267 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Road to the Crown of Bb. Pilipinas 2018

  1. After following these ladies online, I agree with what most people say that this batch has plenty of really beautiful and strong contenders. But Ms Gray proves to be the one who is very consistent. Not a single bad picture. She comes in really prepared in every activities and she knows what she is doing. Very confident without getting across arrogant. I followed her since her Ms World stint, contrary to what some people say that she sound scripted, she is just really gifted with words. She has a good way of getting her thoughts together and say them articulately. I love watching her interviews, whether sit in or ambush, she speaks well for her self. While it is true that come March 18, it could be anyone of these 40 beautiful Filipinas who will shine the brightest, but I sincerely hope that Ms Gray gets the MUP2018 crown. She is ready for the Universe. Good luck Ms Gray.

  2. To simply judge the outcome of the competition based on this primer is just plain unrealistic.

    Hello Katarina… Hello Mariel… Hello Sirene… Mga bumangka sa primer, mga grabe makapagpush yung iba na sila daw MUP, di naman nanalo.

    Well, una sa lahat, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Starting last year, tinaasan na nila ang Q&A, so we’re absolutely sure na walang aanga-angang mananalo ng korona. Also, hindi guarantee ang magandang sagot, kung underperforming naman sa SS and EG.

    Like I said, and I will say it again, masyado nyo nang pinagaawayan ang mga koronang di pa nasusungkit at mga non-existent BBP Queens nyo. Saka kayo magsingawa, makipagsuguran, ipagduldulan sa amin ang mga bet nyo, at ipamukha sa iba na “I TOLD YOU SO!”, kapag nanalo na yang mga bet nyo. Kapag nanalo, I repeat, K A P A G.

    Pakatotoo tayo, wala pang nananalo. Wala pa! 🙂

  3. Basing on what they showed last night and the parade, I’m putting Gumabao on clinching the MUP title. She has that “surprise factor” which makes watching her on stage exciting. IMO she only lacks “fierceness” in her official shots on which I believe she can polish in no time. After MW stint of Gray, it is already expected how she will perform. I’m afraid that she has already set the bar so high for herself na baka di na niya mareach yun or maexceed yung expectations niya for herself and the pageant itself. I was expecting more substance from the chocolate cake of Gray, but package wise she will win a crown no doubt. I was rooting for Rushton to win any crown this year but… you know what I’m talking about.

    On the side note, it’s now or never for Gray for that MUP title. If her performance on the pageant night is something that most of us won’t expect or even exceeds our expectations, then she can easily snatch that title. She just have to peak again from her plateau.

  4. Disappointed with muriel, while Mariel De Leon was just giving constructive criticism.

    Tumatak sa akin si Flores at Bernardo.

    Its Gumabao vs Gray for MUP on Finals Night.

    Maraña is my dark horse.

  5. Duhh. Obvious ba? Sa una palang si Michele G. na ang niluluto ng ABS to win. Balikan nyo pa yung teaser commercial na BBP, siya lang yung pinakitaan ng legs. Check nyo. 😀

  6. daming inggiterang baklang butanding dito kay Cat. Si Muriel baket ba nasama yan sa top 40? Uy Vicki uwi na, hindi ito labanan ng fez lang

  7. Michelle Gumabao just sealed her fate as MUP with that very smart answer. Her wit, charm and spontaneity are something to be admired about her.
    Aya Abesamis did good too and she sounded very natural.
    Wynonah Buot was good too.

    Hmmm interestingly, Catriona like I’ve been saying sounded rehearsed, scripted and unsincere and that is her biggest downfall. Now I know why talunan sya sa Miss World. The problem with her is that she pretends to be someone else concealing the real her and someone does that, it will always become apparent. I’ve watched videos of her during the parade and there is something in her that is forced and unnatural.

    • Jeremi, youve always been anti-catriona ever since therefore your opinion bears no credibility.

    • Poor Jeremi, ang sioking walang pahinga ka propromote kay Ayamazing. Eh sa talaga naman di kagandahan ang bet mo.Dami maganda sa batch na to para mapansin mo si Aya.

    • biased ka lang towards Cat kaya lahat ng gawin nya iba ang dating sayo….dami mong alam halimaw ka !!!

  8. Hihihi… sino ba naman kasing psychologist ang naglagay ng mga objects doon sa room na yun? Hihihi The object and the girl ang drama. syempre pa some of the girls hindi naman ganun kabilis mag isip pero hihihi hindi ibig sabihin bobita tambien sila. Ano kayang object ang pipiliin ko. Ahh si Rob Domingo na lang. Hi Rob… I don’t see you na sa Golds Gym Timog ha.

    • If some of the girls cannot even give a decent answer in that set up, how will they fare against the harder questions in the actual Q&A?

  9. NO.40 nailed it. Who ever she is… she had the best answer…

  10. My assessment from that Q&A:

    Vickie – Sayang ang face, kabado sumagot and lacks substance.

    Muriel – Honestly, with so many strong girls, I don’t understand why she’s always in the favorites list. Sablay pa sumagot.

    Samantha, Eva – sobrang rehearsed sounding ang sagot

    Karen, Catriona, Aya, Sandra, Edjelyn – I think it says a lot about them that they chose the chocolate cake. For me ang babaw ng mga explanation nila, even if most of them are articulate

    Ahtisa – sounds articulate, but again, ang babaw.

