160 comments on “My Nominations for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

  1. Daming I’ve heard I’ve heard, base on this base on that, according to this according to that, an insider says that and insider heard that… yang tataaaahhhh?????????? di na lang maninindigan ng totoo sa sinusuportahang kandidata, bakla ng taon!? lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Still, CATRIONA ELISA MAGNAYON GRAY, Miss UNIVERSE Philippines 2018.

    ❤ ❤ ❤


    Universe – Colombia
    World – India (BacktoBack)
    International – Indonesia (BacktoBack)
    Earth – Philippines (BacktoBack)
    Supranational – Thailand
    Grand International – Venezuela
    Intercontinental – Colombia
    Globe – Turkey
    United Continents – South Africa
    Reina Hispanoamericana – Australia
    Tourism International – Brazil
    Asia Pacific International – Brazil (BacktoBack)
    Multinational – Philippines (elected already)
    Eco International – Philippines
    Scuba International – Russia
    Tourism Queen International – Belarus
    Tourism Queen of the Year International – Vietnam
    Nature Intercontinemtal – Slovenia
    Supermodel of World – Czechia
    Coffee International – Mexico
    Asia – Thailand
    Pacific Islands – Tahiti
    France – Nord Pas De Calais (Back toBack)
    USA – Texas
    America – Georgia
    Venezuela – Carabobo
    Colombia – Cartagena
    Puteri – Papua
    Femina – Tamil Nadu
    Japan Universe – Okinawa
    Earth Philippines – Davao
    EB Millennials – Cebu
    Mutya – Laguna

    Daw ma buang na koh uy!!!!

  3. Total package pala ha! Itanong natin itong 40 kandidatang ng What is the history of the Philippines? Yung may pinakamatamang tamang sagot ang ipadala sa competition abroad.


      • Mocha has the heart and mind ONLY for Katay Digong out of blind fanaticism plus the emolument and perks as the reward for that allegiance. If you truly love your country, you will not even think of – much less commit – sowing divisiveness, hatred and crassness among your countrymen.

  4. cat – universe and universe only!
    ahtisa – international or runner-up
    karen – international, supra, grand
    eva – intercon, globe
    aya, michelle, and others, manalo or matalo, i do not mind as long as cat wins the universe! 😀

  5. Universe Catriona Gray Fierce
    International Ahtisa Manalo Sweet
    Intercontinental Michele Gumabao Smart
    Supranational Aya Abesamis Sexy
    Grand international Ena Velasco Professional
    Globe Sandra Lemonon Fabulous
    1st Kayesha Chua
    2nd Karen Gallman

  6. Miss Universe: Catriona Gray
    Miss International: Jehza Hueler
    Miss Supranational: Aya Abesamis
    Miss Grand International: Vickie Marie Rushton (potential winner TBH)
    Miss Globe: Karen Gallman or SAndra Lemonon
    1st RU: Michele Gumabao
    2nd RU: Wynonah Buot

  7. Catriona could be the Kylie Verzosa of this batch. Siya yung tipong ineexpect ng lahat to win but settled sa International crown. If ever Catriona gets the top plum, I hope she won’t be like Rachel Peters. Yung wala ng pasabog sa international stage, wala ng aabangan.

  8. My question is, why is Ena Velasco even on the MUP list? hihihihihi

    I am just happy that my favorites #Ayamazing, #SpikefortheCrown Michelle, Muriel, and Wynonah are on our dear blogger’s crown picks….

    Our dear blogger’s post is a double-edged sword for Catriona. He’s saying that he only fits the MUP and failing to do so is a failure on her.

    I think Michelle could be the MUP spoiler cum March 18th? Why? She’s beautiful, transformable and she has wits that remind me of Katarina: spontaneous and not overly rehearsed unlike some of the candidates. She’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of other front runners.

    This RL candidate Sigrid could be another spoiler for any of the crowns, I think beauty grows on you te more you see her so it will depend on her performance that night.

    Karen for MUP? Now that’s interesting. Another petite to compete. And her I like her accent better than the rest of the halfies in this batch.

      • I have her for any, let me say it again, ANY of the crown because I know she will win one.

        But BBP isn’t Miss World Phils where she ran away with the top plum the moment Jonas convinced her. She is still the front-runner but she’s not alone in that pedestal anymore.

        She is in a league of a more competitive set of girls who will fight for the MUP.

      • Catriona Fan, bakit ka ganyan mag-isip? Pag hindi nanalo sasabihin nyo dinaya. Ginagawa mo ba yan sa mga taong ka deal mo na dayain sila? Kasi mga taong mandaraya lang ang makakaisip ng ganyan. .

    • 4m, I know your choice is anyone but Cat
      How can a thick Aussie accent be better than the more universal ones?
      And why call it spontaneous when someone has to pause to translate her Tagalog thoughts to English … and rehearsed when someone thinks and speaks in English ?
      Your sneaky dig at Cat is amusing .
      4m, be brave . Don’t hide under the table

      • No Fabbie, I didn’t say anyone but Cat…hihihihihi Where did you see that? I have my own set of favorites as you know. And if you read my reply to Johnny, I didn’t say anyone but Cat. I still have her as the frontrunner and that is just an OBVIOUS observation..hihihihih

        Being able to speak in English doesn’t entail that the person sounds rehearsed. Rehearsed is all about the content he or she conveys while speaking regardless of the language used.

