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  1. Nose is very distracting and comm skills are meh . But her skin looks flawless and overall presentation is good

    • Does it matter BONg if he is or not ?
      The most impt thing is hindi sya magnanakaw At mamAtay Tao?
      Di ba hihihi

      • Do u have to blame Pnoy for everything wrong that happened to the country ?
        Pnoy is just one person
        He delegated those responsibilities and whoever was directly in charge should be held accountable not Ninoy
        Yung pagpananakaw can be directly traced to Erap and GMa … and now they are free as birds
        Dios Mio , BONg !!! Gising Gising!!! Hihihi

      • I’m already awake fabian and not blind as you know who😋
        Incompetent president/leader and it’s sad that he won because of his last name and not as a leader and my lips are sealed where he’s good at😷🤗hihihi

  2. Jeremi, akala ko pa naman ay may utak ka hijiji 😋
    Yung mga nakikita mo ay ang mga kababuyan ng mga dilawan for 30 yrs after Marcos puede ba😋
    Huwag maging bulag sa mga sinasabi ng mga dilawan(inquirer rappler Catholic church NPA ABSCBN CNN BBC CIA)
    Balik ka uli after 5 yrs. OK.
    Nashock nga ako last year kc very cheap ang price ng Starbucks, goods and groceries kesa dito kaya dina ako nagpapadala ng balikbayan box kc sasabihan lng ako ng kung anoano na lng daw pinapadala ko😋
    Puwes walang pinapadala now😋
    Noon pa man ay talo na tayo sa ranking ng schools compared sa mga kapitbahay natin 😄
    Mayabang lang ang mga Pinoy sa totoo lang na akala mo kung sinong matatalino
    At mayaman PWEH! 😋
    Huwag abusuhin ang press freedom na binigay ni DU30 dahil Di nyo magagawa yan sa panahon ng mga dilawan diosmio mga bobobobobo (Drew Olivar voice echoing hihihi)😋
    Yun lang, tseh!

    • I’ve heard this several times Bong. Any bad thing that is going on under your administration is blamed on the past administration which would make the situation even more hopeless. Blame game duh hihihihi

      • HI hi hi 😋it is not blaming, it’s the reality plus the fact that your loser administration is doing the best they can using their international media/organisation connection to spread fake news to destabilise our present government 😋.
        Didn’t I told you to come back after five years because it’s not easy to eliminate the pathogenic/corrupt unproductive dilawan working in our government😄
        BadingVaxia pa more mga dilawan jihiji 😄
        JawsKuh, dilawan approved the purchase of vaccine to kill Filipino children😄
        Hello SAF44, Hacienda luisita how are u, etc etc at gusto talaga ng mga dilawan na matanggal na c DU30 kc sisingilin na ni DU30 ang mga bilyong ninakaw ng mga dilawan sa gobyerno jihiji 😋wiz cherette

    • I’m sorry to disagree w this bong 700 my love amiga but Ang taas ng bilihin sa pinas. Fruits vegetables fast floods nagtaasan even donut na
      Favorite ko tumaas. Di lang ako affected dahil kuwaiti dinar nakukuha ko fr husband at taiwan dollar savings ko but economy wise oh no talaga sa pinas 😦

      • Grabe nga presyo sa Pnas
        Talo pa and America
        A lot of the things are much cheaper here

      • Sobra ba inflation sa Pinas? It’s been a while since I visited but I was horrified with the prices back then!

      • @4m and Fabian all goods increased. Dati organic vegetables binibili ko now the vegetables sa wet market reaches the price of organic vegetables delivered. Bigas fruits nagtaasan. Mcdo mcflurry fr 12 to 15 and Dublin donut fr 20 to 22 train law. Condominium and properties have higher tax if you buy above 2.5 million

      • Matagal na nating problem yan mare😄
        Tiis muna mare kc bankrupt ang government pag-upo ni DU30 and he’s doing his best and our economy is slowly developing😄
        What’s good is our government is gaining respect and trust from other countries except the other bullshit oppressive countries who pretend like an angel jihiji cherette 😋

      • Im actually HORRIFIED yes that’s the right word.
        The prices of commodities have gone up out of proportion.
        At ang traffic my gosh. Ayokong lumabas at baka ma hypertension pa ako.
        Anong nangyayari sa Pinas. Nakakalungkot talaga sobra!
        Mas nakakalungkot pa eh andaming taong gaya ni bong700 na ayaw idilat ang mga mata sa katotohanan ar laging sinasabing fake news kahit totoo hihihii
        Seriously nakakalungkot at quite alarming.