    Jehza – kabado and it shows.

    Si Michele and Kayesha and Wynonah ang standouts in that Q&A portion for me.

    One last note on Aya: Girl, why do you insist on including Verdadero in your introductions? Meron bang ibang candidate na sinasabi middle name nila? Kaya madami kang bashers, ‘te. Ginagamit mo ang name ng mother mo, and that’s why people think you have an unfair advantage. Stop beating us over the head with your Verdadero name!

    • Guinevere, ahtisa’s answer made me laugh!! When she said “I like playing with boys stuff” parang it sounded like “I like playing with boy’s stuff” stuff=private part

      • Her youth and inexperience shows in her answers. Same with Anjame.

        So parang out na siya sa winner’s circle ko for now. One of the runner-up positions siguro.

    • @Guinevere- Hear! Hear! 🙌🏼 You are one of the few I can agree with in this page. Constructive and unbiased points raised.

  11. After the Primer, you can already fix the demarcation between those:

    1. na ganda lang talaga ang puhunan;

    2. and those who are MORE THAN THAT.

    With that, I believe that the coveted crown will be on Cat. ❤️

  12. Mariel de Leon was just plain mean to Catriona. She didn’t even bother to sound constructive. She could have said rehearsed rather than scripted.

    Or maybe her vocabulary is just limited.

    Oh well… considering she didn’t even make it to the next round in Miss International. Haaaayyyy….

    • Gloria, kamusta naman yung “I could box better than men” cringe answer niya last year sa bbp? Yun ang scripted for me. Chos!

    • Scripted din yung pang-aamok niya kay mocha and princess duterte. Haha

    • To be fair, even the Titular couple noted how scripted and rehearsed everyone sounded.

      Catriona does tend to sound rehearsed sometimes. She and her supporters should take it as constructive criticism and not automatically be defensive.

      • Rehearsed is fine. Sounds constructive. But the word scripted is a little mean. KInda lion she wanted to shame Cat.

      • Guinever, I’ve listened to every interview ni Cat. She just speaks that way. Tama din si Mariel dun sa “confident”. You know what will make Cat sound scripted? If she tries to sound nervous and commit some errors here and there. Pero that is not who she is. There is a fine line between being constructive and sadiyang may bahid ng malisya lang. If she said “rehearsed” or something like “be more relatable with your words/use basic words”, I will understand pa eh. But again, Cat just speaks that way, parang poetry ang flow ng words niya.

    • true, she couldve said “try to sound more natural” rather than “you sound a bit scripted”.

      but then, what do you expect from a loser?

      papansin lang yan para pag usapan. wala kasing project eh!

  13. Very good Q and A
    Sherry Tormes good at speaking
    Kayesha interesting choice mej kukang lang sa explanation
    Rosantonette super relax and galing kasi she knows where huhugot for answers
    Michelle as expected
    Cat tho i kinda expected more
    Sophia Baino beri gud
    Edjelyn ang funny nya grabe ang cute cute. She’s the most natural in this round, very true to herself
    Sandra short and sweet
    Patrizia Garcia

    Waley sa QandA
    Vickie pageant patty talaga
    Muriel nakakaloka waley talaga
    Vizcarra wew

    Mej Kinabahan
    Pat Asturias
    Sigrid held her own kahit mej patty pa rin
    Aya also held her own at speaking pero walang laman yung sinasabi nya
    Sam Bernardo pwede na
    Eva patty
    Loren is nagmamadali

    PS. Favorite ni Robi Domingo ang National Costume show ❤ ❤

    • I think we should not based it on one Q&A but who can best represent us on an international stage. With Cat’s experience she will not have a hard time knowing what to do and she will just enjoy the experience. She already know what to do and not have a hard time meeting girls from different countries. I think she will be a good representative of the Philippines!

      • why defensive? gurl easy ka lang. i was just giving my feedback from the primer. I didnt say Cat will be unable to answer properly sa finals. In fact i didnt even say na all the candidates will perform the same way on the finals. Im a Cat fan too, and looks like you’re new here to know that

        if only, your existence proves the bashers na overreacting ang Catriona Fandom. Imagine with all the girls ni kinommentan ko, you managed to single out and formulate the thought na jinujudge ko buong pagkatao ni Cat. like gurl san nanggaling yun?


    Unang-una, andami dami items pero paulit lang ang mga items na napipili???

    Vickie & Muriel – Noooooo. So sad and disappointing. Bawi kayo sa finals night. Lacks substance. Lagpak sa Q&A pag nagkataon. Depth ladies, depth!
    Patrik, Shane, Agatha, Sophia, Jereleen, MJ – positive surprises. Might enter the semis.
    Sigrid, Kayesha, Aya, Samantha, Wynonah, Sandra – good job. Pasado. Exudes confidence.
    Ahtisa – what’s with the fake accent?! Disappointing din. No girl, not this year. Train pa until you’re 24 maybe.
    Rosantonette – good backstory. Pwede na hanggang semis.
    Michelle – expected to do well. Lots of personality. A sure crown contender. Congrats!
    Ena – she looks more beautiful. Sa photos kasi mahaba muka nya. But nakulangan pa din ako sa pinagsasabi nya.
    Edjelyn – underrated. Surely deserves a semis spot. But lacking substance sa interviews.
    Jehza – I’m liking her. Mas calm and composed sya sumagot unlike last year. Possible din na crown contender.
    Eva – can I just say that she looks SUPER BEAUTIFUL in TV than in photos. This lady can talk! Possible crown contender!
    Loren and Angelie – iba! Nangangain din pala sila ng mic!
    Patrizia – i’ll watch out for you girl! You got my attention
    Karen – lacking substance but I like listening to her. Kaya pa improve sa finals.

