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  1. I want her to win the MI crown, but please remove the “dry” looking aura. Sobrang fresh nya nung 2012.

  2. Miss Universe Philippines = Catriona Elisa Gray
    Miss International Philippines = Eva Psychee Patalinjug
    Miss Grand International Philippines = Michele Theresa Gumabao
    Miss Supranational Philippines = Vickie Marie Rushton
    Miss Intercontinental Philippines = Ena Louis Velasco
    Miss Globe Philippines = Karen Juanita Gallman
    1st Runner-up = Maria Andrea Abesamis
    2nd Runner-up = Anjame Magbitang

  3. Beautiful no doubt, but her smile needs work, she looses that beautiful face everytime she smiles, reminds me of kylie, a goddess when not smiling

  4. Gallman is definitely beautiful no doubt , but everytime she smiles she loose that beautiful face, she’s one of those girls na goddess when not smiling, reminds me of kylie..extra beautiful when not smiling

  5. She’s as tall as Liz Clenci, as eloquent too. She has one of the prettiest faces in this batch. I can see her getting MI or MGI.

  6. One of the candidates who sorta disappointed me upon seeing her in person during the parade.

    Maybe she was tired? Her make-up was bad? I don’t know, but she looked very haggard that day.

    Her glam shots are all impressive though, but when next to the glamazons (kahit dito pa lang sa local pageant), natatabunan siya. What more in an international pageant.

    I don’t have her pegged for a crown right now, but definite top 15.

  7. She’s beautiful. my only concern is…. why does she look way better on glamshots? I mean medyo hindi nag mamaterialize yung glamshot niya into reality. like candid shots, hindi ganon ang arrive. medyo kailangan mo ayusan pa and angguluhan with proper lightings…

    She’s my BBP Grand bet actually.

    • maybe sa pagod n lang din cguro @MrManila kaya hindi gaano nag meet ang photos vs reality… peo pde xa magka crown db…Globe or Grand… sa Supra kasi mjo bubbly2 ang need dun hihi. Qng ok pa age nya, pde sa MI hihi

      • Yun na nga ang punto ko. If ako, una kong nakita si picture siyempre ganon ang ieexpect ko na makikita ko in person or somewhat close to that.

  8. She is very petite in person. I hope that what she looks like in photos translates to reality.

  9. Universe or not, I enjoyed following Michele’s journey and this video sums everything about her. Very impressive! I hope Madame is able to see this… Goosebumps…


  10. off topic:

    so who here is going to start a go-fund-me page
    to collect donations to buy replacement for the
    bbp crowns.

    come on, they desperately need an upgrade
    worthy of the great candidates they’ve been

  11. Maganda nga pero pandak naman. Pero I want her to win Miss Grand Philippines.

  12. She’s definitely has the face but how tall is she?

    Interesting that she is receiving attention now…

    • 5 ‘5 daw nakalagay…but I saw her face to face, magka eye level lang kmi. She’s on the Bragais shoes. I stand 5’4 in flats…

    • I thought 5’5″ ang minimum height requirement sa BbP? Pano sya nakalusot?
      Dapat gawing strictly 5’6″ ang minimum height ng BbP. Kahit na 30 candidates na lang.

      • tissa, sometimes may pinapalusot sila. Pero this year parang walang height req. basta gusto nila palusutin, papalusutin.

      • Ms tissa, I don’t know how to post pics but there are pictures online where Vicki estimated as 5’4 was beside 5’6 1/2 Shane 5’6 muriel and malaki tinaas ni Shane at Muriel kay vickie. Same w karen case may katabi sya na ang liit niya.

      • I think this has something to do with ABSCBN. Remember the 2016 edition where maraming hindi tinanggap at natanggal after the official measuring kasi hindi pasok sa 5’6″ requirement. Tapos remember also that earlier this January ata may lumabas na rumor na BPCI just wants 30 candidates but ABSCBN insisted on having 40 for production concerns

  13. Absolutely. That’s a face that competes internationally and not just because she is half-European. Chiseled yet delicate. Shades of Ximena Navarrete who also had an aloof personality but undeniable beauty.

    As for interview, well she is a native English-speaker (and thinker). Short of a Sirene Sutton-level all out silence bomb, even a mediocre answer for her will lap others who will struggle to formulate their thoughts and find the right words.

    And I love Ben Leguiab. Amazing taste, this muse included.

    Go Karen!

  14. para mapansin ka sa international pageant, DAPAT may HEIGHT ka din at KATALINUHAN. at FRESH ka pa! Karen is 5’5, 25 going 26 and NOT SO BRAINY or not so good in articulating her thoughts. PROBLEM with some people is : sasali ulit or sasali pag 25 or 26 na TAPOS itong mga DRUMBEATERS IPAGPIPILITAN ang kandidata nila na MATANDA NA AT DI NA FRESH! FACT IS: MARAMI SA KANDIDATA NGAUN ANG MAY HEIGHT NA 5’7 AND ABOVE NA HIGIT NA MATATALINO AT MAGAGANDA DIN!

  15. Antagal naman ng final prediction ng blogger.
    Tiyak liliyab ang blog na to hihihihihi

  16. I love Elizabeth Clenci’s IG story about Catriona’s fans attacking Mariel because of that “scripted” comment.

    Napaka-petty naman talaga ng mga fans ni Catriona.

    • What’s the difference between the rabid Catriona fans compared to the anti-Catriona like you? Kung makapetty petty ka pa! You will use any platform to make your senseless point against her. So what makes you different? Ang difference nga lang ay nasa kabilang side ka. Case in point here: si Karen ang feature but you still have to “insert” your anti-Catriona (or her fans) campaign. Mag comment ka when and where it’s due! Kapal mo!

    • And honestly, yun lang ang comeback mo? And to think that I’m really not a huge Cat fan but I see potential when it’s there and not just inclined to bash for the sake of. How pathetic are you? And to the other Jeremi commenter, I was born and raised in Tondo. Laking kalye din aq but I’m glad that ‘di aq asal kalye like Jeremi. He is, as he described himself, a social climber and elitista to the highest! Unfortunately nga lang, self described! Parang lamok na dumapo sa elepante pero feeling nya ay mas mataas at malakas pa sya! Go on dreaming, libre yun!

  17. Short and overrated. Not all native English speakers have fluid thoughts. Karen description of her chosen item is subpar

  18. Maganda itong babaeng ito. makakakuha ito ng puesto. Good luck gurl!

  19. I prefer her beauty over Catriona’s.
    She has unique facial features na kahit katabi ng mga latinas, mag istand out pa rin sya.

    • Oo nga maganda sya pero hanggang dun lang! Aanhin mo ang ganda kung kulang na kulang ka naman sa height at hindi kagalingan sa q n a?

  20. She’s pretty bu I don’t see an ounce of filipina in her. She said she’s born and raised in Pinas but clearly no trace of pinoy. Clear example is Catriona who tries to speak pinoy no matter how “baluktot” it is. Ms Gray’s beauty has some filipino traits so as the way she talks and projects on crowd.

  21. She’s losing momentum and her makeup was just a mess during the crucial parade of beauties and it obviously didn’t help at all when she looked haggard and tired. She needs to make a huge splash in the coronation night to get a crown.

  22. Definitely peaking and her styling has been on point. Subtle and she looks fresher too.

    A crown for sure but which one depends on her final performance.

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