222 comments on “Albayanas Unite for Bb. Pilipinas 2018

    • The new pics show Aya is really wide from face down . If that’s the case , she cannot win any of the crowns . She should join ME or Mutya

    • Ayyyyy😄
      Kita pala ang evidence kapag close-up hihihihihi 😋
      Huwag masyado lumapit sa judges para magtagumpay ka na malinlang mo sila jihihi 😁

    • Kuma Kylie si Kayesha dito. Maxine naman styling ni Aya.
      Kaya lang bakit medyo blurred si Aya.

  1. Veks, gals, meron ba pic na magkakasama sila Michelle, Cat at Anjame? Ideal top 3 kasi.

  2. I don’t care sa I bang title basta ako si a Catriona ang Miss Universe period. Weshould learn na ang dapat ipadsla yung merong program at yung eloquent . Tama yung anak na Kung sino sini mga bobita naman.

    • Kung crown ang gusto, Catriona. Kung ayaw at satisfied na sa Top 6/10/15, aba eh pili na kayo ng ibang candidate ipagtanggol niyo ng todo beauty nila from her coronation as BBP-Universe to MU.

  3. Nalokah ako pati si Laila inaaway. Tito Norms, purging time! Ha ha. Less than a month to go kase grabe na ang giyera ng mga fans and followers ng mga Bb Pilipinas candidates. I can feel it. Of course go go go Pusa! I don’t think si Aya ang mahigpit ngang kalaban. It’s Michelle Gumabao. And the two are really close friends.

  4. Check the instagram of Misssphilippines, andun un mga wlang make up and see who are the ones slaying without make up! 😂
    How to post pictures here ba sa comment section?

  5. I’m hoping that Cat will wow the judges and the judges will ignore any mudsliging from any beauty camps or fanatics…..let the delegates show their wow factor and charm the judges and audience!!!! Go Cat and Gallman…..Sandra too and Vicky lol 🤗🤗🤗

  6. juice ko
    beauty pageant lang ito
    for entertainment lang

    wala naman ito kinalaman sa ekonomiya

    chill mga pare

    • Gloria Moran Ebak,

      Tatagalugin ko na nga for you….

      Wag kalimutang kainin Ang hapunan mong tae Ng pusa at sabayan Ng ihi Ng pusa na rin.

      Para mabawasan Ang ka negahan.

      Ikaw kasi talaga Ang pasimuno Ng kanegahan dito.

      Peace ✌️ ✌️ ✌️

    • Sa iyo ba nagpagawa teh? Unless you can present proofs of any tampering, SHUT UP!

  7. The blog is always the POV of the writer. I think we all need to calm down and stop spreading hate. I like Catriona from the onset but the way people are body shaming her just uncalled for. All the girls have equal chances but reality is there are front runners. Aya and Catriona are both gorgeous. But I would need to be objective in analyzing what will be the chance of both candidates if they compete internationally. Aya is a template of Maxine which obviously didnt work. She is pretty and sexy but she lacks the maturity and experience. She is not as articulate as some of the ladies in the competition. Her pedigree speaks volume and might play into her advantage come finals night. However, Cat is experinced, mature and muti diemnsional. Her body needs works which can easily be remedied through intense training.

    So lets be objective here- which would require more work body or eloquence in speaking? And readers let’s not pretend it is the latter?

    Cat for me should have MUP or nothing. There are worthy competition but they appear flat to me in other areas. There also seems to be politics that is working against Cat which is just so unfair. If Cat will not be given a chance to represent the Phils in MU, it will be a great disservice to the Filipino pageant community.

    • Thor mighty warrior. For me eloquence in speaking is more impt but we can’t judge a person’s communication skills in just a few minutes watching a video clip. There might be some nerves or inexperience which can be trained.
      Being objective the top for communication skills is spike Michelle Gumabao. Spontaneous and down to earth. fluid thoughts
      I will choose cat bec she have more feminine curves than Gumabao so it goes two ways.body shape counts
      but if Gumabao’s body will be more feminine come finals then it will be a very close fight .

  8. Knowing what a sweet lady Cat is. She will not like her fans acting like this. Mag ka fb kami ni Laila. She never talked ill of anyone. Have a great weekend

    • Kasi nga plastikadang palaka si baboy. Assuming ka naman Miss Jackiey. Malay mo fan pala sila ni Aya, diba? 😉

      • Mickey,
        Fan din ako.my daughter wants to be a bq that’s why I also want to see how things goes. I’m a fan of cat,eva and Shane.mas tutok lang ako sa last2 coz ang daming cat ganern. Kahit may mabasa ako dead ma kasi it might be constructive. Kung retokada carry coz these ladies wants to win. For Philippines ika nga.
        Chill lang we cannot accuse, Titas are not like that matagal ng may lighthumor bec of shupits. Love love dapat

    • Hi Jackie!!!!!! Wala nko sa fb matagal na. Na hack ata nalimutan ko narin password. How are you!?????

