450 comments on “A Three-Cornered Fight for Miss Universe Philippines 2018?

  1. Im destructed with Gray’s nose. i always remember MJackson. No butt. I personally prefer aya and michelle… worst batch in the recent years.

  2. Taena ang mga baklang butanding, nagaaway-away na naman.

  3. Aya, Michelle and Cat in top 3, and we have the final question. Who do you think will give the best answer?

  4. Stop the comparison. Cartriona should be the winner. Wag nang ipagpilitan pa.

    • Any car enthusiast would know that Catriona is the Ferrari or Mercedes on this race. She will be making it into the finish line unscathe despite all these staged comparisons. Michelle, Sandra and Karen coming close but they are Toyotas and Hondas.

      And Aya.. hmmm let me brand her Cherry QQ masking as a Kia. Cute but as the rcae hits on, I dont think she can hold up. I really dont think her engine can last. Happy to be proven wrong.

      It is Catriona’s race to finish. Love it or hate it. Well, I love it. 😜😎

      I rest my case.

  5. Pasensiya na po kung parati akong nagmamarunong dito at umaastang iskwater.

    Wala po kasing pumapansin sa akin in real life.

    Dinuduraan lang ako pag naglalakad sa kalsada, kasi kadiri daw ang kapangitan ko. 😦

  6. <4 Ako po ay baklang iskwater na pagkapangit-pangit, kaya loves na loves ko si Aya na mukhang manika ng mangkukulam. ❤

    Magkamukha po kami – parehas hanggang impiyerno ang kapangitan!!! 🙂


    • Finally, this poor excuse for a human being is being honest. Wala talagang pinagaralan based on his inconsistent, insincere comments. So disgusting… so kadire…. FEELINGERA LANG TALAGA!

      World peace!

  7. dami kudaan
    wala naman katuturan ang beau con na ito
    kundi entertainment
    walang real charity works

  8. Cat is the total package and she is the real deal. Makikita mo sa kanya yung hunger, passion, determination to win at irepresent ulit ang Pilipinas. Nung time nya sa MW, grabe ang effort nya sa Mobstar at cinareer lahat ng challenges. Naremmber ko pa may pa msg at hinge ng support pa sya sa mga bigating luvteams at lahat ng network sa pinas like abs, gma, tv5. dito pa lang, gusto nya na talagang manalo. Kay aya naman, I really don’t get the hype. Although mukhang mabait naman at maganda pro kung titimbangin mo kulang pa rin. kulang ng spice. kulang ng fire, kulang ng wow factor. naiintindihan ko naman ung pinsan nya grabe ang support sa kanya dahil blood is thicker than water kumbaga pro minsan nakakaannoy na rin ung mga hashtag pra sa kanya na #gandang filipina. eh mas pipiliin ko pa ang may pusong filipina kaysa gandang filipina nman kaso andun sa amerika or sa ibang bansa nagmomodel modelan at bumalik lang pra sumali ng bbp. hihihi. si michelle nman, okay lang, communication wise magaling. medyo kulang lang sa beauty department. kung matangkad lang sana si karen gallman, pwd din maging mu rep natin.

  9. Sana yung susunod na blog tungkol sa ibang candidates nmn, hindi lang puro Aya, Cat at Mich. Yun lang world peace 🙂



  11. Michelle is Catriona’s biggest competition here in terms of overall qualities. Aya is ok but not on the level of these two. Karen can easily knock down this Desiree Verdadero’s daughter. While the two have strong, feasible advocacies, Aya’s is to live in the legacy of her mother and their family’s GREAT beauty queen lineage. Overhyped si girl. Hype she doesn’t even deserve. Kung may ihahahype man ako maliban kay Catriona at Michelle, then I’ll go for Karen, Samantha and Wynonah. Sorry. Paid fans lang ang magdudrool to this girl. Pwe!

    • In my opinion, Aya Abesamis suit for Miss Intercontinental… Perfect for Katarina Rodrigues successor… Kung ito sa Karen magaling na sa Q&A she can easily overtake Catriona for MUP… Or send Karen to MGI. Michele Gamboa for 1st runner-up this year…training for 2019.

      I wish Eva for Miss International… Japanese will like her.

      • Aya for Globe or Intercon. Huwag lang Universe. She resembles Pataporn big time (Intercon 2014) and Nichole Manalo bago ang operasyon na ginawa sa Thailand. She could definitely win any of those without using her mother’s stronger-than-bluetooth connection. Charot! Maganda naman kasi si Aya, yun nga lang mas maraming maganda sa kanya ayon sa akin at sa mga mata ng nakararami. Maganda kaso parang thesis na kailangan ng matinding defense para maka-uno. Charot 2.0! Pwe!

  12. Maybe some of the girls are not as physically appealing as Catriona or Karen, but they do have qualities that are beyond their physical attributes.

    What do I look for when I get tired of seeing beautiful faces? I look for character, grace, personality, and a little bit of intellect on how she responds to situations. I veer away from what everybody wants because I don’t subscribe to what everybody wants. Of course, there’s the criteria (or concept) of beauty and that for me is debatable.

    I restrain myself from judging photographs or videos of the candidates because those are just mediums of expressions, and are fraudulent in the era of digital retouching.

    One of the reasons why this is such a long contest is that the girls are subjected to all kinds of activities. The Bb. Pilipinas staff observes each candidate’s attitude to every event they attend to, and they report it to the big boss herself. That’s their way of separating the chaff from the grain. Now, the judges are informed of the organization’s “chosen ones” or preferred winners, and if the judges disagree they may do so. In a way, it’s like applying for a job for a year and Bb. Pilipinas Organization is the headhunter of the said pageant.

    Yun lang, World Peace.

  13. Hindi ka aya-aya ang article na ito base sa rants at violent reactions ng mga ng comment na hindi na nakapagpigil! ….is this the article with most number or comments na? ever?

  14. Honestly, nagkainteres lang uli ako sa beauty contest nung pumasok si Venus, Shamcey, Janine, and Ara as runners up sa Miss U. I’m not a fan of Miss World or Miss Internatioanal. Tama na sa akin ang isang contest na sinusundan.

  15. Well well welll…
    Pinagtabi ko ang video nina Aya at Catriona on their Natco presentation ar ngayon ko lang napagkompara. While both have done well, may mga na-notice akong differences.
    While watching Catriona, you almost hear her say “Pansinin nyo ako, ang galing galing ko. Pansin please”. Aya had a different approach parang sinasabing “Look at me”.

    Catriona is similar to a beautiful fish vendor in a wet market shouting and screaming “isda, isda kayo dyan, bili na kayo” while Aya’s is similar to a moving display inside a highend supermarket that every customer will notice even without screaming for sales.

    In nutshell, Aya did it with so much class and sophistication while Catriona did it with loudness and exaggerated bravura.

    I also noticed that Aya’s movements including those modest hip movements are very similar to her mom when she competed at miss universe.

    That’s all! Bye

    • If that’s your take on being unbiased, please go back to school and learn how to write pursuasively.

      You are completely biased which makes what you are saying, ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT.

      What you said towards Catriona is obviously within prejudice while you hail AYAs performance as almost better than Cats.

      AYAs frame is small. The designs of the fans have no correlation to Filipino culture. The fans make her face extremely small. Her movements are predictable. We have all seen it before. The colours of her gown and fans complimented her skin tone. Thats the only thing I liked about her performance.

      Cat on the other hand had a modern twist to what is a cultural piece and it is evident in every move and gesture, intricately designed to match her outfit. She links the tinikling dance to her performance which NOT ONE of the other binibinis did. Cat is a smart woman. The details are in her performance.

      Please read a book on literature and how to respond without prejudice.

      • Mel I respect what you say but sometimes I’m forced not to whenever there are hinges of personal attacks in a reply such as yours. I don’t need to read literature nor go back to school. Open mindedness can not be learned in any school nor can be acquired through reading and that is what you lack. Dahlin you don’t expect all people love Catriona’s performance ditto with Aya’s. It all boils to personal taste and preference.

        What I have posted is just my own opinion based on my personal taste and preference and that you and I are entitled to. Believe me, I watched both performances several times and came up with that observation.

      • Jeremi your response to what I said was respectable. If you approached your opinion diplomatically, you wouldnt have to feel attacked however you instigate negativity with your observations over Catriona. Sometimes you are nice, majority of the times you are crude.

        What you lack is consistency. I don’t know if you are putting up a front to demonstrate how cooperative you are but majority of the people on this blog know how much you hate Catriona and have seen instances where you downright body shame, put her down or calll her names. That is inappropriate and uncalled for.

        I respect your opinion however in this case, your genuinity is questionable. You aren’t exactly the most credible person who comments on this site.

        It’s simple, we defend who we like, as you do and if you send off even the most smallest hint of negativity over Cat, we will retaliate. However if your opinion is justified and diplomatic, only then can we engage in a proper, human and appropriate human conversation.

      • Mel my response would always depend on who that person is. If someone uses foul and kanto language against me then I can go down too.

      • However, asking someone to read or go back to school is unethical in any setting be it in the professional world etc just because their opinion differs from yours.

      • I have had a nice discourse with people here who do not resort to personal attacks even having an unpopular opinion the likes of Ana Winter, Thomas, Fabian Reyes, 4M etc. The problem of some here is that when you express your dislike to their bets, they become agitated and unreasonable even the blogger has not been spared with this case just because an article does not favor their favorites. Their mind is so closed.

      • Ano ka ngayon Jeremi hahaha! ung mga atake mo simpleng paninira n kunwari mampupuri namers ka tlaga veks hahahahaha

    • Uncle wag ka masyado mag sasabi ng totoo aawayin ka ng mga fans ni Cat, marami pa nmn sila mga 8? LOL Pahiram ng world peace. 🙂

      • Not a fan of any but being the most objective person that I am, I can easily point out who’s who really stands out in an aquarium full of anchovies. Catriona without any scratch of doubt outshone that Aya girl (hyped I don’t know where coming from) during the Jag FS and NC presentation. Aya was the complete definition of mediocrity from her walk to her projections. Nothing special. Face to communication skills. Nothing superb. The only thing special about her is that she bears that VERDADERO name which is not even a big leap in history.

      • kasi nmn kung susuportahan ang manok, dun xa magpokos. di yung, mangungumpara n nga lang, mandadaot pa xa, d mantanggap n mas magaling ung isa hahaha, hello Jeremi! hahaha

    • I beg to differ. In my observation, Aya looked lost, stiff, and uncomfortable. Her performance was lackluster; I was expecting more from her. Her national costume seemed too much for her that she didn’t know what to do with it. She’s a professional model yet she wasn’t “selling it”.

      On the other hand, Catriona was the complete opposite. It’s ironic that you compared her to a fish vendor because she was indeed “selling it”. She embodied the character of her national costume; she gave justice to it so-to-speak. She looked effortless. Gurl did her homework; You have to give her props! She exceeded my expectations.

      Jeremi, I believe you were trying to be objective, but your observations were tainted and influenced by your adoration for one candidate over the other…Sure, you could say the same about me. However, foreigners whom I showed the videos to had the same reaction as me and the majority.

      Just my two cents.

      • Ms. Grey well as I have said it’s a matter of taste and personal preference so I respect your observation. FYI I don’t adore Aya, I know she’s not facially stunning but there is this mystery and class that she evokes and when she talks, though not the most eloquent, she charms. This is just me however. I have not seen both in person but the fact that some experta are predicting Aya to be Catriona’s biggest rival for MUP, there must be really something special about her which we can not determine just by watching clips and looking at pictures. I’m not the type of person who believes in “magic wallet and connection” as one commenter here said, until such time that it is proven beyond doubt.

  16. Ano kaya away ng away ang mga fans ni catriona at aya pero sa coronation night parehong wala sa top 6 hahahahahaha o kaya sa kalalait ng mga fans ni catriona kay aya, si Aya pala ang mananalo ng MUP. That’s karma personified ifever.

    • Friend, if Aya wins fairly. Will not say a thing about Cat’s loss. Otherwise, sasabog ang Araneta sa rant ng fans.

    • uu na Jeremi nakita na nmin ang mukha ng KARMA, ayan oh, JEREMI ang name hahahaha. Push mo pa manok mo teh, kawawa, alam n lama mong ang layo sa nangunguna… dami dak2 haha

  17. I’m extremely bored and exhausted at the same time reading the same thing over and over again.
    I wish this weekend na ang finals … para magkaalaman na.
    Catriona , I hope u do your homework . Read up on current events and review the previous editions.. para sigurado na

    • Yan ang gusto ng BBPI 2 months ang events. Para mag mukhang pagodm hagardo at tumaba ang mga kanditat pag dating ng finals. Charot! LOL World peace. 🙂

  18. FYI Lang,

    Hindi beauty pageant ang nagpaunlad ng economia ng ano mang bansa Pero hindi rin beauty pageant ang source ng kahirapan ng isang bansa!

