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  1. Hindi po nagka crown ang reyna ng vansot 5’6 below kahit ano pang ganda niya vansot na inglesera lang pwd hanggang runner up lang ang vansot but beautiful. May height list Ang Reyna runner ups alita, jehza, Kim,ms dentista, elima.
    Ingliserang vansot-gallman pwd manalo
    Maganda na vansot-vicki hanggang runner up lang
    If 5’6 1/2 above May chance manalo.pati nga si vaklah napansin

  2. watch out for #Binibini33 Stephanie Joy Abellanida too!

    Still, Catriona Gray – Miss Universe Philippines 2018

    • Hi BiZackle! She’s on my list now after that press presentation 🙂

  3. My current leaderboard:

    1. Catriona Gray: MUP (MGI, MI, MIC, MSupra)
    2. Michelle Gumabao: MGI, MIC (MU)
    3. Andrea Abesamis: MIC, MS (MGI, MU)
    4. Ena Velasco: MIC, MGI, MG, 2nd RUp
    5. Muriel Orais: MIC, MS, 1st RUp (MG)
    6. Ahtisa Manalo: MI, 1st RUp
    7. Wynonah Buot: 1st RUp (MG, MGI, MIC, MS)
    8. Patrizia Garcia: MG, MS, 1st RUp (MIC)
    9. Vicky Rushton: 1st RUp, MI, MS (MGI)
    10. Eva Patalinhug: MG, 2nd RUp (MI)
    11. Karen Gallman: MG, 2nd RUp (MGI)
    12. Jehza Huellar: 1st RUp, MG (MI, MS)
    13. Sandra Lemonon: 1st RUp, MG (MS, MIC)
    14. Samantha Bernardo: 2nd RUp, MG (MS, MIC)
    15. Sigrid Flores: 2nd RUp (MG)
    16. Anjame Magbitang: 2nd RUp (MS, MI)

  4. Anjame is beautiful. Para syang si Zendaya doon sa movie na The Greatest Showman. Pag nahasa yang babaeng yan sa modelling at mga habla habla, matakot na ang mga sasali next year. Kaninong camp ba sya? Ang baduy lang ng styling kasi.

    • She may improve some but never to the level of Laura Lehman or Cat.
      Michelle Aldana is another Bulakena beauty queen whose English has improved tremendously over the yrs . But she’s not your average gal. She went to UP for college.


  6. If I am to follow last year’s format of top 25, top 15 and 6 queens:

    1. Vickie Rushton ✔️
    2. Muriel Orais
    3. Patricia Asturias
    4. Sherry Tormes
    5. Kayesha Chua
    6. Andrea Abesamis ✔️👑
    7. Kristie Cequeña
    8. Samantha Bernardo ✔️
    9. Juliana Kapeundl ✔️
    10. Ahtisa Manalo ✔️
    11. Michele Gumabao ✔️👑
    12. Catriona Gray ✔️👑
    13. Anjame Magbitang ✔️
    14. Ena Velasco ✔️
    15. Edjelyn Gamboa ✔️
    16. Wynonah Buot ✔️
    17. Henna Cajandig
    18. Sarah Joson
    19. Jehza Huelar ✔️👑
    20. Eva Patalinjug ✔️
    21. Mary Joy de Castro
    22. Sandra Lemonon ✔️👑
    23. Loren Artajos
    24. Karen Gallman ✔️👑
    25. Trixia Maraña

    • ‘Wag namang top 25. Ang tagal manood n’yan. I am good with top 15, from there pwede na mag-swimsuit parade. Tapos top 10 na for evening gown. Pero sana may casual interview muna para malaman talaga kung gaano ka-spontaneous ang mga kandidata, kase ‘pag final QnA agad, very boxy at pageant patty ang mga nagiging sagot ng candidates with the very abused words “I believe”. My God!

      Oh well, Richard Gutierrez and Pia Wurtzbach will be the main hosts of the BbP2018. Sana naman Richard will do workshops muna on how to exactly do this job. ‘Wag masyadong mag-depend sa hawak na cue card!!! On the other hand, I am confident with Pia on this arena.