        Catriona has clear train of thought when she speaks.

  9. Naobserve ko lang, daming thumbs down pag ang comment dito is in favor of candidates other than Catriona. Partida, wala pang sinasabing against kay Cat yung iba.

    WHY? Hahaha

    I also like Catriona. Strong sya talaga. I’d be happy if she wins MUP. Pero di ako magwawala pag di nya nakuha ang MUP.

    Sa dami ng magaganda sa edition na ito, wag asahang lahat e magle-lean towards Cat.

    Crazy fans. Wala sa hulog.

    • They are not crazy, ang pinaglalaban nila ay may sense.nvm the harsh words or kung maka asta eh parang si cat na ang mananalo. Cant blame them. If there are who should blame, It starts From MW to MU. In MW , We knew that cat was cheated bigtime. Yeah they are crazy becoz MU made them crazy, all of us. So whats they are (Cats Fans) fighting for is For The Philippines, For Philippine Pageant industry. They have seen something to cat which MU looking for. yeah there are other beautiful girls and smart girls. But catriona has over all qualities that other girls dont hAve. Qualities which are hard to get/perfect in a short time. Mapaaga man ang MU o hinde. Bbp should be practical. The Philippines MU fans are aiming for MU crown. So they (BBP) should send someone who is MU ready. And I believe that Cat is the right representative for Miss Universe this year. Yang katawan nya kaya i perfect yan into MUish form in a short period of time before the MU.

    • Buti nga thumbs down ang inano sa comment mo dun sa baba kesa pagsalitaan ka ng d maganda o awayin ka. Wala naman umaway sayo don cause maybe naisip nila its a waste of time makipagtalo sa comment mo don. Kaya thumbs down nalang. Kaya nga. may thumbs down and thumbs up button para sa agree o d agree. Natural si cat ang MUP nila pero ikaw iba kahit hinde mo nilait they will give u a thumbsdown. Dont tell me hinde ka nakapag thumbs down

      • Kalma, Jed. Hahaha! Again, observation ko lang yun at hindi lang sa comment ko sa baba. And thanks for speaking out on behalf of those fans.

        I am somehow enlightened – at least sa gamit ng thumbs. Sabagay nga naman, it can be a way para mag-agree/disagree sa comments.

        Kaso…tanong lang…so ano final answer mo, crazy o hindi (the fans) ? Sobrang gigil mo, ang gulo mo. Hahaha. At sana tamang crazy ang iniisip mo kasi.

        Lesson: wag na pansinin ang thumbs. Ngayon ko lang din napansin kasi kaya medyo napa-react ako. Magfocus na lang at makipagdiscuss sa mga commenters na into healthy discussions. 🙂

        Peace! 😀

    • Superman ganyan talaga ang mga fans mag-isip. They only have one frame of mind, and that’s it. You cannot argue with them because they only see their point of view. Anybody who disagrees with them is attacked, maligned, and considered an enemy. So how do you deal with this animal called fan mentality?

  10. Universe: Catriona
    International: Vicky
    Supranational: Michelle
    Grand: Aya
    Intercontinental: Karen
    Globe: Eva

  11. My bets for the crowns are;

    MUP: myself with the flat pwet
    MI: myself with the fake nose
    MS: Myself with fake boobs
    MGI: Myself with fake veneers
    M.INTERCON: myself with plastic surgery.

    I will win everything if only I could afford getting all of the above.

    I am ugly.

    • My Isa pa:

      Miss Globe: Myself with fake personality.

      I really am ugly.

    • Stop eating your own tae, you filthy kadireng Gloria with a face not even a mother could love.

      World peace!!!

  12. puro kayo top picks

    my bottom picks are
    flat puwet Bb number
    fake nose Bb number
    bilbil pa more Bb
    napadaan lang ang fez Bb

  13. My First Top Picks:

    Universe: Catriona Gray
    International: Aya Abesamis
    Supranational: Sam Bernardo
    Grand- Karen Gallman
    Intercontinental: Jehza Huelar
    Globe: Michelle Gumabao

    1st – Sandra L.
    2nd-Wynonah B.

  14. Tito Norms, in respect to you, it really isn’t your obligation to feed our hungry cries for media info with pageants. All I can say is that, this is your blog and you post whatever you want to post. It is an honour for you to let us participate in your discussions. Kudos to you!

    I really think that BPCI, should incorporate some form of home voting system since we are all pageant fanatics.

    1. They will get lots of money out of it especially with one of the Telecom organisations sponsoring them.
    2. We will have some say and it will look like our opinions matter to BPCI
    3. We live in the technological age – Philippines needs keep up with the rest of the universe
    4. Statistically, it will show BPCI who we want to represent us

    That way, it wouldn’t just be about what Madamme Stella’s opinions are but a collective entirety of our country.

