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  1. Catriona!!! ang dami mong tulog beh!!! apaka fresh lage! haha… Congrats in advance! #MUP2018

  2. Very impressed with some of the ladies who are not even on my radar! Yung iba ang daming may sense ang explanation. I’ve also noticed so many girls picked lipstick.

    I wonder, are they all in the set while the others are picking the objects or is it like a quiet room where only the girl speaking is there and noone can hear the explanation?

    Aya set the trend in picking the cake which is was quite bold but I like the simple direct to the point of what the cake means to her and relating how it means to her. I like Sandra’s admission of guilt which shows openness and a little bit of personality. You don’t have to be uber deep about trying to explain an object.

    Michele Gumabao, wow oh wow. She looked relatable, spontaneous, engaging and sincere. Hindi pageant patty ang veks unlike some of the other candidates. She spoke like a typical Filipino in Taglish but it worked.

    If she can improved her walk and get the perfect styling cum March 18th then she might just steal the universe.

    However, her personality reminds me a little bit of Katarina. She has some rough edges that just needs polishing and I hope the judges and SMA don’t take it against her.

  3. Sa tingin ko naman scripted lang ang ginawa ni Mariel. Remember, talet ng ABS si Mariel, kailangan nya sumunod. At best scenario nga naman na galitin mo ang fans ng pinakamalakas na kandidata para lalo pag usapan ang pageant night.

    Cat at Michelle ang top 2. May edge nga lang si Cat kasi mas striking ang ganda nya. At pag naghakot awards uli si Cat sa coronation, malamang mag second/third look sa kanya ang judges.

    Mukhang cordial naman sila sa isat isa. Pansinin nyo kung paano hinawakan ni Michelle kamay ni Cat nung presentation. I’ve read Albayana din daw nanay ni Michelle.


    If and when you make it to the Top 5, being NATURAL, CANDID AND CASUAL is NOT good enough.

    Kinaswal ni Desiree Verdadero and Maxine Medina with their pa-cute smiles and we know what happened.

    At that point, you need to be DEEP. Like Sushmita, Miriam Quiambao, Janine, Pia and Demi-Leigh…

    Hence, those who are not capable of that should not be sent to MUP.

    For this reason as well, Cat should not change.

    World peace!

  5. Mariel, gawa kana ng script paano ipakita sa coronation night ang maganda at fit for a beauty queen na katawan at mag rehearse lagi paano ang tamang lakad at pagbati sa audience during your turnover of crown to Queen Jehza 😄OK hihihi

  6. I just watched the premier and some front runners proved themselves even more, some faltered.

    Catriona is still my MUP. I think she is the girl to beat. I know that the interview portion wasn’t just a place for positive comments. Constructive criticism is very much needed so that these ladies can improve. But I guess Mariel’s choice of words hindered her message from coming across as “constructive”. Instead of using the word “scripted” which seems to have a negative connotation (Personally, I associate the word the being fake…), she could’ve used the word “rehearsed”. To others who don’t really know Cat, it’s easy to say na she sounds scripted when she’s conversing. Pero Cat has always been passionate about the arts. Part of that is her love for writing. Cat is very good at articulating and combining words that sound beautiful to the ears. That’s just who she is as a person I believe. So I say stay true to yourself! Nonetheless, if people expect her to be spontaneous, that’s no problem for her. LOL

    Michelle, wow…. day by day I fall in love with her even more. At first, I never saw her potential. I didn’t even bother paying attention to her. Pero the competition progressed, she gradually evolved into a strong competitor. She’s very beautiful. She knows how to communicate. She has substance, and an amazing personality! Her physical transformation is also very evident. Need more training sa catwalk to strengthen her stage presence.

    Michelle and Cat are my top 2! I wish them the very best!

    Vickie, vickie, vickie. So pretty and kind hearted. Pero the personality and her answers are so bland..

    Muriel. So pretty and vavavoom sa stage when it comes to rampahan. But the communication skills are lacking. She had such a hard time articulating her answer. I hope she doesn’t fail sa Q&A this coming finals.

