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  1. BEst national costumes are Catriona, Jehza, Vickie (love the red and the only red dress this year), Sandra looks fierce!!!! Michelle looks elegant but I had seen this kind of national costume many times!!!!

  2. Este año no ganaremos el concurso de belleza Miss Universo, incluso si envía a la mujer más bella y capaz. Tal vez una mujer de otro país asiático o América del Sur, o América del Norte, pero no las Filipinas.

  3. flat po ang puwet ko
    pinilit lang po ipasuot saken ang bibe
    ay manok na costume na ito

    sikip nga sa baywang kasi laki bilbil ko

  4. Hindi ko na hahanapan ng katuturan ang mga costumes na yan. The fact that they are costumes should (and must) remain as costumes. I enjoyed the show, and I applaud the girls for their energy. I thank The Aranetas for giving us one night of entertainment. World Peace to all!

  5. Eto na ang hi-res photos from Bruce Casanova…Gravehhh ang mega-watt smile ni #Ayamazing, #Spikeforthecrown looks very sultry in that black “Philippine eagle” inspire terno, Sandra slayed everyone with that warrior princess and Bb 33’s Maranaw princess’s black and gold ensemble…

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    (Swipe Right) for #bbpilipinas2018 Top 10 Best #NationalCostume Vote for your #favorite at facebook.com/realbbpilipinas #Photos for @bbpilipinasofficial 📷 @bruce.casanova http://www.bbpilipinas.com #missphilippines #bbpilipinas #pageant #binibini20 @catriona_gray is wearing @jearsond #binibini4 @patrikasturias is wearing @daveocampo888 #binibini11 @ayabesamis is wearing @chico.estiva #binibini18 @iamrosan is wearing @raus1983 #binibini19 @gumabaomichele is wearing @natmanilag #binibini29 @samavestruz is wearing @nickguarino #binibini30 @smjoson is wearing @gawangjrflores #binibini31 @jehzahuelar is wearing @neiljimlani_hautecouture #binibini35 @sandralemonon is wearing @edwinfuy Congratulations Ladies & the chosen #Designers Mabuhay Kayo!

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    • Nagka mali ng upload ? 😀 But Thank you 4M for uploading Catriona’s Pictures 😍😘😀.

      • No veks… If you open instagram, it contains all the photos..hihihihihi. you can also scroll through the photos here…hihihihih

        You just need to be more social-media savvy….hihihihihih cherettttt….

      • Bruce just happened to upload her photo first…hihihihih cherettt ka jed!!!!

      • hihihih I wish he looks he way you want him to be May Soon Nu!!!! hihihihih

  6. btw, hindi ko kinakaya. i saw Mak Tumang’s gown for Catriona – yung sketch na kumakalat. huhu and it’s not red or hindi contrast sa skin tone niya. but ang ganda niya don. maybe i was just expecting more since it’s Mak Tumang lol

      • I can’t post it here. hahaha magagalit ang source ko. malalaman ako ang naglabas. maganda.. the fit is super good, super thigh high slit. ang ayos niya dun is one sided soft curls (basta ganun.. ung dating.. di ko ma explain. haha)

        Okay naman the look e, medyo plain lang.. no much details like beadworks and all. gusto ko lang kasi magsuot siya ng ruby red, or anything magcocontrast sa skin niya.

        pero sige.. sasabihin ko ang color.. – gold. LOL

    • Sa totoo lang hindi ako fan ni Mak Tumang…. It’s more busy & flowery than a Disney Princess… It’s too much…. I prefer a clean crisp modern silhuoete with a classic twist.

      • it’s super plain. classic look. glittery, shiny pag natamaan ng ilaw. plus the slit na mas mataas pa ata sa slit ni Rachel sa MU gown niya. haha or halos ganon..

  7. My Review:

    > Catriona’s body is a work in progress and her skin (when shown closed- up) appears to be not flawless. But for this Best in National Costume Pageant, she nailed it. Miles ahead of the rest. Bar none.