      That’s all.

      • Bakit hindi na lang ang kakambal ni Richard na si Raymonda ang mag host. I’m sure magfi-feeling Ruffa yun.

      • Richard Gutierrez ang isa sa mga host? ohhh, siya rin ang host nung nanalo si Cat sa MWP 2016. Shall we see the same results? 😀

      • Hi Ana! Thanks for the tidbit! Pia is hosting this year’s Bb. Pilipinas? I found her too robotic when she hosted last time. Her eyes were always glued on the teleprompter and she didn’t look comfortable hosting. Hopefully, with Richard Guiterrez as her co-host, she’ll relax this time.

  7. I want to unload this now, in light of comments regarding Magbitang’s exclusion from this 20-Pick. And in practically ALL Top Picks in various pageant fora.

    Where EXACTLY do you guyth envision her competing at in the future?

    The WILLOWY-LOVELY-DUSKY archetype has been waylaid twice in the last two editions of BBP : Smith and Ambal. Am I correct in assuming that the “comm skills training” is prep-ing for MU?

    Because if I wanted WILLOWY-LOVELY-DUSKY for MU, I would probably be better served by Africa.

    Just asking. No hate. Enjoy the Friday.

      • @ Yari Kah : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Willowy- matangkad, Lovely – maganda, Dusky – “dark-skinned”.

        My point : Magbitang should get a crown NOW. Give MUP to the Gray Cat, for Chrissakes! But give sumthin’ to Anjame…

        And like FR said before, no amount of “comm skills training” will work if you are not ALREADY eloquent/articulate/well-read/experienced to begin with. Look what happened to 4M at MU 2016?!

    • Ako din, YK, naguluhan sa comment ni Andrew. I can’t sense the coherence of her fourth paragraph in the first three paragraphs. Kaloka.

      Regarding Apriel Smith and Jamaica Ambal, magaganda ang skin color nila, yes, pero siguro naman hindi lang ako ang makakapagsabi na kinulang sila sa ganda. If we connect these two girls’ non-inclusion in the previous BbP’s winning circle from Anjame’s non-inclusion in Tito Norm’s nominations, masyadong premature Ateng Andrew. And, to answer your question as to when should Anjame be sent to a pageant abroad, that would be by the time she is ripe — in terms of body, styling, pasarela, speaking ability, determination — to fight for a crown. She is beautiful and there is no doubt about that, kaya lang sayang lang kung bibigyan lang s’ya ng minor crown or runner-up placement kung nakikita nating she can even be the best Philippine bet for MU.

      That’s all.

  8. I hope Cat will wear bloody red gown and sport a blow down straight hair on the coronation night.

      • She is really the Miss Universe prototype. A complete package! I really hope she wins the crown.

    • same! basta magcompliment sa skin tone niya. not too much tanned sana.. para magpagka fresh.. at aura niya kagaya nung mwp coronation night pero with fierceness!

    • I already saw the sketch of Cat’s Nat Manilag gown. I just don’t know the color, pero it’s body hugging, off shoulder gown with high slit in front. Sana red yun, t’yak bagay ‘dun ang blow down straight hairdo. Cat needs to look fierce, goddess and stunning on March 18! I am sooooo excited!

      That’s all.

      • I don’t see any problem with that at all! So long as they can carry the gowns they will be wearing and show to people that they have the heart to serve, then they can be Binibini winners.

        That’s all!

      • Cheretttt…. Could be conflict of interest…I wonder if this ever happened before? I don’t follow who designed who but I never imagined that the top contenders sharing a designer.

        I’m also surprised that Cat is using two different designers for Nat Cos and gown. Usually it’s the same same designer.

      • Madam ang nakita kong sketch sa IG was the same gown described by you pero by Mak Tumang, not Nat Manilag.

      • Oo nga, YK. Nagkamali ako ng nasabi. I stand corrected na. Thank you.

      • Please post the sketch you’re talking about. Can’t find it in the net. Thanks.