    Other ladies who aren’t really getting that much attention proved how witty they are sa Q&A. Hope these girls do well sa finals!

  7. i’m a bit late but I finally found the video
    of Catriona’s
    I did not find it scripted or contrived or rehearsed
    it seemed like a sincere response

    I actually found it impressive that she used the cake
    as a symbol for food in general and a stand in for
    celebratory moments. I like her way of thinking:
    the cake is not just a cake it stands for something
    bigger and she related it to her personal experience,

    that, my friends, is how I would like a miss universe
    Philippines to think and to express herself.

    if anything, I find that she holds back a notch, a little cautious,
    just not to seem too intelligent, too smart….
    I say go all out, Catriona!

    • The comment of Mariel about her sounding scripted was not about the cake. It was about her answer when they were in Laz Filipinas de Azucar, when she said she was an “empath”.

  8. After the parade and the primer, here are my predictions:
    MUP – Michelle Gumabao
    MIP – Aya Abesamis
    MGI – Catriona Gray
    Supra – Karen Gallman
    Intercon – Wynonah Buot
    Globe – Jehza Huelar

    Dark horses:
    Candidate no. 40
    Sandra Lemonon
    Sophia Baino
    Ena Velasco
    Anjame Magbitang

    • Aya and Catriona may switch but for now, I think MUP is locked for Michelle.

    • Jeremi, kumusta naman ang vacation mo sa Pelepens? Have you enjoyed the paradise beaches?

      • Hi Claire,
        My vacation was too short to roam around the archipelago hihihi but I managed to go to Bantayan Island and Kawasan Falls in Cebu. Those IG stories just convinced me to go there and they actually look the same.

      • That’s good to know! I have to search that and include it on my bucket list also!

      • You should Claire. Amazing places.
        I didn’t expect Kawasan Falls to be that touristy.
        Sichere Reissen!

    • Dark horse.talaga itong si number 40,magaling din sa kudaan at ang ganda nya,loving her color

  9. Just a quick question: Why don’t they accuse candidates that keep saying “I want to spread peace and kindness to the world”, and “I want to be an inspiration” as being scripted. You hear those a lot in beauty pageants, even if the answer is bordering on tangential to the question asked?

    Why is it that when someone like Cat, who answers questions coherently, does she get faulted for it. If she is quite consistent, you can’t say someone is scripted or rehearsed, because it is next to impossible to predict every single question that will be thrown at you.

    • George, you took the words right out of my mouth! Cat strikes me as that kind of girl who gives concrete and true answer to a question, unlike most girls who would give you these “world peace” answers. Communication, in order to work, both sides dapat yan, sometimes the problem is with the listener din if the comprehension, understanding, and vocabulary are limited. If you are not a good listener, and siguro if prejudice plays part din, you would mistake a great speaker from a “scripted” one. With Mariel’s case, I couldn’t blame her if her comprehension and vocabulary are limited… she is not used to people who speak with great fluency and passion. The way Cat speaks is like poetry but you don’t need to be an intelligent listener to understand that what her words are trying to convey are true and from the heart.

    • I don’t know about the others, but all the other girls who answer that way are automatic no’s for me.

      The Titular couple also noted that a lot of the girls sounded rehearsed, they just didn’t specify who. I tend to agree. Bernardo, Flores, Patalinghug seemed to have ready answers and key words to say no matter what the question is.

      • Guinevere, It’s hard for me to take the “titular” couple seriously to be honest 😐 I feel like everything about them spells fraud. Business-business lang kumbaga. They don’t even know the difference between scripted and rehearsed. Scripted is so filipino word that you associate to a person o show that you think is fake. Nobody was scripted… rehearsed maybe… but don’t these ladies rehearse answers anyways? I mean, pageant eto, hindi naman eto storytelling ng life story para sa documentary. Chos! In the end, what will matter is if the girl can convince the people with her words… and Cat did just that… siguro hindi sakanila because they have other bets and hidden agendas… I don’t know pero move on na lang siguro. Grabe nagkagulo talaga sa facebook and twitter diyan sa scripted issue na yan. Lol. Good vibes lang sana niyan. Hehe 😊

