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    Day 1 of Miss Multinational Philippines 2017 Sophia Senoron’s training with queenmaker Rodgil Flores. #missmultinational #missmultinationalphilippines #kfamilia #ThePageantQueens


    • KFamila? Really? (baka congratulated lang siya ng KF) Independent kasi ang batang ‘yan. Sa interview ng Rappler at kahit sa nabasa kong Indian news bago ang contest proper sinabi nyang wala siyang camp na kinabibilangan yung handler nya ang binitawan sya at umalis na rin sya dahil walang bilib na kaya nyang manalo. nakakabilib ang determination ng batang to.

      Missosology Philippines
      February 15 at 6:06pm · Baler ·

      Facing the media, she give details of her preparation and trainings. A varsity debater at San Beda College, she is confident that she has what it takes to win the crown. She credits her trainings to her mentors Jontie Martinez and Rodin Gilbert B.flores of Kagandahang Flores.


      PH’s Sophia Senoron is all set for Miss Multinational 2018 pageant!
      Anne Marielle Eugenio
      PUBLISHED February 17, 2018 06:42 am

      Currently, Sophia trains under Jontie Martinez and Rodgil Flores of Kagandahang Flores.



      February 19, 2018

      Apart from learning your host country’s culture, what are the other preparations you have done for this competition?

      I am very grateful that Kagandahang Flores took me in because as you all know, I was an independent candidate in Miss World Philippines. At first, I was being trained by Jonty Martinez and I will be forever grateful to him. At KF camp, I was always training everyday. I would always come to training from school at 7pm and we would last till morning the next day because I was that dedicated to become the woman that you see today. I have all heard the criticism and I am taking it positively. And I want to show to the Philippines that I am ready for this mission now. I am not that little girl that you always think that is missing something. I want to say that I am well rounded now and I am confident that I have the best shot I have out there in India.




      The Philippines’ bet wins Miss Multinational 2018
      By: Michelle Joy L. Padayhag
      10:12 PM February 27th, 2018

      Senoron is a member of Kagandahang Flores (KF) camp.



      Sophia Señoron crowned Miss Multinational
      February 28, 2018

      Sophia wore a national costume and an evening gown in her signature San Beda Red created by her mentor Jontie Martinez. She trained under Rodgil Flores of Kagandahang Flores.



      Again, congrats to KFamilia Sophia Senoron, the first ever Miss Multinational!

      • Only after she won Miss Multinational Philippines. Baka sa pakiusap pa nga ni Arnold Vegafria. But prior to that independent talaga at walang kumukuha. Sana noon pa kinuha na nila hindi yung kailan may national tittle na. at malaking factor ng panalo ni sophia sa Q&A. independent pa lang sya nanlalamon na sa Q&A.

  2. Next post na, Tito Norms.

    May I suggest that your next post would have to do with inside scoops in the current activities of the Binibinis? Make your post a little juicier and intriguing, but not bordering libel! I must admit that I seldom comment on your columns kase I find some of them “praise releases” of sort. Sa totoo lang—and I think some of my fellow commenters here agree that—we enjoy reading each other’s comments here kesa sa main post. Maganda ang balitaktakan, patutsadahan, pagdudunung-dunungan (kung hindi man write-ups) ng iba dito, except ‘yung mga totally repetitive bashing ng ibang paid or uber-rallying-behind fans ng candidate na sinusuportahan nila. Skip ko agad ang comments nila kase walang substance. Sayang lang ang oras ko sa kanila. Kaloka.

    That’s all!

    • Dear A&W,

      I agree on the “praise release” articles that are senseless and obviously paid for. (ex. Skin care and Feng Shui. Really?! Lol).

      I guess the blogger needs to make more money considering the expanding overhead expenses (ex. additional staff, guest blogger)

      I also go immediately to the comment section which is far more entertaining and informative.

      World Peace.

    • Gusto ko yan, Madam!

      Naging mas entertaining nga ang comment box kesa sa main article! And that’s what makes the Norman blog very unique!