    Dito madalas nasosopla Ang mga Pinoy sa ibang pageant forum pag na-a-associate na Yung topic sa economia! Example, marami nga kayong Corona isang katutak pa Rin slum area niyo which is Hindi naman responsibilidad ng pageant org na iaahon sa kahirapan Ang sambayanan!

    Pageant is a platform! Kung dito nakatanghod ang madla then use it to get the message across! Yung Ang silbi ng pageant nowadays!

    Ang obligasion ng mga kumpanya na pinagtatatrabahuan natin eh siguraduhin na nakakatangap tayo ng sueldo pero Hindi sila obligado na iahon ang Sino man sa kahirapan at Kung ganun Ang kalakaran, beauty pageant pa Kaya!


    Nepotismo lang ang magpapaangat dito. Totally undeserving of the hype.



  20. OT: We have been too much busy following the BbP activities, in that we skipped the Oscar-much-talked-about gown wore by the veteran actress Rita Moreno, which she first wore in the 1962 Oscar awards. That gown was designed by the late fashion czar Pitoy Moreno. Has any of you read an item that our dear Michael Cinco dressed a Hollywood star in the recent Oscars?

  21. Tito Norman…excited for your new blog (story)…please haha! ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. I honestly think these three will get crowns, but as to what crowns those are will depend on what happens on the finals night. Someone may just give a performance that is hard to ignore, ala Rachel Peters last year (who was predicted to win a crown, but most everyone predicted someone else to win the top crown).

    Michele doesn’t strike me as the type who will try again if she doesn’t get a crown this year. She has a lucrative career outside of the pageant world, unlike most of these contestants. Feeling ko one and done na yan.

    • @Visayan Demi Leigh,
      Ikaw talaga masyado na ngang hot ang usapan dito dinadagdagan mo pa hahahaha.
      But anyway, this is some kind of validation of Norman’s now infamous article “three-cornered fight”.
      Threatened lang siguro mga fans ni Catriona kaya sila ngakakaganyan.
      I like Catriona sometimes to be honest but dapat open din ang minds natin na di lang sya ang lumalaban para makamit ang MUP.

      • LOL hayaan mo na uncle. Basta tau love love love lang. World peace 🙂

    • To think part of Catriona’s team pa yang writer ng Sash Factor who helped her with her national costume and watched her live during the fashion show.

  23. Ryan, You didnt say literally that shes bad but its really your point. dont lie! Halata naman sa comment mo. Dinagdagan mo pa ng isang comment. Lokohin mo sarile mo!!! If you will base social media in personal life so what attitude you showed here reflects your real life! La kwentang tsismis yang pinagsasabe mo. D mo naman kilala personally yang mga yan. Ikaw? Sino ba bet mo? Ikaw fina follow ka ba ng bet mo? Lahat ba kayong fans nya pina follow back nya? Fans nya kayo at sinusuportahan nyo sya. so dapat finafollow back nya kayo. Ganyan ang katwiran mo so ganyan ang katwiran ko sayo. Ano sagot! Halos pareho lang yan magkaiba lang ng katayuan sila queen at tayo mga fans. Pero parehong sumusuporta. Kaya wag kang ma issue dyan!

    • Fact #1- To unfollow And ignore Megan who helped train her for Miss World says something about Catriona.
      Fact#2- I know Megan and Pia personally and we follow each other on Twitter.
      Fact#3- My bet follows me. She is very humble and listens to my suggestions unlike a former Miss World Philippines winner who is not humble like Megan. :p

      • Yeah yeah whatever. You’re full of shit.

        Has it ever occurred to you that Catriona did that as a tactical response to her haters who constantly say she is a Megan wannabe? To avoid that, she u followed Pia because she wanted to create her own identity in the pageant scene.

        She has learned her lesson and just because she doesn’t follow them, doesn’t mean they are not on good terms.

        Grow the eff up.


      • Fact # 1. How did you know she ignored Meagan? By unfollowing in her social media account? Susme! If may video ka na nag nagkasalubong ang dalawa at d pinansin ni cat si meagan. You win. But if wala ka mapapakita. Just shut up!
        Fact # 2. If you know meagan and pia personally libre ang pag share ng mga moments pics or videos nyo d2.
        Fact # 3. sino ang bet mo na pinafollow ka? Not humble like meagan? Anung basehan ng pagiging humble mo? By following you on social media accounts? Susme! Sorry! but catriona is more humble than your own definition.

  24. Some of the comments here are plain evil and malicious. They lambast Tito Norman for pushing for Aya and bash Aya like she’s done them any wrong. Puhlease.. This is NORMAN’S BLOG and Aya has all the qualifications to be a BB Pilipinas and a CONTENDER for the crowns. Please behave as human beings.

  25. sorry but Aya cannot be at par with Catriona and Michelle….this post may be mind conditioning. Any girl can even win the MUP crown just like what happened in 2013 where Ariella pulled a surprise. it really depends on pageant night.

  26. Tito Norms, your post has already been flooded with comments. Next entry, puh-leeeease!



    • Ampake mo vaklahhhhhh! Inggit ka kasi we are
      Rich and famous
      Unlike you
      Bakla na

    • Baklak, ikaw rin po ba si 4M? Yung amoy tae na may multiple personality? Hihihi. Parehas kasi kayo ng pananalita and galit sa mga filipino kahit filipino ka, hihihi. Nasiraan na ng bait.

      • Cherifer ambisyosa
        Feeling kamag anak
        Ni flat puwet
        Fake boobs
        Fake teeth

    • @ baklah I agree w you. May Isang feeling yet I’m sure walang laman ang bank account .nangbabasag pa ng trip
      Yet we cannot generalize bec of one rotten apple.many are kind people the aboriginal commenters whom I love w their quirks like bong 700, Fabian, claire,Morena,Frank jeremi, Andrew,thomas,Ana winter

      • Jackiey puki hindi patagalan ng pagcocomment dito
        What if mas matagal pa pala akog reader sa blog na ito
        Miss mo yung days kung saan ikaw lang ang kausap mo
        Sa 5 accounts mo
        San si 4M I thought friends kayo
        Impakta ka gaya ng garapata mong anak feelingera beauty queen
        Thanks sa coffee
        Hipokrita jackiey puki

      • @gloria dear I don’t know why you are reacting? Di naman ikaw tinutukoy ko.unless baklah was describing you .One rotten apple I said.and please you don’t need to lambast a minor hihi Puki? I’m proud to have on and ballsy enough not to use multiple accounts hihihi

      • So sino ang one rotten epol
        Maka rotten epol ka as if
        Ikaw di ka rotten sa ulo
        Ikaw yata yung tinutukoy ni
        Hindi ba ikaw ang mahilig
        Magyabang tungkol sa half taiwanese
        Pake namen sa garapata face anak mo
        Kumag ka
        I regret the day
        nagkita tayo
        Disappointed ako
        Sa flat nose
        Flat face
        Impakta pukelya

      • @gloria kung talagang Gloria pangalan mo.im clear kung ano man ako.i have dual citizenship fr my mudra. But as you can see I can write fluent tagalog. I grew up abroad but I’m not ashamed to speak tagalog. Since dinadamay mo anak ko she can speak tagalog even she have a foreign dad.pagyayabang ba pagsabi ng totoo? And I’m not flatnose like you. Hihi why so affected Glo? We can chat more if di ka na hiding inside yourself yun totoong ikaw hi hi i enjoy your foul words.pag sali ng anak ko you are welcome sa catering for supporters. People like you enjoy supporting halfsies anyway muah muah i will even give you doggie bags and relief goods since halata you are fr the other side of the fence .messageme if isa na Lang account mo. Ta ta

    • @Baklah,
      I cringe when I read stuff like that
      a bit rude and uncalled for
      I almost wanna apologize on behalf
      of some of us (but that is not my place to say)

      in any case, I come here to re-connect to
      my old country and to get a break politics

      what I’ve noticed is that there had been
      improvements (yay!!!) economically and otherwise
      (it’s still not perfect, but what country is) and I am always
      happy to re-discover things like the beaches,
      the beaches, the beaches, the architecture
      and the arts.

      I applaud you for staying there and staying proud!
      and there is a lot to be proud of.


  29. Catriona Gray or Michelle Gumabao for Miss Universe Philippines Crown. I think Aya is more suited for a lesser title or a runner up placement. I think Winona Buot, Eva Pantalinjug and Ena Velasco has a better chance for me in getting the Miss Universe Philippines crown from the two frontrunners.

    • My sentiments exactly. KF ladies are silent killers. They are being trained until wee hours and lahat tinutukan

    • Yes, dahlin!

      Parang kapangitan levels ko lang.

      ❤ Kaya nga like na like ko si Aya! ❤

      Boba rin siya, kagaya kong engot na bakla!!!

    • wag ganun beh…maganda din naman c aya…at may K naman manalo. Peo kay Catriona talaga ang UNIVERSE. lol

    • You’re so mean!!! I’m not a fan of her but I find her beautiful. If she’s not your type and you’ve nothing reasonable to say about her, please keep your mouth shut you evil lowlife!

  30. ah, I think it’s to soon to have, in effect, a top 3
    I would have preferred a top 10 first
    this set of candidates have some very
    worthy ones… definitely more than 3

  31. Ka Chika ko yun kakilala kong designer ang banat ng hitad uncle already handpicked his girl. Parang may humatak sa anit ko!!!!

    • Hi! We can argue but let us be decent enough not to use another’s identity.

    • catriona fan, o sige ask yourself kung pwede maghandpick ang uncle? O wala siyang say. Basta ako alam ko na mananalo ang aparador at piloto bago pa coronation last yr dahil kay hitad

  32. Wala pang bagong post?
    Kahapon pa to…

    Excited lang po ako. 😊

  33. I am Catriona Gray all the way, it is pretty clear how ready and determined this lady is! She Isherwood is my one and only choice for MUP, no explanations needed here. Kahit bukas pa ang Miss U, ready na siya…. what more if she gets months of training till Miss U. I remember what the great Pitoy Moreno once said when he tried to explain why we were not a pageant powerhouse in the 90’s… we have the right girls but the girls don’t have the determination and drive to win. Kailangan talaga palaban ka Tull the end, and that is Cat, she risked a lot to get her and she has her eye on the prize, and that is our MUP!! 😉

    In regards to Michelle, yes she is very pretty and she has improved a lot! And with her charming personality, she is a great second option for MUP. If Cat was not around, she would be my #1 bet this year. But her beauty is more made up and Cat still has the edge even without much makeup on. Not to mention, Cat is an excellent spokesperson/model for an organization like IMG. Michelle still needs a lot of improving in this area. Still, I would not be disappointed if she wins kasi I’m sure maaagapan naman siya ng A&Q….

    Oh Aya, Aya, Aya …. what should we do with her? I do feel she has a lot of weight on her shoulders since she has to prove a lot as well due to her background. But remember Regina Hahn?? I think she might be a serious case of Regina Hahn 2.0. I actually liked Regina in 2009 and I was dumbfounded she ended as 2nd runner up only. But I think Regina had a better package back in the days…. beauty of face and body, with excellent communication skills. Aya on the other hand is good body, average looks and subpar communication skills.

    With that said, I think there should really only be a two way fight for MUP…and that is Cattiona and Michelle. Cat will have to perform very poorly on finals night for her to loose the MUP crown, which we all know won’t happen because we all know and believe she has what it takes, and will do whatever it takes! 😉. And I rest my case your honor! 😌

    • Is she like the best contrabida during mid 90’s-early 00’s???? I love Gladys Reyes! But I think Gladys is prettier….just my two cents 🤗🤗🤣

      • Why are you on this blog Ver? I thought “you there in the US have better things to do with your time”, and “only us the third world countries obssess over beauty pageants”? Hiyang-hiya na sana kami sa self-righteousness mo but then why are you still here like the rest of us? “Lol”

      • Gloria….because I can. Unlike you guys, I don’t act foolishly on any of my post/comments. There is a fine line between being a fan and being so “obsessed” and you guys brought it to a whole new level with all your obscene comments. And yes here in the Us, we don’t follow our own pageantries. I’m a fan and I will not deny that.

      • Spoken by someone who literally just made a fool of herself/himself by claiming “we don’t obssess over pageants here in the US, we have better things to do with our time”, yet lurks in this blog.

        Still, I don’t want to dwell on negativity and just let you have whatever floats your boat. In the spirit of world peace, all third world pageant fans, let’s all give Ver a hug!

