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  1. Number 23 looks amazing…her body looks great……………If 32 has the body of 23, then EVA will be just fine. Unfortunately, she doesn’t. Number 3 is ok on this picture. Maybe she needs to fix her overall style. She looks outdated here………not a modern Bb.

  2. Ena is growing on me… replacing Muriel on my #1 spot among the 4…

    If she could just trim a milimeter of her veneers and pump that bubble butt a bit… Something tells me she would ace the Q&A… if so… I don’t mind her getting the intercontinental crown.

  3. I love these 4 ladies. each has her own strengths and waterloos and these 4 has been the strongest batch fielded from cebu of almost equal footing.

    Cebu has been blessed with beautiful ladies of which many still are not into pageants.

    however if the recent performances and appearances will serve as basis, wynona and ena went full steam ahead with eva and muriel trailing close behind.

  4. Eva, she’s so immaculately clean. The Japanese will like her for Miss International. She’s good too for Miss Universe. Ena is a darkhorse for me.

    • Pretty yes………….but there is something that is missing……..maybe that wow factor……or her thunder thighs that is throwing me off. But yes, pretty…………She needs to stop wearing those tacky shoes though. It makes her look even shorter and chunky.

  5. i am liking how muriel’s cheekbones had
    been highlighted lately
    very angular very sharp,
    no wonder she looks great in photos/
    angles cut and reflect light
    soft curves tend to diffuse light

    • It’s not maigsi toni. Malaki kasi thigh at boobs. Magkasinghaba lang sila tatlo ni muriel wynona at eva
      Solution: pusod or high pony

    • Exactly………….she got those thunder thighs that somewhat throw me off and when she wears those tacky probensyana/baduy looking shoes it cheapens her and it’s not a good look at all.

  6. I don’t even know why we r having this conversation .
    I have just watched the press presentation .
    Oh my goodness , #20 was so amazing !! Hihihi

      • Jackiey12, I don’t know abt reality . Yours is different from mine . So who bites who (m) ? Idk

    • If it’s true that SMA Has her eyes somewhere else for MUP , I will be sad . This is the only way for Cat to win MU for us . Does she have to join MIss Australia to win MU?

  7. Bbp is unlike mwp that you can predict the outcome w out the so called moles.
    Reading this blog I conclude If 25-26 ka na you might win mup. 25 below mi (tinaas na age limit but may clause yun na 25 below lang mananalo sa japan) Since mj all mup are 25 above.
    Moles.someone here before commented na maxine was agreed the winner sa closed meeting one day before the pageant and she bec mup:)
    They choose the crown winner and runner up sa top 8 at dun na pinipili who fits the crown. The highest scorer doesn’t necessarily become mup.kaya kahit mag somersault pa ang kandidata hindi guaranteed mup.
    And they are always w the girls u can’t take out favoritisms. That’s why I learned not to expect only wishful thinking.

    • Jackiey12 , Cat is in a league of her own … even physically ( to think she’s not even in her perfect form )

      • @Fabian, you know I love cat. Napudpod nga daliri ko kaka swipe ng mobstar. She was wide when I saw her in Manhattan. But her body improved.kung Todo diet she will be fit come march 18.I’m just saying that may age factor the bbp . at hindi necessarily the top performer became mup.kasi they place them kung saan feel nila. I don’t want to feel the same feeling during Kylie’s 2016. But stars aligned my queen Kylie to bigger things

      • Cat had already proven herself that she is worthy of a major crown because she already won Philippines MW and was a finalists in Ms. MW. It is up to the judges what kind of crown she will get at the coronation night. However, she needs to wow the judges and prove to all that she is truly deserving of the crown because there are so many haters and doubters out there

  8. Ena Velasco is Miss Body Beautiful. I just find that she is not photogenic, maybe because most of the times she is heavily made up. And her veeners look everywhere. If she will rock the coronation night to a T, then she may take away Supra.

    • Ana,
      I like cute classy and pretty
      So I don’t find Ena sexy at all . She is too nymphettish for me
      Karen Vickie Cat Wynona Aya Jehza .. among others are my favorites

  9. Well well well…
    Delayed and OT comment due to a 10-day hibernation in Siberia

    After watching the press presentation, I can only suggest the Catertards should also hibernate in Siberia until the BB is over because apparently, the so-called front runner for MUP Ms. Catriona Gray did not deliver. She was actually being “ran over” by some surprised “beeping trains” the likes of Aya Abesamis, Michelle Gumabao, Edjelyn Gamboa, Canditates 7,8 and 9, Wynonah Buot, Samantha Bernardo, Anjame Magbitang etc.

