20 comments on “Ageless beauties for Century Tuna Superbods 2018

  1. Hi there . Can I join next year . I did competition before and I would like to compete I the Philippines I am Filipina and the only thing is I’m older however I look young I’m 44 . I did a master bikini diva in United State California.. I would like to join any bbikibi competition

  2. Quennie ginawa nang negosyo ang pag join ng pageants!! Baka pwede after this Miss Earth naman

  3. based on pics above, Joanna Tolledo… sexy! ❤

    To Christine, i love that she still pursue her dreams outside pageantry. way to go girls.

  4. Maureen looks very different here….when she competed for Miss USA she looked more half American….maybe the highlights and her makeup. Here she looks very pinay beauty and that’s a compliment. I hope she join Bb next year. 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Kim lost a lot of weight (skinny you have to be when ramp modeling) She still looks beautiful, though. 🙂 And I’m still a fan 🙂

  6. What happened to Kim…siya ba yung pinaglalaban ng mga badengvaxia nung natsugi sa BBP? Sus, buti na lang di ako naki-rally…mala Ynes V na tumanda.

  7. Unflattering photo for Maureen. Facial-wise, mas maganda pa rin si Maxine kay Kim Ross. Baka kung di siya naDQ baka sa intercon or Supra xa napunta.

    • Congrats! It just goes to show that you don’t need to send a perfect candidate. Sometimes, being prepared and a little bit of luck can do a lot of wonders!

      Great start to 2018! 1st runner up in Miss Intercon (should have been crown too) and winner here.

  8. Ava ava ava big time names ang sumasali dito ha? In fairness naman kasi maganda siguro ang endorsement deal if they win.

    Good luck mga veks!!

    PS: Is there a set of male contestants too? hihihihi

  9. i am confidently beauty with a purpose
    will join century tuna superbod 2019
    after miss asia pacific

    no to flat pwet
    fake boobs
    fake teeth
    fake face

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