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  1. it maybe true na hindi naman nakakadagdag ng physical na ganda ang gown. Pero nakakaboost kasi ng confidence yun pag alam mong magandang maganda yung gown na suot mo. I remember in one of Shamcey’s interview she said na feel nya daw ang ganda ganda nya kasi yung mga co-candidates nya todo puri sa gown nya (kahit hand-me down lang ni Barraza yun) kaya pak todo awra ang lola nyo. So see? The gown matters for the wearer herself kasi naboboost yung confidence nya to perform better on stage

  2. Well minsan mahirap din Michael Cinco ang gown mo pero hindi ka makakapasok sa Top 25 sa Coronation night like last year. Remember Miss Russia Michael Cinco ang evening gown nya sa coronation night pero hindi man lang cya nakapasok sa Top 16 sa Miss Universe 2017.

  3. Hindi komo dinamitan sila ng designer gowns ibg sabihin gaganda na sila, hindi rin komo dinamitan sila ni Mr. Cinco eh mananalo na sila. Nasa nag susuot padin yan. At ang bbp utak, katawan at ganda ang labanan. Hindi modeling o fashion show. Pero gudluk padin sa mga girls. World peace:):)

      • Yeah daming designer na magaling. Daming arte Michael Cinco kuno. Eh nasa candidata yan hindi sa designer. Daming pautot.

      • We all know why Valerie did not place high even if she performed well. Come on. Puro kayo nega. Mga nega!!!

  4. I thought that this article is about MALEFICENT upon seeing the first pic. Lol.

    I don’t know Anna Winter, for me this post is still a “praise release” for an upcoming show masquerading as a blind item. A clickbait if you will ask me.

    World Peace.

    • Sordaf, Thomas. It’s in the guise of a juicier item to appease (daw o!) me or us. But, I still give benefit of the doubt to the article… and the blogger. It might have a shade of truth. That’s all!

  5. A-ha! Our favorite blogger has quickly responded to my call yesterday–to post a juicier article vis-a-vis the BbP activities. Thanks for that, Tito Norms. Well appreciated.

    On a hindsight, we can accept the impalpable excuse on why “such a candidate” will no longer wear a masterpiece from the A-list Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco himself. Yes, it’s a little risky to dress a BbP candidate whose destiny on the finals night remains uncertain. If I were on Michael’s shoes, I would also think twice. For an internationally well-known Filipino designer joining a roster of locally recognized designer in BbP pageant is impalpably a no-brainer. I mean, what is the brand he has established for?

    Nevertheless, I would love to think that–being the Filipino pride himself–M5 should have made an arrangement with the BPCI bigwigs that whoever gets the top plum on March 15 will get to wear his creations in the Miss Universe pageant. It’s about time for our rep in the most prestigious beauty pageant to wear his creations. Zuhair Murad has dressed Misses Lebanon in Miss Universe, so why can’t M5? Or, on another note, why not dress up BbP finalists (which therefore means a pre-pageant should be held first, so top 10 or 15 candidates would wear M5 creations) on the coronation night so that the audience would witness his superb creations and not the tacky gowns usually being paraded on the evening gown portion. Foremost now that most Filipinos have given interest on this national pageant, I think it’s high time for BPCI to level up the game!

    By the way, to answer the blind item on who among the BbP 2018 candidates would have scheduled to fit a M5 gown, my guess is Catriona Gray for the following obvious reasons:

    1. She is the most-talked about candidate on social media and pageant blogs internationally and locally, such that to dress her up is more of an advantage to abuzz the enthusiasts in the fashion world.
    2. She still has A&Q links, which camp is well associated with the famous designer.
    3. She is a topnotch model who already ramped M5’s creation in a fashion show.
    4. She is the Miss Universe Philippines.

    That’s all!

    • ” I would love to think that–being the Filipino pride himself–M5 should have made an arrangement with the BPCI bigwigs that whoever gets the top plum on March 15 will get to wear his creations in the Miss Universe pageant” Feasible ito kasi nga PIA and IRIS wear M5 creation during final walk and handover of the crown.

      • Hmmm hindi pa parang assuming naman masyado ganyang galawan. Hit or miss din yan Michael Cinco just like other designers. Atsaka nasa nagsusuot pa din. Remember Barraza circa 2010-2014? Hahahhaha

  6. Who wears who?

    Does it matter?

    As if naman naka-flash sa screen yung name ng designer comes the evening gown competition?

    At the end of the day, it is still boils down as to how the candidate carries the gown with confidence. Tignan niyo si MJ, even her eyes screams, “take this fucking gown out of my body!” Still, she manage to carry it with confidence!

