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    • no offense but u should be able to distinguish photos that are either edited or raw. There’s something going on with towards how her feet looks too elongated up to her legs. Her shadow proves it which can be seen in the far left part of the photo. As searched, it said she’s only 5’5!


    Not sure kung si Merlat ang nakita ko. Nanonood ako ng THE BLOOD SISTERS starring Erich Gonzales atm. At nagulat ako na ung isang babae na one of Erich friends sa seryeng ito ay pamilyar at mukhang binibini shundedeyt! Four to five times din sya nag appear sa ibat ibang scenes at may very short script pa actually, eto pa may name role pa ang bebe na to, pangalan nya sa serye is ANDREA!!!

    Sino ang kafeslak ng girl na to sa mga binibini shundedeyt? well the role name speaks for itself..
    Sa pagkakaalam ko na disqualified si Christine Balaguer noong 2015 dahil sa MMK episode nya. what do u think guys at ninang Norms?? madeskwalefy ba si Aya??!

      • Walang problema kung walang kontrata at hindi naka locked out si Aya sa Blood Sisters. Sa tingin ko arawan lang sya gaya ng ibang umeeksta sa show.

    • Veks anong rule to? Bawal ba maggigs ang Binibinis? That would be interesting and another fail for Binibini if ever.

      • Di ba contract conflict na RULE sa BPCI???
        Halfway naren nang na dethrone si Balaguer given na hindi nag appear sa tv si Balaguer pero may contract kasi siya sa MMK kaya sya na disqualify.
        Etong si Aya may role talaga sya at talagang bukas lalabas ule sya kasi nasa teaser na naman sya. Manonood ule ako bukas kasi ang ganda nya infernez

      • Aya ayayaya hihihi. wag naman sana veks. What if the scenes were shot way before the registration? I have a feeling that the contract clause only applies if you are accepted as a Bb candidate. After that date, bawal na magshoot etc. Kasi unfair naman pag tapos na yung project pero delayed lang talaga ang showing. Can’t blame the girl for trying to make a living naman diba?

        Screenshot mo veks looks si #Ayamazing for us to see…hihihihi

      • @4M at first I thought oo nga baka naman nashoot na to before BB season pa. Kaso di ba remember late nagregister si Aya kasi kakarating nya lang dito sa Pinas from New York the day after deadline for filing of application. So mejo imposible kasi wala syang time ishoot to then

      • I dont know veks. Wala akong hawak na schedule ni Ayayay…hihihihi Sana naman wala ng drama… Simula na ang lavanan eh…

  2. My 15-Pick after ruminating on all your comments, is as follows. Parenthesized is what I believe atm to be the respective bet’s best possible finish at her international derby.

    MUP 2018 – Gray (2nd Runner-Up, just like Olivia Jordan, who also crossed over from World)

    BBP – Intl – Manalo (2nd Runner-Up. I want her to receive her “coronita” from Diana Croce)

    BBP – GI – Gallman (Top 10. But Angkol will still like her enough to involve her in after-pageant stuff)

    BBP – Supra – Rushton (CROWN! Our 5-year “waiting period” is long enough. Baklah will like this)

    BBP – Intercon – Abesamis (Top 10. But she should EASILY bag the “Fashion/Personal Style” title)

    BBP – (The)Globe – Magbitang (Top 10. She will bag “Miss Bikini” title. Europeans will LOVE her)

    1st Runner-Up – Lemonon (Good sub for ANY of the above. Sultry! Multilingual)

    2nd Runner-Up – Gumabao (Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice)

    9. Orais

    10. Buot (Philippines Airline Award)

    11. Bernardo

    12. Chua

    13. Tormes

    14. Baino

    15. Romero

    Additional thoughts :

    1. Still lacking from Filipinas’ crown collection are those from GI and Intercon. But we need to offer “sacrificial lambs/collateral damage” now, just like MJ Lastimosa (MUP 2014) and Mariel De Leon (MI 2017 Mikimoto Curse). Earliest possible victory will be next year, 2019. It seems awful to give Gallman and Abesamis up like this as “expendables”, but like what Ms. Mexico 2015 said as she gave her Speech, “The hardest battles are given to the best warriors”. And I am utterly convinced these two ladies will continue to uphold the HIGH standards expected of a “Miss Philippines” anywhere.

    2. While popular opinion would place Rushton at MI by default (porcelain complexion, LOVELY-GENTLE face, and friendly demeanor), I believe the younger Manalo will be “safer”. Also, Rushton’s earlier stint at Big Brother could help galvanize her offensive at the Europe-based-CELEBRITY-conscious Supranational.

    3. Always bear in mind, the Global Rankings are important, too. One MU crown will do much, but this is rare-difficult, so we need to assess our prospects at the other possibilities. We can be “County of the Year” FOREVER.

    • I am confidently beautiful with a purpose
      for the mother earth so I will plant 16 trees

      For those asking if may pascreening ba! Sa May na ang Miss Philippines Earth!
      MOA ARENA padin! Kita kits mga pusatard!
      Mga gusto sumali dyan apply apply na! Mga pusatard apply na!

      no to flat puwet
      and fake boobs

    • Love ur picks! We almost have the same girls for the respective crowns. I really think Aya can easily top everyone else in Intercontinental considering her experience as a model with good projections. She has the face too! I mainly based my Intercontinental pick from Katarina’s goods as she almost bagged the crown.

      For Globe naman, gustong gusto ko talaga ipadala si Eva as she reminds me of Nichole Manalo with her banging body!! I would reserve Magbitang for future Bb editions. She’s quite similar to the girl sent to MI with lots of potential pero d pa hinog hehe

      • Good afternoon!

        Yes, although Cat’s eyes are more defined and kumbaga “mas nangungusapy. Medyo nasurprise lang talaga ako kasi when MUMalaysia18 was crowned she looked nowhere near Cat. Tapos Bam! this photo

      • Check out her IG & you’ll see that her nose was photoshopped in this pic. But yes, at first glance, she does remind you of Cat a little bit.

  3. Ano ba yung fashion show sa March 3 sa Kia Theater? Yan na ba yung National Costume ek ek?

      • feeling ko JAG Jeans lang. kasi di ba, last year the NatCos presentation/fashion show was exclusive to BPCI and press. hindi siya inopen tlaga for public..

      • not unless, i release nila ang natcos photo anytime this week, may possibility na isama nila since Kia Theatre naman e.

  4. omg. excited. dati ko pa bet na bet yan. jan mag photoshoot for natcos. i have been there a lot of times and indeed, Las Casas is such an instagrammable place. wala kang gagawin kundi take photos and rest. Their beds are super comfy! ❤

  5. The beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is the backdrop for this year’s Bb. Pilipinas National Costume photoshoots? This is exciting!!!

    Chanced upon Karen’s purple gown when she hosted Mister & Miss Olivarez College Beauty Pageant early February.

    What do you guys think of her styling? Bagay din sa kanya ang bun.

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