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  1. Supra title is the third in binibini podium not the cheap Intercontinental (5th placer)

    MGI is 4th placer while TMG is sixth!!!

  2. I know her personally and she is more beautiful inside! Shes artsy classy and friendly! Shes not the type to use her moms name to shine, she shines on her own. Shes one to watch out for sa Bb Pilipinas coronation. Stella loves Pinay beauty and shes not trying hard sa stage. Cant wait for her to be crowned. -Bea Santiago on Aya Abesamis

    • Yup, if she indeed is not trying to use her Mom’s pedigree – she should drop including “Verdardero” every time she introduces herself. She already has a long enough name and including her mother’s maiden name is cringeworthy and is almost name dropping in nature.

    • In my view, it is a pity that their top 3 were all downgrades. Most Indonesians got disappointed. their top winner does not look confident at all. Whoever wins as their counterparts here in the Philippines can easily set them aside. Terima kasih, Indonesia!


  4. Hey everyone. The Real(ly Panget) Jeremi here.

    I’m not bragging, but… just to rub it in your beautiful faces:


  5. Karen’s face is too exquisite to send her somewhere other than Miss Universe. I have been watching videos of the girls recently to have a sounder judgment, and for now I have:

    Miss Universe -Karen
    Miss International – Catriona
    Miss Supranational – Muriel
    Miss Intercontinental – undecided
    Miss Grand – Michelle
    Miss Globe – Sandra

    My list also includes Patricia, Jehza, Samantha, Ahtisa

    • Just noticed nobody’s mentioning Muriel. This girl reminds me of Mutya Datul, with both the playfulness and sweetness to strut her way to Supranational.

      Karen on the other hand embodies the “confidently beautiful” prototype of Miss U, from the way she speaks and poses. She has the Miss U-spunk.

      Catriona fits International, as this conservative competition somehow resembles Miss World. Her aura really is sweet. I appreciate her packaging herself otherwise but it all boils down to who she really is.

      Michelle can speak her mind and her kind of beauty is just right for Grand International.

      Sandra is the effortless one with a charisma that is hard to ignore, reminding me sometimes of Anne Colis, who also could have been Miss Universe. I can see her in Miss Globe.

      Can’t wait for the finals!

      • Alex veks, Muriel is one of my favorites from the beginning. I’ve been trying to push her but for some reason she was never talked about even in the press. Maybe she needs some personality development training to be more out there next time. She knows how to project and her face is just divine.

      • Janine was taller and more articulate than Olivia. Leila Lopes wasn’t that articulate. If you have that face and X-factor, you can beat even the smartest girls around. With that kind of face nobody cares if she’s 5’5. Unless she’s a midget. 6 or 8-inch heels can make up for it but the face will make it all up.

  6. My picks for the crown

    MU- Catriona Gray
    MI- Ahtisa Manalo
    MIC- Andrea Abesamis
    MS- Sandra Lemonon
    MGI- Michelle Gumabao
    MG- Eva Patalinhug

    RUp- Ena Velasco, Wynonah Buot

    What I’m afraid of:

    MU- Andrea Abesamis
    MI- Jehza Huelar
    MIC- Michelle Gumabao
    MS- Sandra Lemonon
    MGI- Catriona Gray
    MG- Ena Velasco

    RUps- Eva Patalinhug, Wynonah Buot

  7. Ena is beautiful but u know what happen to Koreen Medina!

    Jehza has a neutral cum convertible image but u know what happen to Jennifer Hammond!

    Karen, a hafu or mestiza as we might call it but u know what happen to McGarry, Janson & Rodriguez.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing and expect different result” is how Albert Einstein puts it!

    So, send any of those girls and see if u will get a different result!

  8. Naku naku shoeses ko po na marami at puro may heels may naulinigan na naman ako may nagparatiing pala kay SMA na ang mga Catriona fans eh tatanggalin nila ang bubong ng Araneta Center pag di si pusa ang MUP ngayon ang siste hinahamon nya raw kayong lahat kung kya nyong gawin dahil ngayon pa lang napili nya na ang MUP at mga veks hindi si Catriona kundi isang more deserving na candidate yung hindi feeling entitled.

    naku naku shoes ko po magkakagyera na talaga. Total bukambibig naman ng mga fans ni Catriona ang war dapat sa MGI na lang sya para sya mismo tatapos ng war nay yan.