    > Other stand-outs:

    The Katipunera (minus the unnecessary cap. Very fun and sexy in pants and leather boots).
    The Magbubuko (minus the headdress which was OA),
    The two Maranaw / sarimanok ladies (the one in gold and black & the one in lavender, purple,gold) – Simply stunning,
    The modern terno with floral patches – very clean, very fresh looking.
    And the two t-boli / t-nalak ladies

    > Awards:

    Best headdress: The Sarimanok headdress. I thought it was a real rooster, dipped in gold. The fitting was perfect (unlike Rachel’s ill fitting sarimanok that needed holding)

    Best right-hand propos (tie): The umbrella of Catriona. The gun / revolver of that KKK lady.

    Best shoes : Unanimously, Lemonon with no shoes.


    As for the rest, they appeared to try too hard. They did not wear the gowns. The gowns wore them.

    > What’s with those weird headdresses that stole the beauty of the gowns and the candidates. What

    > The warrior gowns (ex. Lemonon) looks tired. The exact movements of Wyn-wyn. But Lemonon should be credited for being the one appearing barefoot instead of donning (yet again) those clanky, ugly shoes.

    > The Aya gown with those horrendous fans and headdress was anything but Filipino. It could have been worn by Ms. Nicaragua. The only thing “Filipino” about is were the rays of the fans that resemble our sun in the Philippine flag. Was it inspired by the clothes and crown of the Black Nazarene? Lol.

    > The Libiran gown was old and tired. It might be stunning to those who will see the type for the first time. Next.

    > An all-black gown and an all-white gown look elegant BUT NOT, I repeat, NOT when used as a Philippine costume. We are a festive nation. We are colorful. And unless the theme is Semana Santa or Easter Sunday, an all black or all-white gown (no matter how good executed or worn) will get my thumbs-down. That girl wearing a mummy-inspired white gown can represent Ms. Egypt.

    And Michelle’s black gown? Ursula-ish. Poor, unfortunate soul.

    > Karen Gallman. What a waste. Is she anemic? Was she sick during the presentation? And most of all, why is she wearing my grandmother’s table mantle?

    > Yellow is the color of Joy. Ara Arida pulled off a simple yellow gown. But an all yellow, intricate, complexly designed gown was simply an eye-sore. She was a walking hepatitis.

    > That pinkish mother of pearl headdress. My gulay. I thought I was watching a science-fiction segment wherein another head grew of her skull. It reminds me of Ornacia of Rupaul drag race.

    > The capiz gown was fresh and fun. But it looks like a HS art project to me. Very SM-Kultura-ish. And I was thinking all throughout : how is she going to sit with ..that?

    World Peace.

    • daming kuda…. just two para please…hihihihih

      I do agree with the KKK costume.. One of my faves.

    • i like what you said about the white and black costumes and those colors do not resonate our being festive as a nation and culture. I commend all the girls and designers, this year’s edition is a notch higher. I just hope that they give a chance to bring some them to the international stage. I dont understand why they have to work on another set when we have great ones to show already. Sometimes costumes in the nationals are way better than those being worn by our reps. Even those worn during sinulog are also worthy of intl exposure and have wow factor.

  8. I love the terno of Binibini 5 and the Igorot Piece.
    Also Karen’s terno and Binibini 34.

    I’d probably take 2 out of the top 10 and replace then with any of the four I mentioned above.

  9. Those Natcos are splendid! Grabe ang gaganda, tapos ang mga candidates sobrang ganda rin. Dami ko mga favs ! Good luck girls! May the best woman win.

  10. I love the costumes. some are a bit … hmm underwhelming? or siguro natabunan ng kagandahan ng iba.

    My most fave costumes

    1. Binibini 20- My gosh, sorry.. pero walang tapon si Catriona – so far. she really know wen to peak. nasu-sustain niya ang hype sakanya. in. all. fairness. ang costume niya, mamahalin ang datingan. lalo na nung pinresent niya. very royalty ang dating.

    2. Binibini 5 – I love how the colors of the details is angat from the black dress. lalo na yung hand painted drawings/painting sa likod. breath of fresh air.

    3.Binibini 10 – Ang ganda ng fit, ng craftmanship. yung mga palayok na nasa ulo niya, hindi kagaya ng mga nagamit before na halatang papel.. malinis ang pagkakagawa.