  7. Where are Almodal, Lhuiller, Laurel, Dulce and other talented designers?

  8. I think this is cat gray! They are following each other sa IG. And with the rumors circulating that it would be Mak who will be designing her gown comes finals, maybe this BI is just very timely. Val who wore Cinco’s gown in MW is Cat’s bff so another connection. I could be wrong but for sure M5 will dress more popular candidates like aya, karen, vickie, michelle if it is not really cat.

  9. My gawd akala mo naman guarantee na pag ang candidate ay magusuot ng Michael Cinco gown wh sure winner na. Hello Valerie Weighman on Miss World. Duh



      Mayro’n na bang na-contribute dito sa blog na `to na significant ang baklang panget na Jeremi-mi Jagpal na to?


    • Dude you seriously like to take things out of context don’t you? You sound so freaking threatened!

      This blog is about who will be designing the gownand NOT the assumption that if they wear Michael Cinco, they will automatically win!

      You have such a bad attitude! You sound like whiney little bitch. Seriously Jeremi, shut the fuck up!

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  10. So jearsond did Catriona’s national costume. the same designer who did Clenci’s for MGI. sabi niya, when she saw Cat, naisip niya agad ‘ROYALTY’.. im thinking this is going to be a maranao princess? gold e.. though i wanted to see cat wearing a Filipiniana or traje de mestiza. lol

  11. Cat in Leo Almodal is simply stunning.

    View this post on Instagram

    Leo Almodal Haute Couture @leoalmodal http://WWW.ALMODAL.COM Model: @catriona_gray Photographer: @ahleks4u Make Up Artist: @sharmsdecastro.mua And special thanks to @bragaisshoes Stylist: @styledbypatrickhenry Fashion Coordinator: @richardsumait +639175365401 viber/whatsapp/line #almodal #leoalmodal #leoalmodalhautecouture #hautecouture #missworldphilippines #queen #beautyqueen #missworld #gown #eveninggown #receptiongown #receptiondress #seconddress #hollywood #tinghun #engagementdress #bridal #bridalgown #wed #wedding #weddinggown #pageantgown #designer #weddingdress #redcarpet #glamour #diamond #crystals #fringe

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  12. I can only think of the Gray Cat on your blind item, Sir Norman . . . True or not, your lips are sealed and I know you won’t spill the beans, or, it will be total chaos . . . 🙂

  13. Aya in a M5 creation when she gets crowned as MUP? What do you guys think?

    Ready na ba kayo? Ready na ba ang Araneta Coliseum mawalan ng bubong? 😉

      • Ang bagay, eh yung Jeremi-mi Jagpal na dinuduraan lang sa kalsada ng mga kapwa niya iskwater sa Bangladesh.


    • Ayadub wearing the MUP Sash!! — ano yan? — Patpong Pataworn Patthawa?? — her Web Interview skills and Blank stare ay insulto sa level na nasimulan na ni Venus Raj!!—di hamak mas maganda pa nga si Charmaine Elima sa kay Yayadub Ayy-it’s-a-miss!! —Kung Burning Desire man lang, sooo much is at stake para kay Cat,.. Imagine mo from a TOP 5 Ms. World finish,.. Babalik ka sa Zero again at makipagsalpukan sa mga national at newbie contenders!! –DAMN!! -Ain’t that STEEL DETERMINATION to get the Crown for our country?? — HINDI BAHAG ANG BUNTOT NI PUSA!!! — LALABAN SYA REGARDLESS OF!! –at WAPAK ang Advocacy ni Cat!! –Need i say more on that?? –eh ang Ayataporn Wang?? — Magugustohan ba ni Shugart ang puro Mowdelling at Mowdelling lang!??? — ASAN ANG PAGIGING CREDIBLE SPOKESPERSON NYAN???? — josko mga Besh,.. Naungosan na nga tayo ng Thailand for 2 straight years lately,.. tama na ang mga mukhang Thesis beauty!! We need a Mega Alpha-level na glamazona!! At hindi na takot sa Q&A!!!! – Goddess Catriona is the Only one fit for the Crown!!!


        Let’s be real here. I have grown to appreciate Aya’s beauty. She is beautiful. Her smile is captivating and she is exotic. Is it enough to take the MUP crown? Heck No!

        If Aya takes home the MUP crown, there goes the Philippines beauty power house credibility. This is my opinion and others may think otherwise and I will respect that however, Thailand is the hungry Asian country and they know who to send. They now understand the mold of candidates they need to send to Miss Universe.

        We need to match if not, surpass that to get our presence back in Miss Universe.

        Cat can do just that!

