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  1. Slice of cake Sana bibingka o puto bumbong ang nilagay nung production designer o art director.

  2. Yung tipong patagal ng patagal, pa fresh ng pa fresh c CATRIONA!!! wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… #MUP2018

  3. Miss U – Cat
    Miss International – Michelle
    Miss Supra – Aya
    Miss Globe – Karen
    Miss Grand – Sandra
    Miss Intercon – Eva

    Jehza, Vicky, Wynonah, Athisha (Runner ups)

  4. Muriel is not pretty when she talks . Her English maybe weak but you get the idea of what she’s trying to say. The same goes with Vickie.
    #7 #9 and kapeundl are really pretty
    But #20 and #21 are the prettiest
    #19 is also ok but she lacks the feminine vibe

    #20 needs to relax and have fun
    She won’t win MU if she’s too uptight .She needs to steal a little bit of #19’s energy

    • She is relaxed actually. I dont get where you are getting all these negativity.

  5. Best at monologue-
    Cat hands down .. she has a very simple message, no drama : cake = family and good times
    Oh , a brave woman fighting the bad people ? So cliched .. and you call it among the best ? Grow up , people . However , Michele speaks very clearly and her face is bright and beautiful . She just needs to lose 20-30 more lbs

    • I did not find anything wrong with her description of a cake!!! It’s a cake!!! How can you describe other than make it personal!!! I think it was a good answer!!!

    • Ive been seeing Michelle as a volleyball commentator before. I must say she lost 50% na from what I saw from the parade. Sobrang payat na nya, her jaw and zygoma were very prominent na during the parade. Yes she has bigger thighs compared to the girls but she is very tall kaya proportional naman.

  6. This is so simple, if you want Philippines to win Miss Universe again, send Catriona. You you want top 15 send Michelle, if you want to end the Pi glory send Aya…That’s all!

  7. Based on the primer :
    21 for me is the prettiest . She can be the next MI or an MU finalist /runner up.
    19 is still very very big . She cannot be MUP

  8. #40 – HUGE revelation. WOW talaga! I didn’t expect that.
    Eva P – Good job! Very fluid.

  9. As a disclaimer, I am declaring Catriona as my MUP choice but I believe there is still room for her to grow further..

    When I reached for my fone after I woke up this morning, the internet is already ablaze with the controversy after last nights BBP primer.

    Medyo na curious din ako kaya i watched the recorded primer and for added reference, checked the media platform of Catriona and Mariel.

    Eto ha. Im sure may magrereact. But I welcome your opinion. What Mariel said ,I think, meant no harm. She just said what Cat needed to hear. After watching it a few times, I felt that somehow it made some sense.

    Everytime Catriona delivers her statement, it indeed kinda sounded rehearsed kasi it’s too smooth BUT it’s far from scripted. Cat is very quick witted but delivers her answer in a hushed, almost lilting accent that needs a bit of punch. I remember commenting already about this on one of the earlier blogs of Norman that her voice is a bit on the upper note as she speaks and tends to stay theres for the rest of her statement. The meaty content is there but she needs to properly modulate her voice and apply techniques to deliver a more emphatic and interesting speech. This is one of the things she needs to enhance in her trainings with John Robert Powers after being crowned as MUP.

    From what we know about cat, she takes all these comments and criticisms , filters them and absorbs advices with constructive contents. Ganon sya ka mature mga Mars.

    Back to the primer, BBP meant to drum up the hype as the coronation night approaches. Assessing the reaction on social media the following day, the show was utterly successful in their attempt. I’m sure people will be talking about this controversy until finals night. Alam kasi nila na si Cat ang may pinaka malakas na hatak sa audience ngayon. Eh sinong mas nanalo, eh di ang network kasi mas maraming manonood (kaya mas maraming commercials=income) dahil sa ‘controversy’ na ito. well, it makes good tv ika nga. hahhaha I just prefer to look at this whole circus from outside the box and I feel a bit annoyed on the part when they milked our emotions by hitting on our protective strings towards Catriona.

    Sa part ni mariel, had she posted her latest entry on this issue (re editing) early on, siguro mas naiintindihan ng mga tao yung side nya. Eh medyo reaction paper kasi agad si ineng kaya ayan tuloy sa kanya na zoom in ang disappointment ng cat supporters. Mariel hinted that her advices were mostly cut out. So we probably might have judged her prematurely based on that short clip. Everything on tv is edited to fit the time slot thus the ‘juicy’ parts only gets to be aired.