    Catriona – BOOM! That is what I’m talking about! Cake lang yon pero andami na na-relate. MUP na talaga. We all know she’d do well in interviews. Irita lang si De Lechon muka daw scripted si Cat. Hayyyy.

    I love Classy Clenciiiii!!! and Racel also!

    Madami pala maganda sa TV e. Excited na ko sa 18. Mukang madugo ang laban!

    I guess there will be changes in my (and maybe everyone’s) final list…

  15. Jehza, Edjelyn, Sandra – Weakness pa rin talaga nila hanggang ngayon ang Q&A (watch their previous Q&A in past Bb and Miss World respectively). It shows until now. Basa basa. Isip isip ng sagot na mas malalim, mas convincing. Hindi LANG GANDA ang kailangan para manalo ng korona. 🙄

  16. flat puwet

    veneers pa more
    hindi na matikom ng maayos ang bunganga

    buti pa si gloria diaz natural ang bibig at ngiti at bungisngis

  17. Bb. Gumabao – ang candid lang. Very natural. She raised very strong points and left remarkable lines.

    Bb. Buot – Magaling din, pati yung choice ng object niya, kaya mas madali niyang na-relate sa Ms. Universe and women empowerment. She looks older than her actual age though.

    Bb. Catriona – Her delivery was okay, but I was expecting more from her. She could have chosen another object with deeper and more sensible answer. Mariel also pointed out that “she’s a little bit scripted” daw. Cat will definitely address it 👊🏼

    Bb. Gamboa – Chocolate cake din, pero kamusta naman daw ang sagot? Nagpa cute lang? Kaloka. 🙄

    Bb. Manalo – Maganda, pero may kulang pa talaga. In 2 more years siguro, para mahinog lalo.

    • lI like the sincerity of number 18 hihihi kasi the timbangan ay may meaning sa buhay nya. Hihihi Tinimbang sya ngunit sobra dati. hihihi. Ngayon sexy na sya! Go 18 pasok ka sa libro ko. hihihu

    • Just because Cat speaks with great fluency and passion, doesn’t mean that she is “scripted.” Catriona speaks with dedication and truth, and if that is “scripted,” then every great speaker is.

    • M, the cake was an odd but spontaneous choice. Magandang bawi yung “natural” way ng pag-answer dun sa claim ni ateng Mariel.

      • I couldn’t agree more Mang Kanor. It is refreshing to hear Cat that way.

        #10, #37 and #40 also got my attention 🙂

        Some front runners disappointed me big time.

        Anyway, Cat is destined to win this, not because she rests on her previous achievements, but because she really worked hard for it – miles ahead from her competitors.

    • 18 surprised me, M. Was not expecting her to be that good pala. ☺️

  18. Sa dami ng pumili ng lipstick, wala ako ma-alala sa kanila lahat.

    Magaling talaga sumpgot si Gumabao. I also liked Chua’s answer and it helped that she chose a unique item.

    • Hahaha! Sakto. Ang dami naman nilang pwedeng ibang piliin. Their choice of object tells a lot about them. 🤔

      • Exactly, Parang ang babaw lang.

        Kaya nagustuhan ko ang choice ni Kayesha Chua, pati ang sagot hindi pilit. May substance.

      • @Guinevere- Tama! Mas may sense at mas may dating na sumagot sina #10 at #40 kesa sa ibang front runners (#31 at #38).

  19. Base sa editing ng abs cbn primer, sino ang nilulutong miss universe philippines ni madam c vidanes? Very telling yang primer na yan, like last year kay rachel who I predicted will win after watching the editing pattern ng abs cbn primer ng bbp.

    • After this primer, you can give your final prediction for the finals. Pity to those who already shown their predictions!

      • guinevere, bet mo ba ang nilulutong sinigang na gumabao base sa editing ng the powers that be sa primer? Hehe 😜

      • @Mang Kanor – Hindi ko siya bet, although I admit I am partial to ladies who give spontaneous answers and who act natural.

        Ayoko ng mga pageant patty.

  20. #1 and #3 should practice answering more questions with substance and eloquence. But between the two, the former did better. 👍🏻

    I just cringe when #11 starts talking. Yung sagot niya, wala ring depth. Sorry.

  21. To Whoever your are GloriaMoranWurtzbackla:

    You don’t seem EDUCATED AT ALL with in ALL of your commentaries. No substance and no constructive criticisms. You develop colloquial remarks that people of your own kind only comprehend!!!!!

  22. who’s watching the primer now??? Sabi sa commercial kasama pa rin naman daw ang MS sa crowns at stake

    • I’m watching. Halata talaga kung sino ang pageant patty and rehearsed sumagot so far.

  23. Norman, your blog has gone out of control. This used to be a venue for pageant enthusiasts to gather and exchange ideas about beauty contests. Now, it has become a market place full of trolls, bashers, and everything not nice in the internet. I believe in freedom of speech, but what’s happening is already too much. Degrading in some aspect. If you’re not going to do something about this, you might just lose avid followers of your blog.