    Face wise, I would go for Michelle Gumabao, Aya Abesamis and Anjami Magbitang for MUP. Aya is perfect already, Michelle Gumabao needs to get rid of the bulky athletic physique, Anjame still very young but has loads of potential.

    For me, Aya and Wynonah have the firmest butts and got 100% score for their rear view shots.

    • just like when you predicted that PIA won’t won… if it is for CAT then it is for her, if it’s not then it’s not for you’re bet either. LOL


    • I hope you are right but I firmly doubt just like when you and all the others here who were very sure about Dindi Pajares or Mariel de Leon winning MUP while I was insisting on Rachel Peters.
      Im afraid Catriona will not get MUP, the worst wont even enter the top 15. Sorry

      • Why would you declare that she won’t get MUP when the coronation night hasn’t even begun? I know you don’t like Catriona however claiming that she won’t win is downright negative and poor form. You aren’t psychic, you aren’t a judge, you aren’t a beauty pageant expert nor are you even in the presence of these ladies.

        Saying that she is not your bet is more civilised. You sound like you don’t know how to act civilised or how to construct your sentences authentically and constructively so that it doesn’t taint you as a sadist. No offence to you but you don’t sound very educated. You write purely based on how you feel and it probably reflects in your character. Irrational.

        I am a Catriona fan but all the ladies have the potential to be great. So please, if you can’t make rational statements without backing your claims (hear say doesn’t justify anything at all) then please, keep your erratic opinions to yourself.

      • Just like when someone declares her MUP even before the coronation night begins and I guess you are one of those who do

      • While I’m a fan of both (Cat and Aya), it will be unimaginable seeing Catriona as a non-placer. Cat is still there with her torch burning still. However, she can’t be too complacent with what she’s got, must work on her waist, may tendency na pumantay sa balakang nya. While she is undoubtedly in a league of her own (pahiram ha), Aya’s natural and refreshing aura, humble demeanor seem to be her weapon against pageant veterans, not to mention her being naturally “class”.

      • First and foremost Jeremi, don’t ever put words in my mouth. I have not declared Cat as the winner. She is my bet.You sound like a bitter hag who doesn’t know how to read.

        Stop comparing me to everyone who has claimed her as the winner. Grow up you child!

  10. Muriel – Top 15
    STRENGTHS: Her sweet face registers well on photos and videos. Magaling um-awra.
    WEAKNESSES: Her communication skills.

    Wynonah – International 👑
    STRENGTHS: Her proportioned body. She’s comfortable speaking in front of the camera. At ease with interviews.
    WEAKNESSES: Her styling can be a hit or a miss. The combination of hair-in-a-very-tight-bun and lackluster make-up during her presentation – a NO.

    Ena – Top 15
    STRENGTHS: Her proportioned body + long limbs. A gazelle. She’s comfortable speaking in front of the camera. At ease with interviews.
    WEAKNESSES: Her veneers-in-your-face. She was so over-the-top during her presentation.

    Eva – Top 25
    STRENGTHS: Makinis. Gorgeous black hair. She has a pretty face … but sometimes she doesn’t register well in photos.
    WEAKNESSES: Her untoned thighs. She’s susceptible to giving a long-winded answer during Q&A.

    • you mean the other way po? facially to rank them…. muriel, eva, wynonah & ena. don’t get mad at me, dr. ena is my Ms. Globe po=))

  11. Muriel and Eva are both facially beautiful, Ena is sexy with excellent credentials but she always reminds me of MJ. Wynonah, though, could be a darkhorse who can give all the front-runners a run for their money – and I like her 🙂

    • Jen , I like Orais . I’m a little in b/w about Eva. Not exactly impressed with Ena’s credentials because I know exactly what it takes to be a doc. Hihihi ..you just have to be average student with a lot of patience and good bedside manners
      Wynonah is my choice too . She is very impressive on her video . I agree on styling but that is an easy fix I think 🙂

      • I hope A & Q eventually find the right styling for Wynonah and make her shine even more in the competition. She’s articulate already and I have to agree styling will be an easy fix, but, it looks like A&Q team is more “fixed” on Aya as their prime flag-bearer 🙂

  12. I can see this 4 amazing Cebuana will likely bring home the crown of Bb Pilipinas InternationaI, Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, Bb. Pilipinas Globe & Bb. Pilipinas Grand International.

    #3 Orais, a beautiful nurse, 26 years old and 5’5″.
    #23 Velasco, a lovely doctor, 25 years old and 5’7″.
    #26 Buot, a gorgeous sales associate, 24 years old and 5’7″.
    #32 Patalinjug, a pretty nurse, 23 years old and 5’6″

    Good luck ladies!