    On the other hand,pansin ko lang, the BBP primer seem to level the playing field by ‘airing’ some alleged ‘weakness’ of frontrunners and push the competitiveness of other candidates who were not given as much hype. kaya ayan rambolan na ang numero sa swertres este sa ranking ng netizens ngayon haha

    Siguro to ease all these tension while in the spirit of fair treatment, let us call on abs cbn to release the raw scene on youtube including the advises from the other queens so people could further understand what really transpired on that workshop. Ok ba yan mga Sizts?


    • Agreed on so many levels with you – especially the part about her being receptive to criticisms. Fortunately she is smart and knows adapting to your pageant is critical for success.

      Cat’s interviews can be improved by lessening her “floweriness” … I always thought she was too rehearsed as MWP, even though that pageant welcomes scripted contestants. She’s still leans to “more is more”.

      MUP rewards American interview styles – short and sweet. Less is more. American attention spans are short. American tolerance for unnecessary BS is virtually nonexistent. Get to the point.

      Compare the intros at the BbP v. Miss USA:

      Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, 24 years old, Oas City, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Binibini Number 20! (pa-arte screaming flowery voice)


      NUMBER 20

      Cat will benefit from relaxing, taking a breath, and letting just the right words do the talking.

      • I agree that Cat should relax more .
        However , with Less than a minute given to each candidate , it’s really hard to worry abt ‘ ‘concise ‘. Or ‘how many words have I said so far? . I’m sure the attention span of Americans or anybody is longer than the ant of time allotted for each candidate

      • agree ako dun mars… catriona is a storyteller kaya if you noticed medyo nagbi build muna siya ng background before she goes in for the kill. She can improve in making a strong opening statement first that catches your attention then roll the punch to support that statement before delivering a killing closing line. It saves time but creates a more lasting impact.

        kaya ang pakikibaka ko lang naman ay: “Out with the smart and sweet, IN with the wittier and Sassy Catriona”!!!!!


    • It’s all about network war and TV ratings ! And ABS-CBN did succeed and got it 🙂

    • Did u think Theresa Licaros’ or Nina ricci Alagao’s replies in the QnA of Bb Pilipinas was scripted too? and rehearsed? But it sounded like it were, but I think the reason is their outmost wit and real intelligence that it had the impression as such. Likewise with Catriona, I think that’s why some have the impression of her being too rehearsed and scripted. Matalino eh! hahahaha

      • totoo sizt.. maybe tingin ko kailangan lagyan ni Cat ng konting sass yung answer nya for added spicy flavor and excitement. manghiram tayo ng konti kay lola zuleyka rivera na bumabaha ng despacito sassinesszt hahaha

  10. Like most of you I also do not like Mariel’s “uncalled for” opinions. In this case though, her opinion was asked, and you might just want to thank her for being direct. There actually is an amount of truth to what she’s saying.

    Catriona’s video is an improvement to celebrate. In the past I wouldn’t really call her “scripted”. She just tends to overdo/overly express things that it ends up looking like one. But she isn’t. Based on her past performance, what she has to overcome (which I think now she’s slowly overcoming) is the desire to please others, and just let her real self be. If she’s really the sweet girl that we know in Miss World, she doesn’t need to change herself just to be Miss Universe and fit a certain mold. She can win Miss Universe while still being her sweet self. Miss U’s main prototype is always the woman who is real. Not the most eloquent, or tallest, or sexiest, but the most genuine and charming.

    I’d say based on the video Catriona improved.

    Still in my list for Miss U is Karen, now including Sandra. The girl is charming. I like Michelle too, not for Miss U though. I like Sigrid, Patrizia, Samantha (she reminds me of Bea Santiago). Jehza is lackluster I do not know why. Can somebody tell her to do something? Otherwise she might just experience what happened to Diana Arevalo back in the days.

    Vickie is a disappointment sadly. Practise Q and A while there is still time.