    • Hi Trafalgar. Minsan its also Norman who starts it. Pansinin mo mga posts nya, sya ng uumpisa para mg away away mga tao dito. Pampadagdag ng readers nya nga naman. Negative publicity is still publicity ika nga

  24. Manaig kaya ang nepotismo at pandaraya ni AYA KAPALMUKS ABESAMIS, and mukhang KULANGOT na AMBISYOSA?

    • George, I’m starting to think that you are a paid troll of Aya to keep people talking about her. Sabi nga nila there is no such thing as bad publicity. Hindi na kasi realistic yung criticisms mo, parang your motive for doing that is for people to pity her. Whenever you notice that Aya is not being talked about, like now after she flopped and nilangaw sa parade of beauties, you comment about her. All your comments are about her which makes me think that you must be her paid troll.

      Also, noticed that most of the predictions are placing her at Supra title na hindi na part ng BBP. Is this because she was exposed diyan sa paid advertisements niya? Kunwari Supra, pero may hocus pocus pala behind the scene. That is all.

      World Peace.

      • Nope. Galit lang talaga ako sa mga wala namang karapatan, ipinagpipilitan pa ang kapangitan.

        Si Aya Ambisyosa Auring Abesamis, mukhang anak sa pagkadalaga na ipina-ampon ni Madam Auring, at half-sister ni Pataporn. Mukha talagang kulangot. Boba pa sumagot. Mali-mali pa ang grammar.

        Pag nanalo yan, paulanan ng boos ang Araneta.

      • But you do realize that by doing that, parang logic diyan is you are feeding fuel to the fire, right? Wala naman gusto pagusapan siya, nobody is interested sakaniya.

      • At least, alam ng mga kampon ng kadiliman ni Aya A-hole Abesamis na we are on to her devious and cheating ways.


      • Dear Fake Angela Reyes:

        noun: nepotism

        the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.
        synonyms: favoritism, preferential treatment, the old boy network, looking after one’s own, bias, partiality, partisanship
        “hiring my daughter was not nepotism—it was just good business”


    • may pagka soon na wife ni Prince Harry si Michelle dito! gondora ❤️ Loving their outfits!!

    • Michelle at times looks manly, maybe the jawline? She’s beautiful don’t get me wrong…

  25. In all honesty and no offense Jeremi, if u wish to uplift ur chosen bet.. there’s no need to talk ill about another candidate. Ur repeating posts of bitterness towards Cat concludes u seek for attention. Kung nairita ka man, why not stfu and read another blog where it pleases you? You clearly enjoy the attention and keep entertaining ur so called clones. They will not stop when u keep giving them the attention.. This also goes to all who continuously lower their reputation with below the belt comments. Di ba kayo nahiya? No wonder may iba foreigners na ni-look down ang Pinas dahil sa mga pinaggagawa nyo. Kahihiyan kayo TBH parang mga bata lang lolz nairita lang, nakaganyan nah. So what if people doesn’t agree with ur bet? Ikakamatay nyo bah? Im sorry to be this harsh pero sobra na kasi.. oh and oo I care thats why i spoke up and so what?

    Peace lang.

    • Just like what Cat Fans are doing. Naiinis kayo if other people here are commenting that they dont like your Cat but kayo mismo yun din ang ginagawa. Halos isupalpal nyo na sa mga pagmumukha ng mga mambabasa dito about kay Cat and do dislike comments with other contestants. Ano ito, kayo lang may karapatang sumulat dito? Di ito blog ni Catriona, Normannorman.com po ito. Kung gusto nyony wag kayo tirahin, you should also respect the opinions of some people here. Di naman lahat ng tao gusto si Catriona!

      • Hey bessie! Im pertaining to the trolls here hehe and for the Cat fans, yes im a fan but i never talked ill of other candidates kahit i-review mo pa sinabi ko dito. Tahimik lang ako nagbabasa and minsan lng nagcocoment. I do constructive comments pero not below the belt na parang walang pinag-aralan. I was targeting ppl who speaks na parang wala ng pakialam sa mundo.

        Lastly, I also mentioned “this also goes to all who does below the belt comments” – this generalizes and hits ppl of whichever side they are at.

    • Okay na sana comment mo teh. Off lang yung sa dulo. Parang ginaya mo lang din yung ugali na subject ng sermon mo.

      • Wala akong ginaya ate hehe type ko lang ung nasa isip ko talaga 🙂 Justify ko lang kung bakit ako nagspeak up with lil heat para matauhan kahit konti.

    • PageantLuv, your preachy attitude has no place on this blog. Who do u think u r, Mother Mary?

      • Preachy? D mo ba nakikita nagkagulo na? And pls don’t label me as mother mary because first things first im just a human being who creates mistakes as well. I decided to stand and speak because of what is happening. Parang sinasabi mo lang na gusto mo hahayaan magkagulo ang mga tao. Sorry if isa ka sa na offended sa sinabi ko pero sa tingin ko walang mangyayari kapag hahayaan lang magkaganyan.