      • Visiting this blog does not make me an obssessed fanatic….I didn’t deny that Im a fan. I will admit that i do watch Miss Universe when I can or I have the chance to do so. So I have no idea what’s you’re problem…..wait because I said third world and that here in the US we generally don’t follow pageantry??? I’m simply stating the obvious.

        Gloria thank you for the hugs!!!!! I’m returning the favor!!!!

  34. manood na lang kayo movie ni Pia
    kasi yan ang dream nya maging Rebond girl.

    si Maxine din umekstra yata sa isang movie
    si Ara , nasa show pa ba ni willie yun

    puro ganyan ang kahihinatnan ng mga queens
    na sinasamba nyo

    buti pa si Janine naghubad na sa USA

    wala naman mga nagcharity ekek sa mga yan..
    wala talaga katuturan itong mga beaucon

    pang aliw lang
    pang circus

    so enjoy the show

    • or they end up jumping off a building, or buried in a drum full of cement.

      • WHO Jumped and who got buried????

        Like I said from my previous post, beauty queens here in the uS are not treated as celebrities…..even the Miss America which is a scholastic/charity base pageant, the eventual winner don’t receive an automatic celebrity status… why is this a case here in the US???? Simply because we have better things to do with our time and we aren’t obsessed with pageants….. I think only the third world countries like the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, and other Latin America countries obssessed over these pageants lol 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  35. Guys this argument is pointless
    Let’s wait until the coronation night . You never know how things will play out
    What if Cat had a Pia 2014 moment…. on top of the rumor that someone else had SMA’s attention?
    Now if Cat delivers and still does not get MUP , Saka Tayo magwala.

      • Including my dear 4m who allegedly has a multi personality disorder hihihi

      • And if bitterness and negativity could kill, marami nang multiple personalities ang namatay sa inggit at takot at natepok dto.

  36. Honestly, I feel sorry for Aya now. She is going to end up bashfest ala Maxine when all is said and done.

    If Aya beats Cat, she will be bashed mercilessly by the fans locally and internationally. Lutong luto according to the Pinoys and the rest of the world will think what happened in the Philippines to let Cat get away.

    If Aya loses to Cat, well then the bashers will say that’s what she was destined for so why was she hyped up to begin with?

    I’d much rather be an underdog than in her shoes. Al the hype can be too much sometimes.

    • Did Aya get nervous during her recent interview during the national costume prelims??? She can’t even express self fluently during that segment and it wasn’t a Q&A portion! Imagine if it was a real Q&A, what then??? I thought she was born in the US and fluent in English???? Just asking???? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Why do you care so much Ver? I thought you and your dear Americans who are so high above us third world people have better things to do with your time than obssess over beauty pageants? Why are you still here? “Lol”

      • I don’t know about her background and honestly I don’t care LOL. All I know is she is not as committed to bringing home a national, much less international crown and that’s what I am basing my questioning of her placement in this trio over. Say what the detractors have to say about Cat, her commitment to winning can never be doubted.

        I have to be careful not to become a hater, as I’m sure she’s a lovely gal with a bright future.

        I just don’t want her taking the place of a potential Miss Universe. That’s all World Peace.

  37. ola mga sizteroo!. I’m very vocal about my support for Cat as MUP because of her compelling and superbly convincing display in all pre pageant activities. At this point of competition,it is impossible to topple catriona from her meritorious front runner status.

    As for Aya. I really feel bad about people people throwing shade in her direction in reference to her pedigree. While it easily paved her way to the public awareness , it also proved to be a double edged sword that certainly backfired at some point. i’ve read a lot of comments of potential play of politics. I’ll leave that to be seen on the finals night whether or not confirms the speculations .

    but beyond that, i am pleasantly surprised that Aya also did exceptionally well and rose to the occasion despite starting her training late . It maight be her desire to prove everyone wrong and that she will also be worthy of an ancient bbp crown. And because of that, she gained supporters as well. in fact, she brought her own flavor to the mix like i noticed she appears more subdued and composed in the runway as supposed to catrionas fierce demeanor on stage.

    In reference to the past 3 MU queens, a pattern seems to emerge. the new age MUO was observed to appreciate gorgeously ferocious ladies brilliantly coated in sweet honey personality yet heavily topped with multidimensional smarts. The latter is where the difference was gravely highlighted as night and day. While Q and A is catriona and michelle’s playground, it is Aya’s still unchartered course.

    Now this ultimately boils down to which lady is more completely packaged to meet the checklist of MUO. No rocket science required, it is clear at this point in the competition, Catriona already fortifed her stamp on that title while loosely followed by Michelle.

    As for Aya, she needs to step up even further in the communication department because there are other equally stunning ladies too who are gifted with gab who could pull the rag under her feet come finals night.


    • Wag maxadong magpanic ke Aya…Marami nang inilagay sa harapan in the past hindi naman nanalo. Wag magpadala sa guni-guni ateng, Kakaganyan nyo, bka nga manlo si Aya? Kayo naghahype eh sa kanya. Just support Cat without pulling down Aya.

  39. Si Catriona katulad ni Pia ay nagtataglay ng kagandahang hindi mo kailangani-defend. Si Aya nangangailangan pa ng blog na ganito para lang maging front runner. yunna!

  40. ang pinaglalabanan na lang ngayong taon na ito ay kung sino ang magiging Bb.Pilipinas International. Kasi walang kalaban si Catriona sa MUP crown. Magbo-boo ako at hindi aalis ng Araneta kapag hindi napunta kay Catriona ang MUP crown. Isang malaking kagaguhan pag hindi napunta sa kanya ang korona. At kawawa lang ang magiging MUP title holder kung di si Cat. Kasi makakarinig siya ng napakalakas na Boo hindi lang sa kin for sure.

    • start to practice on how you will SCREAM YOUR BOOO! and i dare you to take a video of yours and post it on this blog. Anyway, not Aya nor Cat will win MUP.

      • maybe Stephanie Joy @silentkiller lol! CATRIONA is meant for the UNIVERSE. haha #mema

  41. With all due respect Tio Norm, AYA IS NOT IN THE SAME LEVEL
    AS CAT. NO EVEN ON THE SAME LEVEL AS MICHELLE. Aya’s beauty is a tough sell to pageant world. She’s more for fashion editorials with heavy make up and styling . Please tbh without her pedigree we won’t even be talking about her that much

  42. I believe that first impression lasts. Catriona is indeed irresistable. Her stunning beauty, commanding height and wit will always gravitate attention and you just cant ignore her. Even when she will be in a crowd of beautiful women, her confidence and wit will make her a standout. She is for me one in a million, a complete meal should i say. She has advocacy, she sings so well, has experience in beauty pageant and she has the passion in everything she does. You can notice that she was not really pushed to join Binibini, but she wanted this. Her aura is just like someone who is hungry for success.
    She joined this pageant, not to win any any of the minor crowns nor Binibining Pilipinas International but rather to get the MUP. Hope the universe will conspire come pageant night and she will be the last woman standing.. Hope no politics will get in the way and favor less deserving candidate.
    Way to go Cat!!!! God knows how much you wanted this.

  43. I applaud Catriona for giving all she got…she is not depending on her popularity, legion of fans, and her meaty resume for her to win…You can see that she takes the competition seriously. She’s always prepared. Very consistent sya. Pakisabihan nga si Cat na hindi pa Miss Universe ang nilalabanan nya. Ayaw paawat !!! Bongga sya tlga. Maganda at matalino na palaban pa. Yung iba kc palaban lang period.

  44. Catriona doesn’t follow Pia and Megan on IG. She prefers to follow the Colombians Ariadna and Paulina Vega. Hmmm!

    • And so does madam! So beshie sila, diba? 😙🤩 so childish lang ng follow, follow na yan. So what kung follow niya sila? Does that make her a bad person? Kids, grow up! IG does not reflect real life! ☺️

      • Did I say she’s a bad person for not following them? I just find it odd that she prefers to follow the Colombians instead of the Philippine Queens who gave honour to our country. You know what’s more odd? Megan regularly likes Catriona’s pics and vocally supports her Binibini bid only to be ignored. What a humble queen Megan is, no? No wonder she became Miss World. 😉

      • Mygosh, ano konek ng googled quote mo sa conversation naten? Lol. Natawa tuloy ako. Parang you are indirectly accusing her of something she is not. Malay mo they talk sa viber daily? Di obligation niya to follow everyone you think na she should follow. Isa ka ba sa detractors niya? Hilig niyo kasi gumawa ng issue kahit ano lang basta masiraan. I mean, etong mga issue are getting more and more and more ridiculous everyday. If you believe everything you see sa social media, need na ng reality check. Again, IG does not reflect real life. ☺️

    • If she is ignoring Megan now who actively supports her then what more if she gets crowned Bb Universe? I can only imagine. O_o

      • You don’t know Megan and Catriona personally so wala kang right to make assumptions and baseless accusations kung sa IG ka lang humahanap ng issue. Have you met them in person? Alam mo ba ang relationship nila sa private? What you see on their social media accounts is only a fraction of what they are in real life. Period. Done talking to you. 😘

      • Yun naman pala eh bakit panay ang accusations nyo sa mga Verdadero na ginagamit ang pera, name at connection nila. Double standard to the max

      • uror Jeremi pampam di naman kasali hahaha! oh ayan napansin na ang post mo, happy? hahahaha Di mo lang kayang tanggapin na mahirap tibagin c Catriona! mamatey ka sa inggit veks hahaha

      • Jorami, you are comparing salt and sugar. Doesn’t work that way. Social media ang pinaguusapan dito bakit bigla naisingit yung nakikita ng mga tao sa personal. Bobo lang? Pera? Di ba alam naman na rich sila? Name? Verdadero Mahadero. Connection? Diba past “winner” nga? Tanga lang? Ano konek aside sa pinaguusapan naten online yung mga nakita at nexperience ng mga source sa personal. Double na ba ang screw na maluwang mo sa brainz? K? K.😂

      • CatrionaFan 2.0, please use another name to avoid confusion with mine. Used it first so I think it is fair enough if you will be the one changing your name. Thanks.

      • Ryan! You didnt say literally that shes bad but its really your point. dont lie! Halata naman sa comment mo. Dinagdagan mo pa ng isang comment. Lokohin mo sarile mo!!! If you will base social media in personal life so what attitude you showed here reflects your real life! La kwentang tsismis yang pinagsasabe mo. D mo naman kilala personally yang mga yan. Ikaw? Sino ba bet mo? Ikaw fina follow ka ba ng bet mo? Lahat ba kayong fans nya pina follow back nya? Fans nya kayo at sinusuportahan nyo sya. so dapat finafollow back nya kayo. Ganyan ang katwiran mo so ganyan ang katwiran ko sayo. Ano sagot! Halos pareho lang yan magkaiba lang ng katayuan sila queen at tayo mga fans. Pero parehong sumusuporta. Kaya wag kang ma issue dyan!

  45. I said this 2mos ago!

    MUP: Abesamis or Gumabao
    MIP: Gray

    MU: Top 10
    MI: Winner

  46. Aya is not on my top list, barely hanging in my too 15 as well… Michelle is in and out on my top 10… Cat def is owning the top plum… screeching the top plum for me is sandra, vickie, edgelyn, eva and karen far behind is jehza ahtisa sigrid kayesha… wynonah got lost in my list, she looks old on her pictures…

  47. Wow good morning veks!!! Natulog lang ako ang daming na ng active at kudahan! hihihihihih

    Need to catch up over hot coffee….hihiihih

    • Magtrabaho kang batugang veklita ka! Hahahaha! Ang sad ng buhay mo, lagi babad ka lang dito and “katupal” kain, tulog, epal. Get a life! No need for your “catch up” get a hint dahil waley rumerespeto sa opinion mo. Hilig mo umepal sa mga tao dito. Ano diagnosis sa maluwang na tornilyo sa utak mo? Advice lang, isulat mo sa yellow paper pad yung mga comment mo dito instead , then roll it to a small piece 1cm veks, wet it with oil, next lie down on your left side, lift your one leg, breathe, and insert the rolled paper inside your anus. K? K.

      • hihihihihi… wow veks relax… What did I expect from someone who’s alias is MickeyMouse….hihihihi
        veks uso pa pala ang yellow paper???? hihihihihi

      • hihihihi… wow batugang veklita relax… What did I expect from someone whose alias is gloriamoranebak, and many many many more pa, diba? what a disturbed, disgusting, despicable, demonic creature you are so dapat 4D name mo dahil my username might be “mouse” but I am not a daga like you, a daga na so dirty and so baho….hihihii
        veks, eeew, why am I even replying to a peasant like you??? hihihihi Now, talk to the hand! ✋🏼😉

        That’s all.

