40 comments on “The Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2018 from the lens of Owen Reyes

  1. Pasensiya na po kung parati akong nagmamarunong dito at umaastang iskwater dito sa blog na to. Sorry rin po sa parati kong pangbu-bully sa mga commenters dito na hindi naga-agree sa opinyon ko. Kunwari po hindi ako gumagamit daw ng mga bakyang salita, pero madami na po akong tinawag na “baklang panget” dito at “iskwater”. Paumanhin po.


    Wala po kasing pumapansin sa akin in real life. Walang nagmamahal dahil pangit po ako inside and out. DITO PO, KAHIT PANANDALIAN LANG, FEELING KO, IMPORTANTE AKO!

    Kapag sinasabi ko pong galing akong abroad, sa Begun Bari slum area ng Bangladesh po ako nagmula. Bangladeshi po ang tatay ko, Philippine common cockroach naman ang nanay ko. Ako po si Jeremi-mi “Bangladeshi Bakleshi” Jagpal: ang baklang sukdulan ang kapangitan – panot pa!

    Dinuduraan lang ako pag naglalakad sa kalsada, kasi kasuklam-suklam daw ang kapangitan ko.


    Masisisi niyo po ba ako kung bakit galit na galit ako sa mundo? 😦

    • Buhay ka pa? Sinabing magbigti ka na lang kasi napakadesperado na ng buhay mo

  2. michelle is for bodybuilder of the world
    catriona is for flat puwet of the world, the universe rather

    world peace

  3. the Universe will conspire
    and give it to the most natural girl
    no to ex MW loser

    • Hey there. The Real Jeremi here.








  4. Ginaya ang “bulaklakin” glam shots ng nakaraang MU!

    I likey Manalo, Huelar, Baino, Magbitang, and FINALLY KAPEUNDL! 🙂

  5. why is Sandra Lemonon in a lot of people’s favorites?… She is not in the top tier in this year’s group. Edjelyn Gamboa is much better , even no. 22 Sophia Baino is much better or no. 18 Rosantonettte

    • @ janetwrightlover : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Agree with Baino! If she claps, I want her to try finishing better than Christagale Borja at Top International Model of the World (3rd Runner-Up, I think).

    • Just like you’re saying Edjelyn, Sophia, and Rosantonette are much better than Sandra, it’s just a matter of preference. And in this case a lot of people, including myself, prefer Sandra’s beauty.

      • I wasn’t into her at first, but she gradually grew on me as the days passed. But that golden swimsuit photo and her national costume performance made me consider her as an eventual queen this year.

  6. I think this is one of, if not the, most beautiful shots of Ahtisa Manalo. I prefer that she gets a runner-up position this year since she’s still young and has time to gain maturity. But if she answers really well come finals night, combined with her beauty, she might get the Binibining Pilipinas International crown. You simply can’t ignore her.

    And of course, my favorites delivered: Catriona, Aya, Michele, Karen, and Sandra.

    Kudos to the photographer.

    • Seryoso? Aya? Are we looking at the same pic? Admit it naman pag di talaga true. Kaloka.

      • Gurl I suggest you see Aya in person first. She’s miles prettier in person that what her photos make people (bashers) believe)

      • Why do you sound insulted?

        Sorry, but not sorry, I am not a hateful person; and I stand by my choices. I like Aya. She may not be my choice for Miss Universe Philippines, but I like her beauty.

  7. I think these are the ones who nailed this shoot in proper order
    1. Michelle Gumabao (parang ang sarap abangan, we haven’t seen it all)
    2. Aya Abesamis (contrary to what Catriona’s fans are saying, she is actually beautiful)
    3. Jehza Huelar (that photo highlighted the beauty of her face)
    4. Karen Gallman (If there is someone who can be pitted against Catriona, she should
    be the one but I prefer Karen’s beauty over Catriona’s)
    5. Catriona Gray (I dont know but she does not excite me anymore, I feel that I have
    seen it all from her)
    6. Wynonah Buot (she is a silent killer)
    7. Edjelyn Gamboa (I don’t know why she has not won a crown yet)
    8. Sandra Lemonon (she looks clean and nice)
    9. Anjame Magbitang (very youthful, more of Teen USA contestant)
    10.Ena Velasco (she is also pretty but I wonder how she looked like pre-veneers)

    • Since you are not a professional photographer and you are the most hated commenter on this blog, I thought I might educate you on what artists would not like and appreciate from these photos.