  3. Congratulations!!! Mabuhay ka Sophia… mamatay sa inggit ang mga tamulmol mong bashers hahaha 😉 😉 😉

  4. To this winsome San Beda champion debater – congratulations! Yours is a fully merited win!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! A crown is a crown! Never expected her to win coz parang nagkaroon Ako ng doubt na hahaluan ng politics itong pageant na to but not 100% coz nagsisimula pa lang sila so gusto nila mag UP muna ang pageant nila before haluan ng politics someday lol. Since inextend nila ang voting ng 2 hours yata And in a minute biglang umakyat na sa 60k likes agad agad ang india. Pano nangyari yon? Kaya napaisip ako na maluto ang result. But i admit din in my mind na baka hinde manalo. pero i never bashed her. Pero Kumpyansa. Ako na makapasok sya sa top 5. Her Q&A saved her to get the crown. D ko nga lang bet ung hairstyle nya. I expected that her team will glam her up more than that. One commentor here said that shes independent and binitawan ng dati nyang team. How true?
    Anyway, Before na vivisualize ko itong si sofia. Parang nakikita ko sa isip ko ung future transformation nya that will make her to be more competetive lalo na sa major pageants. So i hope maalagaan ito ng tama. So un lang. Congrats girl. Your winning is a part of 2017 so may 2 crowns na Ng mwp sa ist year ni Sir arnold. Well done! Now! Bbp should send the best girls in their pageants lalo na sa MU. Dyan naman dapat mag focus si madamme since na target natin natin ang MI in just 3 years And i dont think that MIO will give us the crown again this time even how much deserving our rep. Baka runner up lang siguro. Knowing they are more credible when it comes to crowning a winners. But syempre para sure na din talaga. So sending an MI prototype But wth more MUish rep this year in Miss International is a BIG NO!!! Sa MU pwede pa kahit nakasunod sunod tayo ng runner ups and a winner last 2015. pwede pa nila ibigay satin ang crown as lang as we’ll send a strong representative in MU This year.

    • No Jed, hindi sya binitiwan ng camp. wala syang kinabibilangang camp, sinabi nya ya sa interview sa kanya ng rappler. yung handler nya ang walang bilib sa kanya. sinabi nya sa interview na ang handler nya ay connected sa isang camp na di naman nya na-mention kung anong camp ba yun.

  6. Yyyiiizzzzzzz! I knew it. Hindi nasayang ang votes at pag-asa. I want Thomalla to win, too.

  7. Congratulations Sophia!

    A crown, no matter how minor, is still an honor to our country.

    But yes, shouldn’t we also choose what competition we will participate in considering how all these so-called pageants have mushroomed in recent years?

    World Peace.

    • SHOES KO PO..matapos lait-laitin porket nag-display daw ng sacrilegious pata sa Taj Mahal eh pinuri-puri lol….you know what’s worse than an ignorant basher? A HYPOCRITE..

      World peace ka dyan, TSE!

      • Lol. World Peace Franzzzzzzzz.

        You know what is worse than a hypocrite? You Franzzzzzz. Lol.

      • SHOES KO PO ULIT…oh ayan, hanggang diyan lang kaya ng wit and brains ni Mr World Peace hahahaha….next time kasi, mag-isip bago mag-react! Mag-Google bago mag reference at baka mali-mali (mali nga!)….

        Anyways, congrats Sophia for literally bringing the uhm, ‘pata’ (bacon) home! HAHAHAHAHAHA


  8. Sa Brgy. Multinational Village sa Paranaque ba ginanap ang pageant? Isa ba itong debate pageant of sort? These are the questions that might come to some others’ mind seeing Sophia’s victory.

    I know that Sophia is one of the most bashed candidates everywhere due to her unconventional beauty. Yes, she is not in the league of beauty queens we send in international pageants, but we can’t judge her right away based on that average look. Organizers, err, judges might have seen something in her we barely see off-pageant. And, should we also realize that a beauty queen may be “patok” in a host country where she would be something new or “refreshing” to look at? Sophia joined that pageant in India where the girls have almost one mold–matatangos ang ilong, bilog ang nga nangingitim na paligid ng mata, makakapal ang kilay, etc, which are all the exact opposite of Sophia.

    Nag-justify talaga ako, ‘di ba? Girls, guys, and gays. Stop the hate. Love lang. Let’s all be happy to Sophia’s honor for our country.

    That’s all!

    • sa interview noon sa miss world philippines sinabi niyang independent candidate sya. walang camp na nag-train sa kanya. yung handler nya na connected sa isang camp walang bilib sa kanya kaya binitawan sya dahil wala raw siyang pag-asang manalo dahil di nga siya katangkaran. malamang na sariling kayod lang talaga ang batang to nung sumabak sa local at abroad.

      • binati lang siguro ng KF. sa interview niya sa rappler sinabi niyang independent candidate siya at kumalas siya nang ang mismong handler niya ay walang tiwala sa kanya na mananalo siya. sinabi rin nya sa interview na ang handler niya ay konektado sa isang camp na hindi naman niya nabanggit kung anong camp yun.

  9. turns out, her bashers are super wrong about her. Congrats, Sophia!

    but the pageant is… meh. antay antay lang tayo pag tumagal baka may improvement. lol

  10. Mga Pinoy talaga, utak talangka, nanalo na nga ,hahanapan pa ng butas, masyadong mataas standards natin when it comes to beauty pageants, pag di masyadong kagandahan tayo rin ang nanlalait sa kapwa pinoy gaya na lang nung Miss Earth, disgusting na pati pinoy grabe ang komento . Nakakabilib pa ang shupit natin dahil di nila nilalait mga reyna nila bagkus sinusuportahan nila kung sino at ano sila. Kakadismaya.