    CAT is my MUP.
    That’s what im following mostly.

    • O ayan Mr. Norman, it is an honor for YOU daw to let us participate in your discussion. Utang na loob mo pa ngayon that we are participating. Lol.

      And yes, the Philippines should keep up with the rest of the universe. ( I heard Mars, Venus and the Milky Way are way advanced in technology). Lol.

      World Peace (That is what I am following mostly!!!)

      • You know Thomas, Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour. Unfortunately, it characterises your intelligence, low.

        I’m sure you’re much more sophisticated then that.

        Don’t act as if your opinion matters most. You aren’t that special.


      • Dear Ajax, I mean Ajay,

        I don’t understand why you are questioning my intelligence when it was you who was posting nose-bleed-inducing and hilarious comments (read above. lol).

        > First of all, sarcasm is not the lowest form of humour. It is “punning” (google it na lang. hirap mag explain sa kagaya mo e. Lol.)

        > Sarcastic people are highly intelligent. Sarcasm has nothing to do with intelligence dear.

        > Yes. I am sure I am more intelligent THEN that. I am just adjusting to your level that’s why I talk like this. Lol.

        > Yes. I am not special. I think you are “special”. Very, very special. Lol. I hope you are continuing with your therapy. Lol.

        That is what I am following mostly!!!

        World Peace.

      • The very fact that you have to google your arguments proves that you are not intelligent. Haha my original message was not directed at you so why even bother commenting if there nothing good that is going to come out of it. You are a sadist. Pun that you idiot.

        I dont need to google it. It’s typical psychology, even Cambridge University states that sarcasm is the lowest sense of humour. So stop referring to Google as your main source for information, better yet, go read a book?

        If I have to go to therapy, then you need to go your OBGYN cos you’re overflowing with lack of Witt. Sad, cos you’re a degenerate and it’s starting to show…

        I hope you feel better, Thomas. LOL

        Yeah get to my level. You never will. Hahahahaha

        Bye Felicia!

      • Please learn to proof read if you’re trying to prove to everyone that you can out Witt everyone. Seems like you have something to prove. Hahahaha

        Oh, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

        And stop being a shit stirrer, it’s not a good trait to have.


      • Hi 4M!

        I think he is! He has definitely made his presence known in the pageant scene! He is a business man now, all from his blogs! I think that’s amazing. I may not always agree with his posts but it is fun to read.

        He has done well for himself! Keep it up Tito Norm!


  15. This Bbp edition we will know if sma is after those crowns. Especially sa MU. Malalaman yan sa distribution of titles after coronation night. If she is serious to win the top crown 👑. Andyan na ang MU Packaged na kandidata bakit pa Ipipilit ang paboritas nya? Kung ganyan lang ang gagawin eh i appoint nalang ang mga paboritas nya. Anu pang purpose ng pageant na event na yan eh now a days na tanggap na ang international pageants ng appointed.

  16. How is Ena Velasco related to SMA ba? Why some people are saying theyre eyeing onher for MUP? Hello grabe ung veneers paalis muna pls, it makes her look weird.

    • yes! or join na lang sya sa Miss Australia Universe 2019. O di kaya sa Tawag ng Tanghalan! Har har har!

  17. QUESTION: 1. Is it really true that SMA has a falling-out with A&Q at the onset of Binibini selections?
    2. IF SO, will it affect the chances of the A&Q girls? 3. When are we gonna see the girls in national costume, evening gown, casual wear and swimsuit shot in Bataan?

    • You should ask that question to Jonas Gaffud himself, or if you are friends with Stella ask her. Let’s see if they’ll entertain your queries.

    • 1. Not true, unless either party confirms it. Such rumor sprang during MU2016/17 here in Manila when Jonas Gaffud made close connections with the MUO people, looping out SMA from any of the MU activities. Observers had it that SMA and Jonas have cold treatment with each other after the event. Still, this is not confirmed. If SMA indeed had falling out with A&Q, logic dictates that she would bar any of the A&Q’ girl from joining BbP or vice versa. Besides, BbP would have a hard time getting Pia’s availability in their campaign(s).

      2. Of course not. Last year, some A&Q girls won BbP crowns, and with the A&Q’s good number of pretty ladies in this year’s pageant, I am pretty sure some of them will bring home the crowns.

      3. Just wait. Those will certainly come out not beyond the coronation night.

      Therefore (after your first two questions), stop making speculations.

      That’s all!

    • Prior pa to MU in Manila Yan.

      Ang chicka kc gustong kunin ni Jonas ang franchise ng MU to the extent na dodoblehin pa Niya Yung franchise fee. Siempre, imbiyerna Ang matanda dahil what is Binibini without the MUP sa bakuran niya?

  18. MU: Catriona
    MI: Jehza
    MS: Aya
    MGI: Karen
    MG: Michelle
    MInter: Murielle

  19. Below is an analysis of Mr. Norman’s (direct and indirect) choices:

    1) Ms. Universe Crown: CATRIONA GRAY


    It is only Catriona Gray who got ONE nomination for any of the 5 crowns.
    It is unimaginable for Catriona not to win any crown at all. (I’m sure most will agree with this)

    Therefore, the blogger is indirectly saying that Catriona Gray should win the Ms Universe crown (because there is no other nomination for her)

    2) Ms. International Crown: VICKIE RUSHTON

    Vickie is nominated twice. Ms. International and Ms. Supranational.