    • May mga bakla talagang mahilig gumawa ng kwento. Ano bang mabuting naiidulot niyan sa inyo?
      Magaaway na naman bakla niyan dahil sa gawa gawa mo. Di pwede manahimik na lang?

    • ano ba sineshare ko lang naman ang sinabi sa akin eh, masama ba yun?

    • Keep spreading lies and soon you will be no different than the father of lies.

  9. 2014 Janson, 2015 McGarry, 2016 Hammond, 2017 Rodriguez.

    Based on the past winners, mukhang yayamanin lagi at delicate ang kinukuha nila sa intercon. Hahaha. Siguro Gallman, Rushton, Patalinjug or Buot.

    Not for being rude or anything, sa totoo lang wala na akong pakialam sa minor crowns. Tbh. 😀

    • Parang agree ako dito. Pang-yayamanin ang peg ng title, parang Intercontinental Hotel lang!

      But seriously, I’ll go for Ena on this. Maganda naman ang fez ni ate girl, nagmumukha lang na ngarat sa sobrang make-up at veneers, pero ang body, paaaaaaak na paaaaaaak!

  10. My choices:
    MUP – Aya Abesamis
    MIP – Michelle Gumabao
    Supra – Anjame Magbitang
    Grand – Catriona Gray
    Globe – Jehza Huelar

      • Oh yeah that’s why I was the only one who was betting for Rachel Peters last year while everyone was rallying behind Mariel de Leon and Dindi pajares

        So yeah, you are right!

      • Yeah you are so right lol
        That’s why i was the only who was betting for Rachel Peters while everyone was for mariel and Dindi

      • 1 win out of the 4 in previous years does not make you a reliable source you baboon.

      • You are right…he is a baboon…or to make him more colorful…a mandrill!! Char…Go Aya Baby! Slay them all!!

      • Ok ayesha just wait until the coronation night
        Your favorite will not win as MUP. Take note of that! Don’t change your name after ok and come back to me

    • Natsambahan mo lang si Rachel last year. LOL. Eh bakit si Norman tama sya nung 2016, si Mariel 2017 nya, mali naman. Di ka na rin ba pwede magkamali? Hahaha.

      • I just replied to Ayesha’s comment particularly the word “always fail” lol
        Di kasi nagbabasa porket di ko bet si Catriona reply na agad my god

  11. My Choices:

    Universe – Magbitang
    International – Cajandig
    Supra – Abesamis
    Grand – Gray
    Globe – Mendoza
    Intercon – Roman
    1st RU – Asturias
    2nd RU – Avestruz

      • Get a life veks!!!! hihihihihi….

        Why is it so hard for you to accept that not everyone is favoring Catriona. and that others have different bets? hihihihh Did you even go to school to learn basic comprehension?

        What is “hateful” about Lireo’s post? Can you care to explain why is it? As far as I am concerned he just listed his prediction cum March 18th…. There’s nothing wrong about it at all.

  12. 9 days to go! nakaka excite, mas magkakaalaaman na tomorrow after the parade. what will be theme ba? Mardis gras? hmm

    Anyway, so far here are my choices :

    MUP – Catriona. just. catriona. CHAROT

    the rest bahala na kayo mag away away.. CHAROT uli..

    seryoso na,

    MUP Catriona
    Internantional – Jehza/Ahtisa/Michelle
    Supranational – Sandra / Aya / Samantha bernardo
    Intercontinental – Michelle / Aya / Rushton
    Grand International – Karen / Jehza / Rushton / Eva
    Globe – Aya / Eva / Edjelyn

    RUs: Michelle / Kayesha / Wynonah Muriel / Rushton

    Special awards:

    JAG Jeans – Catriona
    Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice – Cat vs. Aya vs. Michelle
    Face of BB: Cat vs. Vickie vs. Ahtisa vs. Karen

    yan ay feeling ko lang naman ha. LOL

    • dagdag naten ang best in Natcos kay Cat @MrManila hahaha yan ay feeling ko lang din naman hihi

  13. And please sorry for some jehza fans. She is not the same shining jehza like before. She was my favorite during her first try .She looks meek tired and sorry for the word asthmatic.Kailangan talaga ng energy vitamins I’m not joking and those lenses are the culprit why she looks bored

  14. Ito ang dapat kay Aya. Lakas maka Patraporn Wang 2.0.
    Malay natin, ganun ang mukhang hinahanap ng Intercon.

    Pinadala na natin magada (Kris Tiffany, Katarina) at matangjad (Christi Lyn) pero waley pa din.
    Baka exotic talaga hinahanap nila.