      • 4M claims she/he/it is smart but failed to write her one sentence correctly… 4M.. it should be ‘do’ not ‘did’ , should be whose not who’s . Damn and you call people tiny brain .. geezzz how small is yours? Or the bigger question is – do you have one? You will definitely have a hard time to convince people here that you do. ❤️❤️

  48. Yung mga Catriona fans, ayaw ng criticisms kahit constructive. Magtayo kayo ng sarili ninyong pageant. Ang hunch ko, Bb International si Catriona or Grand or Miss Globe. Pero hindi siya Miss Universe Phil. Maganda siya pero walang fierce appeal.

    • @ Kris Velasco, Si Iris ba may fierce apeal na sinasabi mo? LOL. Tapos na fierce fierce era.

  49. Sorry Tito Norman ha, pero parang kay Aya lang talaga ang feature na ito. Siguro nag iisip ng topic para ma i feature si Aya. At nadamay pa talaga sila Michelle at Cat.

    Sya pa talaga ang nasa harap para ipagpilitan ang frontrunner status. Kung ganda, projection at comm skills lang din naman ay lamang pa sa kanya ang katabi nya na si Kayesha Chua.

    Suggestion lang po. Baka sakali na meron sya photoshoot sa ibang designer, tulad ng Aya in Renee Salud, Aya in M5, etc, yun na lang po uli.

  50. juiceko
    as if nakakatulong naman sa pag unlad ng bansa
    ang mga babaeng ito

    3 MU
    6 MI
    1 MW
    1000 ME back to back to back to back to back na lutong macao

    MAHIRAP pa rin ang Pilipinas
    MAHIRAP pa rin ang Venezuela
    Mahirap pa rin ang Colombia

    Mayaman pa rin ang USA at ang may ari ng MU

    • Hahahaha you are so right!!!! And the gays are still gays and are still such haters!!! Lol 🤔🤔🤔🤔. I’m so glad that you mentioned the US….here in the United States we don’t even care about the pageant world, beauty queens are just normal people and they aren’t part of any showbiz. If they do become a celebrity they have to start from the bottom and having that crown does not give them the free ride to stardom.


    • Hahahaha you are so right!!!! And the gays are still gays and are still such haters!!! Lol 🤔🤔🤔🤔. I’m so glad that you mentioned the US….here in the United States we don’t even care about the pageant world, beauty queens are just normal people and they aren’t part of any showbiz. If they do become a celebrity they have to start from the bottom and having that crown does not give them the free ride to stardom.

      So stop obsessing over these candidates 🤣🤣🤣

    • Dude you are a confident gay ass hater who thinks that by putting someone down they will lose. You are what they call, ignorant.

      Confidently, ignorant you sure are, with no purpose.


    • Habang palapit ng palapit ang kompetisyon lalong desperado at kabadong kabado ang beking itey😂😂😂 alam naman kasi nya na walang binatbat manok nya kumpara sa binabash nya 😂😂😂

      • you’re asking me where gloria is? Ano ako lost and found? hihihihihhi
        Why don’t you call 911 and report gloria being missing? hihihihihi

      • Gloria aka GMW is busy with work. She’s the main attraction of a traveling circus along with Mahal and Mura. The circus owner has plans to go international so all are very busy with preparations for their acts. 4M is Gloria’s alter ego.

  51. Ganito lang yun mga Tita. Sino sa mga Binibini ngayon na kung itatabi mo sa mga nagga gandahang dilag sa MU stage, kaninong ganda ang nanglalamon? Yung gandang kahit ibang lahi ma appreciate siya?

    Bakit pa kasi pinagpipilitan yung communication skills na idedevelop pa eh meron ng prepared. Choosing Maxine 2.0025638494 is very risky. Di lahat mkaka appreciate sa ganda niya, kulang sa height, tsaka kakabahan ka pag nagsalita na. Ewen ke neleng se enye.

    • I totally agree with you kapatid. Kaya nag tataka ako what/s the hype over Michelle? I don’t hate her though I think she’s a nice person pero hnd level up ang ganda nya. Kaylanagn ng Pilipinas ng tulad nina Pia, Natale Glebova or Amelia Vega or Diana Mendoza, yung mga ganung GANDA. Dapat every year ng lelevel up ang pinapa dala ntn. Yun lang. Pero goodluck padin to all of them. Pahiram ng world peace.

      • @ dimi ligh nil pitir, OO bes, ganung GANDA. Yung gandang mapapa WOW ka talaga. Walang bad angles. Ganun ako kaganda bes. Cherererereetttttttttttttt.

    • gandang nanlalamon? ang basehan?! ariadna’s beauty is on top even her performance kabogera pero wala din.

      • @ bryan Girl, according to Perez Hilton, Ariadna lost due to her personality on stage. You know how Cat peforms on stage. Napaka humble, bubbly ng dating. Totally opposite to Ariadna.

    • Bakit kc pinagpipilitan Maxine 2.0 si Aya eh ang layo naman ng hitsura nila. Although both are Oriental looking Maxine is beautiful while Aya is contrabida ang looks niya. Max has laughing eyes and soft features while Aya matapang hitsura niya. Hindi kaayaaya mukha niya.

  52. Catriona? Yes! But michelle? Tapos itatabi sa mga gandang Latina like Colombia Venezuela Brazil Puerto Rico? Hmmmmm for sure matatabunan lng sya. Gandang studyante lang ganda nya. Miss university pwede pa pero MU? Puhlease. Aya is ok. But I would rather go for
    Vicky Marie and
    Mas pang international beauty nila.

  53. Clearly there are mystery hands and wallet that is trying to catapult Aya to the top buy we arent blind. Yes she has promise but compared to the other ladies, she is not even in my top 5 this year.

    I have nothing against Aya but come the Finals Night, I hope the mystery hands and wallet wont succeed in crowing someone who is not deserving of it. More than anything else, she should know that she is not ready for it. This country takes pageant seriously and she will have the same fate as Maxine. Call it a warning but it will be. People will bash her and again neuro psychology tells us you cant work out neuroplasticity in 12 months. She is just not ready for the job and I literally cringe when I hear her speak. Again reminding me of Maxine, very pretty but flat persona.

    Not to discredit her efforts but I feel Aya should not be on this list. I challenge the blogger that if his reasoning is based on merits- what did Aya do to make it to this listing? Again I respect Norman as Ive been following his blog for the last 3 years but I am gobsmacked knowing Aya made the list. Really?

    We all have biases and I am happy of people just say that. Rather than hiding biases to the pretense of merits.

    This will be my last comment on this and I am happy to engage in healthy debate. I stand by my view- she should not be on this list. It is an anomaly that the mystery hands and wallet are trying to make a reality! #TheDeathOfPhilippinePageantry

    • wagas ang pagkafanatic. may mystery hands and wallet pa at #TheDeathOfPhilippinePageantry. tandaan mo hindi lang yung candidate na ayaw mo ang hinuhusgahan mo. pati yung pagkatao ng mga uupong hurado. mahiya naman tayo kung dito pa lang sa national level or BBP ganyan na ang mentalidad nation what more sa international level. anong pag-uugali yan.

      paano kung sa finals night lahat ng judges ay pare-pareho ang hinahanap sa winner. At nagkataon hindi yun ang gusto mo at ang sinasabing front runner at viewers choice. dinaya na agad? nagkabayaran na agad? mahiya naman tayo. hindi basta basta ang mga umuupong judges sa BBP. magpakagaling ka para makuha kang judge at malaman mo ang sistema.

      • Please, we all no that in binibini, politics play a major hand. He majority if Filipinos want to see the crown back in the country. Most of the time, the people that we send, prior to Venus, were not upto the calibre that MUO expects. Hence, even the judging panel of BBP got it wrong.

        Yeah it is all in the judges hands, however as the audience, we too know what the ideal MUP should look like.

        Don’t discredit other people’s opinions, what we have as viewers is integrity, the judges, are probably in it for the money.

      • Speaking of the judges girl. They may be “di basta basta” but they are not into pageantry. Meaning di sila follower ng pageants. Di nila alam kung ano ang hinahanap ng bawat international pageants. Kaya di mo rin masisi ang iba dito na mg react talaga kasi mas alam nila or na analyze na nila kung ano ang hinahanap ng specific pageant na yun kesa sa mga judges.

      • Strong view is different from fanaticism. Fanatics are like you who diverts from the argument to prove a fallacy which is an insult to an intellectual discourse. Im challenging because if you tell me is Aya is better than Sandra, Wyn, Ena or even Vickie. Common who are we kidding? Again, build your case on Aya instead of attacking or labelling the person who is proving the point.

        So what’s your case?

      • Hence, don’t you know what business processes are?
        It’s like pageantry, they have a criteria which the judges will then filter according to what BPP is looking for each year.
        If the said, best and beautiful girl should win, they should win! Time and time again do we see girls that are sent to these pageants who we feel are more deserving of another pageant mission, however every year, politics are always at play and it mainly SMAs decision in the end.

        We as the audience are always left with u answered questions because big businesses like BPCI don’t have to justify anything to us, because we eat that shit up.

        The judges may not be pageant enthusiasts however they are always steered into the direction that SMA wants. No one ever argues with the matriarch of BPCI.

      • Locky, walk akong binanggit na pangalan ni Aya o ninumang candidate in response to your post. So I don’t have to build my case on Aya or any other candidates. To be honest in my other comment on this post I am into Michele to win MUP2018.

        Tingin ko nga ikaw tong naglalabel sa camp ni Aya na they are using their resources and contacts for her to win, with your mystery hands and wallet statement. So better focus na ang sa bet mo on why she should win rather than writing false accusation to other candidates and to their supporters.

      • baklangtaon, judges may not be pageant enthusiast but it does not mean they do not know how to appreciate beauty. I believe everyone does. Just like what you say, di alam ng mga local judges an hinahanap sa international pageant. what make you think na yung inaakala mo hinahanap ng international pageant ay yun nga ang hinahanap nila? When nothing is constant in this world but change.

    • Ang lakas ng loob ng iba dito o sadyang mga ilusyonada lang. Akala mo kung sinong mga expert.

      • This blog attracts people of all backgrounds sharing the same passion in Phil pageantry. Unlike you, there are people follwoing this blog that are professionals and have been raised well

        . I wont go down to your level of argument but Im willing to engage in an intellectual and objective discourse if you will be capable of reasoning beyond the usual and uplift the level of exchanges. Fallacy ad hominem does not help you with your point.

      • It’s what Jeremy is used to. Fallacy, complaining and unappreciative remarks.

      • Sorry Locky I wont go down to your level either, neither will I involve with a discourse with you because I know for sure that whatever reasoning you have, it l boils down to one thing; you want and see Catriona to win MUP if not, you believe, politics played. Don’t you. So please don’t come on here as if you are the brightest person and the only one who speaks the truth here.

        We all have opinions and no one can tell which is the right or wrong until such time that it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

        If you are really that well-raised, you didn’t find time to attack me personally in the first place. Did I ever mentioned your name. Now, you are such a stupid little uglu creature.

      • *Did I ever mention your name?

        Speaking of profession? Where have you been working? It does not show in your comment at all! Maybe you think it is but it’s not. Sorry

      • And if you really is a professional as you claim, you never make such derogatory remarks such as “mystery hand and wallet” and you seem to attack personally those who are not fans of Catriona. Your mind is as closed as an ancient cave.

      • Jeremi you replied in my thread. I am being respectful for responding. I have no plans to dignify any of your comments – the fact is you don’t know how to use ‘either’ and ‘neither’, your sequential adjectives are misplaced and you are ignorance personified – so I rest my case.

      • And oh Locky, you mentioned about fallacy.
        Your statement about magic hand and wallet is the best example of it because you are accusing the Verdaderos without any proof therefore any discourse between you and me will never be sound. Now that you are being slapped, you attack me with my grammar. Idiot!

      • Again Jeremy I choose my battles and you are not a worthy opponent. You don’t even understand what a fallacy is, do you? Geez no wonder you have a twisted logic.

        I am not accusing parties you are specifying but rather providing observations to series of events leading to this feature – there is a difference. And going through the thread, I am not alone in that view.

        Sorry, I promised my parents not to engage with low life forms but when I responded to you, I just did. I am an ‘idiot’ for responding to you, am I?

        You don’t deserve to be acknowledged, my bad.

      • Alam mo Jeremi, matagal ka ng anti-Cat. I have been following you dati pa. You can be reasonable judging from your comments. As to Cat, however, lagi kang nega. Wala siyang ginawang tama.