    If a candidate is worthy of two or more crowns, she is worthy of the HIGHER crown.

    3) Ms. Intercontinental Crown: PATRICIA GARCIA

    Patricia is nominated twice. Ms. Intercontinental and Ms. Supranational.

    If a candidate is worthy of two crowns or more, she is worthy of the HIGHER crown.

    4) Ms. Supranational : AYA ABESAMIS

    Aya is nominated twice. Ms. Universe and Ms. Intercontinental. Since Catriona will be Ms. Universe (by virtue of her not nominated in ANY other award), and Aya is also Ms. Universe-worthy, then Aya deserves to get the next crown she is nominated in.


    All three are Ms. Universe nominees and yet the next crown the blogger thinks they deserve is Ms. Grand International. Therefore, anyone of them deserves to get Ms. Grand International.

    6) Ms. Globe Crown : MURIEL ORAIS

    Nominated twice: Ms. Intercontinental and Ms. Globe. But since Patrizia Garcia should win Ms. Intercontinental, Muriel should be given Ms. Globe.


    Enquiring minds would like to know who is/ are the “significant others who matter most” that the blogger would like to give a portion of himself or his excesses to be better appreciated. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Haha!

      I’ve been lurking in this blog for more than a year now, and I have always liked your input.

      How about yours? Would you mind sharing us your personal picks for each crown?


      • Dear Paco,

        I am touched. Lol. The feeling is mutual. I also like my inputs. Lol.

        Would I mind sharing my inputs? Yes. I mind. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Correction:

      Aya is nominated for two crowns: Ms. Universe and Ms. Supranational. If the Ms. Universe crown will be given to Catriona, then it is also fair that Aya (who is also worthy of a Ms Universe crown – according to the blogger) should get the next-higher crown she is nominated in.

  20. My top 8 in no particular order. Di ko Ma gets yun nanalo sa Poland at egypt until now
    Ena v
    Eva P
    Catriona g
    Shane Thormes
    Samantha Bernardo
    Karen G.
    Aya a
    Michelle g

  21. If you send Catriona to the Miss Universe pageant, then the same thing will happen to her just like in the Miss World. She will not be crowned Miss Universe, she will be a runner up the most because a more authentic beautiful girl from another country will win. I rest my case.

    • a runner up is always and way better than just being a top 10 semifinalist. 🙂 just saying.

    • And if we send AYA, she will just be a clapper. Simply because she lacks Universal appeal. Just saying.


      • Malay mo, masungkit ni Aya ang hindi nasungkit ng nanay nya noong 1994. Gosh! I hate the word “clapper” It’s like a woman with VD.

      • And Malay Mo, Catriona may win the MU crown. A more higher coveted crown than miss world.

        We will never know.

      • Jeremi, koronang tinik siguro ang pinaka highest. I can’t think of any.

        Ajay, huwag masyadong umasa dahil masakit kung hindi matupad ang mga inaasam-asam nyo.. And besides there are more important things to do than beauty contest. Like paano ba maayos ang traffic situation sa Metro Manila, Paano malulutasan ang unemployment at poverty sa Pilipinas, How do we deal with corruption in the government.

  22. My Final Prediction
    MU-Catriona Gray
    MI-Karen Gallman
    MS-Vickie Rushton
    MIntercon-Muriel Orais
    MGI-Sandra Lemonon
    MG-Michelle Gumabao
    1RU-Aya Abesamis
    2nd-Ahtisa Manalo

  23. Catriona for MUP , convince na ako sa kanya unlike before na feeling ko overrated siya masyado but i have changed my mind, She is deserving for the MUP crown. I love candidate na independent at walang camp, let us see kung mag unite ba ang AQ,KF ,RL to help her sa international pageant .

    • Catriona is over rated as a singer. I heard her sing in the Bench Universe fashion show in 2013. You know those type of singers who can sing but not really that great. So so lang.

      • How cute the comment is, Nonoy Suma. Hihihi!

        Sometimes, irrelevance makes relevance. Hahaha!

        That’s all!

    • star, Catriona is with A&Q still. Haven’t you seen Jonas’s post before she gave her application? hihihihi

  24. My top 7
    MU – Catriona Gray
    MI – Ahtisa Manalo
    Sandra Lemonon
    Wynonah Buot
    Kayesha Chua
    Jehza Huelar
    Juliana Kapeundl

    • @ gloria : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      You are the one who got the flat (fake) bilbil? Odd… Please share with us how that was done…

  25. I don’t care with the rest of the crowns, basta si CAT ang MUP, I am good.

  26. MU: Catriona Gray
    MI: Jehza Huelar
    MS: Sandra Lemonon/Muriel Orais
    MGI: Karen Gallman
    MIC: Vickie Rushton
    MG: Aya Abesamis

  27. Michele Gumabao is still my MUP as of the moment. Opinion ko lang naman. Grabe ang improvements – ang sarap abangan.

    Catriona is my Miss International. Sure crown ito.