    4. Binibini 11 – I love the colors.. the details nung cape niya. yung sa harap medyo di ko magets. Yun lang parang na sobrahan ako sa sunrays (?) props niya. nagaagaw kasi from her headdress to her ‘fans’

    5. Binibini 12- Ang punong sacerdote. charot. though unang tingin ko medyo parang pang latin country ang datingan.. gets ko naman kung ano ang theme/festival.

    6. Binibini 13 – Ang ganda ng Benj terno na ito. ang ganda ng fit. the details, and the styling. ang linis tignan. this can even be an evening gown too. yun lang medyo may hawig sa barong inspired gown ni Michael which Pia wore during the MU prelims.

    7. Binibini 17 – Ahtisaaaa. gandang bata! angat na angat ang kulay ng gown niya. love the sleeves, the fan. the details. the headdress… di ako sure.. pero okay naman.

    8.Binibini 18 – Rachel X Maxine’s national costume – but improved. LOL First, mas maganda pa itong sarimanok na ito compared sa nasuot ni Rachel. just being honest. mas may dating ang headpiece na ito. mas fit sa ulo niya. hindi niya hawak hawak habang naglalakad.

    9. Binibini 22 – Very fresh ang idea. though i feel mas may iimprove pa ang datingan niya. lakas maka gabriela isler costume.

    10. Binibini 33 – Loved everything. perfect fit and color. the details.. parang ang bigat niya isuot .. lol

    11. Binibini 35 – Sandra. Jusko.. ang hot niya sa costume na ito. this is my next fave next to Catriona’s.

    12. Binibini 38 – First, this gown is a stunner. grabe ang details. the colors, the blings.. everything. except for one thing – sobrang bitin nung suot na niya sa fashion show!

    13. Binibini 4 – sobrang fresh. though mukha siyang costume ng miss russia or miss israel and the likes.. ang linis kasi tignan. all white. puro details lang.

    • Bb 33 is my favorite costume veks… Black and gold just makes me go oooohhhh…
      Bb 35 to me is the best performer… super warrior princess slayer…

      • problem ko kasi with 33, ang dark ng lighting sa stage.. if sobrang mailaw or white/light background ng stage.. baka mas naappreciate ko. haha like BB6, hindi ko siya nakita sa dilim. haha

    • Karen national costume and Eva’s sampaguita movies like are my favourite.
      I like Michelle as my queen but her black gown is giving me little mermaid Ursula vibe

    • Love #Ayamazing’s costume!!! Veks it’s red, fiery and ready to burn everything on her way!!! and those fans and headdress can be use to stop her frenemies along the way…hihihihihi

  11. flat puwet
    fake nose
    fake boobs
    fake causes
    puro fake
    fake costume (nagawa na before ni Ruffa)

    • @4M

      Ikaw pala yung troll na kontra kay Cat… So hindi pala si Karen ang bet mo kundi si Aya Abesamis… You know what, I also would like Aya to win.. but not for the top crown siempre. Yun lang.

    • Wahahaha anyare 4M? Ikaw pala si GMW 😂. Forgot to change ypur name From 4M to GMW or GloriaMoranwurtzbach etc etc haha.

      • LOLs. I had my suspicions but personally uninclined to be accusatory.

        4M is definitely one mentally-disturbed and disgustingly dishonest piece of sh*t.

      • I don’t think it’s the 4m that we know
        I know his style
        He’s never been derogatory to any candidate

      • Ay! I forgot to put question mark hihi. But its possible since Nag o autosave ang name at nakakalimutan kung ano ang pagkatao na nakasave tapos iba ang pagkatao sa comment hihi. Anyway! If im wrong. Sorry for that. But i really forgot the question mark hihi. So it means im just asking ikaw pala and u forgot to change name ? Hihi

      • No veks 4M is 4M walang autosave chorva hihihihi… Yung iba dito kasi eh nanggagaya ng screenname to confuse people to discourage me from posting about my vets: #Ayamazing and #Spikeforthecrown but I only speak mostly about my vets and not others….