    Please read up girls while you are waiting for the finals. Read novels, news, whatever really. At least to expand your vocabulary while there is still time. I can’t believe these girls still are unprepared with Q and A. Bb. Pilipinas has been going on for more than 50 years and until now they come as if they do not know they will be asked. Practise answering concisely but genuinely. We cannot really change the way they think, so somebody please just give them a thesaurus, find words to replace beautiful and wonderful and those generic adjectives. At least it’s the quickest way to redeem them from disgrace since we only have a few days left. I hope people close to them can help them.

    • U can’t believe it?
      BP May exist for 2 million yes but nothing is going to change.
      People normally raise their kids not thinking about beauty pageants. These girls start dreaming about being a BQ around age 12-18 , by which time theIr tongue is already too ‘stiff’ to be trained .
      The problem is our culture . We think in Filipino and try to speak in English . That’s why encouraging them to answer in Tagalog is not a good solution . How many of us can answer a question in Tagalog fluently ? Not too many .
      If we want our pageant girls to speak English fluently , we need to raise them speakers ng in English . That’s why most girls raised abroad do well at Q and A.

      • Then why don’t most of them speak Filipino? Even Bisaya if they are? I am not saying they should strictly stick to English but obviously almost all of them chose it. Might as well practise refining it. You guys are full of unnecessary negativity.

      • Alex , u sound like English is your primary language .
        Most of us think in Tagalog and try to speak English in formal settings. These 40 girls are part of that culture so nothing can be done abt it
        If u ask them to speak in Filipino , how many do u think will answer fluently in Tagalog ? U can actually see this during the ‘inspiration monologues’ .. where .Some of them attempted to speak in Tagalog but failed miserably . Not fluent in Filipino and English , the sad state of many of us
        What is the solution ?
        Tagalog all the way ? Why not ? All of our neighbors do it . But It will take a lot to do it as English has been ingrained deep in our culture already .
        Or maybe we can do what the Irish did to Gaelic ., idk.
        Right now, the advantage is on those who grew up abroad or those who are rich enough to go to Poveda Assumption etc. Life is not fair

  11. Only three showed depth, spontaneity and candidness in their answers: Michele Gumabao, Wynona Buot and Jereleen Rodriguez. Confidently beautiful and beautifully confident!

  12. I just hope ABS has live streaming this Sunday. That would be Sunday morning here in the US.

  13. Hay nako! I will quote na lang the late Stella Strada, “It’s a crazy planets!” And with that usual note of profundity — May the best girl win this Sunday. Baboo!

  14. May replay ngayon sa Lifestyle Network.

    Sa lahat ng pumili ng LIPSTICK, pinakamalalim at matalinhaga ang sagot ni Bb. 25 Jerelleen.
    Ang ganda ng sinabi niyang may transition yung buhay niya. Sana matutunan ng ibang kandidata yung ganitong technique. Yung tipong kapag nagsalita sila, eh makikinig ka nalang kasi ang lakas ng impact ng mga linya (e.g. Sushmita) 🙂

    Mas na appreciate ko rin ang sagot ngayon ni Cat kesa noong una kong napanood kagabi.

    Kudos sa post niyang ibinahagi dito ni Ms. Laila.

    “…we argue like we’re right but we listen like we’re wrong.” ❤️

    • Oooh. Akala ko ako lang nakapanson sa sagot nya. Hindi nga lang masyadong nagcocommand ng attention ang pagsasalita nya…pero ang content and organization, mahusay. Di mo maipagkakailang teacher at law student sya at the same time.

    • Bb.25 Jerelleen is an underrated Binibini. After she linked lipstick to transformation during the primer Q & A, she totally skyrocketed on my ranking together with Bb.40 Aubrey whose Q&A performance was also flawless. It really made sense what they say about how a woman who speaks with substance and graceful confidence can become so inspiring and beautiful. And don’t get me started with that Catriona line, that was just, touche!

  15. For this round, these are my choices
    #36 Loren

  16. Again Cat’s biggest advantage is her preparedness. She is polished yet humble. She is articulate and measured. The show last night just made me realized that she has no competition but herself. She made everyone else look mediocre. Im sure that is not her intention.

    For Aya, Jehza, Vickie and Karen, they should be sent to pageants with no Q and A – to save themselves from disgrace. Like seriously. Cringy moments.