    My Miss Supranational is Aya. Pretty asian that can move.

    I’d like Wynonah in Miss Grand Intl. Ipush ang classy and clean sa pageant na toh. Okay din ang voice para sa stop the war speech.

    Miss Intercon and Miss Globe- kahit sino na…hahahaha! Parang malaking joke is intercon…sa globe naman, kayang kaya ng pinay magstandout sa pageant na ito.

    Alternates: MURIEL(gorgeous), Karen, Ahtisa (ganda din nito), Kayesha, Jehza, Eva

    Mga pwedeng spoilers: Trixia, Sofia Baino, Binibinis 7 to 9…tsaka si Bb40!

    Daming magaganda sa batch na ito! Sali na lang uli next year!!!

    • I heard from a Bb insider that Catriona is not a favorite but she will get a crown nonetheless or a runner up position.

      • If that’s truly the case, then just place her as a runner-up this year instead of not crowning her the Miss Universe Philippines title.

        Oh well, that’s just my preference, and to each his own. But you know, whatever will be, will be.

      • You heard? Daming “I heard.” dito which in reality you just made up hahaha!!

      • Parang si Gloria Lang… she reader of fake news…. ha ha ha

        So easy to spread rumors and lies nowadays.

    • I really wouldn’t mind Michelle too. She just need to get rid of those nasty veneers that are unnecessary.

      • Agree, 4M! Or sana she’ll be able to get used to it before the pageant night para di awkward tignan pag nagsasalita…

      • She also needs to improve her walk and twirl. She has so much potential. She would be a great representative for MU.

        I also love her athletic background. With women empowerment focus, I think a sporty candidate would make a great background for her. Physically strong with a heart…hihihihih

  28. Miss Universe Philippines – Catriona Gray
    Bb. Pilipinas International – Jehza Huelar
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational – Andrea Abesamis
    Bb. Pilipinas Grand International – Karen Gallman
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – Sandra Lemonon
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe – Michele Gumabao
    First Runner-up – Ahtisa Manalo
    Second Runner-up – Eva Patalinjug

    Universe – Catriona ; Karen
    International – Eva ; Ena ; Kayesha ; Vickie
    Supranational – Aya ; Michelle ; Sandra ; Jehza ; Stephanie ; Patrizia ; Anjame ; Karen ; Eva
    Grand – Aya ; Sandra ; Jehza ; Patrizia ; Catriona ; Vickie
    Intercontinental – Jehza ; Aya ; Anjame
    Globe – Michelle ; Jehza ; Ahtisa

    Universe – Catriona Gray
    International – Ena Velasco
    Supranational – Karen Gallman
    Grand International – Sandra Lemonon
    Intercontinental – Aya Abesamia
    Globe – Jehza Huelar

    Universe – Aya Abesamis
    International – Karen Gallman
    Supranational – Ena Velasco
    Grand International – Catriona Gray
    Intercontinental – Michelle Gumabao
    Globe – Stephanie Abellanida

    • Naku vaklah, bakit magkaka iba tayo ng listahan ng favourite ng Reyna. Clue.. di nagcrown ng fungok Ang Reyna unless inglisera. Runner up lang pag kinulang sa cherifer kahit anong dyosa pa nyan

      • Tumpak ka baklush!!! Pia, Parul, Clenci, MJ, mga punggok pero ingkesserah!!! Globe lang naman saken si Jehza baklush kaya pagbigyan na!!! charot!! magbabago pa yang choice ko

    • Veks rumors say that SMA has Ena Velasco for MUP, hence our dear blogger’s inclusion of her name on his list.

  30. If this girl joins Miss Thailand 2018 and gets the chance to represent her country in MU2018, I am sure it’s going to be Thailand and Philippines (granting Cat wins MUP) in the final two! Magandang laban ‘to ‘pag nagkataon.

    • TOP 2???? Top 5 lang highest possible placement nyan!!! Zero chance na makakasagot yan ng matino sa Top 5 Q&A. Back to Zero kaya ang scoring ng muo sa Q&A judging!!!!

      • Baklah, malay ba nating nag-improve na ang hitad na ito sa kanyang Q&A skills n’ya. She already graduated from college with the degree in Business Administration. Tsaka may interpreter naman. That’s all!

      • I also love Michelle Gumabao, Jeremi. I like her sweet but athletic personality. She is one of a kind. However, my gutfeel says she will hardly clinch the MUP crown due to the fact that Catriona joins BbP to win MUP, and Michelle is there to lose MUP. I may be wrong, but I stand firm with my prediction.

        Anyway, I still respect your view.

        That’s all.

      • Hi Ana I understand you are and will always be a Catriona supporter it’s just that I prefer Michelle over her for MUP. There is something in the way she answers questions that gives off raw spontaneity, not the usual language we’ve been hearing from beauty pageant contestants. She is a breath of fresh air. She is well-versed and a good conversant too.