    • Couldn’t agree more. This pageant perfectly suits Aya. Intercon is not actually looking for someone who’s cut above the rest. A beauty that doesn’t turn heads twice or so. A beauty that touches the exotic wild of nature. A beauty that doesn’t speak so much volume. A beauty that raises eyebrows to some and requires a strong defense to win. That being said, Aya can easily win this with nothing much sweat. AYA (pataporn and Nichole M. before the operation combined) for Intercontinental! Rejoice for our first crown! Charot!

      PS Where are the Jeremis here? Seems like most of them are still in deep sleep. Yoohoo! POSER ASSOCIATION OF JEREMIS – MAIN BRANCH. Charot 2.0!


      • Hey there the real Jeremi here.
        I beg to disagree.
        Aya – MUP
        Catriona – first MGI crown of Pinas

      • OO nga noh! I will change my choice from Suprational (Aya) to Intercontinental. I am sure we will very proud of Aya to be the first Miss Intercontinental. Good Luck AYA! The International Title is for you 🙂

  15. Bakit ba gano’n? 😦

    65 years na akong nabubuhay sa mundo

    Paggising ko sa umaga, at pagharap sa salamin

    Nagigimbal at nagugulantang pa rin ako…


    ❤ (That is all. Bye!) ❤

  16. sa mga MUCH-HYPED candidates…may Dindi Pajares 2.0 jan, definitely! sa mga DARK HORSES naman, may MANGGUGULAT come March 18. We still have one more EVENT to look forward to…PARADE OF BEAUTIES where candidates who are lagging behind can OUTSHINE the much-hyped ones. Here in these three choices given to us by the blogger, i’d choose Dra. Ena Velasco. Standing at 5’8 1.4 inch, and with a VAVAVOOM body, she can clearly clinch a title. PLEASE, ENUF OF CANDIDATES WHO BARELY MAKE THE HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS. WE ALL KNOW THAT IN THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE, HEIGHT IS MIGHT. International judges at the very least will be curious who is this DOCTOR with a VAVAVOOM body?

  17. This is another turf of KF. Dont forget its Kris Janson who first got this crown. Grabe Kf really makes history. Seems like 2 lang talaga ang beauty cmonsa Pinas, KF and others 🙂

    • Baby Nica – ang nagpapapangit ng image ng KF girls, haha..

  18. Kasuya naman. Lagi na lang akong inaaway dito. 😦

    Dahil ba sa lubus-lubusan ang kapangitan ko, inside and out?

    Pwes! Sabi ng nanay ko, the more you know me daw, the more I can entice you with my endearing personality!

    Please try to get to know me better, and you’ll eventually start telling yourself, “Hmmm, Jeremi-mi Bangladeshi Bakleshi Japgal is not so bad after all!” 😉

    So… bilang panimula, and sort of my re-introduction to Norman’s blog, I present to you a video of the moment of my birth (THANKS MOMMY-DEAREST FOR THE VIDEO), and my baby pictures!!!

    ❤ Sana'y matutuhan niyo rin akong mahalin, kahit na ubod ako ng pangit, inside and out! ❤

      • Hi Jeremi,

        I get that you don’t like people imitating and rightfully so, however wishing death upon someone over this, is pretty petty and sad.

        You need to grow up.

      • That’s what he deserve. Kung di ba naman sya baliw kukunin talaga ang picture ko. A sane person will never do that. I asked her several times to take it down but he didn’t. So yeah, he should go to hell and burn

  19. Ibigay na yan kay Binibining Pilipinas-PILITA CORALES/ CONNECTIONS! Tutal kamukha naman nya 2014 winner from Thailand.

  20. I’m procrastinating at the office. Here are final predictions pre-parade.

    Miss Universe Philippines: Catriona Gray

    Miss International Philippines: Aya Abesamis

    Miss Supranational Philippines: Michelle Guimabao

    Miss Grand International Philippines:Eva Patalinjug

    Miss Intercontinental Philippines: Sandra Lemonon

    Miss Globe Philippines: Karen Gallman

    Runners-up: Rushton/Manalo/Orais

    Wildcard: Huelar

    • Aya can’t be mi she is already 26 above Nagtaas man ng age limit mi 26 below . We are not sure if sma will follow. Puteri will still send a younger candidate
      That’s why people know come march 18 judgement day. Majority will not agree

      • Oh sige, switch ko with the volleyball player. I like Michelle better, but we all know politics will be at play March 18 so I placed Aya higher. In fairness, Michelle has improved the most between her at CatAya.