      • Aligaga si baboy na Laila and yung baboy tandem niya na si Chuchay sa pag-eedit ng mga captions sa ig. Bistado kang baboy ramo ka. Edit pa more! May screenshots ang mga members namen sa kababuyan mo, oink oink. Gaguhan lang ang galawan? Fight fair para sa mga bet mo, baboy! Wala namang babuyan. 😉👍🏻

        I’m done exposing your true colors, baboy. I’ll let others continue the work if you will not stop with your propaganda and agenda to derail and ruin the girls’ chances na inggit ka at di mo bet. Magbago ka ng baboy ka before it’s too late. 😘☺️

      • Hi Lai, I hope you are fine. Mas active na pumunta sa events ng candidates. Punta ng Manhattan, Punta ng talent show. At least I can see who are the dark horse like Sigrid , Shane. Gaganda walang tapon.miss you ni tita belay

      • Mars Mickeymouse, OMG ang mga comments mo madam. Wag na init ulo mars. I’ll give you a power hug. Chos hihi. Hindi pala ako sa mars laila. Hindi ako kasing ganda niya. Sakto lang aketch. Hihi.

    • Jackie nung talent show lang ako naka punta pero I won’t do it again kasi im so short wala akong access sa loob. try namin sa fashion show on march 3rd. I love Shane. Love her hair. Para syang Parul minsan. Sigrid I met briefly. Sila ni Janette sweethearts. Pero di kami nagtagal doon. Hope you’re doing ok and enjoying this bbp edition with your kids 🙂

  9. Laila aka titasofpageantry aka 4M aka GloriaMoranEbak aka inggitera sa mga deserving pretty binibinis, wag idivert ang main issue mong baboy ramo ka. Ang topic ay ang mga “destructive” criticisms mo to ruin the girls’ chances na di mo bet at inggit ka. Kung matapang ka ngang baboy ramo ka, why not go straight to the point and sabihin mo if you don’t like a certain girl, hindi yung marami ka pa reverse psychology, kaplastikan, and kaechusan. Para kalang clown na pinagtatawanan sa fb groups. Kilala na ang true identity mo at kalat na ang kademonyohan mo. Masaya ka ba kapag succesful ka na may napatumbang binibini sa mga agenda at propaganda mo diyang baboy ka? Last year ka pa sa batch nila Rachel nambababoy, time is up na, oink oink. Nilamon na ng fats yang utak mo kaya napuno na ng delusion. Plastik na baboy ka lang. kunwari friends friends ka ngayon sa few commenters here na either dummy accounts mo, or commenters na you called “palengkera” before. Lol. Plastikadang baboy.

    Siyanga pala, pansin niyo ba na M.I.A. si 4M and GloriaMoranEbak? So unusual kasi lagi 24/7 dito yan nagtrotroll. Ay kasi pala gamit ni baboy yung “laila” account niya. Lols

    Tah.. tah… oink… oink…

    Wild boar in cattle pig’s clothing.

    You are not fooling anyone 4M aka Laila aka titasofpageantry aka GloriaMoranEbak.

    Gaano ka kagamol? Gaano ka kababoy? 🤢🤮


  10. Hindi ata na advise si blogger norman na lumipat na ang mayon sa Naga. Baka pati yung mga girls taga Naga na din. – mocha

  11. Good luck to these 4 girls !. I remember during one of Cat’s ambush interviews, she was asked about the possibility of helping her fellow Bicolanos affected by Mayon Volcano’s activity and she said she wanted to but she couldn’t right now due the ongoing BBP competition that does not allow them to do anything outside BBP. I hope she and all the candidates thru BBP (attention: SMA) initiate something to help those affected by the recent calamity ###hashtagBBPbeautieswithaheart###. The best of luck to all the Binibinis 🙂 Thank you, Cat for thinking about your kababayans – beauty and brains with a heart 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I’ve always been a fan of Cat (pre-MW days). Loved her even more when she started her advocacy and her Tondo project which she continues to support up to this day 🙂

    • Hi Jen , it may not be practical from the economic standpoint to bring all these 40 girls to Albay. Where r they going to stay ? Who is gonna foot the bill?
      I think this will be more doable after the coronation when only the 7 placers can come and. Is it .

      • Hi back at you,Fabian –
        I was just thinking about BBP (thru the help of SMA) to come up with a fund-raiser to help our kababayans in Albay. They do not need to physically go there. It’s just not possible with their hectic schedule. I’m with you with just the winners going there (in behalf of BBP) after the coronation, to do some charity work to help our fellow kababayans in Albay 🙂

    • Nah, no thanks. She can’t even communicate well. we don’t want another copy cat. She has nothing to offer. A pretty face won’t cut it anymore and her reputation, or her mothers reputation, isn’t just good enough.

    • Jeremi, this thread is about the Albayanas. Please save your comment to Aya’s thread.

      Speaking of Janine comparison, while both are exotic looking, Janine speaks with confidence and conviction. I’ve seen some of Aya’s interviews. Yes, she sounds sweet, but doesn’t have a clear purpose why she joined the pageant.

