can do no wrong” , thus creating the cloud of exclusivity surrounding her. I mean gets we Cat fans know na Guinevere is not pertaining to Cat. Alam natin na Cat’s charities are already well established waaay before she first considered joining pageants. Alam natin yung totoo. Point ko lang siguro is you could have rephrased your sentence with “in general pageant girls create unrealistic advocacies…” or something to that effect, basta talk about it in a general sense/context, para hindi naccreate yung aura of exclusivity. Aminin man natin o hindi, malaki ang epekto ng fans sa public image ng isang candidate

      • Unorthodox, I am not a fan of Cat and so are you. I’m merely stating facts and giving credits to where it’s due. And please don’t cut and paste and edit parts of my comments because by doing that you are changing the true meaning of what I’ve said. Doesn’t work that way, sis.

        “If you are not referring to Cat, then you probably have a point. I know some girls who create unrealistic advocacies, which they abandon after pageantry, for the sake of having an advocacy. ”

        Comprehension. Comprehension. Comprehension. You just saw a certain word na you don’t like, triggered na agad.

        I thought he has a point because Cat is true to her advocacy, that is a proven fact. I know some girls who create “unrealistic advocacies,” hindi ka ba aware diyan? All pageant enthusiasts, aware diyan. So if you’re going to twist my words and alter facts, make sure convincing naman. Hindi yung mema lang.

        Have a nice day! ☺️

      • And I beg to disagree with your last sentence na “Aminin man natin o hindi, malaki ang epekto ng fans sa public image ng isang candidate” lol!

        Wala naman siguro superpowers ang mga girls to control whatever their fans wanna say or do. You don’t even know yung efforts that she’s doing to let her fans know that it is not okay to “bash and hate” kahit ang laki na ng fanbase niyan feel niya obliged padin siya. Yung ibang celebrities nga deadma lang sa mga fans nila, pero Cat cares. Shallow people lang ang nangdadamay sa action ng iba sa action ng lahat. Minsan nga yung iba fake fans lang para siraan yung candidate, because they know how strong Cat is and that they can’t find a major flaw that would derail her chances, so sa mga fans ang ina-attack which is so pathetic, desperate and immature lang in my opinion. That’s all.

      • Wow , Laila . I almost believed unorthodox and was readying to attack u . What a great rebuttal. May pinaghuhugutan , sabi. Nga ni Sara G hahaha

      • Ruby, thanks! ☺️ Just making it clear that I judge every girls equally lang. Wala akong bet kasi gusto ko open ako when it comes to coronation night, yan dun ako mag-jujudge if sino talaga. Pero I’m closely following, observing a handful of girls that we know naman will do great sa finals.

      • in whatever part did i say that the girls have superpowers to control their fans?? yep, that’s righ. i didnt. What i said was the opposite. I said that fans sometimes tend to go way overboard na naaapektuhan na yung image nung mismong candidate. WHy do you think the anti-Cat people here keep on instigating fights to the real Cat fans?

        Youre the one who needs to comprehend. Ang point ko lang dun sa comment ko kanina is carefully select your word choice para hindi magkaroon ng “aura of exclusivity” for Cat. Hindi ko, in any way, sinabi na Cat has been commanding her fans to do so.

      • You didn’t say it but you were insinuating. You are going circles na lang, hanap ka ng hanap ng madadahilan. Kahilo lang, diba? I’m done talking to you. Kthnx bye.

      • Tanga ni unerthedex. San part sinabe ni Laila na Cat was the best among the rest chorva? Kitid ng utak di pa marunong magbasa ng mahusay. Problema sayo makakita ka lang ng comment kay meow ng papuri, kumukulo na agad dugo sa batok mo. Diyan nagsisimula ang issue issue. Paki mo ba kung proud ang mga fans niya? Marami sila kung marami pero hindi mo mapipigilan ang gusto sabihin ng mga yan. May free will mga yan, kung di ka agree, scroll through at magpost ka na lang sa bet mo, baks. Isa pa, hindi naman sila nagsisimula ng gulo kung hindi umeepal at nambabash ng pasimple like you, unerthedex. Human nature na sa fandom yan. Inggit ka lang malamang, or threatened.

        Wala naman gulo, gumagawa ka ng gulo parati. Kalma lang, baka di mo mapanuod yung coronation sa sunday. Hahaha

        —— the orig gloria

      • “WHy do you think the anti-Cat people here keep on instigating fights to the real Cat fans?”

        Edi threatened nga kasi. Bakit niyo ba kasi pinapakialaman mg comments ng fans niya. Threatened nga kasi kaya affected masyado. Otherwise, kung confident ka sa kakayahan ng pambato mo, deadma ka lang.

      • GMW, wag na sumatsat. Nagiging bobo ang discussion pag sumasabat ka eh.

  28. She’s very pretty, but pretty won’t cut it in MU. Maybe for another crown.

    Cat’s still the one with that undeniable x factor.

  29. My favorite Binibini this year. She deserves a crown! Goodluck Michele! 🙂 #SpikefortheCrown!!!

    Best blocker sa leagues. Go for the kill block sa pageantry this time! 🙂

  30. No doubt about her winning a crown but not the Miss Universe. She will be good at Miss International, Miss Grand international or Miss Intercontinental!! She is one of the best after Cat!!!! Thats the reason why they are next to each other!!

  31. MIP or BbP Supra for Michelle. It’s ok if she wins MUP, but for now Catriona is still my MUP.

  32. SUPRA or GRAND ❤ ❤ ❤ and for a first timer para makakuha ng mga koronang iyon, FANTABULOUS!

  33. Lovely. But not for the Ms. U crown. There is something Ai-ai-ish about her and she kinda overly project which is a “little bit scripted”. Lol.

    World Peace.

  34. She is in my top 5 but if she is sent to MU, then we have to say goodbye to a great shot at a MU crown no. 4 this year …

  35. Love her. If she is indeed too old for MIP, then Supranational for me. She’s undeniably Filipina with a confidence that’s unassuming yet unapologetic. No airs or auras, just a woman comfortable in her own skin and standing tall (literally and figuratively).

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