    • Ganun naman ata, maka pag-bash lang for sake of bashing. Kahit pinaka petty papansinin at pupulaan. Pero if you compare the other girls…jusko mas madami ang malilitanya po things to improve! Grabe si Cat talaga ang kinukuyog. Whatever happens still Cat for me for MUP, wlang lumalapit o pumapantay man lang. Daming inggiterang palaka talaga sa mundo

    • @George
      i’m afraid that “rehearsed” has become a code-word for something that it isn’t

  10. The primer was very telling. Chit of abs-cbn, the very same person who pushed Rachel Peters to get universe, was praising Michelle Gumabao on the vid with her “realness”. I can’t blame her though. Michelle has the following and the story (breadwinner, athlete and an advocacy that was made not because she would join a beauty pageant) to be the next Miss Universe. A perfect example of a confident and an empowered woman!

    • Sorry Michelle’s butt and thighs are too big for MU . And they are not from playing volleyball

    • nahhh, Michelle’s face is not MUish. If she will be crowned MUP, we can expect only a semis slot for her.

    • “an advocacy that was made not because she would join a beauty pageant” — LOL

      I wonder how many of these girls abandon their so-called advocacy once the pageant is over.

      • Why include the other girls? I’m just pertaining to Michelle Gumabao who is being heavily bashed now by CatGanerns. See responses above. Lol!

    • Michelle is sure beautiful in our eyes but granted that she’s sent to MU, I can imagine Susie and Shandy giving a heavy thumbs down to Michelle, those two maybe the all-american pageant ladies but I am convinced that both have the best reviews every time, unbiased and looks at every girl with equal attention

    • We’ve seen many times how Cat answers question be it an ambush interview or impromptu. She remains consistent! That is her style! Some describe her as “calculated” but I describe her as “diplomatic” so as not to HURT others feeling! And because she also write, she use a lot of metaphor which is obscure if not complicated for mediocre mind!

      • ClAire , I don’t see confidence in Cat . If at all, she looks and sounds nervous.
        Scripted? I think that description was not based on that interview. It was Mariel’s overall impression of Cat …through the yrs. If Cat could cut out words like torch , she would sound a lot more spontaneous.

        Overall assessment : Cat should be sent to MU. But she needs to relax smile more and treat the interviewer as a friend and not her master.

      • Catriona seems nervous here and her tone is very unnatural as if she’s trying to pursuade the listener to like her instead of speaking her mind and be in her real zone. Aside from that, her eyes distract me when she talks including her gestures which indicates nervousness.

        She actually got my sympathy by watching this video over and over again. I can sense the desire and determination much more so that we know for sure that she is particularly eyeing for the MUP crown because of her being a MW top 6. But there is something in her communication that is off putting, it tends to be scripted, rehearsed, unnatural and insincere.

        Contrary to what others say, Catriona seemed nervous in that video. I pity her actually.

      • Catriona seems nervous here and her tone is very unnatural as if she’s trying to pursuade the listener to like her instead of speaking her mind and be in her real zone. Aside from that, her eyes distract me when she talks including her gestures which indicates nervousness.

        She actually got my sympathy by watching this video over and over again. I can sense the desire and determination much more so that we know for sure that she is particularly eyeing for the MUP crown because of her being a MW top 6. But there is something in her communication that is off putting, it tends to be scripted, rehearsed, unnatural and insincere.

        Contrary to what others say, Catriona seemed nervous in that video. I pity her actually.

      • Contructive Criticism is good for Catriona. I’m sure she will appreciate it.

        But no offence to Mariel. Who is she to tell Cat that. She didn’t even make it to the semis of MI. LOL.

        It would have been more valued coming from someone who actually made it to the semis of their assigned beauty pageant.