      • Mas maraming gising sa katotohanan na dapat ng putulin ang panlilinlang ng dilawan.
        When decided to go somewhere I paid 50pesos in my transpo and after 4 years the price was increased to 100 pesos during aquino administration.
        Do you think kung c Roxas nakaupo ay bababa ang mga presyo hihihi hello hello hello.
        Gising gising gising OK 😄hihihi

  3. Mga amigas,lumabas na fearless predictions. Baka kaya niyo interpret. Cute face daw mananalo ng mup. Hmmm

  4. My bet for the crowns 👑
    MUP – Cat (total package)

    MI – Ahtisa (doll-like & kinda has a similar fighting spirit as Kylie)

    Supra – Lemonon (for sex appeal) ; Ena Velasco

    Intercontinental – Aya (performer & strong drive to prove viewers) ; Pwedeng sure win cya dito
    Pwede rin si Michelle Gumabao and Karen G

    MGI – Samantha Bernardo (face & performer) or Karen Gallman

    Globe – Eva (reminds me of Nichole Manalo); Jehza Huelar

      • Fair enough.

        Let’s convert it to a pageant question then to sink in.

        1 – Do you think today’s youth should be less involve in social issues and just rather concentrate on their studies?

        2 – Is the freedom of expression a privilege or a right in your country? To what extent would you be able to say this?

        3 – Do you believe that a reputable university plays a significant role in producing reputable workforce who will play a significant role in the society?

        Pageant is evolving, no information is considered in insignificant especially current events!

      • Love these questions, Claire! I’m curious how this batch will fare in answering these types of questions.

        We’ve seen ladies rattle when thrown with these questions in the Q&A portion. And often, it doesn’t go too well.

        Bb. Pilipinas 2014
        A: Do you think that being a beauty queen is a plus or a minus in landing a serious job in the corporate world?

        Q: For me, being a beauty queen is an advantage because if you have the beauty, you have this ability to inspire and influence other people. You have this beauty in you that you can use to share your talent, your skills and your resources and in that way, it is an advantage for your work.

        Bb. Pilipinas 2017
        Q: What is the role of a beauty queen in a country that lacks unity?

        A: I think the role of a beauty queen is not just winning the crown but also to become the voice of the people. I believe that I can use my voice to the people who are affected by the war in my city and to those who are affected by the earthquake in Mindanao. So I will use my voice to become influential voice to the other people and it will help unite our people.

    • What can you say bong700?
      I guess it’s time. I was out of the Philippines for 5 consecutive years and Im currently in manila for a short vacation but I cant find any positive changes as the present administration is hyping. Everything has actually gotten worse from the prices of goods and services, the gap between the poor and the rich became even more apparent, the traffic is hypertension inducing.

      The problem of this administration is they tend to overlook that the Philippines is a developing country hence, the concentration should be in the basic needs of the middle class and the poor and the modernization of basic services such as transportation, health care, education and civil services.

      Vietnam will soon be above the Philippines in terms of modernization.

      • I agree!

        But then again if the people refuse to change, there will be no palpable change that will take place also.

        And anywhere in the world the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen because rich people when they receive money, they will lock it in investment and enjoy the interest while the poor will spend it because the premise is, “di mo naman madadala Yan sa hukay eh”. And as the saying goes “if u were born poor, it’s not your fault but if u die poor, it is your fault”.

        Politicians also doesn’t have a “vision” as to how they would like to see the country in say 5 years time. If they have vision, they don’t have target date of completion, it is always open ended! Palaging “ba’t ka ba nagmamadali?”