    • Pageant Luv salamat ha pero i beg you to please also address Catriona’s fans. This is a general blog of beauty pageants not of a particular candidate i.e. Catriona. Ang problema kasi dito feeling entitled ang mga fans ni Catriona na pag ibang candidate ang sinusuportahan mo, isa ka ng bobo and they will ask you to go away. If this was Catriona’s site and a commenter will come and express his/her dislike on her, then her fans have the right na awayin yung commenter na yun. Eh hindi eh hindi naman site ni catriona to. In a nutshell, most of Catriona’s fans are immature, closed minded, unreasonable and mayayabang.

      I can be the most civil and most evil depending on the replies/comments towards me.

      • hi jeremi, I did mention that this goes to all who does below the belt comments which then hits both sides 🙂 And yes i do notice the other cat fans labelling someone na parang bobo sila and etc pero huwag mo nalang dagdagan ang gulo. Yun tuloy may clones kana lumalabas hehe stay as classy as u can ate..

    • Sorry Gloria hindi ako gaya ng karamihan dito na feeling babaeng bakla.
      Isa po akong hunky gay. Sorry you are wrong. Don’t give in to your imagination.

    • You don’t seem EDUCATED in all your comments. No substance at all and you make colloquial remarks that people of your own kind only comprehend!!!!!

    • Sobrang simple ng movements pero super lakas ng appeal ni Cat. Nilamon nya lahat ng nasa paligid niya.

    • nyeta ang ganda ni catriona…ganda ng legs !!! sa kanya k tlga mapapatingin

    • See, maganda si Ahtisa with minimal make-up.
      Not taking away from Kayesha. She held her ground here.

  26. My god I can’t for the finals!
    Adaming magtatago for sure pati mga fake Jeremis mag disappear lahat hahahaha parang nung Miss World 2016 at nung panahon ni Laura Lehman na sigurado na rin daw na sya ang miss world kasi maputi at mestisa. Ignorant basis halatang di pa nakakalabas ng Pinas. Basta maputi at mestisa maganda na lol

    • Your bets have NOTHING on Catriona and you and your little squad which is like 0.0000001 percent of the filipino population are the only people who agrees with you. Hahahahahahhahaha

      Scum of life you are, Jeremi.


      • Ajay aka Ayesha, is that you?
        Lol Im not betting on catriona as MUP hahahahaha
        Deal with that or better SLAP YOURSELF REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU FAINT hahahaha

      • Honestly Jeremi, we don’t care if you like Catriona or not. Stop pretending to be diplomatic when you don’t even know the meaning of the word.

        You are FAKE.

        That is all you got huh DUMBASS?? Assuming every other commenter is someone else who hates you. THE WHOLE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND YOU!

        Majority of the people, not only the Catriona fans think you are a sad case. It’s in the way you comment, the way you pretend to be educated. It’s in the way you pour yourself out online and make yourself seem like you are a good person when you ARE NOT.


        We see through you. You’re transparent and you are an attention seeking whore.

        Majority of the people on here laugh at how absurd you are. Your entire gay fibre is a laughing stock.

      • Oh Ajay aka as ayesha i said SLAP YOURSELF REPEATED UNTIL YOU FAINT. Is that difficult to understand?! God!

    • ganyan dapat ang rep natin for MU, matindi ang following…very popular. And the great thing is, she got all the goods to win. What more can you ask?

    • Umaarte lang talaga hindi genuine tapos pagtalikod daming bilbil hahhahah
      Sigurado na yang MUP sa illusion ng mga fantards

      • Yet your bets are all trying to match Catriona’s prowess.


        No one can in this batch!!

        Suck balls Jeremi panget Langaw bakla!!

      • Sige Ajay/Ayesha huwag kang magtago after ng coronation night ha

      • What the fuck are you on about Jeremi, seriously stop involving me with your NONSENSE.

        However in response to what you said, I am not Ayesha. And I never hide. It was you who hid when Pia won. After the amount of bashing you did to pia, it’s quite funny how you come back to this site when everyone shamed you after she won MUP and MISS UNIVERSE.

      • Btw, you create more and more enemies every year. It’s funny because you are the sole culprit of why no one likes you.

        You’re still the same Jeremi from 2015. Hahahaha


        So much for evolution. Even the real Angela Reyes has turned a new leaf.


        And I read your comment somewhere which I couldn’t stop laughing at. What the fuck is TOAST!?????? HAHAHAHAHAHHA

      • You need prescription glasses or contacts so you’ll be able to see that Cat has no bilbil. If Cat is not genuine she won’t be the most popular BBP candidate. People don’t like fake people.

  27. Wow, this place is a riot now. Haha
    Michelle is cute. Not for miss Universe though. Maybe Globe.
    Aya. She’s pretty, not for miss Universe. MGI or Supra perhaps.
    My best is Cat. She has come back in fighting form. I really hope she wins.
    I don’t get why there are so many people thinking that AYA will win MUP.

    People compare her to Maxine. That’s an insult to the very beautiful Maxine Medina.

    AYA is unique in her own way, sadly her uniqueness does not resonate with the universe.

    She doesn’t come off as strikingly beautiful. You have to stare at her for a month or two for her to grow on you. Sadly, Miss Universe is all about first impressions.

    Good luck nalang!

      • I am you. I’m ugly. I am very proud, very arrogant, very controlling and manipulative. I am always right, never wrong and I am allowed to put other candidates down but no one else can put the ones that I support down.

        I am self absorbed, maliciously inclined to misogyny, catastrophically volitile, toxic and if you are not on my side, I will put you down.