      • Oh Locky your bad really and you are so un-locky in life thus the spelling of your name and those pent-up desperations you just poured them unto me.
        Lol yeah right you are not throwing accusations by mentioning “magic hands and wallet”. Who do you fool? Yourself I guess and talking about lowlife creature, that is you of course and your parents have taught you to accused the opponents of your bet of anything just to feed your little brain.
        You are not what you think you are un-Lucky.

    • I agree with you Locky, I really don’t see the reason why Aya is getting so much hype… now we know what social media can do.

      I can’t say I’m not biased, that would be a complete lie even for everyone here but the only girl that could make me look forward to an exciting Miss Universe 2018 is Catriona, the exact same feeling when Pia finally won Bb Pilipinas Universe, even with her body, I didn’t doubt that such commanding presence will not be ignored. This year, we finally have that again with Catriona…oh Philippines be more aggressive for once.

      I know Sandra Lemonon will bring her A game come coronation night, this girl is oozing with sex appeal and there’s Karen Gallman who by the way people- isn’t Fil-Aussie, she’s Fil-German who just happened to grow up here in Brissy. If she brings her bubbly personality on stage just like in 2012 coupled with a perfect Q&A, she could very well steal the crown from Catriona.

      These are my top 3, the 4th girl should be a far 4th….

  54. Well, usually naman may pa-teaser na ganito si Tito Norms. Pero most of the time, sa pool ng predictions nya, he gets MUP / MIP right, siguro with slight deviations to the actual winners, isa or dalawa (or more) sa kanila ang umuuwing crownless, at tapos may dark horse/s na umaarangakda come finals night. Meron at merong magpapasikat sa March 18 in ways that we would never imagine. It’s just one night. Hit or miss. Wala nang second chance.

    I remember he did a similar post last 2016, where he guessed either Maxine, Nicole C. and Paula B. or Kylie would get MUP, on 2017, Rachel, Maine and Mariel. Eventually, most of these girls got crowned. I don’t know about you guys, but as an avid reader of this blog, I am urging you to do the math. These might be the girls, who are already lined up for the top 3 crowns whether you like it or not. Sure crowns na yan. May alterations man, siguro nasa 33% lang.

    To be honest I love Cat so much, still my MUP. Aya is pretty too, and so is Michele. Aya performed well over the past weeks, and Norman’s right in saying that if she wins one of the crowns, and people would associate it with her mom being a previous titleholder, it’s absolutely a disservice and disrespect to her efforts. Yung mga malakas makapagbash sa kanya, or di sya makitaan ng ganda, malamang siguro, todo denial sa kanyang progress, or di pa sya talaga nakita in person. Tbh.

    So, I’m guessing Sandra, Karen, Vicky, Edjelyn, Kayesha, or some underrated girl., would go further than most of us expect. If the 37 other ladies would attempt to snatch one of these girls’ spots, they better make sure that they’re stepping up their game. Well, hindi yun 37, siguro mga less than 10 lang bukod sa taltong to ang crown-worthy. Going back, among the “corners”, there’s maybe one or two of these girls that would actually make it.

    Let’s be honest, It’s not a three-cornered fight. They might be the top 3, but not all binibinis are created equal. Obviously.

    • Matanong lang, ano yung efforts at “hardwork” na ginawa niya bukod sa bigla-bigla sumali sa pageant? Anong worthy cause ang ginawa niya bukod sa pansariling ambisyon? You’re talking like buong buhay niya binigay para sa bansa at sa crown. Lahat naman ng binibini girls nagbibigay ng effort at time. Pantay-pantay lang yan, ang pinagkaiba lang is anak siya ng may connection sa bbp. You don’t say na may “progress” if every now and then may makikita kang ugly side either sa physical na aspeto or sa pagkatao. Kung meron man nagkaroon ng transformation at growth, yun ay si Michelle. From being a volleyball player na nene sa pageants to almost level na ni Cat. To be honest, inabangan ko talaga yan simula ng nafeature siya ni tito Norman dito, pero pagdating ng application at lumabas na ang background at reasons ng pagsali, wala, wala talaga. Wag na tayo maglokohan. Walang may gusto sakaniya aside sa family niya at paid supporters. Masakit, harsh but that is the truth. The truth will always come out kahit itago pa yan. Kahit gusto pa namen maging objective at level-headed, kakapagod din kung kayo, kayo na nang-uuto sa madla, stirring the pot, ay walang tigil sa kakahype at panloloko. Hindi tanga at bobo ang mga pageant fans na akala niyo sunod-sunuran sa kung sino ang gusto niyo. Obviously.

    • @arawgabi, di po directed mostly sayo ang comment ko. some parts lang so take it as you will. I agree with some of your statement, dun lang sa “efforts” choochoo medyo tagilid. Thanks 😀

      • Hihihi no prob. All I’m saying is, to be fair, we don’t see everything behind the camera. To say Aya or any other candidate for that matter, doesn’t pound the pavement is just simply unfair on their part, knowing that at some point they put time and effort in these types of endeavors. I don’t know her personally, and so do you. I’m not making a case for her, or somewhat defending her as a candidate, but as a human being, there can be exceptions. Magkakaalaman na lang sa 18. Peace. 🙂

  55. I wish to reiterate that these three gorgeous ladies are top calibers on their own, but they remain unperturbed (based on the summation of their performances in the recently held BbP activities) in their current positions:

    *Catriona Gray – Miss Universe Philippines
    *Michele Gumabao – Binibining Pilipinas–Globe
    *Aya Abesamis – Binibining Pilipinas–Supranational

    I still believe in Catriona’s capability and winnability at clinching MUP. She doesn’t rest on her laurels and works her ways so hard, so she’d bring home the most prestigious BbP crown.

    That’s all!

  56. basta i have a feeling na kung sino man ang makoronahan as MUP ay mahihirapan masungkit ang korona sa MU ,sobrang maaga pa para masundan panalo natin kay Pia, the new MU org kasi is more on being fair sa bawat continents , so alam na eithe USA or Latin countries ang mananalo this year,may pattern talaga kaya siguro humiwalay si Catriona sa AQ dahil alam ng taga AQ na masasayang lang si CAT this year pero hindi nakinig si Cat at sumali talaga kaya nakapagdesisyon na independent na lang siya.

    • yes feel ko truelaloo ito mum. Feel ko yan din reason bakit sya humiwalay sa A&Q. Sisihin si HB at TL charoz

      • Hoy baklang pangit gumamit ka ng ibang name ha?!
        Norman please delete this comment

      • I never use street gay language such as this.
        So yucky and kanto. Sorry

      • oo nga nang utos..so kapal ng mukha..feeling close sya kay Tito Norms 😀

      • At so kapal ng face naman nito na mag isip na nag iisa lang syang Jeremi sa mundo. Na kapag may Jeremi na iba..iniisip na nya ginaya name nya…the nerve!

      • and ..huh “Street gay language”? taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo ha? Isa ka lang namang hampaslupa! Feelingara ka ding bakla ka.

      • O sya Jeremi the second rate trying hard copycat kayo na lang ni angela reyes ang mag usap kayo ang magkalevel mga baklang kanto eeewww

      • Talagang mataas ang tingin ko sa sarili dahil kala mo lahat ng commenter dito gaya mo na baklang kanto na mahilig sa street gay language na yan.
        Eeeeww yuck

      • Lakas ng loob makasabi ng pangit daw ako hahahaha…..kilala kita Jeremi..at ubod ka ng panget…bakla na panget pa! Feelingera!

      • Kilala daw hahhahha…
        Maybe we crossed each other’s path on the streets of Berlin or along the seaside roads of the French Riviera but I doubt.
        I said kayo na lang ni Angela Reyes ang mag usap para magmurahan kayo ng street gay language. Sya ang kalevel mo hihihihi
        Que horror! Ugh

      • Sabihin lang na nakarating na sya sa Germany at France! 😀 Tumigil ka at baka lamunin ka ng buhay ng Black Forest o kaya ng Jura Mountains! May pa French French Riviera ka pang nalalaman. Dali at bumaba ka na dyan mula sa tuktok ng Caraballo! Ilusyunada! Char! 😀

    • Cat held out as independent because she does need all the intra and inter camp drama.

      She doesn’t need to be coached, guided, transformed, or duckwalked.

      She’s got the goods and she knows it. That’s what running independent means.

      • @4M Parang loyalty lang ni Cat kay Tito Nad. He’s definitely not in the same scene as the rest of the camp. Cat doesn’t need pasarela or personality development or even Basics 101 like some of the other girls, including a very raw “corner girl”.

    • okay lang naman e. kung di manalo sa MU. at least runner up. im fine maski 1RU.. kasi nga di ba.. kesa top 10 lang? LOL

      A runner up finish is always and waaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay better than a top 10/15 finish. 🙂 or worse, di pumasok kasi pinagpipilitan ang ibang candidate. CHAROT!

  57. Im just borrowing this from someone (nycla2) on Misso Forum. Mejo lengthy pero unawain san natin yung point. I know some people here wala na talagang pag asa and wala nang makakapagbago ng isip nila kasi hardcore bashing talaga, pero to those na may sense pa pakibasa to

    “Okay so most of us want Catriona to win MUP and some want Aya to win MUP but below the belt na po ang pang ba bash kay Aya and her family. I want Cat to win MUP but daming haka haka and false assumptions about Aya’s family meddling with BPCI to make her win MUP. Sources say Aya and her family read some of the comments here and they might sue the bashers for libel and cyber bullying. Kawawa na po si Aya im sure shes a nice girl and she has dreams din like Cat and other girls but if she gets crowned maybe she will get globe or intercontinental .stop being paranoid guys . Stella will listen to fans this time and if Cat will do well on march 18 she is destined to win MUP. Wag po natin e bash si Aya and her family baka ma karma po tayo. Aya is not bad at all, but we want Cat to win MUP and lets just wish them all the best. Di ko bet si Jehza and Ena but i never made below the belt comments about them, maybe sa veneers lang and contacts but grabe na po ang pang ba bash kay aya naaawa na ako. Just sayin.wag masyado praning mga beks haha.”

    • “Sue the bashers for libel and cyber bullying”? SERIOUSLY? Hahahahaha.

      > Darling, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      ALL the girls are being bashed and cyber-bullied. And yet we do not hear the parents of Eva Patalinhug caterwauling and threatening to sue.

      > What constitutes bashing? Is being called hawig ni pokwang bashing? Probably. But it is bashing Pokwang. Lol.

      > An Indonesian or Colombian saying that the daughter is ugly and the family is using connection, will they be sued also or only Filipinos? How about Filipinos living abroad, should they start quaking in fear now?

      > Aya is a nice girl and has dreams like the rest. In fact Sandra Lemonon has a dream, Vickie, Karen and all the rest. Do not use this card to get a pa-awa effect.

      What pisses the readers and observers is NOT Aya per se. But the people around falsely packaging her as the next best thing to sliced-bread.

      On any given pageant, she might be worthy. But just not this year.

      World Peace.

      • the libel thingy is not really what i want to point out tho

        Yes all girls are being bashed and cyber-bullied. But in the first place is bashing a right thing to do? What im saying is i-tone down lang sana natin. Im not specifically defending Aya, pero sya kasi yung pinkaheavily bashed saka sya din yung ginamit nung original writer ng comment na yan as main subject. Really all i want to say is tone it down a little bit for everybody

        “Darling, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” Pero those in control of the kitchen should not raise the heat too high to the point of burning the food being cooked.

  58. major upset

    kahit manalo sila
    zero crown na naman sa international

    focus sa ME para back to back

  59. Mga baklang pangits whether we like it or not, Aya Abesamis will slay the competition come finals, I can sense that she has all the guns ready and that A&Q is currently doing its best to prepare her. I like her demeanor now and by the look of it, she is prepared.

    Michelle Gumabao is also up and running. I like her and the fact that she is breath of fresh air amongst the pageant patties which includes Catriona.

    Catriona is also up there but she appears too eager beaver for me to the point of trying too hard to be genuine. That was her downfall at Miss World. She does not need to exert all those “fake” efforts and just be herself.

    Miss World and Miss Universe are both looking for strong, confident but a natural woman not someone who pretends and projects a different image than who they really are just to be crowned. It will always become apparent no matter how they hard they try.

    • you are correct! Michelle is a breath of fresh air…and Yaya is a breath of air freshener! 🙂

  60. Ang tatalino ng mga bekis! Sila na lang ipadala sa mga contest abroad. hihihi!

      • Hello po Jeremimay! Kunusta po kayo? Kumusta naman po ang pasahod sa inyo ng amo nyo? Pagbutihin nyo po ang pagmimimay kasi mahirap ang buhay ngayon hihihi lalo nat babad kayo dito sa blog ni Tito Norman. Hihihi! Peace po! World peace po! Labyu!

