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  1. The girls looked beautiful. But why the background and the swimsuits? I’m sorry, but the whole thing, from a creative standpoint, is just unfortunate.

    Anyway, yay for the girls. I think all of them delivered.

  2. CATRIONA GRAY, omg effortless! Miss Universe Philippines 2018…

    ***see you all later sa KIA haha!

  3. Universe: Cat
    Internationational: vickie/ atisa (will depend on their QandA performance)
    Supra: michele
    Intercon: aya (kmukha nya winner from Thailand)
    Grand: Karen/ Ena (depends on their QandA)
    Globe: wynona/ muriel

  4. Cat is still the one to beat for the top title but you cannot ignore this gorgeous lady with sophistication,elegant and class. I can see a Ximena Navarete in this glamshot.

    • Kapag ka look alike mo ang past winner sa kahit anong international pageant, tiyak hindi ka mananalo because no pageant organization would want a clone. They would definitely look for someone whose beauty is unique.

  5. Karen’s face is just divine here. Love how she slightly puckered her mouth. Those eyes – nangungusap sa camera! Her shot (and Vickie as well) is different from the other ladies as she appears closer to the camera. Her thighs are cut midway while most ladies are showing their knees or lower legs.

    Love how Sophia angled her face, which highlighted her amazing cheekbones and showed a defined jawline. Her face really stood out being in between Anjame’s and Ena’s shots.

    Michele looks different here in a beautiful way. Her waist is so tiny!

    Cat looks very Asian with her eye make-up.

    Although Muriel’s mouth is a bit distracting, she gets plus points for that sultry pose.

    The other sexy ladies who stood out in my opinion are:

  6. The top plum is between michelle and cat
    Eto ang totoong sabong! 19 vs 20. Just like nung time ni pia and janicel, 10 vs 11. D ko maintindihan bakit hinahype masyado ung isa. Hehe.

    • Michele is getting prettier and prettier. I won’t be surprised if she wins one of the major crowns. I hope so.

    • Are you referring to Dr Ena Velasco veks? hihihihihi…

      Between 19 and 20, 19 has a very good chance as long as she remains in top form.

      She has better story to tell at the Miss Universe arena. From an athlete to a queen. What a 180 degree transformation!

      • I will CatrionaFan until it comes true on March 18th…hihihihihi


      • 4m , so Michele is a superwomen because she’s an athlete? More than 50% of MU contestants play sports?
        Omg , let’s justify pa more
        Tse hihihi

  7. Have you seen this video of the Bb Pilipinas 2018 candidates rehearsing for a dance number?

  8. My sentimental favorites to win a crown:
    -Sandra, &
    That’s all.

  9. Cat, Michelle, Ahtisa, Muriel and Vickie.

    Who is candidate #6? She with the magnificent cheekbones.

    Aya went back to earth this time. Bordering butter face.

    • Veks diba sa Earth naman talaga tau? hihihihih San ba nagpunta si #Ayamazing at bumalik sya sa Earth? hihihihihih

      • Veks, naging maganda sa paningin ng karamihan si Aya dahil sa styling nya nitong nakaraang mga araw. Maxine ang peg, pang MU.

        Pero bumalik sya sa Patraporn peg. Na emphasize lapad ng mukha nya. Kahit sa group of 4 nila, kinavogue pa sya ni Kayesha (na peg si Kylie)

  10. How déclassé these photos. Some of the girls looked like they’re defecating pink balls! Madre de díos!

      • And that Machuca tiles?!? Ano to, cooking show? A black backdrop would do. Ang daming elements: Tiles, halaman, babae. Kalowkah!

  11. I have to admit Michelle nailed this one! Lalo na sa pose. Next is catriona followed by other frontrunners they did very well too. I am so very disappointed why they choose this pic of cat than her ist leaked photo?! If yun ang inilagay nila sa mini billboard michelle will become number 2 and catriona is number 1 base on this SS portraits for me and i believe for some din. Sino ba ang pumili bbp? Raymond or mga candidates? Anyway! Kung ang katawan lang ni juliana ay mala Samantha B na katabi nya eh hinde mawawala sa list itong girl na to. Shes so beautiful in this photo. So far its the best photo of her ive ever seen.

    • is there really a preferred pic for cat? she doesnt deserve a special treatment with the posted pics. these posted pics doesnt define the contestants; the close door interview and judges scores (.. and bpci) does. i think na ang totoong maganda hindi pumipili ng preferred Photos or Pose; sabi nga ninyo Gandang Di Na Kailangan Ng Paliwanag.

    • Yes! Because Michele knows where she’s coming from, and she has a strategy for every move that she makes. She’ll do fine.

  12. Para may inspiration naman si AYA AMBISYOSA AURING ABESAMIS, a.k.a., “4A”, sa kanyang evening look for BBP 2018:



    • OMG George nagiging Gloriamoranwurztbach 2.0 ka narin ba? Trolling Aya won’t make you pretty.