      • Nevermind it looks like Michelle might be aged out of MIP too.

        So I put Patalinjug for MIP, Abesamis for Supra, and Guimabao for MGII.

    • Hi just grc, I also have your exact line up but I will assign the crown fit for the lady’s age , body frame (i dont think heavy boned lass can fit mi hello mariel)personality and camp expertise
      MUP-Catriona 24
      MIP-Eva kf 23
      SUPRA-Aya aces 26
      Intercon-Mitch aces 26
      MGI-Karen kf 26
      Globe-Sandra aces
      Sandra and Karen can interchange
      Spoiler-Ena velasco can get any crown kf
      Runner up ahtisa manalo kf
      Rumor has it Sandra ena are favorites
      As we can see the front runners are full of 26 yr old ladies but I’m putting cat on top coz I’m sure they are not blind but I’m ready for a surprise

  21. Jehza for Intercon (A&Q turf); Gallman for Globe (KF turf).

    Jehza doesn’t need much time at Empire PH (3 yrs already); Gallman doesn’t need much duck walk at Camp.

    Both ladies could use some energy drinks.

    Ena is too pageant patty. The veneers are really distracting on her, and I am all for enhancements if a girl chooses them. Perhaps MWP or MEP?

    • Hey there. The Real Jeremi here. Here are the predictions of the BAKLANG PANGET UGLY PAGEANT – PHILIPPINES!!!








      • Ay di pa pala patay Jeremimi (that is your gravatar profile) Jeremimi
        Akala ko nagpakamatay ka na sa mental hospital

  22. Karen for Intercontinental
    Ena should try Miss Earth PI, her beauty is Earthternal (lol)…
    Jehza for Miss Globe

    • Tapos back to back to back to back na naman ang peg dahil kudaera yan

  23. Naku naku shoes ko po may naulinigan na naman ako napili na raw ni SMA ang MUP at hindi raw si Catriona kundi isang inaapi ng mga fans so tama pala si Mariel De Leon after all. Naku shoeses ko po na may heels, baka tatalon ang mga veks sa Araneta sa March 18 my gosh.

      • Agree. Did she perform well in Miss International? Well that speaks everything… Itong si Mariel maka-kuda din minsan over e

      • in a recent interview kasi she said na parang di niya usually preferred ang front runner. minsan dark horses ang gusto nia. (un ang intindi ko na she wants to be surprised by underdog candidates)

  24. Is intercon the third highest title in Binibini now? I thought after the 2 major titles, it’s supra then mgi. This pageant is full of crap, pang-barangay levels ang production. I hope next year, BPCI gets rid of this uber minor pageant alongside globe. I bet it’s only here in the Philippines where we give importance to this unheard-of pageant though i won’t argue with its number of years in existence (40 plus na ata?). Nasayangan lang talaga ako sa mga ladies that we have been sending since 2014. All are worthy of a big 4 crown.

      • hihihihi. You better!!! dapat bawal mag pupullback.. dire-diretcho ang sagot kahit mali mali ang grammar… it’s the thought that counts not proper grammar hihihihi

  25. IMO Karen would be a good fit for MGI. She has the Latina vibe that Nawat might favor and she speaks really well.
    Jehza to me is still MIP material just like I mentioned in the previous post.

    I am not really a fan of Ena’s beauty so I don’t know where to put her.

    This batch is so competitive. Just the thought that 3 women are being pegged for the title mean’s the the other 2 could occupy the other crowns. That leaves you 3 crowns left.

    I think the younger contestants like Ahtisa should be given runner up position unless they totally wow us cum finals night.

    • True! Agree ako dyan and I thought Janicel Lubina being so young when she competed for MI was a huge disadvantage. Of course, others won when they were still 18 or 19, but it really is a case-to-case basis.

      • Melani was only 15 when she won Miss International. Pero naman! Napakaganda talaga ni Melani Marquez.

      • Nonoy times have changed. With age comes maturity in the twentieth century. Pageants are looking for not just beautiful women but women who can roll their sleeves and get to work the day after they are crowned. MU is right with their slogan “confidently beautiful” women.

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