        The question remains, why doesn’t anyone like me.

        My name is Jeremi Na panget.

      • Nakakaawa talaga!
        Sige punta ka pa sa calle para icheer si siguradong MUP Catriona hahahahah

      • At least Catriona has people to cheer, unlike you. Everyone hates you.

        So sinong sad Na? hahahahaha

        Kawawang panget. Hindi SA totoo, pangit ka talaga.

      • kami na nga tong naawa sa yo…dapat nga matuwa ka dahil sa amin nabubuhay ang malungkot mong…buhay-kalye! char

    • You don’t seem EDUCATED in all your comments. No substance at all and you make colloquial remarks that people of your own kind only comprehend!!!!!



    kung magaling lang ang production and technical ng BBP saka ang broadcaster partner ay kaya nyang lamangan ang lahat

  29. Antagal naman ng coronation night ng mapahiya na ang mga nagmamalaki at nagsasabing Catriona is the only one who deserves the MUP crown. Tiyak magpapalit ang lahat ng profile hahahahha anlalakas ng loob na mag-conclude. Mga unreasonable gays no wonder. My god look at those na nasa calle sa video.

    • Matalo man si Cat, the fact remains: SHE IS WELL LOVED. #FightTrashWithClass

      • Obsessed na obsessed kay cat..may time pati magbilang ng fans…ang mga taga kalye nga naman. Char!

      • Kuya, bilang mo ata is yung anti-Cat. 12 (10 of which are multiple accounts). #FightTrashWithClass

      • Wahahaha, 12 fans is better than having everyone hate you on a website.
        Regardless if she gets the crown or not, it doesn’t change a thing about you. You are still the scum of earth while Cat will represent the philippines.

        Just a question though Jeremi, what makes you so confident that Michelle and AYA will win MUP?? LET’S see how well you answer that. Lol

      • Mel aka as Ajay, Ayesha, Jeremi fake,
        12 fantards who hates me for being not of a fan of Catriona duh as if you own the world.
        Come one pack your baons na at magtambay sa calle para lang makita si catriona the sole rightful winner daw ng MUP. Mga unreasonable gays. Eeewww

      • Hahahahaha oh boohoo you. Aya or Michelle will not win MUP! 😂😂😂

        Do you have instagram or even Facebook??? Her likes are all genuine compared to Michelle’s an Aya!! That’s right you don’t, which is why your only source of information is on this website. YOU ARE HERE 24/7 ADDICT. DUMBASSSSSSS!

        AYAs family has to pay for all the training, likes and even publicity while Cat has to do nothing. Hahahahahaha

        Stats: 5000 likes compared to michele which 200 and AYA being 150.

        Bwahahaahaha count that you dumb ass.

      • Oh and Jeremi, we don’t hate you.
        We feel embarrassed for you.
        Wait, we just don’t like you.
        No one does.
        The universe doesn’t.
        Your mum doesn’t even like you.
        Go cry you big baby!
        Mummy will pretend she cares. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ayaw mo lang kasi kay Cat. At di mo matanggap na performer sya at mahal ng mga fans. Kung sakali man hindi manalo ng MUP si Cat, mahal pa din sya ng fans nya, at ikaw ay kinamumuhian pa din.

      • Johns…asal kanto lang kasi ang mga fans ni Catriona gaya mo at war freak.
        Yung fans kasi nung iba tahimik lang dahil may class.
        Sorry ang commenters sa blog na to ay hindi basis kung sinong maraming fans.
        Bilang lang ang mga commenters dito paulit ulit na lang yung iba pa lima ang accounts.
        Yeah nahiya naman ako sa sinabi mong marami kayo. Oo marami kang accounts dito Ajay, Ayesha, Jeremi fakes etc. kaya stfu old faggot!

      • andami mong alam noh..pag hindi “wikang-kalye” ay “asal-kanto” naman..palibhasa laking-kalye ka eh! oh well naiintindihan ka namin. Char

      • @Jeremi Don’t accuse everybody na asal kanto kc sinusuportahan c Catriona, matagal na ‘kong reader ng blog na ito since 2015 pa at di ko pa nkakalimutan ang mga banat at tira mo kay Pia pero anong nangyari? She won the MUP and eventually the MU during that year. After that nag-hibernate ka! This time c Cat nman ang target mo and her fans! If indeed Catriona is not a force to reckon why and where the hate is coming? I support Cat in silence but honestly speaking you’re sooooooo annoying and self-entitled with the way you express ur dislike against her…you need not to drag ur so called class if indeed u are one!!! But the way I read all your comments…YOU ARE NOT A CLASS ACT! Go “TOAST” your MUPs! Just saying!

  30. the glorias here are flooding the comments section for a reason. Ayaw nila mabasa yung truths below. Boom 💥 panes.

  31. i wish all the girls well
    may the most deserving with natural assets
    and a genuine pure heart and advocacy win MUP 2018

    • 4M, 4M, 4M! buti sila fan pa nga and kind, ikaw sadiyang retarded lang.

      —- the original and nice gloria

      • Aww shut up gloriamoranwurztbach! Go fight your own battles and not your candidates battles. You infantile scum.

      • You are basically demanding me to stop “fighting” for my bet while you continue to fight for yours by trashing others. Ano yon? Gaguhan? I don’t even have a bet, next year pa siya mag-join, kaya funny lang ng attack mo. Nonoy Suma, you are irrelevant. Now, sit down and zip it.