    • Claire u r very resourceful
      I don’t find the interaction ugly at all
      Cat should take it to heart

    • this is an interesting interaction
      I think mariel was frank but she softened it a bit
      with the “I admire your confidence” header
      and she did say “a bit” before scripted

      but Catriona seemed very open and sincere
      and took the critique to heart

  11. Nakakaloka, hinde ko napanood ang RTC last night. Pero pag bukas ko ng FB now ano itong nababasa ko about kay mariel na naman at kay cat. Jusko. I think abs cbn ang may fault dyan. Bakit sinali pa yang scene na yan? Obvious ung reason its a challenge for cat since shes the popular candidate so ginagawan nila ng kung ano. Pero i really dont like this. Iba ang kutob ko and since ang abs may bet din yan. D mo ma sure kung ano plan nila bakit nila sinali yang scene na yan. I know cat is a good person so she can let it pass. Pero worry ako dahil malaking porsyento ng fans ni cat affected dyan and they started bashing mariel again. So hinde magandang pangitain yan sa bbp. Mautak ang abs cbn.tsk tsk. Haysss. Ung excitement mo sa palalapit na pageant eh nadagdagan ng kaba.

    • That’s how television networks operate. If you’ve seen the movie Network, they televise scenes that would raise all kinds of reactions to the viewer: from the lamest to the ridiculous. Para pagusapan, para tumaas ang ratings, para maraming manood at the expense of the candidates.

    • @jed that’s why it’s better be ignored coz I know how abs can make things a teledrama/ reality show. at the end of the day these 2 ladies will be bbp sisters .
      On the positive side.cat can take this as a constructive criticism
      Abs even showed before the late Fernando Poe have no supporters by showing small numbers of people in the road instead of the massive crowd.im not his supporter coz I cannot vote but I’m just giving an example how cunning the abs network works

      • Well if bashing mariel because of that matter will not affect her (Cat) chances for MUP well then period. Im fine with this. Good thing catriona can let it pass and can take it as constructive cristism. But i really hate that style. Makakabawi naman sila sa finals night in terms of viewers and ratings. Sa pag sali pa nga lang ni catriona sa bbp eh madame na ang nag aabang at sumusuporta sa bbp at nakaabang sa abs cbn para sa finals. May foreigner fans pa manonood sa ibang bansa from their TV usIng tfc and what ever. Meron pang manonood live. With or w/o that style. Dadami pa din ang viewers ng primer at uulitulitn via youtube dahil nga kay catriona.

  12. Cat is very articulate to the point that you will think every thing she says is scripted. #FightTrashWithClass #CatGanernMUP2018

    • Nasanay na kasi tayo sa mga beauty queens na kailangan pang ipagtanggol or i-explain. Hahahahays.

    • @CatrionaFan this is what I was telling before when I compared her to Laura Lehmann. Cat is very intelligent and articulate to the point na other people see her as scripted. Im not saying that it’s a bad thing especially kung thats really how the way she are. But it wouldn’t hurt siguro if Cat tries to tone down the articulateness just a little bit sometimes (wew never imagined na i’ll be asking a BQ to be less articulate) para mareach sya nung mga people na hindi sya mareach at feel na “scripted” sya

      • Kung ang judges i mala-Mariel De Leon level, she should. But if not which usually is the case (i.e. ambassadors), she should not.

  13. Mariel has the right to her opinion.

    So, in her opinion, was her losing 50 pounds and embarrsingly failing to even place at MI 2017 scripted too?

  14. Pia sounded incredibly “scripted” during her MU stint. She sounded more spontaneous during BBP.
    Well, it worked and she won. I don’t think there’s really something wrong with sounding “scripted”, bagay-bagayan lang din.

    Thing is that, react galore talaga ‘pag may sinasabi si Mariel kasi nasanay na ang mga tao (not all, of course) na may pagka nega talaga siya (at least in Twitter). So when something comes out of her mouth, some people take it with a grain of salt.

  15. With Mariel’s comment – I don’t think she meant any harm with what she said to Catriona. maybe she could’ve said na “Though sometimes you might sound scripted or rehearsed so be mindful of that.”

    I believe naman objective ang pagkakasabi ni Mariel non. her haters should just stop making it a big deal. Catriona can note that naman and use it to improve herself e if others find her rehearsed or scripted.

    So far..