      • Oh really Johnny? Im sure I wont get this comment of yours if I have posted a positive comment about Catriona Gray on Aya’s thread, will I?
        Your kind of hypocrisy and double standard wont work on me. Spare me with your typical pinoy mentality please.

      • What typical Pinoy mentality are you talking about, Jeremi?

        You know well that belittling the “masa” doesn’t make you elite? You’re too CLASSY for that.

      • Oh Johnny my johns.. did I ever mention that I am classy? In fact, you were the one who said that you are in your previous post
        I said “Im just being myself not a pretender nor a climber, neither an elite but I can be classy too if called for in a proper venue and in an appropriate forum.” But it pisses me of if someone is discussing class in a beauty pageant blog duh just like you did

      • Ikaw naman Jeremi, masyado kang pikon. Kurutin kita dyan.

        Yes, Aya Abesamis will be the Janine Tugonon this year. 2011 that is.

    • Please Jeremi
      Do not compare her to Janine
      Yes , she is an ordinary belay that shines with the right make up on … like Janine
      But Aya has no gumption. …no intensity or fierceness at all. She is too relaxed . Why settle for another top 10 when we can potentially have another crown . Let me tell u , Cat is our only chance to win MU .

      • Let’s see on finals night Fabbie.
        Janine had the most amazing transformation and I believe Aya will have the same if she wins MUP.

  12. Harley Tan (Catriona’s team) has been posting everywhere that Aya only looks good with make up on. Lol! The competition is surely heating up.

    • #FakeNews Don’t drag Harley’s name here. Harley is the sweetest human being ever!! He plays fair unlike the “others”

      • Why don’t you ask him why he deleted his comment in Dookie’s IG account? Can he swear to his mother’s grave with Catriona not winning the Miss Universe Philippines crown that he did not do it? 😉 dare?

    • Ryan, trulili naman divah😋 jijiji
      I’m not harley, OK
      Pero dahil magaling yung make up artist kaya pak pak pak gumanda c ineng 😋hihihi

  13. Grabe awayan dito tsk! Well! I cant tell who are the dummies here. All i know is angelo reyes 😂 Pero mukang nagbago na naman sya ng slight lang 😀 ✌️. Anyway! Lagi akong nagbabasa dito pero minsan lang mag comment since i am having a hard time to express my observation sa mga girls. Hirap i explain. So thanks from some comments na naiexpress nila ung gusto kong sabihin so i dont need to tell my words about the girls. Tama ung isang commentor dito. Pag ayaw nila ng bad words sa bet nila nag bo blocked at inaaway. Pero pag bad comments ng mga supporters nila sa mga hinde nila bet ok lang pinapabayaan nila. kahit hinde naman masama ang sinabi mo I blocked ka. Kahit observation mo lang sa kung anong mali at dapat o kulang eh blocked ka agd. Kahit d mo naman nilait ung girl blocked ka agad hihi. Tama din naman ung nagsabi na use not my cup of tea instead panglalait na words. If hinde mo gusto direct to the point hinde ung ang dami mo pang sinasabi na pang dodown sa girl na d mo gusto. Grabe kung makahanap ng butas. And then wag mag comment sa isang commentor kung walang sinasabing masama/panglalait sa bet mo. May isa dyan eh may masabi lang sablay naman. Girl! Kung ayaw mo kay cat direct to the point and periodan mo na. Wag mo ng ulit ulitin sa bawat thread. Wag ka ng mag comment na nagpapahiwatig na hinde mo sya gusto. Paulit ulit ka. Kunyare constructive critism wag kami! Sablay sablay naman yung iba mong sinasabi.

  14. My gawd mga bakla this is not the right place to discuss class and being classy.
    In fact, beauty pageants are being frowned upon by the true elites anywhere in the world and are considered tacky or in other words baduy. Only the masses indulge themselves in such type of entertainment. Hence, those who consider themselves classy but keeps on commenting here are just the pretenders and climbers. Sadly, most Filipinos are like that.

    • Kawawa naman mga Pinoy ano. Ilang percent ba ng mga Pinoy ang “most” na sinasabi mo?

      San ka pala dun Jeremi, true elites o Pinoy?

    • Im just myself Johnny not a pretender nor a climber, neither a true elite but I can also be classy if needed in a proper forum or venue.

    • Don’t disregard people’s choice of entertainment regardless of status quo. You talk about people being classy yet you are here commenting and following every move of this charity organisation.

      CLASS is not about what you like or what you are into, it is about how a certain individual reacts to a certain situation.

      You obviously don’t know what class means, hence, you’re “classless”.

      • I concur, Ajay! Jeremi, I don’t know why you keep implying or associating class = social class. Mga masa din kami, thus, like you said, we’re here enjoying this general blog. Pero dapat ba tayong mawalan ng asal? I already called you “elitista” in response to your reply to my previous comment about you and Fabian. Di mo kasi nagets yung post ko, sasagot sagot ka pa. Tatawagin mo aqng pretentious and social climber? Kailan aq umasta nang walang asal like you? Naghibernate ka na rin lang sa Siberia, di mo pa inuntog yung ulo mo at baka may lumabas na breeding kahit konti!