      • Hahahha! Boom 💥 Panes si totoy suma… kabilang buhay na. 😂 fanturdz daw. Bakit ka nandito? Hindi ito prayer vigil. People will say what they want and support who they wanna support. Wa ka co trol diyan, bakla. Hahhahahah! Boom 💥 Panes si totoy suman.

  32. Napanood ko yung videos sa parade and rehearsal + interviews.
    Still Meowwww is miles ahead 😄
    I’m sorry but that’s a fact 🤗
    JawsKuh ang galaw at mga kuda pang international competition na hijihi🤗

  33. The haters of Cat here, alam na kung sino kayo… Aces and Kweens, akala ko ba classy and respetado kayo? Kung siraan niyo yung mga KF people, kayo naman pala talaga ang mga baboy at demonyo ang galawan. Hindi niyo ba matanggap na never naging sainyo ang pusa ng buo kaya naman todo kayo mag-effort sa demolition job niyo sakaniya ngayon? Hindi dahil nag-train ang isang girl sainyo eh you own her. Hindi po property ang mga binibini, tao ang mga yan na may free will. Hindi pa ba sapat na she acknowledged you bilang part ng journey niya? Kapag involved nga naman ang pera at delusion sa fame, greediness prevails. Mahiya kayo. I hope marealize niyo na hindi ang sole work ninyo ang nagdala ng karangalan sa bansang ito. Salamat sa mga natulong niyo, pero please don’t forget that since 2010, kasama ang mga filipino people and the binibinis mismo na nag-angat sa flag naten sa pageant scene. Without the binibinis and the fans, ano kayong mga “camps” kayo? Sumobra naman ata ang laki ng ulo ninyo. If meron dapat pasalamatan, si miss Venus Raj and the filipinos who cheered for her ang deserving. That is the truth and the fact na without them, if ibang girl ang napadala and ibang country ang venue, clapper parin tayo hanggang ngayon. Ayaw ko man sabihin to pero these “camps,” na inaagaw na ang spotlight ng sobra sa mga binibini at filipino people, are dispensable. A girl can succeed and live without these camps sa internet age ngayon, while these so-called camps are nothing without the fans and the girls. Sobra na kayo that you guys need a major reality check. Be kind. Don’t be greedy. Hindi ka maganda. You know who you are.

    Always remember that… you can never bring down a strong, INDEPENDENT woman. 😉


    • Puede ba kitang i correct? Los aficionados or Los fanaticos po kasi plural po sya. hihihi

    • atsaka han dicidido 3rd person plural yung present participle ng have decided. hihihi World peace.

  34. Naku naku shoes ko po shoes ko talaga mga tao dito mga nang aaway pala pag may isang kakaiba ang opinion inaaway na agad at sinsabihang bobo raw. Mas hanga nga ako dun sa mga may sariling paniniwala dahil sila talaga ang matatalino at magiging successful sa kanikanilang mga magigng careers dahil may leadership skills ang tao na ganyan.

    Einiwey, may naulingan na naman ako, locked na raw ang MUP sa isang first timer na matangkad, maganda at raw. Mas gusto na raw ni SMA ang mga ganito dahil madali pang i-correct at ipolish di gaya ng mga beterana na mahirap ng ituwid ang flaws nila.

    Naku naku shoeses ko po na may heels. Mukhang masisira nga ang bubong ng Araneta sa disiotso pag ngkataon, malalagay ang veks ng Pilipinasa sa Guinness Book bilang “Most Violent Gays in the World”. hahhahahaha Shoes ko!


    Mukhang KULANGOT without makeup.

    Mukhang KULANGOT NA ESPASOL with makeup.

    Consistent nga… consistent sa KAPANGITAN.


  36. Hey there. The Real Jeremi Baklang Panget here. Here are my predictions of the BAKLANG PANGET UGLINESS PAGEANT – PEYLEPENS!!!







    Winner na Winner talaga ako sa kapangitan – PANOT at ENGOT pa!!!

    Pasensiya na kung mala-iskwater ang ugali ko dito sa blog na ito. Ito lang ang tangi kong kaligayahan. Ikaw ba naman ang parati na lang dinuduraan at pinagtatabuyan sa kalsada pag naglalakad, hindi ka ba matatanggalan ng turnilyo sa ulo, kagaya ko?


    *** Click Thumbs Up Ip U Lab It Too! ***

  37. Ganda nila Michelle Gumabao at Aya Abesamis
    Maganda rin sana si Catriona minus yung namamaga nyang ilong at saka mukhang uma-acting lang sya. Di genuine yung personality nya di na sya natuto sa Miss World na puro pretension ang pinakita nya kaya natalo

    • Imagine kahit maga ang ilong at mukhang uma-acting, di pa rin naka-half sa kanya bets mo. Much more if wala na ang maga at totohanin na. Galing talaga ni Cat! #FightTrashWithClass

      • Oh Ayesha aka as Ajay… I said SLAP YOURSELF REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU FAINT right? Hahhahahaha pa Ayesha Ayesha pa si AJay lang naman at ang Jeremi dake na nagnakaw ng picture. The comments are coming from a single address in Australia. You are one and the same person; the bald old fag hahahahha buking

      • What the fuck are you talking about you dumb ugly old bastard.