    Here are my list after the road to the crown and parade:

    MUP – Still Catriona. she just keep on stepping up every activities of BPCI.
    International – Either Kayesha or Ahtisa, Eva
    Supranational – Sandra, Vickie, Aya, Michelle, Eva
    Grand International – Karen, Wynonah Jehza,
    Intercontinental – Michelle, Sandra, Samantha, Agatha
    Globe – Janice, Aya, Wynonah, MJ De Castro,

    Janice Roman can be BBP’s Sophia Senoron if ever.

    • DLNP and PIA also sound scripted but they won!!! Yung porpuse ni Mariel para sabihan nun si Catriona para bumaba ang confianza ni Cat! Mukhang unstoppable kasi si Cat kaya ung mga inggetera nagpapansin at hahatakin ang ayaw nila!!!CLARO PA KAY RECTO when Mariel said ayaw nya sa pinakaPOPULAR!!! ibig sabihin ayaw nya kay Catriona Gray!!!!! Hiyanghiya naman kami sa performance nya last year sa BBP!!! Akala nya deserving sya nun???? Niluto lang naman pagkapanalo nya!!!! Hiyanghiya naman kami sa TOP10 finish ni PETERS at UNPLACRMENT ni DELEON!!! They dont deserve to give feedbakc last night kasi wala silang napatunayan!!!!!PWEHHHHH!!!!! Kung si Pia Wurtzbach o Shamcey Supsup o Nicole Cordoves magbibigay ng comments jan, i would say LEGIT un!!!!!!

      • True mahirap punahin ang pag kukulang ng iba kung ikaw mismo sa sarili mo failed ka… siguro mas masganda share your experiences but never engage in a comment na ikaw nga mismo hindi nagawa o nag short ka…

      • I also agree with you. mas gusto ko pang mag bigay ng feedback yung bihasa talaga in terms of Q&A and Public speaking than the reigning queens. even Rachel.

        Mas gusto ko mag bigay ng feedback sila: Nicole C, Pia Wurtzbach, Boy Abunda, Korina Sanchez or Jessica Soho or somebody from John Robert Powers..

      • My point too, they should have gotten someone with more credentials to do those parts. Im so scared for Cat, habang papalapit coronation, nagpapakita lalo ang mga senyales ng pamumulitika.

  16. Jusko. 1 weekto go na lang! BTW, here are some of my thoughts with the grand parade and the road to the crown:


    Catriona – she stole the whole parade. ramdam ko ang pagkarami ng fans niya.. next is Sandra L. Kaloka may pa sariling high lights pa siya.. parang victory / homecoming parade niya ang naganap. She looks leaner now. see, di naman siya mataba kagaya ng pino-point out ng iba jan.. medyo ramdam ko ang pagka kalog niya or should i say pagka bakla niya. parang ang approachable niya dun sa parade.. AND I LOVE HOW SHE GREETED EVERYONE, MAGANDA HAPON! ❤

    Ahtisa – ganda! NAKAKALOKA nakikita ko ang Miss International crown sakanya. Sana lang ready na uli tayo makoronahan ng Japan. or else a runner up finish.

    Vickie – Pretty. that's all. lol

    Karen – ganda din e. pero the more i look at her, minsan she looks pagod na..

    Sandra – Ibang level ang energy! She's my Supranational bet.

    Aya – bad styling. lalo na yung look niya sa ASAP. i know you guys have watched the video na sumasayaw sila, cat was in the middle and halos magkatabi sila ni Aya. Arrive pa lang ibang iba na. aminin niyo yan.

    Road to the crown:

    Vickie – ganda niya. yun lang. haha serious question, nagpagawa ba siya ng nose? don't get me wrong medyo iba kasi ang itsura sa ibang angles

    Janice – She speaks very very very well! ang ganda ng delivery niya and the tone of her voice.

    Kayesha – surprise surprise. she sounded like kylie when speaking (a bit)

    Aya – the cake. okay lang naman if they chose the cake.. nakulangan ako with her explanation

    Samantha – Medyo kinapos siya for me. kinabahan. I was expecting more pa naman.

    Rosantonette – Confident answer but i wish she couldve expounded more. but nonetheless, okay siya.