      • Parang may nakita din ako na parang matulis ung for upper part nya. Off shoulder din and below the sketch nakalagay name ni catriona. Yun na kaya talaga? If ever yon na. I am hoping that the color of that gown bagay na bagay sa skin and beauty nya and bagay na bagay sa kahit na anong hairstyle. About sa make up and awra bring back her MWP awra especially in Face but of course with MUish fierceness. I like the spark in her eyes that time hinde tago. may liwanag. She need not just fierceness. Her eyes should talk and shine among the rest. The confidence should be at the right level.

      • ugggh, sorry let me try another image

        if the image does not load, it’s of pia w
        in a nice somewhat loose chignon with low bun in the back, softly side parted in the front
        and she looks really elegant

      • Beautiful! Bagay ‘yan sa mga may beautiful swan neck, like Catriona. Loved it, Sunkist.

      • I like that ala Pia W ang hairstyle. Plus ung mAke up kasing liwanag during her mwp stint. Plus MUish fierceness and move. Hayss. I hope kung gaano sya kaganda at stunning sa mga latest beautiful photos nya eh ganon din sana kaganda or more than that. Sana MU level na ang peg nya sa finals. May ibubuga pa yan sa MU if she wins bbp Universe kahit MU level na agad Ipakita nya come finals night.yang gandang nyang impossibleng Maubusan ng bala.

    • I like her glossy hair when she submitted her Bb. Pilipinas 2018 application 🙂 … and she was in a red dress!

      When she won MWP 2016 – I love her make-up, especially how the make-up artist made her eyebrows thick. Her hair during that time, although it was in a bun – it didn’t look severely tight, suits her as well.

  9. Daming I’ve heard I’ve heard, base on this base on that, according to this according to that, an insider says that and insider heard that… yang tataaaahhhh?????????? di na lang maninindigan ng totoo sa sinusuportahang kandidata, bakla ng taon!? lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Still, CATRIONA ELISA MAGNAYON GRAY, Miss UNIVERSE Philippines 2018.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Tito Norm’s nominees are simply omnipresent in the glaring eyes of the expectators in any BbP activities. They are the ones who perform, steal scenes, or effortlessly charm the crowd. However, not all his nominees will make it in the cut. There are some possible spoilers who will pull a surprise on the coronation night. Fingers crossed.

    I would place Anjame Magbitang in the semifinal spot. I mean this girl is hard to ignore despite her lackluster performance recently. Love this girl.

    That’s all!

    • PAST PREDICTIONS of Tito Norman were NOT even 70% accurate. NOT THE FAULT OF THE BLOGGER but shows that judges have different taste and perspectives. BESIDES, KAHIT ANONG AURA NG GURLALOO, IF THE STARS ARE NOT ALIGNED, THEN WALEY PA DIN! I am NOT a fan of AYA and Jehza, but these girls may pull a surprise or two…STILL, I AM HOPING FOR CATRIONA TO GET THE HIGHEST PLUM.

  11. Catriona is MUP as per Tito Norms and I don’t think it will change come his final predictions prior to finals. I don’t give a damn to the other titles as long as Catriona gets the top plum. Hope Tito Norms’ predictions for MUP could be as accurate as that of 2015 and 2016 where his bets actually got crowned. As per my last recall, the following are Tito Norms’ predicted MUP:
    2017 – Mariel de Leon (actual MI)
    Rachel Peters (only MIC or MS not sure yet won MU)
    2016 – Maxine Medina (actual MU)
    2015 – Pia Wurtzbach (actual MU)
    2014 – Mary Anne Guidotti (actual MI)
    MJ Lastimosa (MS yet won MU)
    2013 and prior – i have yet to check on the archives if there are any

    Tito Norms, can you please share with your dear readers again your final predictions for each year? Am ok with your start with 2009 only. Hope you can notice this and reply on this comment if possible. Thanks po!

    • Iiiiiiih, tacky shoes!

      But I like Michele a million times. You go, girl!

      That’s all!