      • Wala akong amo…at lalong walang nagpapasahod sa akin…baka gusto mo magtrabaho sa akin…you can send ur cv..malay natin…wag ka lang mamimili ng klase ng work ha…pero bago yun, Define WORLD PEACE! Char! Lab u too!

  61. Ok lang if Cat will not win MUP this year but please don’t give her the other crowns, top 15 o runner up lang para pwede pa ulit sumali.

    • I don’t think Cat will ever join again after this one. It’s really Universe or nothing this time for her

    • Sophie, don’t settle for less when you know she’s the best. All out war na to, sis. Less than two weeks na lang, papakabog ka ba sa propaganda at agenda ng mga detractors? 😉

  62. I really don/t think we have a choice as far as MUP 2018 is concerned, guyth. As shared before, other countries want the Gray Cat. And they are perhaps gearing up their BEST possible reps in anticipation of a GRAND showdown to determine DLNP’s successor.

    You know what I want? I want WME/IMG-MUO to UPGRADE the glamour quotient of the MU title! Sherri Hill is a nobody in the global couture scene. And do you really envision the Gray Cat wet and wild in Yamamay and teetering on Chinese Laundry? Why not Ghesquiere for VUITTON? Why not La Perla Intimates? And Loboutin? I cannot see why a modelling agency that represented Giselle Bundchen would not go that extra mile.

  63. Huwag kayong masyadong magmaganda dahil pag nainis si LOLA SMA wala syang ipadadala sa Miss Universe this year. She can very well afford not to send a candidate.

  64. I LIKE Michele much more than Aya…UNMADE-UP, Michele looks ordinary while AYA is showing her TRUE ” beauty “. I like Michele’s height which is 5’9 ( gusto ni SMA ng matatangkad for the CROWNs ) and i also like her candidness, her speaking ability. I just get distracted by her mouth which shows in her candid photos. MIXED din ako kasi sigurado ako sa INTERNATIONAL pageant, sisirain ng iba ang image ni Michele…so may negative points talaga dito. PERSONALLY SA AKIN WALA NAMANG PROBLEMA KUNG ANAK SYA NI DENNIS ROLDAN AT MAY HINDI MAGANDANG NANGYARI SA BUHAY NILA! IT’S A CASE OF A DAUGHTER RISING UP TO THE CHALLENGES AND CRUELTIES OF THIS WORLD.
    As for AYA…INDAY! Bakit ngaun ka lang sumali at age 26? Unang press release pa 5’9 sya un pala 5’7 1/2. Neway, a runner-up finish for u will suffice.
    Michele for GLOBE.

    • dark horse? c vice ba eto? charotism! haha. wala pang March 18 teh, xado kang advance. Major upset? pag maling rep ang napadala sa MU. gets? haha

      • Hihihi Vice Ganda! Sana Vice Ganda na lang host or hostess for March 18 para masaya. Hihihi Vice Ganda and Pia Ganda! Gondoh. World Peace po. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  65. This is another mind-conditioning post. To just focus on these three “front-runners”
    There are by far, more deserving candidates than these three. Not that I am saying that they are not. But hey, try to write about the other more deserving and more beautiful girls.

    • wag paapekto!!! hihihihihi
      Just like some who are conditioning you that the MUP crown is only deserved by one candidate…hihihihi

  66. It looks like the fact that Aya is being pushed to everyone’s throat, I really feel that this is mind conditioning. I totally dont get the hype on her. She doesnt really stand out in any facets – facial beauty, articulation, personal advocacy, body form etc. I am sensing some politics on this and it looks like Aya is being pushed so that there are no surprises in the end if she gets the top plum. While there are trolls working for her, I really hope that SMA would not discount the voice of the legit and pasisonate Filipino pageant community. I am happy with Cat or Michelle but ultimately I wish to see Cat in the MU stage.

    I dont dislike Aya but I really dont think the hype is warranted. Whilst I understand that her Mum has been well respected for her support of BPCI, it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth if she wins the top plum knowing there are well deserving ladies. I am happy to be proven wrong but Filipino pageant fans are unforgiving. If BPCI makes a bad move, then that is the death of competitive pageantry. Let’s just apoint candidates based on pedigree!

  67. Hopefully, some other former queens behave the same way as Chiqui Brosas-Hahn behaved when Regina joined back in 2009. Eto yung year na dapat si Regina ay pasok sa top 3 but eventually settled for 2nd-runner up and can’t rejoin again since she’s 26 already. Wala tayong narinig prior to the pageant kay Chiqui unlike today na todo pangalandakan kay “Ninong” at “Ninang” at kasunod pa yung post nung pinsan nya na may hashtag pang #FilipinaBeauty eh mukha namang Chinese/Vietnamese. Okay na ko sa TheMissGlobe siya like what happened to Nichole.



    • Beshie Instagram isn’t a thing yet back in 2009. Maybe nagmumukha lang na very vocal to the point of super parinig na kasi nga ngayon meron silang medium to express their support and nagkataon lang na ikinompare mo to dun sa time na wala pang masyadong avenues para magpakita ng support

  68. Ka disma-ya talaga ang pagpilit isali as top contender ang babaitang ito..while mama Jay has proven to us that she can transform plain Janes he has seen potential into winnable and salable candidates, (Mama Jay has reached that stage where fielding entries has gone beyond lofty aspirations and now works this stuff as a business model) the hype and all is becoming too much for comfort.. Naalala k o tuloy si Angelo Reyes.. Ung about sa dinner with Bianca and the Mom.. Tanong, bakit me Mom na always involved sa ganitong mga eksena.

  69. Well I’ve read all of these comments during MW contest. Catriona has MW written all over her face, Catriona is sure winner since day one blah blah. It’s actually funny that those ones are the same people who rallied behind her. Moreover, the same people who rallied behind Mariel De Leon last year stating that she was the only one who deserved the MUP crown. The rest is history ikanga.

      • how sure you know what happened? Are you one f the organizer? judges? or even in the actual pageant? #moveon #learntoacceptdefeat #behumble

    • I did not see Mariel last last year as a front runner!! It was Rachel for me!!! I did not see her as BB Pilipinas Universe. Good thing we did not after watching her performance and just the way she was at Miss International. It would have been the first year we wont be making it on Top 16.

    • Catriona Fan,
      This kind of mentality who already crowned Catriona as Miss World even before the competition begun should be wiped out on earth because that is where the disappointment begins and when Filipinos are disappointed, they do blame games; politics, dinaya, pangit ang suot, kasalanan ng cameraman, ng stage, ng lighting etc etc.

      • Jeremi MW 2016 happened in 2016 .
        It is exhausting to Keep bringing this up over and over again .
        Please stop !

      • Fabie dahlin it’s because the same thing is happening again and some are even pre-empting already the reasons of Catriona’s loss ifever being politics, anak ng former queen etc etc. eh hindi pa nga sigurado kung si Aya ang MUP neither Catriona. Parang nagiging non-sense and unreasonable na ang mga baklang pangit. I never know na ganito pala talaga ang mentalidad ng pinoy kaya ang pinas, my god parang ewan.

      • hihihi World Peace mga bekis! huwag away-away. Magmahalan. Love Love Love… Huwag init ulo at dadami ang puting buhok at wrinkles! Hihihi

      • Jeremi is credible when he talks about the “mentality” of crowning before competition and how that leads to blame gaming when reality doesn’t meet expectations. After all, he expected Rachel to advance in Miss Universe, then blamed Pia for Rachel’s inability to reach the final’s round. Jeremi knows what he’s talking about, as he’s a prime example of this kind of “mentality.” He speaks from personal experience.

      • FYI baklang pangit…
        I never said that Rachel Peters will surely win Miss Universe neither did I say that to all my bets. I can be an avid fan of someone but I keep my mind open for any possibilities in every competition. Sorry Im not like you.

  70. At one glance:
    Catriona – effortlessly beautiful.
    Aya – you effort to look if she’s beautiful.

  71. To include that woman as even worthy to be a “corner” in what is claimed to be a “three-cornered fight” is an insult to the truly deserving, to pageant fans, and to the readers of the blog. One can not help but wonder what the personal agenda, politics or motivation of some people in order to continue harping what is obviously a ridiculous claim.

    There are no three corners. There might be two corners.

    But definitely there is a Corner, worthy of a Crown, and that girl is Catriona.

    World Peace.

  72. Parang na feel ko while reading this. Kulang na lang may mag voice over “But wait there’s more” kaparehas ng shopping channel!! Parang binibenta ang ideya manalo ang aya.
    Kahit libre di ko bibilhin yan ideya!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@

  73. I want to comment but I don’t think I should as I haven’t seen them in person. So I’d rather shut up. Lol!

  74. Nakaka-aliw magbasa ng comments diito Kuya Norman. Natatawa ako sa mga comments ng bawat isa sa kanila. Napakasigla nila makipagbalik-taktakan.

  75. I been a consistent reader of your blog for the longest I can remember but I just don’t get the Aya hype. i would always agree with your picks but I don’t I will agree with your you inclusion of Aya, I would say there are more beautiful ladies to be considered on the MUP crown. More eloquent beautiful. For me she is just not the complete package. I would agree on Michelle and Cat. And between the two i would pick Cat. It would be a waste if we dont send Michelle to Miss Universe. Maybe next year!!!





    KAREN JUANITA GALLMAN (face,catwalk,advocacy)
    SANDRA LEMONON (walk,story,sex appeal)
    VICKIE RUSHTON (face,story,advocy)

    • @baklah pak na pak ang comment mo agree w gallman kahit maliit mgi ko. That face and communication skills.kakalimutan ko pagiging bonsai hater ko
      No to sandra maliit din maganda pero palaging nakangiwi ginagaya mrs ni troy montero. cringe worthy that ngiwi look.kung close mo sabihan mo.
      Vicki maganda vansot at may energy gap bigyan ng lipovitan.

  77. I am not belittle your favorites. But they are in competiton where my basis came from. We have seen them in motion in their recent activities and we have watched and heard how they talked. Remember yung mananalo dyan ilalaban sa ibang bansa to get and win the crown. So ano dapat ang ipadala mo? Syempre ung ka level ng current winners ng pageant na sasalihan natin or much better mas lamang pa sa current winners. Sa mga title na sasalihan natin marami dyan upgrade sa current winners natin even sa current winners ng international pageant na sasalihan natin. But in MU there is only one among them who is very very close and more upgrade than the current winner.

  78. It looks like the fact that Aya is being pushed to everyone’s throat, I really feel that this is mind conditioning. I totally dont get the hype on her. She doesnt really stand out in any facets – facial beauty, articulation, personal advocacy, body form etc. I am sensing some politics on this and it looks like Aya is being pushed so that there are no surprises in the end if she gets the top plum. While there are trolls working for her, I really hope that SMA would not discount the voice of the legit and pasisonate Filipino pageant community. I am happy with Cat or Michelle but ultimately I wish to see Cat in the MU stage.

    I dont dislike Aya but I really dont think the hype is warranted. Whilst I understand that her Mum has been well respected for her support of BPCI, it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth if she wins the top plum knowing there are well deserving ladies. I am happy to be proven wrong but Filipino pageant fans are unforgiving. If BPCI makes a bad move, then that is the death of competitive pageantry. Let’s just apoint candidates based on pedigree!

  79. MUP is just for Catriona to lose. let’s admit it, Catriona is the total package. alam natin ang hinahanap ng MUO. a girl who can walk the talk. a girl who can speak her mind and may advocacy. may pinaglalalaban. between the 3 binibinis, Catriona is a MU and MW prototype. from winner to top 6 to top 10 finish? pababa ng pababa! We need someone experienced, determined and well spoken girl to bring us up again sa top 5 finish – that’s Catriona.

    Sending Cat to a minor pageant is just a total waste of opportunity to clinch the MU crown again. I’d rather take a risk of sending her to MU than sending her to a minor pageant.

    Though Michelle is… pwede na.. facially, for me, I’m not sure if she can stand out. I don’t know iba lang talaga ang presence, aura ni Cat. she really did her assignment. She’s doing her best to prove her bashers wrong and she’s doing a good job.

    Aya – she’s barely there for me. her face is exotically gorgeous. problem is the way she delivers her answers sa interview – hindi talaga umaabot saken, kulang sa depth. parang isang tanong isang sagot.

    As I have commented sa dating post ni Tito Norms,

    PIa, Iris and Demi are super super super well spoken and super gorgeous ladies. Their face alone screams Miss Universe. I don’t think we should send somebody na hindi aabot sa standard na yun.