    Michelle – Good answer.. yung mannerism lang tlaga ng lips niya when she speaks.. medyo off for me

    Catriona – Again, surprised she picked the cake. i was expecting na pipiliin niya ang mic.. pero again, mas prefer ko ang explanation niya or delivery niya compared to Aya.

    Wynonah – surprised din ako, she speaks good din..

    Sandra and Karen – did very very well.

  17. Hi, di sa I’m siding w tactless mariel, but we all know how abs sometimes make editing katulad sabi ni mang kanor. Then the other time she was answering the reporters question .yeees taklesa but i dont think she is maldita. I noticed kasundo nya ibang queens and she is kind to animals. I mean wag na tayo mainis . Ignore na Lang malamang catriona will just shrugged it off coz mabait si catriona.

    • Jackiey12, Mariel prides herself as a woman who speaks her mind . So I think she said what she had wanted to say for a long time . And throwing it right in Cat’s face was just a bonus.
      Cat , however, should take it as a constructive criticism. After all, Mariel is not the only one who sees her that way.She should read up more watch previous editions and try to avoid words like torch that mAkes the whole thing sound rehearsed.

      • I watched and listened Catriona’s final Q&A in Miss World Ph and Miss World and I thought that there was similarity between the two answers particularly “the passing of torch” Maybe that’s the reason Mariel found it “tiny bit scripted.”

        Catriona should reflect on it and I don’t think Mariel meant harm.

  18. I think yung sa sinabi pa lang ni Mariel in one of her interviews na “Ayoko ko ng popular, gusto ko ng darkhorse”, that was meant for a certain candidate talaga though she explained further her comment na that she wasn’t referring to somebody. Was there a feud brewing up with her and Cat? I think she was apparently joining MWP 2016 but was convinced by A&Q to join BBP instead. Had only she joined MWP and competed with Cat, she could have met her match. Crownless (locally) pa rin sana siya until now.

  19. am starting to like Bb26 Buot again, maybe she deserves one of the crowns…

    Catriona is still the most supreme, Mariel de Leon does not know what she’s talking about; she was a big disappointment

  20. Guys, calm down… I know galit kayo kay Mariel, pero di niyo ba naisip na it was ABS CBN who asked her to say that? I mean, ABS CBN is known for being manipulative and “scripted” with their shows(Hello, PBB!) so maybe ABS has a MUP bet and since Cat is their bet’s biggest competition, they did that shady editing against Cat para may “mind conditioning” thing na nagaganap. Otherwise, they wouldn’t show that particular clip if they don’t want this kind of reaction. I dunno, I could be wrong. Maybe may point si Mariel but could’ve used a more constructive word. Pero I don’t care din, deadma na! Baka gagawin pa dahilan kuno yang mga galit na fans. So let it go na guys! Haha 😁

    • Tumpak ganerrrrrrrn.

      Kumbaga sa media at politics, Agenda Setting Theory ang tawag dyan, mga veks. At the end of the day, it was TV special, hindi gagastos ang production team kung walang story, drama, conflict, tension, at higit sa lahat, feedback—meaning the cast aims to be talked about and remain relevant kahit tapos na ang palabas. And from the reaction the audience is showing, they got what they wanted. So chill lang tayo, friends. It’s REALITY TV, meaning nothing is real 😉 well-played, ABS-CBN.

      And as for Catriona, well Cat is Cat. She’s artsy, articulate, poetic, bordering on over-embellishment. But then again, I’d rather have a really expressive representative than someone who’s underwhelming and forgettable cos a Miss Universe is neither those things. And we gotta admit, neither is Catriona. Wala lang!!!

      • I think this is the most plausible explanation to the airing of the Cat & Mariel thingy… to generate buzz leading to the March 18 coronation!!

      • Hands down, one of the best answers on here.
        It’s nice to know that we are all finally uniting to some extent for the betterment of our candidates.

        Everyone has something to work on themselves. No one is perfect. I’m sure Mariel meant not harm however if she is going to give constructive, she should present her answers in a constructive way. Lack of education or spoilt mannerisms I guess.

  21. Busy ang mga detractors milking yung comment ni Mariel. E kilala naman talaga sa pagiging taklesa si Mariel. Kaya keri na din.