  11. Ano va mga veks eh di ba 17 lang si Sophia. Bat ibabash eh talaga namang nagdedevelop pa ang katawan nya. Wait til she turns 19-20 and let’s see kung meron pang ibubuga….

  12. OH biglang bumait ung mga bashers nung manalo etong pambatao nateng ito, hahaha lakas mka uror… lol!

      • Hihihi congratulations Sophia!
        Pero di pa rin sya kagandahan pero judging sa mga katabi nya dios mio.

      • ‘yan dyan ka magaling kalbo ka sa hihihi mo. lakas kasing mag-inarte ng kininang ‘to ang galing manghusga sabay pahiya naman. sisihin pa yung quality ng ibang candidates. palusot pa more kalbo.


        Hanggang ngayon, wala pa ring kuwenta mag-comment ang Jeremi-mi “Bangladeshie Bakleshi” Jagpal na `to.


        Engot talaga.


      • Sorry Tse hihihi but I wont go down to that language of yours.
        I stand to what I said na hindi talaga sya maganda.

      • hahaha Jeremi, langoy sa hiya dzai! iyak tawa ka ngayon… ng uulol kna nmn, wala kang maloloko dto! haha

  13. She reminds me of my cousins back in the day … they were very confident when they talked . Yet, they maintained their youthful provincial look.
    Oh , and that slit… leaves a smile on my face hihihi

  14. Congratulations Sophia!
    You are a Winnnnaaaaaaah!

    FYI, kahit kelan hindi kita nilait..
    Kasi alam kong may utak ka…

    She proved na totoo ang kasabihan:

    “Dinaig man ang maganda ng babaing malande,
    Walang makakatalo sa babaing may diskarte.”

  15. May magic wand ata itong si Lola Arnold…hihihi 2 winners and a top 40 placement at MW on his first year as director…hihihihihi

    • 4m , they did not deliver at MW which is the most impt pageant .
      I would prefer a MW crown to 3 minor ones
      So for me , it’s sort of a failure

      • Well veks, let’s all admit that Laura’s beauty is subpar vs India. Add the politics of MW, I hoped that she’s get top 10 at least since her BWAP is really unique and real.

      • 4m it’s in the eye of the beholder
        I don’t find the Indian girl pretty at all
        I would take Laura anytime of the day
        But it’s just me

      • Hihi @bong700 fabian mag Watch ako ng fashion show sa sat.
        Baka Makita ko Sino May makakuha ng mahiwagang palakpak ng reyna

      • Sure Fabian, I have a feeling that the winner circle will have darkhorses so the magic palakpak will confirm hihi

      • Dapat tingnan mo rin yung mas tuwang tuwa cya para kung walang k yung numero unong mas kinagigiliwan nya ay bugbugin natin ng constructive criticism 😄cherette
        Pero kung c Cat ang MU choice nya ay ipagdasal natin c Cat na maging matagumpay cya na masungkit ang ikaapat na MU crown 😋☺🤗

  16. Congrats!!
    I like that her drive confidence and intensity do not get in the way of being nice.
    I was not a believer .
    But once I saw the other contestants , I knew she was going to do well given the above characteristics.
    I understand why the attendance was very small. Why spend so much money for a not so prestigious beauty pageant ? The same thing goes for Intercontinental and Globe.
    At least Supra and GI treat their candidates fabulously hihihi

  17. Akalain mu nga naman.. Nung isang araw lang pinagpyestahan ung pata nya.. Still, I’m not a fan of this girl.. Pang MNL48 ang level

  18. Congrats Sophia!! 13 candidates lang pero pwede na. Very deserving! Mukhang si Laura lang ang wala international crown pag nagfinal walk sila sa MWP ’18.

  19. Congrats bebe gerl Sophia
    First ever Miss Multinational
    I knew you would win 🎉

    Pa-pizza hut na yan
    Woot woot!

    Si flat puwet
    fake boobs, fake teeth
    Pwede pa sumali para b2b

    • Sino ba si Flat puwet, fake boobs, fake teeth? Mukha namang retokada ang lahat ng candidates.

    • Kulang sa pansin lang yan wag nyo patulan. Parang bata lang umiiyak lol GROW UP GMW.
      U may live in a cave instead. Its 2018! U can’t do anything with enhancements as technology nowadays continue to evolve.

    • Flat pwet nga tapos fake?!?

      Kung retokada di inayos na rin puwet. Sige lang ng sige sa spreading of lies mo…

      Siraulong Gloria, don’t forget your daily serving of cat poo and cat pee.

      Meow 🐱 🐱 🐱

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