    • tinalo mo pa ang major major with super super super and more super!!!! hihihihihi


      • madam para naman maemphasize na di pwedeng just just (JUST JUST TALAGA?) girl lang ang ipapadala natin. the 3 MU Queens ay top caliber. kailangan pantayan ang ganda at husay nila. di pwedeng mag downgrade.

  80. I know there are many days pa for preparation but choosing the almost total package girl is a great decision. D masyado sakit sa ulo and konti lang ang i wo work for more and better improvements or transformation. Marami nga magaganda pero iba iba ang level ng chances compare dun sa level nung isa. Ganito lang yan eh. Choosing the upgrade girl as representative for MU who have more clearer of chances to win our 4th miss universe crown/top 3 placement means you are aiming for the MU crown or at least top 3 placement. But choosing the downgrade girl from the current winners MUP especially in MU means you are not aiming for the crown or at least top 3 placement.

  81. Fabian, bong700, claire, superman .. is this article a mind conditioning one??? I’m fearing to get trampled by the angry crowd if hindi kaaya aya mangyari

    • Will make history..baka first time na mag-boo ang crowd if hindi ka-aya aya ang manalo dahil pinilit lang

      • @Elena I’m not minding an upset win of a deserving lady but aya being pit up w the legit frontrunners? Is this a prelude of the result? Para handa loob natin? I’m also brave enough to say there is really autosharing.
        Daming magaling at maganda fr kf who are miles ahead than aya.

      • prepare this arena to blow it’s roof off tlaga ang magiging peg pag ganun! hahaha

    • Lamoyan, Ninang! Last year, Ilan ang article ni Mariel at Ang comment box umaabot ng higit San daan!

    • Sayang si Catriona if di sya ang MUP kasi she’s almost perfect…pero ok lang din ako if Michele or even Aya will win. Ang nakikita kong malaking lamang lang ni Cat talaga eh lakas ng dating. As in kanya ang Kia last saturday. Michele is exciting – at ang wit, iba ang flavor. Aya naman for me is super pretty. Di ko gets bat daming ayaw sa kanya. Ang sweet ng face, at ang kinis ng balat. Laking-aircon? Hahah

      Sa totoo lang, sa dami ng mga magaganda talaga this year, kelangan natin maging ready sa magiging result.

    • Jackiey 12, I really don’t think so . As you can see , the commenters have a mind of their own and have declared they will not be swayed by Norman’s opinion of the candidates hihihi

  82. Michelle Gumabao is the rightful title holder for MGO with ena velasco as mg alternate. I can almost see michelle sweeping all the interviews with her story and flushing everyone with her Q and A even much better than clenci. Michelles adaptability is trully remarkable. To think, she’s not even at the acme of her form! This girl will sweep off her competition in thailand!

    Catriona has miss universe spelled over her face. I already have her locked, sealed and delivered on this title. She got the neighbors scrambling back to the drawing board and realigned the qualities of their reps to upgrade and come close in competing with her. She’s becoming the standard barometer of everyone else both locally and internationally. Like michelle, she too is not in her fittest fighting form so we can only imagine how she can still go from excellent to even better. ) but she needs to distance herself from the spotlight for a bit after she wins. Everyone in the world will be watching her transformation closely. It will be a huge surprise even to non believers how she could transform into her best version ever. Who’s excited?!:)

    Aya, after watching her interview in CNN, left me scratching my head. She was in my frontrunner list with her outward performance but i feel nervous about her in the Q and A. She still is someone to watch out for but i might be assigning her in my list in a crown that doesnt do surprise interviews.

  83. Gigil ako .sabi nga ni Fabian beauty contest po Hindi graceful and dance contest 😂 aya is not par w cat and mitch

  84. At one glance:
    Catriona – effortlessly beautiful.
    Aya – you effort to look if she’s beautiful.

  85. Catriona strutting w the 3 inches heels next to the bragais girl already showed who is the best among the 3. Partida pa favourite ko si Mitch. I’m using my brain w this judgement
    I don’t know why aya is even included
    Kf wynona eva p kayesha are far better than aya

    • @Ryan.. wynonah is not the typical beauty but she have certain magnetic appeal that you will just want to watch all day. Wag lang niya ulitin magpusod sa ss. Jennifer Hammond will be delighted to be compared w her
      Kayesha is miss bicolandia also hindi magpapatalo ng basta basta. Catriona was even a judge when Kayesha won. Kayesha is a dark horse
      Eva- one of the most beautiful face of this batch almost doll like.i watched her talk in a presscon magaling and the best skin among 40.
      Thats why im surprised how aya can be aligned w cat and Mitch.These 3 I mentioned are miles ahead of Aya. Even anjame is way better than aya

    • Why was Catriona wearing those shoes instead of the bragais btw? just curious 🙂

  86. Crush ko talaga si Catriona. Maganda din si Gumabao.

    Pero ang Abesamis, kamukha ng kotrabida kong EX. Sa mukha pa lang, maldita na maldita na ang dating.

    Only Catriona my labs for Universe!!!!! ❤

    • Kay Abesamis ko nakikita si Cristy Fermin. Bakit ililinya sya sa dalawa sa taas? Ano meron? Nasaan ang pageant readiness na nakikita sa kanya ng iba? Hindi naman siguro ang definition ng Readiness ay galing lang sa pagkendeng kendeng…

      • Excuse me impostor!
        My account has my photo on it and I like Aya
        Kaya huwag magpanggap.
        You will never ever be me! Ambisyosang baklang pangit ka.

  87. Magdagdag na lang ng isa pang title gusto at ipagpipilitan talaga na bigyan ng crown… Binibining Pilipinas-PILITA CORALES! or Binibining Pilipinas-CONNECTIONS!! AMPOTAH!!! ganito na ba talaga? PH I L I P P I N ES ang sash, she should be the BEST representative amongst all for this year. Hindi naman sinabi, THE MOST INFLUENTIAL SHOULD WIN! Sorry nakaka-asar na ha. Di naman kagandahan. NAPAKADAMI sa 39 girls na mas maganda sa kanya ng milya-milya. Ano, kung cya mananalo everytime dapat may kasama cya para i-i-nterpret sa iba ang sinasabing “ganda” nya? Refer na lang sa Ophtha or every Neuro-psych! Di ko talaga maintindihan ang hype. Cat and Michele deserve the hype. Silang 2 lang sa article nato

    • ..*kung gusto at talagang ipagpipilitan…
      …*refer to Ophtha or even Neuropsych…

    • Let us not kid ourselves… Proficiency in Q&A takes YEARS to develop… BBPUniverse has less than a year to prepare. I don’t want to put any candidate down… but I agree with those who question why Aya is even in this group. I’d put many other girls ahead of her to snatch the coveted crown. Like you, I don’t understand the hype. If we want to win our 4th MU, we need to send the unequivocally strongest representative… and for me, Cat fits the bill to a T…

  88. Catriona is the clear winner with Aya potentially spoiling. Nothing against Aya, but she is totally overrated. I just don’t get her and neither will the rest of the world. So she’s a model, but so are millions of other 20 somethings. No one cares about PMAP schamp outside of the Philippines. Let’s be honest, the only reason she’s getting her hype is because of her mom and become of her camp.

    As for Cat, she has demonstrated herself to be a national titleholder and frontrunner in the Big Leagues internationally. Yeah yeah she was 2nd runner up, rehearsed, blah blah blah. Overall, she is completely a total package.

    If Cat were to lose the Philippines only has itself to blame when we clap at MUO.

    • I might add Miss USA 1989 and Miss Universe 2nd runner up’s daughter was a contestant this year at USA. Like Aya, she was given so many “passes” on traits that contenders must have (body, walk, personality). Many were willing to forgive her weaknesses because of her Mom.

      Anyway, the daughter didn’t make the cut at USA and on Mother’s Day no less. Other mothers were featured and the former wasn’t.

      Dedma to IMG all the pageant figures of the past. They want a woman who can forge a brand. Beautiful, well-spoken, sophisticated, focused, accomplished, polished, and ready for the job. Cat.

    • Aya just looks good on still photos with right angle and projection. Otherwise, not MU material.

  89. No to Aya….she’s suited for Supra or Intercontinental……michelle and even Sandra is more worthy for Bb MU crown….but truly this crown is really for Cat. Tall, beautiful, compose, articulate, bubbly, and guess what she had proven her self already by making the country proud at Ms World two years ago….. What else can you ask for???

    • not to mention… i think she’s the only girl who can withstand the crazy pressure from Filipinos. CAT NA TALAGA TOH ❤️

      • Just hand the crown to her…..well who ever is deserving but really no to PAtalinjug (seems good for local contest only) and definitely no to Aya for Bb Miss Universe…her beauty is not striking nor possess that wow factor. Please don’t hype her up!!!! Minor crowns or at least give her the First Runner up sash!!!

  90. What’s wrong with some minority here?? Klarong klaro na si Cat na ung makapagbigay ng continuous top 5 placement natin. Why over analyze SMA’s decision? Why can’t we focus what MU is actually looking for? which is someone who can actually talk and have that good look? D nyo ba nakikita ang daming nathreaten kay Cat? Ano sa tingin nyo bakit cya sinunod sunod ng kapit bahay natin or Latino sites.. With our past MU reps… we can’t risk to send a downgrade of Maxine 2.0 .
    We know how MU is.. d cla madamot sa pagbigay ng titulo to a certain country when they see she is what they are looking for. Alam natin kung anong kulang nina Maxine at Rachel!! Cat has everything tbh. Bonus pa nga ung advocacy niya. I totally can imagine her own that stage and play with the camera that will follow her while she struts and give a good damn interview, or anything related to communication department. She’s got the looks too as she resembles lots of iconic figures before. Ba’t nyo i.over analyze ung lahat na chances if anjan na hinahanap natin? OVER THINKING lang?

    We actually need a rep who has that strong will to fight and grab the microphone when needed. During group interviews, I don’t see Aya channeling a demi leigh or even our very own Rachel peters. I get a similar maxine vibe. I know she’s got a potential but communicating is something really important to the org! Max even has an upper hand in comparison to ur Ayamazing in lots of factors. May tindig si Max and alot more. How can u (the minority) be so blind with the background Aya has?? Pucha mawawala top placement natin nyan!

    As for Michelle, I think she’s fine but IMHO… her looks doesn’t scream MU no matter how she will be transformed. Yan lang. I know she has the other goods and strong drive to fight but if u let her stand aside with sea of best beauties from their own respective countries, she’ll fade. Sorry. Pia was even bashed of how she looked. I do believe Michelle has good potentials but she’s good for a different title 🙂

    • Right on PageantLuv, I guess some here doesn’t want another Miss Universe crown…

      • ikr kakainis kasi.. ba’t ung kulang pipiliin eh meron namang kumpleto na hinahanap natin.

    • Wag nyo na pansinin yang Nawat na yan! Matagal na tayo pinaglalaruan! I even think we sent one of the best MGI Phils to him last year which was Clenci. MGI doesn’t even have a good solid advocacy. Puro paganda ganda lang. Im sorry for being harsh but we can’t waste a candidate who we longed to join BBP long ago to a MGI pageant owner namely Nawat. D ko malilimutan kung paano nya tayo tinapakan indirectly about ME natin. That damn video with him and Ariska inside the car. walang kaclass!



  91. I really don’t understand why this undeserving woman is being rammed down our throats when since Day 1 up to now (6:23 am, Tuesday), she obviously can not hold a candle to those truly deserving to get the highest crown.

    One, she is not beautiful. I repeat, she is not beautiful. Second, she can not even communicate well. Her swimsuit photo was mediocre and her national costume was anything but national.

    On why she is being peddled desperately to be a top notch candidate by the blogger, when easily 90% of the readers see otherwise is beyond me.

    World Peace.

    • HMmmm I agreed 100%…..pls don’t include her just because her mother was a former Bb Pilipinas Universe….did I mention too much information??? She will be good for runner ups!!!!

    • I concur… I really like Norman. But this Aya campaign is turning me off BIG TIME. For me, his credibility is a now tad diminished… 😦

  92. Kung gayun, then Cat for MUP2018, Aya for Bb Supra and Michelle for Bb MGI! … ❤ ❤ ❤

  93. I think that SMA will be very “strategic” in placing these girls this year.

    Winning Miss Universe 3 years after is not going to happen. IMG is focusing on improving the brand globally and not just within big pageant countries. Crowning a Filipina doesn’t increase their global brand and audience.

    Miss International will not be won either. Too soon unless we send someone the Japs just couldn’t resist (hello Jehza start polishing that Q&A skills)

    Miss Grand International- we haven’t won a crown and this should be SMA’s target this year.