  13. #Ayamazing and #SpikefortheCrown are the standouts. Muriel is as usual in her element and she looked really good. So hard to ignore. Karen’s face looked divine in this photoshoot although her neck looked really short and her head to body proportion was kinda off.

    I also like Vickie and Ahtisa. Very nice projection without being overly fierce.

  14. Karen’s face alone damn so gorgeous and divine.. Other standouts Catriona,Vickie,Sandra,Muriel,Ahtisa,Sigrid,Eva,Samantha B.,Aya ,Shane,Kayesha,Edgeilyn,Patricia G,Patricia A,Michelle,Aya


    Kung siguro nakita nyo rin yung nag-leak sa FB and twitter, ibang iba to. Mas maganda yuuuuun. Bakit nila pinalitan? 😦

  16. Lovin’ the swimsuits!! Catriona, Sigrid, Aya, and Muriel have eye catching glamshots. I was expecting a fiercer output from the shots, however only few did well.

  17. Review:

    > Not loving the background (too busy) and the OA accessories (too tacky and dated).

    > Not loving the swimsuit. Gold Palara? Seriously? And the styling / cut are not sexy at all.
    Look very constricting – -reminding me of harnesses or chastity belts. Lol.

    > This part of the competition is where we separate the girls from the ladies:

    Catriona looks fantastic. But given her years of training and experience, that is expected.
    Michelle and Vickie as first timers are the real pleasant surprises.
    There are two or three more who look pleasant. But the rest, mediocre.

    So far:

    Miss Universe : Catriona Gray
    Miss International : Michelle Gumabao or Vikie Rushton

    The rest can scramble for the minor crowns.

    World Peace.

    • The accessories are dated but the tacky 90s are coming back that’s why for the first time BBP is actually on trend. The irony.

    • Andami mong sinabai babanggitin mo lng naman pla yung mga favorites mo sa dulo. Lol. World peace 🙂

      • Lol. Ganun talaga – – oara naman may konting analysis at added value. BTW, I don’t have favorites. It can change depending on the part of the competition (ex. swimsuit, press presentation). Thanks.

    • I wanna si Vickie Rushton in MGI and be the 1st Rep to get the MGI crown!

    • Vicky is not a first timer. She’s (relatively) a pageant veteran coming from Mutya ng Pilipinas

  18. # 17 – 20 , best ; I am beginning to like no. 18 rosantonette …

  19. Best shot edjelyn and mj( meaning gumanda sila than usual) – im not going to flatter dahil paborito ko

  20. Daaamn!! — si Michelle ang LEGIT na kalaban ni CAT!! — not Aya! —for a Level A Athlete, such discipline to lose that much weight before the fotoshoot and pageant night!! –WOW!! At di matatawaran ang KUDA SKILLS ni Michelle ha!! — ETO SYA ANG TOTOONG KATAPAT NI CAT… she may have us asking pa for something sa facial departments,.. But hey, kung ang Janine Tugunon nga eh!! —– this Michelle is PEAKING JUST IN TIME FOR THE CORONATION NIGHT!!! — CAT SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN HER A-GAME!!!

  21. Wow!!! I have to say that this is by far their best photo ever. Kudos to bbp and the photographer kung sino man sya. They were able to bring out the best out of these ladies. I like the color of swimsuit gold metallic. The accesories aren’t too much and the background is gorgeous. Hpwever, kahit dito sa photoshoot na to illan parin ang nag stand out, yung iba generic lng ang pose, yung iba naman nakalimutan yata mag sit ups or baka busog nung kinunan to. Nonetheless masasabi nating hnd puchu puchu ang bbp today mukhang ginastosan nmn ng konti. Wis ko talaga yung mga crowns talaga palitan na. Mukha na silang alambreng pina welding lang sa talyer. Good luck ladies!!

  22. Photos that stood out:

    Lighting is perfect on them. Played with their angles just right.

  23. All were equally beautiful and sexy, Judges will take a hard time to decide, better that they required half of the candidates to return next year for 2019 pageant instead of competing this year, too many were future title holder.

  24. I don’t see any fierceness in their shots. Are these the works of Raymond Saldaña? The girls here project like teenybopper actresses posing for notebook covers. Nevertheless, I’ll give appreciation to Michele Gumabao and Vickie Rushton this time. I think they nail it.

    As regards the swimwear, I find it okayish; though, I am wondering why they decided to go for gold instead.

    @Andrew: Look at Anjame here. That’s what I am sayin’. She is too raw.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      My point, some more and sorry if I actually hurt Anjame : I do NOT find her (to be) the MU archetype. Forget thinking about “preparing for future MU”. No, I am NOT saying she is weak in the “comm skills” department and forever will be! She simply isn’t MU material, imo.

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