        How can someone like Trillanes who blocks every progressive proposal been elected to position? Which boils down to the choices people also made dahil binoto ng Tao yan. Thus late Miriam Santiago is right when she propose “only tax payers should be allowed to vote” dahil if every citizen including squatters were allowed kahit sino na lang puede basta’t may panlaman sa sikmura!

        May nasopla sa IG kanina, Ang comment ng ibang lahi “duh! Bat ako maiinggit sa Corona napanalunan niyo eh poor pa Rin naman kayo!” But the bright side is how is it the Philippine economy almost equal with that of UAE considering we don’t even have oil! And if it continue to grow, by 2030, it will reach the trillion dollar mark! Of course, thanks to the call center and ofw remittances which both contribute to 8% of the gdp. Nga lang, San napunta Ang pera?

        But just like what happen to Brazil and Mexico, the wealth of the nation will never trickle down to ordinary citizen because it has to be invested!

      • Really Claire ph economy comparable to that of the uae? PH Fitch rating is BBB vs UAE’S AA as of December 2017.

  5. she looked really great in the swimsuit photos
    i think it was my favorite
    it’s a combination of her warm smile
    nice styling and her pose
    and her long lean lines

  6. Share ko lang ang picas ng mga Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Reynas. They’re also enjoying the beautiful Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar at Bataan. Clenci’s styling is the best!

    How time flies. A few more weeks before these ladies relinquish their respective crowns.

    • OMG😨
      May juntiz mareng morena hihihi😂
      Sana dimo na pinost kc baka mabash to death na naman cya😋hijiji
      Sabagay, mukhang dina cya pak8kialaman kc baka daw sumikat pa sya 🤗hihihi cherette lang

      • Haha mareng bong, that isn’t my intention 😉 I wanted to share the picas because they all look happy and relaxed.

        Pero ganun talaga kapag pinasok ang pageant world, the ladies are all scrutinized under the microscope. Kailangan lang talaga malakas ang loob nila.

    • i am enjoying the las casas de azucar

      great light, relaxed atmosphere
      and those colonial houses!!!
      i am glad they were saved and restored
      they are beautiful!!!

      • Same here, sunkist. Ang ganda! It’s like traveling back in time while viewing the photos. One commenter even asked Jehza in IG if they’re in Spain 🙂

  7. Neneng-nene ang beauty. She’s just 20 years old. Height is 5’6 ¾.
    That hairstyle in the first pic suits her the best.

    Her web interview is not that bad. May laman ang sagot, medyo long-winded but the content is there. I rewatched her press presentation: she long legs and a proportioned body. Kaunting oomph pa sa pasarela.

    I hope she gets it to the Top 25 roster. Best of luck to Samantha!

  8. She has nice credentials!


    Remove the contact lens and the contouring from the make up, parang ordinary Ang dating. I rechecked my list during the press presentation and Hindi nag-register by first impression!

  9. @jackiey12. .how old na c baby girl mo baka puede maview para mascrutinize ni aling baleleng Gloria hihiji 😋
    Don’t worry all support kami kageya ng support kay Aya from her mom friends hihiji 🤗

    • @bong700 hihi kay aling baleleng Gloria ba magapply baka Laitin flat boobs 13 lang? si baby girl true 5’7 w out the takong at sa contest daw ni mama Lorraine sya sasali. Hindi ako marunong magpost ng pica . hahanapin ko na din mu artist ni aya at maghahanap ng catering for future reference para di ka mapagod magsupport 🙂 love love

    • @bong nasa profile ko si baby girl. 10 lang sya dyan. Arabic Mandarin speaker si baby

      • Cutie c baby girl and 5’7″ @13yo😲
        5 yrs pa hintayin natin bago pagfiestahan ng mga bashers dito kc Di sila kasingganda ni bbgirl😄hihihi
        Train mo na for Miss Talent like Ballet, modern jazz and hip hop mix dance 😋Divah Vongga at kavog silang lahat 🤗

      • @bong700 marunong na magclarinet /flute but dapat bonga may dancing snake( hihi) bongabels.
        Grabe naman ang mga “friendly” netizens makapuna minsan dapat love love

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