  17. MUP- catriona
    MI – Michelle
    Intercon – #40
    MGI – Eva
    Supra – Sandra
    Globe – gAllman
    RU – Aya, Vickie

    • Kinikilabutan ako when she’s using “us binibini” Right from the very start when I first saw her I knew and felt she’s more destined to be called and remembered as a “Binibini” rather than a miss world philippines. That’s why I know she is destined where she is and where she will be. It’s you Queen Cat and ONLY YOU on March 18!

    • Nakakaiyak. People like her do not deserved to be maligned. #FightTrashWithClass

    • Hello Laila ! Long time no hear ’til now !
      Catriona Gray is indeed humility personified 🙂 Genuinely compassionate. She is my MUP2018 barring unforeseen circumstances 🙂

    • This kind of 1) thought and 2) articulation is rare.

      You can’t coach or train this into a candidate.

      Philippines, remember what a 42 year old drought felt like when selecting your MUP this weekend. You have a chance for a flood this year.

  18. I get that it is respectful to respect your superiors and in this case, for the reigning queens however, despite this, Cat still reigns supreme over the current queens because she was in the top 5 of the second biggest pageant in the world for goodness sakes, no pun intended. She may not have won the crown but she beat all of their placements. Nelda went to a minor pageant so that means nothing lol.

    I’m sorry, but I give credit to Cat. She’s humble and respectful yet Mariel wow. Coming from someone who didn’t place at all is umm ironic for a lack of better terms. Lol


    • Miss world is the biggest in terms of number of candidates. Cat was top5 amongst 120 candidates. Yun palang wlang wala na si mariel na clapper from around 60+ candidates lng.

  19. Everyone has their own taste talaga. But Pia and rachel almost got the same favorite/bet and taste. They both liked Catriona Gray. So from this i will take it as a positive tool to forget about that constructive critism kuno ni mariel kay cat. Because these 2 Queens represented our country in MU and pia was became MU. So mas alam nila yan kesa kay mariel. I hope cat fans should stop bashing mariel na no matter what. Dahil Walang magandang patutunguhan. Habaan nalang ang patience.
    Overall, still #Binibini 20 Catriona Gray For Miss Universe. She maybe sound rehearsed and looked rehearsed but its just her way. Important is in over all she can communicate very well. She can express herself.
    To sounds perfectly is trainable but almost everything she have is hard to train and to perfect. Everything that others dont have.
    I hope the judges who will seats in the front of the candidates in the finals are a worthy pageant judges. I hope and pray that they will in favor for Catriona Gray as MUP.

  20. #40 Aubrey may be the Kristel Guelos ths year. What a surprise! Who knows, she might snatch a crown from the so called front runners.

    I would go any day with #10 Kayesha (beauty and brains) over #1 Vickie or #35 Sandra who clearly lacked substance and conviction.

    #26 Wynonah and #32 Eva proved to be the stronger Cebuanas than Murielle and Ena.

    While undeniably beautiful, #17 Athisa may settle for a runner-up finish to prepare her further for 2019 or 2020.

    Although third time is a charm, sadly, this may not be the for #31 Jehza.

  21. I love Michelle and I love Catriona. I do believe that Michelle is Cats biggest threat however I still think that Cat is her own competitor.

    The difference between michelle and cat is eloquence. Cat responds to circumstances under pressure with poise and grace while Michelle can respond spontaneously.

    I prefer Cats responses. It is timed and thought through. To some, it sounds rehearsed however to respond the way she does in such a structured manner demonstrates discipline and sophistication.

    Being spontaneous is risky. It can come across as, “guessing” the answer or it can create an oportunity to deflect what the question is and how you construct your answer.

    I love them both however it’s what makes them both unique.

  22. Based on last night’s show:
    Michelle sticked as one of the top crown contenders.
    Ena, Wynonah and Eva moved up to my rankings. They register well on TV.
    Ahtisa, Vickie, Muriel went down on my list. Sana humabol pa din sa finals.
    Catriona is still miles ahead of everyone with the MUP crown on her bag.
    Possible surprises – Anjame, Patrik, Rosantonette, Patrizia, Aubrey
    Other crown contenders – Karen, Aya, Jehza, Sandra


    If and when you make it to the Top 5, being NATURAL, CANDID AND CASUAL is NOT good enough.

    Kinaswal ni Desiree Verdadero and Maxine Medina with their pa-cute smiles and we know what happened.

