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  1. She’s currently my choice for the Binibining Pilipinas International crown, but sadly, I have a gut feeling she will not make it into the top 8. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. She’s pretty. Can be supranational or Intercontinental. However, she’s showing less spark this year. Last year, she’s one of my top bets. i feel that she’s “stronger” last year compared to now. Not just sure if same energy lang ba siya or natatabunan lang siya ng mas malalakas na candidates ngayon.. I also don’t get the wearing of those contacts.

    Her photos above can pass as Miss Thailand. lol

  3. #7 Sigrid Flores is another girl in my list. Idk pero may pagkasoultry ang arrived ng beauty nya saken which is also fit in Miss International.

  4. It’s hard to say really in a year with so many exceptional girls. Does SMA play nostalgia favourites? Does she sort of promise to some girls, runner-up muna ngayon and a crown later? Doesn’t make sense when you potentially sacrifice a better girl just to fulfill a promise. And I think she knows it too kaya fans point out the lack of spark and excitement.

    But give her credit for persevering because cmon, it all looks easy, but it’s not! Just imagine going through this again and again and again??

    But goodluck Jehza!

  5. She’s one of my bets for Bb International — Jehza fits the prototype. Small face, large expressive eyes, delicate and slim frame. Qualities that the Japanese go for. Unlike last year when we sent the opposite of Jehza and we ended up not placing.

  6. We just cannot ignore her beauty! But the question is, bakit sya naiignore sa radar?

  7. Pretty….but she’s not showing that sparks…something is lacking this time around. This is her 3rd try right???

  8. Parang focus niya lahat transformation sa looks. This is physically her most striking year by far.

    But at the same time, she’s the most distant I’ve ever felt from her. Like zero connection with her personality, almost negating what I’ve learned about her from her two prior attempts. I feel more connected to second-tiers like Manalo, Orais.

    Her and Rushton are both like “we’re here physically, but where are we mentally?”

  9. Finds real profession dear. You’ve dedicated 3 years to BBPU, you’ve given your best . Good luck with real life.

    • U r so Mataray dear
      Ano na ang nangyari sa saying na try and try until u die
      She’s only 22. She can try 4-5 more x … if she wants to

      • This is probably her last hurrah, as she is engaged to be married.

        At some point, these repeater candidates need to realize when enough is enough. I think personally that third time is enough. Fourth is overdoing it na.

  10. I won’t mind if she wins any crown including MI and MUP .
    She is a pleasant beauty with a nice body proportion .
    Best in SS for me

  11. She is not in my top 5 but I believe she deserves a crown ; she is definitely in my top 8

  12. Sir Norman please clarify:

    Saw this on FB:

    Scope: “The Higher Ups” are secretly eyeing this not so popular candidate as their Miss Universe Philippines. As she has so much potential but not “hyped” and not “gasgas” in the pageantry world. They are planning a big Pasabog on finals night, that will suprise everyone.

    A dark horse is being polished now, and the people involved are making sure her road to the arena is clear and unobstructed.

    She is the “The One”.


    • That is possible, but the risks are extremely high. BPCI may be a charities group, but the business of protecting the brand in terms of sustained support and popularity from pageant fans and sponsors are equally important.

      • So we can say that sponsors may influence the outcome of the pageant?

      • very true sir Norman !!! BPCI should think twice of rigging the results in favor of a candidate. If that happens, be ready for a brutal bashing and forever questionable integrity

  13. My opinion about Jehza : she already peaked last year. She was one of the most buzzed and talked about contestant during BbP 2017, and was expected to clinch a crown. She was in fighting mode last year, reminiscent of Kylie Versoza during BbP 2016. Her nervous answer during her Q & A sealed her fate to a runner up position. Apparently, her comm skills is her kryptonite.
    Fast forward to BbP 2018 : now, the hype surrounding her disappeared. She got eclipsed by Michelle G., Wynonah, Eva, Ahtisa, Kayesha, Karen G, Muriel & Aya. Even clinching a minor crown will be a tough thing to do with all those girls posing as an obstacle to her goals. And she competed in an ultra competitive year, where Catriona emerged as the strongest front runner to date. Her chances for Miss Universe Philippines this year is nothing but a distant dream, compared last year.
    Best placement : Top 15, Globe at best.
    Worst case scenario: same fate as Hannah Ruth Sison & Kimverlyn Suiza: the most gorgeous queens never to compete internationally.
    But I still wish her the best. Hope she brings her A- game in able to clinch even a minor crown. : )

  14. Another truly Filipina beauty in a competition filled with such. Choosing is hard and any of the front runners will be good. Just no mongoloids/orientals please. Madala na sana with Karen, Nicole and Angelia…..huwag ng ipagpilit at ipagsiksikan ang sarili nila na Hindi naman talaga kagandahan kahit ano pa gawin.