    • Buot or Eva for Miss International
      Buot for MGI
      Ena or Orais Miss Globe
      Ena or Eva for Miss Intercon

      I already reserve d
      Miss Supra Aya
      MUP Cat

    • Hihihi
      Yes Jehza for MI if they will give Buot either MGI or a runner up position

  13. Muriel is really telegenic. I would love to see a crown on her. Globe perhaps? Wynonah may not win but RU will do. Make a comeback next year girl. This can’t be wasted to a very minor pageant like Globe. Ena? Supra will do but not MUP. Eva? Bagay siya sa Miss Earth. But I would love to see her in a men’s magazine. She forms resemblance to Kim Domingo eh. Nabubuhay yung katawang lalake ko. Hihi

  14. I like them all. Most should make first cut.

    I suspect the credentials of Patalinjug (pageant) and Velasco (professional) will end up in higher placements – Patalinjug a title and Velasco a runner-up.

    Orais may join PAL sisters Pajares sisters, but maybe we’ll see her again next year?

    Buot may join Alaiza Malinao, but maybe we’ll see her again next year

  15. Based on Sash Factor’s latest hotpicks, Ena climbed all the way to the top while Cat slipped to No. 3 like the heck? What is wrong with them people? Credentials and physique wise, Ena has it but in terms of face, I don’t think so. She will certainly win but for goodness sake, not MUP please. If she is the anointed one by SMA, I will starve myself to death talaga.

    And by the way, you have any idea why Ena is representing Cebu when in fact, she was born and raised in Bacolod and only studied in Cebu for her Med proper? Fun fact pero mema lang hihi, she used to be my schoolmate in La Salle Bacolod before. BS Bio Batch 2012 siya while Vickie was BS IDS Batch 2013.

    • The writer is biased. He is close to Rodgil and he gets to meet some KF ladies for “guidance”. Notice how he would always praise the ladies from that camp and throw shade towards A&Q.

    • Oh my Mariam u will starve. Ena and aya are favourites not only by the matriarch but also by her esposo

  16. Ena Velasco surprised me during press presentation, ganda ng katawan pero lacking paden sa feslak dept. MJ/Rachel quality lang sya.Pero crown worthy any of the titkes but not MUP. Sure na to pasok sa top 8.

    Eva Patalinjug is the second one, pangit lang legs ni Eva feeling ko malaki ang chance ni Eva magclap pero crown worthy si Eva para sa akin any of the minor titles din sana. Good luck talaga bet ko pa nman to pero di ako confianza sa kanya.

    Muriel di ko talaga sya trip pero ok lang pang top15 lang ang highest possible nya para saken. Possible clapper din toh.

    Wynonah anyare? feeling ko ito ung may pinakamalaking chance sa kanilang apat mag Higante Award.

    • Kulang lang Toning legs ni Eva.
      Kaya ayusin yan ni J Cuay
      Kung Face ang May problema…
      Walang Chance!

  17. To those who have doubts abt Wynonah , pls enlarge the pic above and watch her video. She has gravitas ..like Cat .
    Being a medical or law student does not make one extraordinary. Any average student can do that . Wyn graduated cum from UP . She speaks very well . She s in great shape .
    Wynonah for MUP MIP or MGIP . A runner up win is also ok because she has at least 1 more yr .
    Ena is prob going to do well because she is your typical ‘Asian Latina’ candidate
    Eva is pretty too but I question her ability to speak … Isnt she a lawyer wannabe?
    Orais is pretty so I’m hoping she will do well

    • If I had to choose one candidate , it would be Wynonah.
      First runner up if possible
      If she gets a crown this yr , I hope it’s MIP . I think the MIO will like her
      She’s ok as MGIP too but Karen fits the bill better.
      I’m not a fan of either Eva or Ena but I will support them if they rep our country internationally . It’s just that whenever I see them , I say touché !! . They are just your typical beauty contestants.

    • I concur with you, Fabian ! Wynonah is another strong candidate that is hard to ignore. She has that quiet, mysterious “vibe” that is endearing. Everyone should watch her BBP interview video and oh boy, she can talk. If A & Q can transform and style her better, she can surprise us come finals night.and probably win a crown 🙂

      • I was actually very surprised about the interview knowing how she was during MIss. Cebu
        People learn I guess

      • @Fabian – Cat & Wynonah, for me, have the best web interview ! Cat, was her usual articulate self, andf Wynonah was very natural and I love her very calm demeanor – they just need to find the right styling for her and she’ll be one of the girls to beat 🙂

  18. I think they are capable of getting in the tough 15 but who is crown-worthy? I say Muriel and wynonah.

  19. Ena and Eva will win the crown.Flag bearers ng KF plus the cv speaks by itself.
    Eva is maganda talaga ena acquired taste . Both will win

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