    Pero pero, di matatakpan na di masyado nag make up yung bet nila dito sa PBA event.

  22. My god mga utak talaga ng mga tao dito
    Parang last year lang si Mariel ang pinaglalaban nilang MUP ngayon dahil lang sa pagsasabi ng totoo tungkol sa sagot ni Catriona, galit galit na sila sa kanya.
    Mga utak ewan.

    • Ang masasabi ko lang “TANGINA” 😂😂 maniniwala na sana ako kaso wala nmn syang napatunayan ni semis nga di nakapasok tapos magcoconment sya ng ganun😂😂 TANGINA talaga, sabihan mo nga yang bet na bet mo noon na iuntog nya sarili sa pader para matauhan sya 😂

  23. Last time I defended that piglet bitch but now that you press the wrong button shame on you. If I am there in the Philippines and I see you I don’t have a second thought that I will throw a bulok na egg Dahl sa ugali mong devil. Hmmmm kaya yung nga Tao galit sa iyo kasi baboy yung ugali mo bitch

  24. JawsKuh, vahket pa kasi pinapansin ang pinagsasaveh ng malditang talunan eh hindi pang beauty queen ang utak satanas at katawang balyenah😄
    Pinagsasabihan na yan noong contestant pa sa BBPilipinas pero ipinangangalandakan pa rin ang kanyang kabobohan na katalinuhan daw saveh ng mga Nauntog na ngayon na followers nya 😄
    Ang kapal ng mukha na ibalandra ang trosong katawan sa BBPilipinas events dahil hindi naman baboy ang BBPilipinas 😄
    Puedeh vah… shut up ka na mariel kung ayaw mong mababoy😄OK. Hihihiji
    Mag best in swimsuit ka muna at ipanalo ang international beauty pageant bago ka mag comment about beauty pageant na mas may naachieve pa ang Pinagsasabihan 😄
    Kapal talaga ng bobong LAOS na baboy🤗

    • Bong700, ubos na siguro yung buhok ni MAriel Kung nasa parade ka hahahaha

  25. Nasan ang talino na sinasabi ng mga fans nya!

    Well Michelle Gumabao just sealed her fate as MUP with that very smart answer. Her wit, charm and spontaneity are something to be admired about her.
    Aya Abesamis did good too and she sounded very natural.
    Wynonah Buot was good too.

    Hmmm interestingly, Catriona like I’ve been saying sounded rehearsed, scripted and unsincere and that is her biggest downfall. Now I know why talunan sya sa Miss World. The problem with her is that she pretends to be someone else concealing the real her and someone does that, it will always become apparent. I’ve watched videos of her during the parade and there is something in her that is forced and unnatural.

    • Cat pretending she is not ?
      Just because it is not in your nature to be nice does not mean Cat is faking her goodness.
      U r so cynical , Jeremi.

  26. Anybody who had seen the Road to the Crown in ABS earlier?

    Mariel de Leon on Catriona Gray: “I love your confidence but I think you sound a tad bit scripted.”

    Well, Catriona’s way of formulating ideas proves that she’s truly an articulate and smart lady. She truly speaks from the heart and her words are almost perfect. I am not a basher of Mariel but I guess this time, it’s time for me to join the bandwagon to the extent I can compare a certain Bb. Pilipinas – International winner who went unplaced in her respective pageant to a Miss World Top 5 finalist whom everyone thought got robbed of title.

  27. mga pare hindi lang ito tungkol sa edukasyon (kagaya ng sagot na kabisado and scripted ni Ara Arida)

    lahat tayo dito pare pareho lang
    mga baliw sa beacon.. lalo na kayo ako slight lang..

    eh mga kandidata nga puro edukada, nganga naman sa Q and A
    Tagalog or Bisaya na lang kasi
    panggap pa na magagaling wala naman sense

  28. Kawawa ka nmn post mo nililike mo 😂😂😂😂 kulang pa yan, gawa kapa ng mga bente pang id 😂😂😂

  29. cant wait for March 18 where the most natural
    less surgically enhanced Binibini will win

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