      • didnt notice that. mejo maayos kasi yung pagcomplement ng skin tone nya dun sa color ng shoes. But upon closer inspection yes tacky talaga the shoes

      • Kaya utang na loob, tigilan na ‘yang mga April Boy Regino elevator shoes na ganern! Look at how Laura Lehman wore pageant shoes in MWP and MW! I conclude that Jojo Bragais’ shoes are tackylicious. ‘Di ako magsusuot ng shoes n’ya, promise. That’s all!

      • Yes, Jeremi! She will be Bb Pilipinas Universe 2018! You are so right!

    • I like Michelle, very spontaneous plus her fans doesn’t have self entitlement attitude

      • Oh, the fan mentality of the other candidate Jackiey12. They’re really annoying and crass.

    • Nagagalingan rin ako kay Michele in singing. Char!

      Hindi ba hawig sila?

    • Kung yun takong at platform is made of clear acrylic baka mas ok at parang lumulutang yung nagsusuot.

    • ha! all these talk about the shoes made me look at her left leg.
      there’s something odd about the picture, and i don’t think it’s her actual leg,
      but the way they edited it made it look like it’s angled unnaturally
      like her left kneecap shouldn’t be pointing that far out to the right
      when her ankles are in that position
      i suppose it’s one of those #photoshopfails

  12. Ay nako Tito Norman, sabihin mo na kasi kung sino ang gusto mong magka korona. Sige na.

    • C Aya ang MUP ni Momma N at Lola SMA🤗
      Kc yan ang press release ni lola na dapat c Aya ang MUP para Di manalo ang Pinas Kc tinik na sa Colombia ang Pinas😄
      Kaya Go Aya Go😋😗🙄

      • Ayyy hindi 4M kc nandoon ako ng nagpameeting c lola at kasama c Momma N sa meeting pero nasa kay Momma N na yan kung monetary or 💖 ang susundin nya😄

      • si Cat ang bet ni Tito Norms. He placed her ONLY on the “MUP nominees” group, meaning no other placement/title is suited for Cat as per his perspective.

      • To make it balance kaya sa MU lng nya nilagay at c Aya ay sa MU at Supra😄
        Pero walang magagawa c Momma N kc may usapan na sila ni Lola or else😋hihihi
        Kaya congratulations Aya, you’re the anointed one😋

      • hihihih cherettttt ka talaga!! you sound like basil of the past…hihihi
        Wala bang pakain din part of it? hihihihi
        Ang heart daw eh reserved for the future boylet…cheretttttt hihihihi

      • Ah kaya ba nya pinadala si Rachel Peters last year para matalo ang pinas? Hahaha!


  13. No. 33 out , Anjame should be in

    I also would replace Artajos with No. 39. Both of them are former titleholders but No. 39 has an international title

  14. MUP: Catriona Gray
    MIP: Vickie Rushton
    MSP: Samantha Bernardo
    MGIP: Sandra Lemonon
    MGP: Stephanie Joy Abellanida
    MInP: Karen Gallman
    1st Runner-Up: Ma. Andrea Abesamis
    2nd Runner-Up: Anjame Magbitang
    Bubbling Up: Shane Tormes, Ena Velasco, Sigrid Flores
    Died down: Jehza Huelar, Eva Patalinjug, Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

    • Madam Stella has a soft spot for tall beautiful girls!… Ruffa Gutierrez, Marilen Espino, the Pamily- i -don’t feel any fressure at ol( forgot her name! Ha ha ha), Janicel Lubina, etc…. Imposibleng di sya makakapasok given her Gandang Pinay-looks and Statuesque 5’11” frame at 19yrs. old… Bka gawin pa nga syang runner-up ni Madam… Para ma-train at magkaroon ng exposure with the winners.. then pwede ng isabak pag hinog na!! —_the Great potential is there with Anjame, kailangan lang maTRAIN ng Intensively sa commskills at Confidence… Huwag din madaliin… Let her mature, be exposed to public speaking and read and talk and talk para mahasa… And when i say TALK.. that’s talking in English!! —Anjame should be in the TOP Twenty given her potential….

    • Magkaribal yata ang Tinio Clan at Magbitang Clan sa Hagonoy Bulacan!!!

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