        I am not falling for that though…hihihihi Kung sino yung gumagaya sa kin eh good luck na lang… They can copy my “hihihihih” but he or she or it can never copy my insights and thoughts when I give my opinion here…good luck na lang to his/her/it…hihihihihi

      • hi fabbie!!!! hihihihihi tse!!!!! hihihihihi… kung sino ung kumokopya eh basta may guess aketch!!! i like my banter with you and my bongavelles and I will never take it personally between you and bongavelles and your vetsina…hihihihih… friendly banter lang without having to namecall or copy anyone…

        I wonder though, taga saan kaya yang feeling 4M??? I know where I am and I can tell you what is on TV right now…hihihihihih

      • ^ Kung hindi ka guilty, bakit panay ang putak mo?

        Caught in the act lang, nag-iingay na ang guilty na bakla. Sira ka rin ano?

      • tse Fabbie!!!! hihihihi… i will continue to use my 4M name despite the kumokopya who’s probably threatened by my #Ayamazing and #Spikeforthecrown and wants to stop me from posting my thoughts and comments here… how sad…

        well i have a word for you my 4M copycat: hihihihihihihihihihi!!!

      • ohhhhh noooo jeremi…. my bad!!! hihihihih kasi naman hindi ka masyadong nagrereply sa posts ko! hihihihihi

      • Bakit ang daming kopyahan ng name dito? Iba na talaga ang Norman blog now

      • Hay steamyhotI14, I dont know veks… All i know is I am pushing for my vets #Ayamazing and #Spikeforthecrown

        Obviously someone here wants to stop me from doing what.

        Well I have a new for these veks.. You ain’t gonna stop me veks… I might change my name to 5M, 6M, 7M or 8M but one thing is for sure, I am rooting for whoever I want to root for. And I hope these veks actually have the “IQ” to understand and respect my choices…

        So far waley silang IQ…hihihihihihi…

      • hihihih SteamyhotI4 i really miss the times where it was just a few people here who just want to share their insights and opinions.

        Now it’s turned into something more vile because of some people here who just have the “fantard” syndrome and cannot accept that others have their own vets…hihihih

        I miss the time with Laila, Fabbie, Bongavalles, steamyhot14 and even jeremi, angelo reyes and basil… and everyone else …. at least we all respected our opinions and friendly banters regardless…

    • flat puwet
      fake nose
      fake boobs
      fake causes
      puro fake
      fake costume (nagawa na before ni Ruffa)

  12. kapag tinanong mo ang mga Binibinis
    ano ang inspirasyon behind the costume
    medyo alam nila

    pero kapag tinanong mo anu ang cause ng mga
    indigenous and marginalised communities kung
    saan nagmula ang inspirasyon ng suot nila… nganga!

    puro arte walang mga alam
    mag level up naman kayo!!!

  13. flat puwet
    fake nose
    fake boobs
    fake causes
    puro fake
    fake costume (nagawa na before ni Ruffa)



      • hahaha…kakatuwa nga kasi hindi matahimik si gmw. nanginginig na…malapit na mangisay!

    • Omg….haters will hate….just let these girls have fun and enjoy their experience. If you’re too insecure about something then that’s on you. I’m 100% sure that these girls don’t give a damn about these hateful comments that have been circulating here….and yes I have been highly critical with certain girls because it was warranted for me to scrutinize the level of their style/taste (the tacky promdi shoes)….but let it be and just watch the coronation night!!!! Let the deserving girls showcase their skills and charm their way to the heart of the judges!!!!

    • @ Gloria aka GMW……So what if Rufa did wear a similar outfit more than 2 decades ago. It showed how old you are to remember what she wore. Cat did justice to this nat cos. She was a sight to behold on stage looking like a Maranao princess. BTW I’m surprised you still have time to post your silly messages on this site. Our mutual friend told me you are the main attraction of a traveling circus doing the provinces along with Mahal and Mura. 😝😝😝😝

    • And you? what are you? you are also a fake Hihi. Nagawa na ni angelo reyes yang style ng pangbabash mo. Hihi but look at him now. Nagbago na sya. Sana ikaw din.