        Nagcomment ka pa sa article about Sophia Senoron na, “wag pag awayan or pagaksayahan ng panahon ito at di sya maganda”, or something like that. Di mo ba naisip na may mga magulang, kamag anak, kaibigan si Sophia na pwedeng masaktan sa comments mo! Walang modo at pinag-aralan (again, breeding and not literally)!

        Di mabibili ang class, mayaman ka man. In your own words, nahiya naman kami sa ‘yo! Sobra! We can learn to be nice, regardless of location, blog, situation or time!

    • Jeremi , I went to school in the Philippines where students came from the poorest to the richest In the country . All of us , boys and girls , enjoyed watching beauty pageants .
      Your idea that beauty pageants and showbiz are ‘baduy’ .. is passé . I think people now look up to these actors and beauty queens.,,, Even your elites .

  15. Hahahaha nalang sa comment ng comment dito na parang sirang plaka. feeling ko habang sinusulat nya to puputok na ugat nya. sad. so sad. gigil na gigil.

    Kilala naman kita. Ikaw at mga kampon mo blocked sa titas. hilig nyo mang kuyog eh. yung pag gamit mo ng mouse sa handle mo? at yung reference mo sa aso mo? teeheee pati pag bura namin ng comments na di namin bet alam na alam? wawa naman sya o.

    tah tah …

    • Ows tologo? Tologong tologo? Do I sound “gigil” to you? 😊 Again, stop diverting the main topic which is your inggit sa mga deserving na girls na di mo bet. May galit ka ba sa mga magaganda dahil you are so obese ang chaka? Can’t blame you nga naman if that is your reason. Lol. FYI: Konektado etong blog ni tito sa mga multiple fb groups kaya naman pinagtatawanan ka lang ng mga members ng mga girls na binababoy mo ng pasimple. Kapag nabisto nga naman at naexpose, todo divert sa issue. Akala ko ba di ka na nagcocomment dito dahil you think na you are better sa mga commenters ni tito Norman? Bakit nakita mo pa ang kadulu-duluhan ng comment ko na sinadya ko ilagay sa end ng thread na to to see if you are really 24/7 babad here. Alas! Kinagat mo ang bait like the baboy that you are. Lols. Sino pa ba ang 24/7 babad dito? Hello, 4M/ GloriaMoranEbak na alternate accounts mo na kahit madaling araw gising at nagtrotroll. May timestamps at bistado ka ng baboy ka! Mahiya kang obese na oink oink ka huy! 😂😍👍🏻

      P.S. katawa yung mga latest screenshots sa mga caption mo sa IG. “Character na character” actor ang peg mong baboy ka. Ang bilis mo magchange from your backhanded compliments na “destructive” criticisms to pasweet at patita cares kuno. So totoo pala na may multiple personality disorder ka. I mean, hello 4M, Hello GloriaMoranEbak. Sino pa? Sino pa ang mga alternate accounts mo dito? Hahaha! Bistado si obese na baboy uy. 😍🐽💦😂

      • Sino yon? Oh welll, baka nga, star ⭐️ hahaha. Baka ikaw ako. Lol. Wala naman ako multiple personality disorder gaya nung obese na pig. 😉🐽

      • Obese na pig ang name po niya sa fb groups namen. Siya ang main topic now at may witch hunt kay obese na baboy. Hihihi

      • Go Mother Micky! Gigilitan na po ba ng neck yung obese na pig with multiple split personalities? Hihihi ^.^

      • “Sino yon? Oh welll, baka nga, star ⭐ hahaha. Baka ikaw ako. Lol. Wala naman ako multiple personality disorder gaya nung obese na pig. 😉🐽”

        @jennifer magnayon gurl by replying that statement above inaamin mo na ikaw rin si MickyMouse. Gurl ibang commenter yung tinatanong ni star pero you responded as if ikaw yung tinatanong. Nakalimutan mo magpalit ng alternick teh?

      • How sad na ganito pala ang mga Magnayon. Proud pa sya na gamitin ang name na “Jennifer Magnayon”. At least alam natin kung ano talaga ang uri ng la familia nila…hihihihihi

        Lai, kahit anong name calling ang tawag nila sa iyo eh ok lang kasi kaw talaga ang superstar. Yung mickey daga at Jennifer Magnayon eh supporters lang yan. hihihihi

        Laila ikaw may 70k plus followers, eh itong si Mickey Daga eh kahit parang Mt Mayon ang butsi kung pumutok eh walang magfofollow dyan…hihihi

        Oh hello Jennifer Magnayon, veks kaano ano mo si Catriona. I hope you are not related to her or her mom coz you are giving your family a really bad rep with language here. Can’t wait to take a snapshot of your comments for twitter and instagram to see.. #lowlife

      • #FakeNews mygosh, nasiraan na ng tuktok yung laila liar pig. Bagay sayo yang lai name mo kasi you are a liar, and a conniving pig. Correction, base sa screenshot ng profile ni pig, 30k lang followers niya, walang wala yan sa 200k+ ng group ni Mother Mickey. And why are we talking about folowers? Shows how shallow and estupida you are. You haven’t achieved anything yet pero ang laki na ng ulo mo, you obese pig. Ohh welll, good luck na lang sayo. I hope you seek help diyan sa damage in your brains, 4M aka Laila liar. No offense pero you’re so ugly pala, laila. I heard mahilig ka raw sa sour crackers. Eew! Maasim siguro armpits mo tapos baboy ka pa. Hihihi. ^.^

        World Peace.