    Miss Intercontinental- We should have had 2 crowns already. We’re getting close and this could be the year.

    Miss Globe- another close finish but another top 5 for Philippines just to keep the interest.

    Miss Supranational- just cracked the semis the past 3 years; We can send one that could bring us back in the top 5 again.

    • Colombia almost won MU 4x in a row . 3 yrs of those are with IMG!!!
      Let’s justify pa more , 4m
      Tse hihihi

    • May Q & A ba sa Miss International sa Japan? Kaya nga doon ipinadala si Melani Marquez.

  94. The BIGGEST question is…. why did Karen and SMA’s favorite Ena fall out of the MUP crown contention just only a week after our dear blogger started assigning them to different crowns???? hihihihihihi

  95. IMHO & factoring in the major factors and great chances of winning the MU2018 crown, Cat should be given the MUP title because as how Sir Norman put it, she is definitely the “total package”. Yes she is NOT flawless, but of all the candidates, she is the one I can see who is all set & ready to compete internationally, judging from all her performances so far in the BBP activities. She has her advocacy to back her up and that alone is her “story” that doesn’t need much explanation – what she’s been doing to always support her charitable projects is unquestionable. She is beautiful, brainy, very down to earth. She effortlessly owns the stage every time she walks the runway and you cannot help but be mesmerized by her stage presence.

    I love Aya and Michele and I must agree together with Cat, these 3 will fight it out for the top plum. If I were to rank these 3 – it will be Cat, Aya & Michele in that order. I would love to see Michele get the MGI title (she reminds me of Nicole C for her spontaneity and wit and Aya, either the Supranational or Miss Intercontinental title – she can be a chameleon and I trust A & Q can transform her even better when she wins)

    I’m positive these 3 will emerge winners on March 18, but, Catriona, for me, should be MUP 2018.
    She is the one IMG needs if they want an effective spokesperson to promote the Miss Universe brand.

    The best of luck not only to these 3 but to all the rest of the candidates as well. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Veks don’t make it sound like that IMG needs Catriona hihihihi… There are so many other beautiful women in the universe that might even be better than Catriona…

      How about focusing first on getting that MUP crown before you get too carried away with talking about whether IMG needs Catriona or not…hihihihih Cherettttttttt

      • Hard to accept that Catriona is hard to beat veks??? Catriona perfoms SUPERB veks, hard to accept veks right?

      • All I am saying is don’t count your chicks before they are hatched. Let Catriona win the MUP crown first then start putting IMG into the discussion.

        This is the same mentality that crowned Catriona as the Miss World before she even competed. hihihihihi

      • Gaga lng bakla? E di ba nga kinoconsider natin qualities ng mga candidates natin kung san nababagay na international pageant? So kung ganun dapat isa alang alang ang gusto ng org prior to crowning.

      • lol 4M 😂 Why not send the most prepared candidate we have with all factors in her that fits MU mold when in fact there will always be better candidates? Ur basis in ur chosen girls are too calculated based on SMA’s strategic decisions. U forget that we are supposed to send the right girl for MU. Ba’t piliin ung kulang kapag may kumpleto?

      • sabi ko sayo 4M ei hahaha! ng aano ka ei haha sabi ko sayo ei!!! ianngat mo na lang yang manok mo veks! wag ng dautin c Catriona , mahiya nmn yang balat mo veks napaka mo hahaha… malay mo db, yung manok mo manalo hahaha!

  96. The decision falls on the hands of the selected committee SMA chooses. We can only wish, root, applaud all the candidates we like.

  97. But Kuya Norms,… I lament the fact that we are just enamored by AYA being just a Verdadero… If not with that affinity by birth, — she is just one of the fillers!!! —Her “wrong grammar” in one of her TV interviews summarize the high-risk scenario of her flunkibg the Q&A come pageant night.. Kung sa TV Interview palang, dinadaga na sya… How much more sa Worldwide telecast ng Ms. U kung sya man ma- annoint!!! — Damn!. her sash is PHILIPPINES! –NOT VERDADERO!! — A BINIBINI ROYALTY BY VIRTUE of birth doesn’t give one an easy pass to Ms. Universe!!! —NOT WITH CATRIONA AROUND WHO TRAIPSED A MORE COLORED PAGEANT JOURNEY, HAVE BETTER ADVOCACY, MORE REGAL,MODELISQUE AND HAVE MORE COMMUNICATION SAVVY THAN the Verdadero girl… No way!!

    • I fully agree with your post. Norman is pushing Aya to be our MU bet. If that happens she’ll surely be a clapper. So what if she’s the daughter of Desiree who simply lucked out during her time. Gloria Diaz correctly said that luck plays a vital role in winning. In my opinion it has to do with the quality of the competition and the judges preferences (prelim & coronation nights). I’ve seen Desiree in person. She’s pretty but too ethnic looking for me. And Aya? She’s attractive at best, and pretty with the right make-up. But beautiful? Hell, no!!!!There were two ladies that represented the country in the nineties that were truly beautiful in face and figure….Nina Ricci Alagao and Abbygail Arenas. Sadly both ended up clappers. Compare Desiree and Aya with either Nina or Abby in terms of beauty. They both pale in comparison. Bottom line is Aya will surely break the country’s MU placements started by Venus.

      • I think you are confused. Diseree competed in the 80’s —1984 to be specific. And Nina Ricci was really in the ‘00s.

        Anyway, I, myself, do not get the hype on Aya. My husband, who is Caucasian, does not find her attractive whatsoever…and he has been a fan of our Queens for years. I am worried, though, that Aya will get the top plum because of her connections. I think that as long as she performs “okay” and answers the question decently then Stella will give her the MUP title.

        I don’t mind Michelle winning MUP, but I don’t see her as Miss Universe material either. Catriona is the only one that I can see who has the “it”.

        Just my two cents.

      • Ouchhhhh……your said it all made on point!!!! I agreed 100% with your comment regarding Arenas and Ricci those two girls are more attractive and deserving 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  98. Lol talagang isiningit si Aya ha nakakaloka talaga. Catriona’s biggest fight for the MUP crown would be from Michelle, but I see Michelle shining in her best elements in Supranational. Catriona, however, is a Miss Universe-only girl.

  99. First and foremost, it’s only between Catrionaand Michelle. Now if you want the 4thcrown for Miss Universe, Catriona will bring it. I’ll put Michelle only up to top 15 if every, another sash factor…

  100. Gusto ko silang tatlo!

    So, lahat Sila bigyan ng title!

    MUP for Catriona

    Supra for Aya

    MGI for Michelle

    I agree with Norman’s opinion on Michelle and on top of that the spontaneity of her thought. Nakalamang sa kanya si Cat on 2 factors: first, pageant experience and second family background. May possibility na magalinlangan Ang MU na ibigay sa kanya Corona given Yung past life ni papito na Kung sa America eh isang serious crime. Although Hindi Niya kasalanan, better send the total package!

    • We have the same title for all three, you can see where they belong…Now I’m curious for the rest of your winners.

    • Claire ,
      My concern abt Michelle is her butt and thighs ( they are not thunder thighs .. they are simply —— thighs) . Also she is not very sexy and feminine .. I don’t see her as a swimsuit model.. not all.

    • @Claire for me papi’s past will add more points. A lady who rise above unfortunate events. Michelle beat cat in backstory area and spontaneous communication skills. I’m picking cat bec cat looks feminine and owns the stage plus she also have backstory

  101. It is clear that Abesamis is not capable… she cannot channel the fierceness of Janine Tugonon who has the type of facial aura; clearly, Janine is miles and miles ahead and she could not even get the MU crown. If Abesamis competes in MU2018, we will see the end of Pinas glory years in MU

  102. Here is my ranking of the 3 girls gunning for the MUP crown:
    1. Aya
    2. Michelle/Catriona

  103. If these are the 3 choices for MUP, I’d rather have either Catriona (big YES!) or Michele (okay) be sent to MU 2018 than Aya.

    Catriona and Michele are both spontaneous and very comfortable when speaking in front of the camera. They’re both blessed with the gift of gab.

    While Aya … well, here is her most recent interview with CNN.


    • Because of this, please NOOO. Not for Miss Universe at all. She will be 4M 2.0 sans the beauty. I doubt if she will make the first cut of MU. Judges’s interview ang may malaking weight sa prelims!!! No amount of practice in a few months can prepare you for a myriad and diverse questions from several jurors. Not unless nervous lang talaga siya dito, but not even. Dapat handa and confident all the time. I know it’s too much to ask but beauty pageants are a serious Filipino pastime. Lol

  104. Aya? Gosh! after 7yrs of success, for the first time Philippines will be a clapper, ligwak sa top 15 yan, kahit top 16 pa..

  105. regarding Catriona’s figure
    I remember quite clearly that pia
    was not in the best shape when she won MUP
    but come MU season she was toned and fit

    also, MU is not that particular about being
    fit. case in point maria ehren ms Thailand 2017
    was not in the best stereotypical MU shape
    but she was almost favored to win

    ha, i shouldn’t even try to defend her
    because she has a great body; just pointing
    out a few things for those who are a little bit too
    critical of her

  106. Either one would make a good MUP. However my choice is either #Ayamazing or #Spikeforthecrown
    Why? Because taking a risk is part of pageantry and based on this philosophy, Aya and Michelle are low risk high reward picks. Low risk because all the expectations fall on Catriona. The constant bashing of Aya even makes her low risk as everyone already proclaims she will never get a nod for MU. Given the right amount of polishing, those two are going to be formidable on international stage. You all can mock #Ayamazing but I really think that as long as nails the Q&A without giving a 4M answer, she would be right there in contention for the MUP crown. That’s where her chances are hinging on at the moment. She looks tall on stage, she’s got that million-watt smile and her pleasing personality comes through.

    Michelle’s momentum continues on. If I were to pick a winner, I would definitely pick her based on the fact that she showed us that she’s hardworking and she is willing to learn and adjust. These qualities will help her be competitive at MU. She is as close to being a total package and ready for the big fight. The improvement she needs is her pasarela and projection especially during the swimsuit competition. Given that she goes before Cat, she needs to give it all and leave that big and lasting impression to the judges as you know what happens when Cat gets called. The crowd will go wild and she could be a forgotten cause. That would be her main challenge cum finals night.

    • I’m rooting for Michelle Gumabao but if Aya wins, Im up for it too.
      Catriona in my opinion is best for MGI, we might have our first MGI crown form her.

      • Nawat will go crazy having Catriona as Miss Grand Philippines and yes I agree we might our first MGI crown!!

      • Can you fix her grandma’s butt?
        Pls don’t blame it on volleyball.
        Volleyball players are supposed to be lean. If they are not , it’s because of something else.

    • Aya looks wide . She doesn’t have her mom’s body . And we are only talking abt physicality here . Now what abt her personality fluency and stage presence ? Exactly , 4m .

      Michelle hardworking? Did u even watch her talent show? If that was hard work , give her the MUP ! Pls !!!

      • LOL. Perseverance and rising above all obstacles talaga yung talent niya.

    • My bet for MUP2018 is Michele. Yes 4M, she showed discipline and determination to win the crown. She continues to improve herself and her performance. From being a rough and tomboy volleyball player she managed to adjust to became regal and gorgeous BBP candidate. But still maintaining the confidence, passion and perseverance she exudes even before inside the volleyball court when we used to watch her in UAAP.

      Yes she may not be your stereotype beauty pageant candidate but her uniqueness will definitely bring excitement to BBP2018. #Spikeforthecrown

      • Enough na ba ang ganda niya beks for MU? Huwag na kasi magbulag bulagan. Andiyan na yung total package oh, pakakawalan pa? Ganito lng yun, with Aya’a and Michelle’s face, do you think mananalo sila sa MU?

      • total package is not an assurance for a sure win either. it will all depends on the judges choice and inputs of the organizers. with regards to the face, it’s not all about the beauty dear.

    • at 4M, determination is not enough. We can say that all girls in the competion are determined enough but they don’y have the goods. Their face don’t scream MU.

    • Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hahahahaha. Continuing the fight for a BITTER Philippines.

    • Cge pa 4M, mag-nosebleed pa sa kaka-defend ng iba para lng i-down si Queen Cat. And nice na nagkasundo pa talaga kayo ni Jeremi about MGI, turn yourself pa into a circus freak show, it’s entertaining.

  107. Still..despite the benta, I’m not sold to Aya winning the MUP..from my vantage point, I do nt see in her the foremost requirement of facial beauty. Dapat magkarun muna sya nun before we can consider other factors.. kasehodang warm personality etc. kung I’d Namath kagandahan to begin with..that’s all..

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