      • I agree with your opinion, Jeremi. It is somehow refreshing to watch a beauty queen an out-of-the-box spontaneous answer in a beauty contest, and I can sense that Michele does that. On the contrary, we have witnessed Catriona answer her Miss World final question very pageant patty, but with sincerity. However, we have yet to see if Cat will do the same on March 18. Knowing her preparations and determination to win MUP, I believe she will do a different strategy this time, for I know Cat reads and accepts constructive criticism.

        Don’t get me wrong. I am favoring Cat very much because of her capacity and ability to represent us well in MU, plus the fact that she has already established a fan base locally and internationally. Simply put, otherwise stated, it is the totality of winnability I am referring about. With that, we can continuously make it in MU no matter how equally strong other candidates of other nations are.

        That’s all!

  31. grand International – so far I’m looking at Karen G. feeling ko yan ang arrive na babagay doon. im not expecting to have our MGI soon dahil nga feeling ko ginagamit na lang tayo ni Nawat. LOL pero why not.. malay natin si Karen G na nga ito.

    or si Aya din, why not. exotically beautiful.

  32. MU – Michelle Gumabao
    MI – Ahtisa Manalo
    Supra – Aya Abesamis
    Globe – Jehza Huelar
    Grand – Catriona Gray
    Intercon – Wynonah Buot


      ^ Nagpapapansin na naman ang baklang engot na to!

      Wala kasing pumapansin sa totoong buhay…

      [Kung pinapansin man, dinuduraan lang sa kalsada.]

    • I do not have a problem with this list at all….hihihihi
      This could be the lethal combo we need to get a lot of crowns this year. I would love Jehza to be MIP though.

  33. Michelle G should win MUP. She is fresh , athletic not pageant Betty. Her beauty will be more appreciated than Cat’s in the international stage . She spontaneous and less calculating than Cat.
    I love cat and she is stil the front runner but Michelle will be MUO favored contestant.

  34. Wag sanang manaig ang NEPOTISMO sa BBP, kasi, pag si 4A ang nanalo… GARANTISADONG SA MISS U AY TALO!

  35. Catriona is BbPU 2018 and MU2018 crown is just 33.33% away because she is MU top 3 for sure.

    I will sympathize with Rushton, Huelar, Patalinjug, and Galman if they do not get 4 of the 5 remaining crowns, so I hope they all do win.

    For the last and 6th crown, I hope they give it to somebody who is truly deserving and cannot join anymore next year because of age restriction.( 25 or 26- year olds)

    Runners up: young, bright and can join again and deserving… my vote goes to Ahtisa and Anjame

    • She can join Miss Australia. Baka manalo pa sya doon tutal half australian naman sya.

  36. Unbiasedly And biasedly Catriona should win MUP. The rightful successor of outgoing MUP2017 Rachel Peters. Many will not agree But hey! In over all this girl is aiming to represent our Country over herself. Admit it or not she is MU Packaged. Almost complete since only her body is the problem but it can be transformed. She is near to perfection. Madamme should be practical. Her biggest target should be Miss Universe again and not MI so she should send catriona in MU this year. We are not very sure that we will win this year but we will have at least enough confident to say that we will have a greater chance if we will send Catriona in MU. Just look at this girl and you will know why her. if pili ang gagawin ni madamme sa pag distribute ng title. She should give Catriona the MUP crown. Be practical ika nga. We already won 2 MI with in 3 years and i dont think MIO will give us back the crown again even how much deserving our representative. But para sure na din talga Catriona for Miss Universe dapat shes more MUish.

    On Miss International i want jehza or ahtisa. But athisa is so kylie V. So i want jehza to grab the MIP. alternate is Aya if her age is still qualified. shes so japanese with that beauty kahit hinde maputi as natural japanese. She can give us another top 5 placement or MI crown again as long as gusto ng MIO na koronahan ulit tayo. 2nd alternate is Vickie. Not so strong facially but she has that angelic beautiful face. I like her beauty during Jag photo and during talent competition. May spark ang mata nya na pang MI talaga.

    Supranational i give it to Aya, she can move, i mean she has that vibes of supranational moves. She can dance. Sakto lang hinde trying hard na parang magtatambling na.
    Plus shes a model and may segment ang supranational na parang top model to determine the top 5. They are for fashion so aya is a good choice for supranational. Alternate, sandra lemonon. Pak din for supranational feel mo din ang energy sa kanya with that sexy body.

    MGI Sandra lemonon. hinde ko alam kung anong uri na ng babae ang ipapadala natin. Parang d maintindihan si uncle nyo after he wasted nicole and elizabeth. Pero typ din ni nawatt ang kung anong meron sya. Parang may Pagka ariska ang.dating/ vibes nya. Parehong sexy. She can speak thai that nawatt will surely love. Alternate, Karen Gallman. Pak din sa hinahanap ni nawatt. May pagkalatina din naman.

