36 comments on “Little Sister Anjame and Big Sister Loren: Who’s got what it takes?

  1. I’ve seen Anjame has the total looks for Ms. Universe Pageant, what she needs only is to learn to be more articulate in English language, she has the thougts of her answers, only find her dificult to express in proper grammar and how she’s going to start constracting the sentence. But I am certain that she still can be developed and wait for the right time. She’s gonna make it someday soon.

  2. This Anjame girl is fresh and raw. Mas gaganda pa ang batang ito without the pageant-patty hairstyle na palagi nyang ginagamit.

  3. The blogger it seems is really scraping the bottom of the barrel just to meet a daily quota of articles by churning one senseless article after another which do not make sense at all.

    > Comparing all the Cebuanas
    > Comparing the oldest vs. the youngest
    > The tallest vs. the most articulate?
    > The most applauded vs. everyone else

    What’s next?

    > The biggest veneer vs. the one wearing the tallest heels?
    > The one with the most stretch marks vs. the one without but can pasarela well?

    And almost all comments are the SAME no matter how the blogger pathetically dissect the competition : I love Cat. I hate Cat. Aya is this. Aya is that. Michelle for the win. Michelle as a clapper.

    Let’s just all admit that at this point, there are only about FIVE to SEVEN strong candidates fighting for the crowns. Stop over-stretching side stories with senseless articles.

    World Peace.

    • Why not write an article and post it in the comments and the readers will be the judge
      We’ll be happy including Momma N with your contribution hijihi 😋wiz cherette

  4. I like Magbitang. In fact, for me she’s the perfect Bb Pilipinas-Universe. But please not Catriona Gray, the girl is a contesera, and please no universal appeal. There is nothing special in Catriona, that’s why even the tame Miss World Organization did not get her, she’s too plain. But yes, she has so many paid followers who are trying to hype her eternally and profusely.

    • This is probably the most uneducated comment I have ever read. Please learn to proof read before posting a comment. Your sentence structures are lacking in cohesion.

      To correct you, Catriona made it Top 5 in MW. In that case, miss world organisations chose to participate in Catrionas BWAP. This is a feat in its own. More than you will ever achieve, along with your poor literacy skills

      If there is anything that is plain and appauling, it is your ability to construct your sentences cohesively. Please go back to school? Or better yet, go educate yourself.

    • ARE YOU AYA’s supporter? Did you copy paste what other commenters here are saying about aya’s paid IG likes and online supporters? Your lines make me cringe! Kadiri ka maka bash!

    • ARE YOU AYA’s supporter? Did you copy paste what other commenters here are saying about aya’s paid IG likes and online supporters? Your lines make me cringe! Kadiri ka maka bash!

    • Everyone who joined a pageants are contesera.
      Kahit isang beses lang sila sumali. Because pageant is a contest dear 🙂 Beauty contest! Watch your words! Cat doesnt need paid supporters.

  5. anjame’s strength is her youthful spark
    she looks great and had been dabbling with different

    the two styles i really liked on her were the
    dewy look with pink tones, hair away from the face, earlier in the competition
    and the really sexy look she pulled at the jag jeans video
    (crazy how world apart these looks are, but she managed to make them work for her)

  6. Anjame has a Janicel Lubina vibe. She will be perfect in a few years.

    Even Janicel wasn’t that ready at MI despite her experience so Anjame will need to want it more.

    Clearly, she has the height and lots of potential. She’ll be perfect for MUP in 3 years so I hope semis or runner up placement for now.

    World peace!!!

      • Thank you, Ana dear.

        With that face and her 5’11 height, she’ll rock the miss U stage in 3 years so I does SMA does us a favor by not crowning her.

        The experience she gets from this this year and the resulting hunger is invaluable.

        BY then, she’ll be the girl to beat.

  7. OT. I can’t help but to always think of Kim Ross everytime it is BbP season. It’s her birthday today. HBD to her. Wish I can post her IG pic here. She’s the one that got away. 😭

  8. Physically, I like Anjame more. But I won’t discount Loren din. Performance-level siya at makuda, lumalamon ng mic. So maybe Loren has an edge at this point.

  9. uhmmm knowing the calibers of Latina Beauty Queens for MU, I don’t think so…. Supra or Intercon baka pwede pa. Pero gudluk pdn girls.

  10. Anjame baby! Gandang Pinay 🙂

    I hope she gets a RU placement… for now. There is SO much potential stored in this young lady.

  11. something has changed within LM, nawala ung cuteness nya nung nag ME xa,.. ano kaya iyon? c Anjame, apaka cute… isa sa kanila ei malayo pa ang lalakbayain, isa sa kanila magiging pageant coach na din… LOL . And still, MUP2018 is for #CAT as of this moment

  12. Per an old adage, height is might. Anjame is blessed to have had a very good height, but will it help her clinch a crown considering the equally prepared and determined girls in her batch? I always think that she is not ripe yet, BUT I always say she can go back and take away the MUP crown. No doubt she has a beautiful face, but that can still get some improvements. Her pasarela is not that flawless. I hope she won’t get a crown for now, so she could go back three years after. Please?

    After all, Cat is destined to be MUP. Yes, oh yes, she has no perfectly toned body, but she did a very stunning performance during press presentation that everybody in her league looked second-rate, sorry. I have high hopes that Cat can still work it through to achieving a leaner torso before March 18. (No carbs and sweets, girl. Eat a lot of protein and green veggies, then do cardio exercise twice a day!)

    That’s all!

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