    At that point, you need to be DEEP. Like Sushmita, Miriam Quiambao, Janine, Pia and Demi-Leigh…

    Hence, those who are not capable of that should not be sent to MUP.

    For this reason as well, Cat should not change.

    World peace!

  24. ako lang ba yun gusto magcringe during jehza’s turn. 3rd time mo na dear
    Gallman dinaig ka pa ng batang neighbour ko mag describe ng chocolate cake
    Vicki dear mag artista ka na Lang
    Ahtisa- try again next yr
    Ladies who delivered Kayesha Eva 36 33 buot
    Malakas ang Cebuanang mutya at bikolandiang kayesha

  25. I am so darn bored. I can’t wait for Cat’s crowning as the new MUP.

    That’s all.

  26. I have been a lurker in this blog for many years but I really want to share my thoughts na LOL

    Honesty, I’m not a Cat believer noon. I firmly believe kase sa “give chance to others” na kasabihan.

    Pero the tides really turned.

    Iba talaga si Cat eh, complete package talaga siya specially after watching the primer.

    Kaya sabe ko sige na nga Cat believer na ko HAHAHA

    FEARLESS FORECAST for me (Respect po sana hehe):

    Miss Universe Philippines- Catriona Grey (COMPLETE from A-Z parang CENTRUM lol)

    International- Samantha Bernardo (I really like her, and ganda nya! Pak!)

    Supranational- Andrea Verdadero Abesamis (Fluent sya for me, however since model naman si ateng mas kabog sya sa rampahan which is very prominent pang Supra)

    Intercontinental- Eva (Porcelana ang kutis, I think she fits the Intercon prototype)

    Grand International- Sandra Lemonon (Englishera with sex appeal, who would not notice her?)

    Globe- Loren Mar Artajos (Super underrated siya, she speaks well and may soft spot talaga ako sa mga nagpupursigi e hehe)

    P.S. Isang thought to ponder rin altho I like Cat as MUP, parang bagay rin sya sa MGI kase si Mamang Nawat mahilig sa matatankad na mamahalin ang itsura. (Just my thought, pero MUP pa rin mas bagay si Cat.)

    1st runner up- Vickie Rushton (pretty pero nakukulanagan ako sorry)
    2nd runner up- Anjame Magbitang (kulang pa si ateng, polish pa)

    #Respect po 🙂

  27. This pageant I think has the longest run of pre pageant activities. 2 months bago ang actual pageant. Talagang matira ang matibay. Bawal mapagod ang mga Binibini, kailangan at their best lagi. Grabe…. just imagine yung mga repeaters… passion nga talaga

    • Baka na anticipate nila na sasali si Cat at Michelle. Draw din kasi sa sponsors kapag may celebrity status ang kandidata.

  28. I was expecting Cat to pick up the mic or a musical instrument because its very Filipino but then she picks up the cake and tells a very relatable story….

    Tapos na ang laban…. crown her na please!

    Patrizia, although I ddnt like what you picked it was the smart and analytical thing to do…. hahaha 😀

  29. Ahtisa might not win a crown but she’s still young and can join again … I would love to see a battle in 2019 or 2020 between her and another possible repeater, Angelina Alita

    • She can be a Runner Up muna so she can be trained. then join again next year or 2020.

  30. watch out for no. 40 Aubrey, .. has been flying below the radar until right now during the Road to the Crown

    Patalinjug moved up in my ranking, perhaps tied with Gumabao as the biggest threat to Catriona

    • Gumabao is well spoken binibini. She can win a crown. However, i’m not sure if it’s the MUP title. Parang miles ahead pa rin si Cat in terms of overall specially with the public speaking, delivering the message of what she is saying. I still can’t see Michelle in one photo with Misses Venezuela, USA, Colombia, Thailand and etc. feeling ko lang lulubog siya. I maybe wrong.

      I considered Aya for the BBP International title before.. but after the RTC, bumaba siya to Supra and or Globe. Pwede rin siya sa MGI – nawat will use her mom’s history to crown her. Biruin mo, the daughter of MU’s 3RU before is now a MGI Queen? LOL

  31. Andaming naligwak…
    Waley si Rushton, Orais, Magbitang, etc…
    50/50 si Manalo, Garcia, Patalinhug
    Should I mention who excelled? #alamna

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