        Who the fuck is AJAY???


        You are so stupid, due to confidentiality, WORDPRESS cannot release IP Address from comments and commenter because it is a breach of contract on their behalf.

        You obviously don’t read the terms and conditions of any contract. You are so stupid.

        Prior to when you comment it even says; “your email address will not be published.

        Please educate yourself, LANGAW JEREMI!

      • Hahahahaha don’t worry MEL,

        Jeremi thinks he is so smart. He really isn’t.
        Let him think that he is above everyone.
        He can’t even figure out who took his picture. Hahahahaha

        No wonder why everyone hates him.

      • Ayesha and Mel kinakausap ang sarili nila hahhaha bistado.
        Ito ang IP address iisa lang lol

    • the camera really adds 10 pounds. Yes she’s on the heavy side as per beauty queen standards bero she’s not that big when you see her in person

    • Ang kokoranahan ni Mariel ay ang mga kandidatang from numbers 15 to 25. Go figure!

      • So walang major crown si Aya. Kawawa naman. Cat as MUP. Michele as MIP. #FightTrashWithClass

  38. Madam Stella Marquez y Conchitina Sevilla y Gines Enriquez,

    Una semana desde ahora elegiremos a nuestra Reina, necesitamos elegir Al candidato basado en lo que la organization international quiere y no en base al rango de candidates y o titulos! Gracias!

  39. My picks after parades;

    Miss Universe Philippines = Catriona Elisa Gray
    Miss International Philippines = Vickie Marie Rushton
    Miss Grand International Philippines = Karen J. Gallman
    Miss Supranational Philippines = Sandra Lemonon
    Miss Intercontinental Philippines = Eva Patalinjug
    Miss Globe Philippines = Michele Theresa Gumabao
    1st Runner-Up = Aya Abesamis
    2nd Runner-Up = Anjame Santos Magbitang

    • Vickie is 26 turning 27 by the time Miss International will be held if ever she win. She’s my bet for MI also but because of age restriction, I don’t know if SMA will take the risk considering there are younger candidates who can be sent.

    • Talaga namang maganda si Vickie! Walang anggulo! Kaya siya ang bet ko for Miss Globe Kasi Wala namang Q&A Yung pageant na yon and aurahan Lang ang labanan. Maganda Rin para sa existing career niya.

      Gusto ko rin makuha niya Yung Miss Photogenic award!

      • Nevermind Jeremi and his friend Ana Catri (aka GMW, Bonsai Hater, 4M and many more). #FightTrashWithClass

      • mas yuck ka…anung karapatan mong maliitin ang mga taong humahanga. Palibhasa matandang hukluban kn na malungkot ang buhay. Di ka pa kumbolsyonin baklang mahadera !!!

      • Sorry auntie tita nandun ka pala ikaw pala yung pawis na pawis na screaming faggot na nakita sa video na may baong kanin at itlog at tubig na nakaplastic hahahahha sorry uli auntie

      • There are times that I like you because you’re a firm believer of your choices. But there are also times that I want to axe kick you in the face. 😂😂😂

      • At least they could afford to watch Cat. As for you? Squatter or OFW. You probably cannot even afford your jeepney ride.

        You have no class you asshole!!


        Jeremi, WTF!???

        WOW, I IGNORED your ignorant comments previously, but now you are officially the lowest of all lows. They may be fans but you are way to poor to even support YAYAAYAW and MICHELLE.


      • Oh Ayesha aka Ajay,
        I would never place myself on stinky Manila streets like that eeeeww yuck

      • Fucking make me slap myself you ugly peice of shit. What are you going to do?? You can’t do shit.

        What’s good mother fucker?

    • I’m so into Catriona…she’s just so mesmeririzing….no wonder a lot of people love her

      • Yes because it is Miss Universe Philippines. Tse. #FightTrashWithClass

      • Hahaha! The fans are incorrigible. They really believe that Catriona will be the Philippines representative to the Miss Universe this year. Go on fan turds till you shit in your pants on March 18. Hahahaha! #fanturds

      • Nonoy, your use of the English language will not cure the lack of objectivity in your comments and views. #FightTrashWithClass

  40. In fairness sa Binibining Pilipinas, inaabangan din ng mga latina talaga. Super level up talaga ang pageant na to, parang Miss USA din. Yung Puteri Indonesia unti unti sumisikat, sabagay imbitahin mo nga din naman ang mga reigning queens every edition ewan ko na lang kung di pa sumikat ang pageant mo. Eh ang BBP minsan lang mg invite. Maganda naman kasi ang production, at ang ingay ng pre pageant activities parang kala mo international pageant na. Hayy mabuhay ang mga magagaling na bakla na ng pa angat sa iba ng pageant na to.

    Wishlist ko ng mga sana mgka korona:
    Jehza Mae
    Michele Theresa
    Catriona Elisa
    Maria Andrea
    Sigrid Grace
    Vickie Milarosa Rushton

    Habol pa: Karen Gallman

  41. Maybe bbpci’s screening committee be tasked to likewise choose the semi-finalists. No need for pre-pageant night. The candidate’s performamance and demeanor from day1 to now will be the basis. Afterall, they have seen up close the candidates under different make up conditions from light, heavy to no make up. They have also interacted with them so they can better gauge the comm skills eloquence of the candidates at kung cnu talaga me sense kausap.. Un lang po.


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