  15. Looking at Huelar, I am betting that she can easily penetrate the first cut, but she will be far from becoming a runner up or being a crown contender. Everytime I see Huelar, it feels like she’s sucking my energy (maybe those lazy eyes idk). Her aura reminds me of MI prototype tho.

  16. Jehza the contacts doesnt suits you. Drop that accent for q and a. And make your answer 2 sentences only. Listen to ate cara.

  17. Of her 3 tries, pinakamaganda sya last year for me. Ang tamlay nya! Pero feeling ko magpeperform to ng malala sa finals. Buhos-energy. As of now, I don’t see her winning any crown.

    Pero goodluck sa kanya…Laban Jehza!

  18. This girl is beautiful! No doubt. Ang saken i think either MI or intercon for her. Sa MI warm up lang muna tayo so Jehza is a good choice. In intercon we never send a type of this beauty. Uber calibre naipapdala natin yearly upgrade. So i think try to send her there and baka swertehin tayo kay jehza sa intercon. Malay natin. I dont want to waste again a high calibre representative in that pageant.

  19. Universe- Grey
    International- Bernardo
    Supranational- Abesamis
    Intercontinental- Patalinjug
    Grand International- Lemonon
    Globe- Artajos/ Huelar (silang dalawa for perseverance, I like Loren more tho)

    1st runner up- Rushton / Buot
    2nd runner up- Magbitang


  20. Malaki sana chance nya kung sa KF sta ng train. Kasi nasa A&Q so ayan lumiit ang chance. Dapat ng switch na sya to KF 2017 pa sigurado sana may crown na sya last year pa. Hay Jehza

  21. Her communication skills are still way behind some of the other top contenders. I don’t see her competing for the top crowns at all, and she may even be at risk of not making the top 15 this year.

    Baka ma Diana Arevalo siya.

  22. I wish she can spoil and overtake the front-runner girls during the final show and score one of the crowns. Walang malaking pag babago sa kanya from the previous episode.

    • Although sana nagpahinga muna siya kahit one year lang, 3 straight years of joining nakakapagod din talaga.

      • teh magpapakasal na kasi siya. Engaged na si ateng mo so one last hoorah daw bago sya maging Mrs. PBA player (nakalimutan ko name nya huhu sorry). Mauusog masyado date ng kasal nila if nagpahinga sya tapos 2019 sumali.

  23. Sayang there are only 6 crowns. I hope she could win one of those kahit yung Globe lang.

  24. After the Speaking Test, here are my rankings:

    Universe – Mendoza
    International – Gray
    Supranational – Abesamis
    Grand – Roman
    Intercon – Chua
    Globe – Buot
    1st RU – Lemonon
    2nd RU – Magbitang

  25. I like her, but there are better girls in this batch. I hope she gets a crown.
    Reminds me of what happened to Hannah Sison. Not a clapper, but not a winner either. 😦

  26. As much as I’m rooting for her, she needs to step it up. She should know who’s she’s up against, knowing that every single year, the competition gets tougher. Well, baka naman hinihintay pa nyang mag 2019 or 2020? Di ko lang alam kung meron nang nag-4th attempt sa BBP. 😀

  27. I don’t know but my guess is: she won’t make it in the winning circle. The moment the pageant world knew that she is already engaged with her cager boyfriend, the excitement on her bogs down. I may be wrong.

    I envy her legs though. My G! Ipa-insured mo na ‘yan, Jehza!

  28. I love her, I really do but more often than not she’s a miss and only sometimes that she hits. I can guarantee her a semi-finalist placement though. Hopefully she strikes real hard on the finals so she can grab a crown, or else she’ll be a Hannah Sison 2.0 and end up as a runner-up on her third and final attempt.

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