  14. It’s Queen Jehza ang dapat damitan ni MC pero it doesn’t guarantee na Best in Gown na ang dinamitan ni MC kc meron pang magagaling din na designers sa Pinas😋
    I want ateng Leo Almodal ang magdamit kay inday and show her body curves and deadly legs and I’m sure taob lahat kahit c MC pa yan hihihi.
    JawsKuh, lavanan ng mga dating prinsesa ng Dubai hihiji 😄 cherette.

  15. You can’t deny the truth.

    Philippines will have its first ever Cinco gown showcased during the evening gown competition this year.

    Now the only remaining piece is the announcement of Vegas as the host city.

    Cat’s perfect timing is unfolding.

  16. Fake boobs.
    Fake teeth.
    Fake smile.
    Fake accent.
    Fake skin.

    Unahan ko na si gmw before may cancer brought about that microorganism which mutated from another microorganism from the kingdom of ebak na umatake sa discussion.

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  17. Mas bagay kay AVA to. Prominent ang balikat and with her small waist. Kaaya-ayang sadya.

  18. There is no way Michael Cinco is going to risk his name on a candidate who’s chances of winning is slim to none.
    Given this is MC, this girl needs to have tremendous connections or has a direct connection with MC.

    With that, I can only include Catriona and Aya on the list. Michelle G is working with Nat Manilag I think.

    However, when our dear blogger said “risk”, I am going to lean more towards Aya because supporting Cat is really considered a low-risk proposition. She is the front runner and it’s really hard come up with excuses against her if she loses.

    With Aya however, there is this question of whether she’ll have the nerves of steel come Q&A and risk the humiliation by supporting a candidate that has no track record in pageantry. So MC probably does not want to be a laughing stock for putting his name on the losing side. However, the reward for supporting her could be tremendous.

    Who’s your guesses veks?

      • Mariam yes I am supporting Aya, but I am just giving a more objective analysis on who this girl might be. I tried to set aside my biased point of view for the sake of a good conversation.

        Let’s all be honest here. Nobody wants to be on the losing side of things. We want out bets to win and Aya has tremendous pressure given her pedigree. Catriona also has the pressure given her MW stint but since we have an idea on how Cat (MWP and MW), there is no doubt that she will perform within expectations. Aya however has not proven she has the nerves to steel esp during Q&A.

      • Point proved. Other than Cat or Aya, I hope that it’s someone low-key. Aya has the connections through her mom and so does Cat given her work experience with M5 hence it’s going to be either of them after all. I always allow myself to bd updated of the ganaps in IG of M5, Cat or Aya cause this case for me is as serious as that of Benjamin Button’s. Trends have it that the lady who wins Best in Long Gown is the eventual winner of MUP or MIP with the exception of Jen Hammond in 2016. So excited.

      • Mariam, I’d love to see an underdog in a Cinco creation during the pageant night. Albeit it seems impossible without the right connections, these ladies would most certainly look good in a M5 as well:

        Patrizia Garcia
        Stephanie Joy Abellanida
        Trixia Marana
        Kayesha Chua
        Sandra Lemonon

      • Hihihihih! To be honest it’s really not a bad move to not wear M5. Wearing a M5 will become more of a distraction than help as everyone will critique the way she carried the gown and National Costume. That pretty much goes for all the girls.

    • I think Madam SMA wants Michele’s gown changed from red to white. So many candidates wearing red na kasi.

    • IG stories are speculating that Catriona’s evening gown will be a Mak Tumang creation.

      Re: connections – Aya and Catriona both have it as they’ve been in the modeling industry. Mrmanila posted below the IG story of Catriona in a Michael Cinco creation. Cat looks divine. I’d love to see Catriona model another Michael Cinco gown but in a different silhouette.

      However, I’m leaning towards Aya. If she’ll wear a Michael Cinco gown this March 18th, it will definitely help her bag one of the crowns. With Aya’s model walk and Cinco’s superb design/cut – this is a strong combo that will surely help her grab the attention of the judges.

  19. It was supposed to be Catriona. Cat walked the runway for M5 wayback in 2013. M5 posted it on his ig stoy. Then i messaged him that sana he can dress up Catriona. I have been longing to see an m5 creation sa BBP na suot ng binibini – not the host.

    He just replied “❤️❤️❤️❤️“

    Sayang naman if hindi matutuloy. Hindi naman to gown competition but showcasing the creations of all filipino designers. Btw, saw a photo of Cat wearing m5.

  20. Michael Cinco is Michael Cinco but other local designers would give a good fight and deliver too. I have a gutfeel that the gown to be worn by a certain Binbini by M5 is something recycled and I think it’s going to be the red ball gown worn by Miss Russia in Miss Universe 2017. The gown was amazing and an eye-catcher at that. It deserved to be showcased then but sadly Russia missed the cut.

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