  14. San ba nanggaling na sa Las Casas magshshoot ng Natcos portraits? I think it was just a wish of one commenter and then people started jumping to conclusions na. I think the Las Casas trip was for shooting promo/intro videos for the coronation night and other behind the scene clips for The Road to the Crown primer. Just like the garden photoshoot that Batch 2017 had or the beach/pawikan release clips during BBP14 intro

    Anyway I’m on the fence with the background. The curtains do hide some parts of the costumes but at some point I think they make the pictures look alive. I guess a simple white wall/background would’ve worked best

    • You’re right. I doubt it was actually thought of as the location for the shoot. Las Casas would only be appropriate for those National Costumes that are from the Spanish era. The Southern Philippines-themed ones will look out of place at Las Casas.

  15. I actually don’t mind the simple, all-white backdrop. The costumes are all so intricate and colourful that the white background further highlights them or at the very least, does not take the attention away from the details, design and colour of the costumes. Last year’s was too busy for me.

  16. I thought they were going to shoot the costumes at Las Casas? Sino ang pasaway na hindi natapos ang costume for the shoot there?

    These portraits are a downgrade from last year’s theme. Nilagyan ng white fabric ang background na ginamit nila for the glam shots…

    Susme BPCI ang gaganda pa naman ng costumes this year!!! Sinayang sa kacheapan na shoot..hihihihi
    SMH at you Madame!!!

  17. all of these national costumes look amazing ! I think I have figured out who no. 18 rosantonette looks like, it’s been puzzling to me but I think she has facial characteristics of Ariadna, Pia’s runner up. The cheekbones especially… no. 18 is moving up in my rankings.

    I hope Jehza has realitistic expectations. Just because she joined for the 3rd time doesn’t mean that she will get the MUP crown like MJ and Pia. If she is in MU 2018, she will probably not even reach top 15. I do hope she gets a crown instead of a runner up position.

    • I also like Rosantonette! Definitely a darkhorse!

    • I think she would be happy with any crowns veks. Let’s be honest there’s only 4-5 girls who are really in the MUP category at this point. Unless Jehza really shines on March 18th, I can see Catriona, Michelle, Aya, Karen and SMA’s favorite Ena battling it out for the MUP crown.

      I actually agree with Lola Norman’s picks…hihihihi

  18. Sino nag isip na lagyan ng kurtina ang set? Natatakpan ang mga damit ng girls. At yung iba nakatalikod, paano makikita ang damit! Epic Fail, yung Kurtina na puti ang ultimate kabogera sa shootna ito. Sinabotage silang lahat! #AllTeaAllShade

  19. Sending my love energy to Michele Gumabao. May the Universe grant you my wish! World peace bekis!

  20. In all fairness, the natcos are a breath of fresh air! Specially that KKK one (minus the the cape)



    • fantasy superhero costume ng KKK kasi yan kaya naka cape siya!!!
      masyado nyu ginalingan mag critic!!!!

      • So in her fantasy, she took her curtains to use as a cape?!

        In her fantasy, the color and details of her garments are historicaly incorrect?!

      • veks ano ano ba ang classic terno? ano ba ang classic maranao princess????? Ano ba ang original… tell me that your vet’s costume is down to the tee of what it should be…. tell me veks….hihihihihih

        Djusko sobra kang magcritique ng iba without even thinking the same with your own vet…hihihihi

    • yung cape kasi creative freedom yan… superheroes have capes and the KKK soliders were heroes so nilagyan ng kapa…hihihihih

      Bottomline, it was the most unique costume this year and I love it!

      • Nakatulong talaga yung dining table cover namin at biglang kinuha na walang paalam😄kastress talaga kung hindi 4 d love of pageantry ay susugurin ko talaga yang anjame sa stage at hubaran ng capa 🤗hihihi

      • Veks whatever it is that helps eh ok lang…. dapat may thank you note sa yo!!! hihihihihih
        Kung wala eh baka hindi sa table mo galing!!!! hihihihihih

      • I agree it was unique. The cape could’ve helped the costume only if it was solid color like gold or white or both. Not (sorry for the term) mantle-ish. 🙂

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