    Intercontinental , isa pa tong d mo ma gets. Mas worst kesa MGI. Dapat upgrade kay katarina or same level. Pero pwede na din ung basta may mai send lang tayo ok na. Nakakapagod na din naman ang pageant na to. So i think pwede na si jehza uwian na sila sa contact lens nya lels. Jehza will surely love what ever title basta makarampa sa international pageants bago mag pakasal. Pero pamatay din naman ang ganda nito. May laban din naman sa intercontinental. Basta alagaan lang ni Jonas ng mabuti.

    Globe, Michelle or Wynona or Ena

    Runner ups – Anjame, Samantha B or Wynona.

    Thats all for now. Pahiram din ng world peace ✌️.

  37. Question: Magpapa-contest pa kaya si Tito Norms ng predictions for the BbP 2018 winning circle? My goshie! Sasali talaga ako, at ‘pag win ako, makikita n’yo na rin ang real Ana Winter sa winner edition ng mga post ni Tito Norms!

    If ever, sasali ba kayo Fabbie, Bong, Thomas, 4M, Morena, Jed, Jackie, Miss Tissa, etc.? Hihihihi!

    That’s all.

    • Hi Ana, I want to join 🙂

      here’s mine:

      Catriona – Miss Philippines Universe
      Vickie – BBP International
      Aya – BBP Supranational
      Jehza – BBP Intercontinental
      Stephanie – BBP Grand International
      Michelle – BBP Globe

      Runners up: Eva, Karen

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      • We almost got the same, BiZackle! Cheers, dahlin’, cheers!

        Let’s wait for Tito Norm’s announcement on the palaro. Hihihi!

    • Hi ms Ana, sasali ako. But sana top 6 or top8. Yung contest. Di ko magamay mold ng supra at intercon. If mukhang comedian( supra) or di nagsusuklay intercon

      • Go for gold, jackiey! Wait natin announcement ni Tito Norms. Hihihi!

    • Yes Ana Winter dear! Kung walang pacontest ako magpapacontest!!! hihihihih
      Join ako kahit ithuthumbs down ang vetsina ko! hihihihih

    • Ana Winter, I think there should be two ways of getting points, 1 point for every correct candidate predicted to win in a crown and additional 5 points if you guessed the right crown of your entries.

  38. Kahit man lang 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% ng ganda ni Desiree Verdadero, kataka-takang di namana ng anak niya.

    Totoo nga ba ang tsismis na in-adopt ni Desiree ang anak ni Madam Auring sa pagkadalaga?

    Wag na sanang pagpilitan pa. Diyusme!

    • kung pilita corales bigyan ng korona, best for her is intercontinental since kamukha nya yung Thailand na from nowhere bigla kinoronahan nalampasan pa si kris tiffany hanson. Dun cya bagay I guess.

    • I find Aya beautiful and charming naman, although I think she’s more suited for MI or Ms. I still feel good about the idea of Cat as MUP.

  39. Miss Universe Philippines 2018 is Binibini 20, Catriona Gray!

    ❤ fierce and love!


    • Bwahahaahaha

      I just can’t deal.

      This comment made me laugh so hard!!

      PIA – IRIS – DEMI – CATRIONA: The names of each winner compliment the Miss Universe brand.

      PIA – IRIS – DEMI – AYA(W): Goodbye Miss Universe Brand, hello to Miss Divisoria Galaxy Palenka Bayan.

  41. Here’s mine:

    Universe: Michele, Aya, Catriona
    International: Catriona, Vicky, Ahtisa, Jehza
    Grand: Catriona, Jehza, Ena, Eva, Gallman
    Supra: Gallman, Catriona, Aya, Wynonah, Sandra
    Intercon: Gallman, Catriona, Ena, Aya, Jehza, Sandra
    Globe: Catriona, Muriel, Sandra, Ena, Aya, Jehza, Eva


  42. UNIVERSE – Catriona
    INTERNATIONAL -Michele/Eva
    GRAND – Aya/Karen/Muriel
    SUPRA – Eva/Jehza/Vickie
    INTERCON – Ena/Michele
    GLOBE – Muriel/Ena/Eva

  43. Just like my list, I place Cat in MUP alone. If she gets any minor crown than MUP, then greatest injustice would have been committed again in the pageant history (just like how she got it in MW2016). My statement is not conditioning pageant enthusiasts in case contradictory result comes out on March 18. We see it pristine clear from the inception of BbP (the longest I know) that Cat has got what it takes to be MUP. Nothing more, nothing less.

    My other bets for the BbP crowns:

    *Vickie Rushton – Her beauty screams International (although originally I had Muriel for it, but I thought her age would not make her in the circuit).
    * Aya Abesamis – She is Supra locked in for me. Her Filipina look will be “patok” in this Europe-based pageant.
    *Michelle Gumabao – Globe locked in. She resembles my favorite Nelda Ibe.
    *Ena Velasco – Intercontinental. Who knows? She might rock this pageant with her beautiful body.
    *Muriel Orais – gandang pang-Grand.

    That’s all!

    • This is not a dig; but what’s your basis when you say it would be injustice if Cat doesn’t win MUP? Did the competition happen yesterday, did I somehow miss the finals?

      I doubt that I will get a sensible answer; my comment will probably just get a lot of thumbs downs. I wonder what Catriona feels with such patronizing comments like this one – hopefully she’s smart enough to shrug it off.