      From a photographers point of view;
      1. Aya, looks boring in her photo. Her face is always the same. She says she is a model but clearly she is an amateur.
      2. Michelle, while I usually love has fallen flat in this photo
      3. Jehza, why is she pointing at her chin, just blocks the jaw line which is prominent and attractive
      4. Karen, she looks stunning and universally appealing in this photo, you would never know she is petite, how she folds her body in that angular position
      5. Catriona, again, she knows her profile and knows how to find the light quickly. She knows how to move infront of the camera and it is evident in this shot. Please stop pretending you like her. It’s an insult to her own pedigree.
      6. Edjelyn, meh. Lack luster performance. Looks common and no appeal
      7. Sandra, same face all the time, sex appeal is slowly depreciating
      8. Anjame, she reminds me of a really tall 12 year old. Innocent. Not a good thing actually. She needs to sport a different facial expression in her photos
      9. Ena, blah. She rests on pretty. Doesn’t make it a spectacular photo.

      Cat and Karen win these rounds.

      • Oh I missed;

        10. Wynonah; her rinoplasty distracts me in every photo. She needs to get that amalgamated as quickly as possible because it throws people off. Makes her look much more maturer than everyone else.

      • What a big difference between a stupid reply and a cultured one.
        Mel is purely trash and disrespectful while that of Anoni Moosh is educated and done in good taste.

        Anoni deserves a civil reply while Mel deserves a “supalpal” reply.

      • Moonprince, is it because I did not put Catriona as my MUP.
        Sorry di lahat ng tao bet sya as MUP.
        Ang kitid ng utak mo. My god!

      • Oh Jeremi (fake Jeremi) , my reply to original Jeremi is in response to his, “uncultured” attack at Cat. It is called irony you fool.

        Please define, “cultured”. From where I am, cultured can mean a lot of things. From where I live, it is cukuturally acceptable if you are defending a person from someone who is absolutely toxic (original Jeremi).

        I think the operative word you are looking for is diplomatic. Fuck diplomacy if there is trash like Jeremi on this site commenting negatively. Both you Jeremi’s don’t deserve my, “culturalised responses”.


    • Beauty is subjective. Based on this pic alone I would not describe Aya beautiful. It’s simply not my preferred type of good looks. No Filipina had won an international beauty title with chinky eyes the past two decades. Think Pia, Megan, Bea, Kylie, Precious. However, I respect your choice.

    • Hi Jeremi wag ka namang masyadong halata kaibigan… lahat ng nilista mo ang gaganda ng comment mo pwera kay Cat… napaghahalata talaga na you’ve just included her here to highlight your hatred towards her… and please don’t give me that crap na kaya mo sya sinali dito is because you’re being objective… na kaya mo sya sinama dito kahit hate na hate mo sya is because maganda talaga ang kuha nya… niloloko mo lang sarili mo.

    • Oh Mel what a stupid comment you have there!
      I stand firm on my choices even the likes of Eugene Atget, Brassai, Jacques Lartique, Esther Teichmann, Andreas Gursky etc. will not gonna change my choices.

      And oh Mel I wonder if you know these famous photographers that I’ve just mentioned.

      Not me Mel..I know the minds of people like you.

      • Ang sagwa po ng grammar ko, ano?

        Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ako. ❤ Baklang panget na iskwater inside and out lang po. ❤

        Makalayas na nga't makaghanap ng aking mga bagong FURNITURESSSSSS sa dumpsite!

      • Google is YOUR BEST FRIEND isn’t it Jeremi.

        I bet you wouldn’t even know what their artists conceptualisation is huh???

        Sige pa, GOOGLE PA MORE!!!


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