    • These three are the most photogenic among the current candidates.

      Karen won the last time she joined. But I think, this time, it will be Vickie.

    • Very very pretty!!!! I know they will represent the country with pride!!! So are we going to send candidates with foreign blood from now on because they are exotic and with great communications skills???? Just asking because this is becoming the pattern recently.

    • There are a LOT of beautiful but petite Pinays. Mainly due to average height being barely 5′.
      I hope there will be a national pageant that caters to petite girls.

  16. Musta na.mars? Tagal mo yatang nakatulog,parang sleeping beauty ang peg! Sino bang prince charming nakalaplapan mo.mars at nagbalik ka? Heeheheje

  17. i am confdently beautiful with a purpose
    for mother earth esp asia pacific

    no to flat puwet
    and fake boobs

    • My dearest GBE aka GloriaMoranEbak,

      Don’t forget your lunch of cat poo downed with cat pee.

      Love you. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Here I think are the possible line-ups:

    Catriona gray
    Aya Abesamis
    Michelle Gumabao

    Catriona Gray
    Athisa Manalo
    Jehza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug

    Catriona Gray
    Aya Abesamis
    Michelle Gumabao
    Ena Velasco
    Wynonah Buot
    Patrizia Garcia

    Catriona Gray
    Aya Abesamis
    Ena Velasco
    Michelle Gumabao
    Patrizia Garcia
    Wynonah Buot
    Athisa Manalo
    Karen Gallman
    Anjame Magbitang
    Samantha Bernardo

    Catriona Gray
    Aya Abesamis
    Michelle Gumabao
    Ena Velasco
    Patrizia Garcia
    Karen Gallman

    Michelle Gumabao
    Jehza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug
    Patrizia Garcia
    Samantha Bernardo
    Karen Gallman
    Anjame Magbitang

    1st/2nd RUP
    Aya Abesamis
    Athisa Manalo
    Ena Velasco
    Wynonah Buot
    Patrizia Garcia
    Jehza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug
    Anjame Magbitang
    Karen Gallman
    Samantha Bernardo
    Sigrid Flores

    • I always forget about Kayesha.. She could be the biggest spoiler in this competition because I believe her only hurdle from making it into the winner’s circle is her height.

    • Remove Cat in all other crowns. MUP or nothing. Diyos ko. Anyare sa mga pageant fans. Nawala bigla taste sa beauty. True beauty.

      • Just incase lang na mapunta sa iba yung MU… alam mo naman Politics… It is good that she is considered for the top crowns.

  19. I still believe Cat will deliver some finals night. Just needs to trim the abdomen area. Remember the box type ladies who won best in swimsuit – Krista Kleiner & Ara Arida.

    Nice to see Laila commenting again (albeit temporary). Always love her scoops on Latino pageant sites.

    • Hello Johnny!

      They keep on posting Cat yet they keep on allowing shady comments for traffic on Cat’s physique. well gets ko naman she still needs to work on her body pero she’s agoldmine for criticisms na akala mo nanalo na sya sa nationals. kaloka ayaw kumalma.

      they don’t post aya or karen or vickie or michele or anyone. even the shupits are only interested in cat so they’re either hoping she wins or crash and burn.

  20. Mars Laila, mga other mars ketch Hello senyo! Nagbabasa pa rin ako ng Norman blog pero I try to avoid commenting. Nakaka shock kasi ang basing and fighting here lately. Baka ma-pollute ang wagas kong demeanor. Hihi chos sa wagas na demeanor. Miss you!!!

      • halatang baguhan si MickyMouse dito. Hindi nya kilala si Mitchesa na dati pa nagcocomment dito way back 2012 pa yata. Nkklk nakakamiss nga yung old times na si Basil lang ang nega sa blog na to. At least si Basil entertaining saka at times may sense naman ang comments

      • unorthodox wag pansinin yang daga na yan…hihihihihihi

        For all we know baka yang mga daga ang dami daming personalities dito. Deadma na lang veks.

      • Unorthodox aka laila aka 4m, 2012 ilang beses mo na minention ang 2012 at “bagohan” lol naulol na ano to patagalan ng membership? May pinatago ka ba na funds kay tito Norman? Kapal ng mukha mong baboy ka as if ikaw ang nagtayo ng site na to, taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo veks. Baboy ramo lang? 😂👍🏻

    • Musta na.mars? Tagal mo yatang nakatulog,parang sleeping beauty ang peg! Sino bang prince charming nakalaplapan mo.mars at nagbalik ka? Heeheheje

      • check check lang minsan steamy hehehe prince charming ko? same same hahaha hindi nga lang sya charming 🙂

      • Mars steamyhot, pwede bang ikaw na lang ang prince charming ketch? Chis lang hihi. Misya! Tsup tsup!