      Just saying.

      To Norm – I’ve been a long time follower of your blog. I sometimes disagree with your choices but I never doubt your fairness. It’s disheartening to see some obnoxious and down right crude comments from some of your followers.

      • Read carefully before you comment, my dear. I used “if”, ergo, it is hypothetically emphasized. That means no “competition happen[ed] yesterday”! Kaloka ka.

        If you can’t see Cat’s potentials to be the next MUP, then that’s your problem.

        That’s all!

      • Asian in NJ, ambobo mo the ha.

        Sabi mo sa taas: I doubt that I will get a sensible answer
        Sabi mo sa sumunod na reply: i’m still waiting for a sensible reply.

        Sarap mong sampalin ng martilyo. TSE!

    • Madam, I kinda agree with the list except for Muriel for MGI. I prefer Sandra or Karen dito. Diba heavy kasi ito sa Q&A and speech… Baka mas keri ni Sandra or Karen and MGI ipanalo than Muriel. Yun lang.

      • Noted, YK. I may agree with your defense. Maganda naman talaga si Sandra, kulang lang sa paaaaak! I am still waiting for her pasabog. On the other hand, Karen has to convince me a little more. In my honest observation lang naman, she looks pretty but mature. Let’s see if she rocks the BbP stage on March 18. And, if she gets one of the crowns, then I’d be happy, basta ‘wag lang MUP (because you know already why). That’s all, dahlin’.

  44. Catriona Gray: Gandang di na kailangang ipaliwanag.

    Aya Ambisyosa Auring Abesamis, a.k.a. “4A”: Gandang di talaga kailangan ng sinuman.

    • magpakamatay ka kapag nanalo si Aya. hindi man nya makuha BbU, reserved na sya ng isang korona. MGI si Ms. Gray, dahil target ni SMA na mapanalunan ang kauna unahang MGI crown. NEVER ibibigay ni SMA ang top crown sa kandidata na title holder ng kalaban nyang patimpalak.

      • Gloria Moran Ebak with a new alias….. haaay….. siraulo na talaga. May sayad na.

  45. BBP International – I’m thinking of Ayesha and Jehza. yung mga fez nila parang mga manika. na super sweet, delicate tas balingkinitan. feeling ko yun ang papatok sa japan. Vickie also can be BBP International but they need to look her waaaay younger than how she styles herself right now. parang masyado siyang mature tignan sa looks niya sa BBP.

    Samantha Bernardo and Eva can also be considered for the BBPi title.

    BBP Supra – looking at Sandra Lemonon, Edj Gamboa and Aya. pwede rin si Ena kung ipu-push niyo talaga. LOL total press presentation pa lang, daming paandar ni ate. charot.

  46. My ideal placement

    MU-Catriona Gray- She is Miss Universe.
    MI- Athisa Manalo- Young Fresh Articulate w/ Eurasian doll-like Anime features. A great personality that could please the Japanese org.
    MIC- Muriel Orais- beautifull face w/ well proportioned petite body common among past winners of the pageant… Being a flight attendant, she is a people pleaser that could get along w/ the different culture and nationalities.
    MS-Aya Abesamis – An articulate girl w/ Exotic Filipina features that would surely standout in Europe. She has an indearing personality that would be loved by the organizers.
    MG- Michelle Gumabao- well educated, very articulate, initialy popular candidate localy w/ a very likeable personality who could potentialy be tapped by the pageant org for future business opportunities.
    MG- Patrizia Garcia- Exotic Filipina features simillar to Ann Colis but w/ better comskills… She could also be a hit in Europe w/ a pleasant personality to match.

    Alternates /Runner Ups:

    Vicky Rushton
    Karen Gallman
    Jehza Huelar

  47. MUP:

    Aya – yung ganda kasi niya depende sa titingin. LOL i mean i find her beautiful but depende sa style, sa make up.. may araw na ordinary lang. Her beauty resembles Maxine’s… pero kinulang. LOL pero pwede rin naman siya if looks ang pag uusapan, they can reinvent her looks, her style, etc. problema ko lang is the comm skills. she can talk – definitely. but she can just talk. watched her web interview and poolside q&a after the press presentation.. hindi makarating sakin ang mga sinasabi niya. LOL parang monotonous ang dating. parang nagbabasa lang siy nga script. parang ganon.

    Catriona – need I say more? LOL I mean we all know she will do well as MUP. Kung ang problem nio lang is her physique, that’s easier to work out than comm skills, public speaking lalo na ang personality! plus may advocacy, may charity works. pasok sa banga!

    I just feel that Demi is super duper gorgeous, hindi pwedeng downgrade ang ipapadala natin. dapat i level natin or mas malagpasan pa ang standards. if you notice, ang last 3 winners ng IMG (Pia, Iris and Demi) – mga gandang hindi mo kailangan i defend. i explain.

  48. Best of luck girls, mark my word AYA will not be MUP…. just take a note from Liliana indo… may not be Catriona to get the top plum but surely neither AYA…. still my MUP Meow Meow…

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