      • Hi mars lai, i follow Titas. I’m a fan hihi. Sana matuloy na ang coffee date. Take care cos i care.

      • Mars laila and mitchisa ,it’s been a while na hadr. Musta na si basil ,d ba may plan before na mag meet cho cho tayu hehehe,never seen his comments na dito sa blog ni tito norman,andito pa kaya sya mga mars?

  21. Norman dear Catriona is not overrated, you’ve been using that word to describe Catriona for a while now and it only shows how much you want her stocks to decline lol.

    • Intindihin mo yung buong sentence Kuya. Kung di mo parin gets yung konteksto, wag ka na magreply dito…nakakahiya

      • I kinda felt that norman is pushing one candidate in particular (well just like how he is every year and it never wins haha)

        But across norman’s recent posts, kinda felt that he didn’t want Cat to win with all this passive-aggressive diminutive ‘compliments’

        Back to topic, If Kayesha makes it to the first cut I think she has a big chance of pulling up a Clenci this year.

      • @Laila/titasofpageantry/4M/GloriaMoranEbak/many many more dummy accounts, simple lang ang issue. No need to divert the main topic diyan sa mga comments mo na puno ng kaplastikan at kaechosan. Ang issue is yung account mo na titasofpageantry at yung agenda mo sa pagdederail ng certain candidates na di mo bet by using destructive criticisms that you are masking with “constructive” kuno. May issue ka na last year pa eh, you did that to multiple candidates in the past. Kalat ka na sa multiple fb groups and bilang na mga araw mo, 4M/GloriMoranEbak/Laila. Mahiya kang baboy ka huy! 🐽😂💦

      • @Superman Lol teh I never thought there was someone who can take contexts like these word for word omg. The passive-aggressive, pseudo-vague calling of Cat overrated didn’t work at all, well, mostly since you obviously fell for it.

  22. Hi. Ako Yung admin Ng Titasofpageantry Kaya di na rin ako ganun ka active dito. Dalawa lang kami dun and hindi si 4M Yun. My co admin is another commenter from Norman nung time na classy pa mga Tao dito. Bago kayo kumuda dyan nandito na kami 2012 palang. Out na kaming dalawa our IG are open na rin kaya no need to accuse us of having multiple troll accounts. Seriously nakakapagod.

    Hindi ko Alam anong issue mo. Alam ko na – blocked ka sa Titas! Yun Lang naman Yun eh. Need mo Ng troll account para sumilip dun. Mahigpit kami eh.

    Ay bago ka pala at dito. Kaya pala nakaka lusot crassness mo.

    Sana may bayad ginagawa namin Argggghhhh Kasi Ang pag oonline teacher Hindi ganun oa laki sahod! Sana may extra ako pang chocolate at kape sa Starbucks like every week! . Ni free ticket or stubs sa mga events Hindi kami maka score. Unang una NAKAKAHIYA! Kung gusto mo Ng full perks Ng mga nakuha namin sa pagtitias – one invite from the mark Bumgarner show, an invite to Eva, catriona, Ena and Agatha’s meet and greet na Hindi Rin namin napuntahan lahat at nahihiya kami, a box full of cheese from a follower from NJ. Chusera ka. One year mahigit pa Lang kami Kung maka salita ka on bayaran eh Ni magpa accredit sa bpci para may insider scoop kami Di namin magawa mawawala freedom namin to feature just about any girl from any camp without feeling we’re offending them Kung May Makita akong styling or makeup na pwede pang I improve.

    Hindi nako ganun ka active sa Norman because it pains me to say this pero grab na palengke levels Ng mga Tao dito! I used to be so into this posting pictures, posting updates pero Grabe na kayo dito.

    • Oh and another thing –

      I got a chocolate sundae from Catriona’s meet and greet in Jollibee
      We were late for Aya’s meet and greet that my friend from sash factor had to order his own salad.
      I heard Ena had a Chinese lauriat fare
      Patrzia treated her guests to Italianis which we did not get to attend

      Nakakaloka kayo!

      • Como esta usted laila😋
        Kung choco sundae ang pinamudmud ni Meowww, ano yung pinamudmud ni kaAyaAya hihihi 😋
        Bongga c Ena lalo na c Patrzia😋

      • Jawskuh, kailangan pala may sponsors ka to become a beauty queen 😄cherette. So, may nagbenta na ba ng pechay to finance her journey to her crown hihiji 😄

      • wala bong walang ganun. pansin ko lang mga well off yung kayang mag rent ng function rooms. pwedeng chip in chip in mga fans for a get together, eva if im not mistaken was financed by her uncle. karen wanted something small and simple pero nahiya ata bf nya so nag pa meet and greet sa clubhouse ng condo. aya im sure family nila as well as ena and patrizia. hindi naman every event may pakain sila. selected girls lang. a lot of them have been staying in cubao so mas easy n rin to gather their supporters there.

      • This tireeeeddd and sadddd response of yours to my comment below proved my point. Bistado ka na at yang mga dummy accounts mo. Edi lumabas din ang true colors mo? Humble brag pa more! You aint fooling anyone. Your pretentious way of talking o constructing ng comments mo is not “classy,” being hungry for the trut

      • This tireeeeddd and sadddd response of youres to my comment below proved my point. Bistado ka na at yang mga dummy accounts mo. Edi lumabas din ang true colors mo? Humble brag pa more! You aint fooling anyone. Your pretentious way of talking o constructing ng comments mo is not “classy,” being hungry for the truth is.

      • And I wasn’t blocked, baboy. Hindi ako commenter sa chakang page mo and I left before naging propaganda na may agendang magderail ng candidates na di mo bet and inggit ka. Yan ang issue at topic so stop diverting it dahil bistado ka na oink oink ka! Actually, naupdate lang ako sa multiple private fb groups about diyan sa kademonyohan mo. I am here to inform tito Norman’s readers lang. kalat ka na and your time is up! Bilang na araw mo. 😂💦

      • Hi 4M! I tried coming back several times pero medyo nahihiya ako to continue when other folks are posting photos from Titas here. Parang nakaka hiya naman din Kay Norman. I miss you and Fabbie and Thomas and Unorthodox and Ana. Dawn and Sheena I still get to talk to. I was checking the previous posts Hindi ko na masikmura pag baba Ng level Ng interaction dito. Before nagkaroon na Ng clean up time sa mga below the belt commenters dito baka super busy nalang talaga Hindi na ma control mga Tao dito. Parang nawalan ako Ng gana and Ang taas Ng tingin ko sa blog na to ayoko na masira pa. Pero nag comment ako now Kasi may email notifications pa rin ako lo and behold nakita ko name ko. Ala nga naman Hindi pako magsalita kamusta naman reputasyon ko no!?

        Having said this I love Cat. I want her to win so bad kasi feeling ko aping api sya (based sa mga na chika sakin) at mga kumakalat na screenshot Ni John Cuay badmouthing her. She’s a favorite pero di sya complacent in giving us a show. Body she has to work on. With her drive and determination give her time to focus Kaya nya Yan.

        Aya is a darling. Very fine features graceful quiet manner. Very calm. The mother only showed up once. Can’t help the favoritism Kasi mostly Ng mga nasa loob mga former winners Ng bpci. Is she ready? Maybe not. Bad decision na medyo late na sya nag decide sumali. Limited na crowns pwede sa kanya. She’s not dumb her voice makes it appear so.

        Karen is gorgeous – a bit aloof on social media but she’s got a story to tell. I just wish she’d use the social media platform more. She had a hard life walking for hours just to go to school in Bohol that when she went to Australia she was so struck at how difficult it is to get quality education here. She’s being handled by Bonita penaranda in terms of styling – she just needs to appear warmer in front of the social media peeps coz I heard she’s super fun in person.

        Michele is having so much fun with the girls aspects of the competition it shows. She’s so game. Matutuwa ka suportahan sya.

        Eva is sweet. She’s trying to improve her styling. Magaling gumalaw.

        I like Ena and Samatha Ang gaganda Ng katawan. Ena is mas bakla and I mean that in a loving way. Samantha naman is very elegant.

        Vickie is a cutie pero medyo kulang pa. Her headshots are amazing. Sandra lemonon has oozing sex appeal Nani feel medyo limited na crown pwede say kanya. Jehza is so pretty Hindi ko Lang Alam bakit ayaw lumaban. Anjame is Janicel 2.O pero she’ll be ready in two or three years. Athisa is tall medyo kulang pa sa polish but very articulate. Same with Kayesha. Corbe was a surprise. Malandi she could be a sleeper.

        Haba pero eto na observation ko.

      • Thanks for the update Laila, I appreciate the honest commentary since you met these BB…

      • Look at the timestamps. Kayong dalawa lang ang gising ng “4m” dummy account sa 2 in the morning. Bistado ka na! Dami mo dummy account.

      • Thanks Lai for sharing your observations. I missed you and a bunch of other previously regular commenters 😘

        Bihira na rin ako magcomment dito kc minsan parang palengke nga. Sorry to say.

      • LAILA!

        I miss you and your comments! I rarely comment here now but the frogs are back to bad mouth the ones who we like.

        I am always on Tittasofpageantry!! I think it is great that you are the admin.

        Keep it up.

        Btw, I am not Laila or the other so called fake accounts that MickyMouse has accused. haha

        Keep up the great work Laila! 🙂

        You were a veteran commentator of this blog.

    • Hi Laila! Ang puso 💔

      Don’t worry. There is no need to explain yourself. People can say what they want to say but what matters really is the truth. You’re lucky to be in a position to meet and see the candidates in person. Keep up the good work and thank you for the pageant updates.

      Btw, I’m one of those who misses your posts and comments 🙂 I miss those “classy” days!

    • Laila Totoo ba na u gamely call yourselves ‘baboy’ ? It doesn’t sound right but Mickeymouse said that’s how u call yourselves .

      • The Indonesians are fond of calling Filipinos PIGNOYS so when we set up the account e thought we’d use the term to show them we’re not that affected. So our logo or shall I say mascot is a cute pig.

      • We also use turtle figures and emojis from this Filipino saying – ikwento mo sa pagong. We usually reply with a turtle emoji if we have a commenter na Grabe na maka bash. It serves as a warning bago namin I block

      • So u don’t mind beIng called ‘baboys’?
        Don’t worry , we believe u . Wala namang yumayaman sa beauty pageant business di ba … though I read somewhere that Pia’s net worth is now already P200M.
        True ba to ?
        Anyway , keep doing what you are doing .
        It’s your passion and it shows .
        U r the best researcher here.
        Hope to see u on tv .. like Tito Norman 🤗🤗🤗

      • Fabbie may pinag lulugaran naman kasi Yung moniker na Yan. Sa friendly banter pwede Lalo na Kung kami nag initiate. Pignoy gets ko pa. Kung baboy Kasi at babae ka offensive na kahit naman siguro NASA heavier side ka. Lam mo Yun? Like it’s ok for black people to call themselves nigger but if someone refers to them as negroes sobrang foul.

        I really wont mind Kung May mag offer bayaran kami. Ako in particular Kasi I can dabble in styling. I wouldn’t mind if maybe fove years down the line Kung ma cultivate namin Yung account we’d get invites to be flown around the country or abroad to cover certain events. Realistic ako. Kung May pera aba game eh kaso Wala nga eh.

      • Laila it will come to u
        It took Norman.
        Years to get recognized
        Im sure u r heading that way ..

      • So hindi okay sayo na tawagin kang “baboy” because you are a girl and obese? Pero mga gays, okay lang na tawagin mong bakla at veks in a demeaning way? Sometimes phaggot pa nga nung mga “classy” days pa ng titasofpageantry account mo. Ano to double standards? Being a cisgender woman doesn’t make you any special to people of other genders. Mahiya kang baboy ka huy!

    • wow maka palengke comment naman
      napakataas mo ateng?

      alam naman naten na pang masa ang pageants and for

      hindi naman ito ballet or polo or opera music
      na pang high end

      wala ka pa napapatunayan ateng
      dream on

      tito norman is for everyone regardless

    • This tireeeeddd and sadddd response of youres to my comment below proved my point. Bistado ka na at yang mga dummy accounts mo. Edi lumabas din ang true colors mo? Humble brag pa more! You aint fooling anyone. Your pretentious way of talking o constructing ng comments mo is not “classy,” being hungry for the truth and transparency is. I’m done talking to you.

  23. Catriona is pretty and as I said she can win any of the crowns at stake. I don’t want to impose or anticipate as to which crown will land on her head because I want to be surprised come March 18. Good luck to all the girls!

  24. Naloka ako sa mga shupit ha, biglang naging mas importante ang brains kaysa sa beautiful face ang peg nila now pero nung nanalo si Karen Ibasco grabe ang lait nila. Juskopo, sana lang hindi ito manalo sa Miss World2018 dahil katakot takot na bash ang matatanggap nito at for sure nakakaawa just like what happened to Karen.

    • Ganda niya dito. Super like her dress. Very elegant! If she had worn pointy stilettos instead of those platforms, it would have created a more polished look.

      Karen dear, leave those tacky platform shoes in the bin!

      • i agree. sobrang on point ng styling from ankle above. Hindi ko lang matanggap talaga yung sapatos jeske

      • Veks djusko parang high-heeled bakya!! hihihih but she looked very lovely here.I hope she wears a white gown na for finals. No train as she might look shorter. Actually this cut really suits her curves and shorter frame.

      • I think something soft and silky is a good way to balance her very strong facial features. She needs to soften her overall aura. And yes something similar but hopefully still different gown like Clenci’s

      • @4M actually pwede na nga yata yang gown na yan ang isuot nya para sa mismong finals eh. Coz she looks tall in that. Kaso baka hindi pa open ang hanlders niya and ang mga pageant fans in general para sa mga gowns na walang train or anything that looks different from a traditional pageant gown. Lam mo naman more drama sa gown more project project

  25. basta kay cat dapat ang miss universe philippines crown! wala na akong pakialam sa other crowns kung sino ang manalo!

  26. I have a feeling that “4M” is one of the dummy accounts of titasofpageantry. I know “Laila”, yung account na may profile pic na baboy is titasofpageantry, pero 4M, Gloria, and many, many more is the baboys’ account for bashing. Irita na ako sa mga destructive criticisms nila na kunwari constructive pero reading between the lines you can tell na may hidden agenda. Bet ng dalawang baboy na yon is si abusabos. Alam na alam ko ang taste ng mga yan. Akala ko pa naman fair at di bias ang page na yon, pero ang dami na usap usapan sa multiple fb groups diyan sa mga bayarang baboy na yan.

    Meron pa bang pageant pages, blogs, or sites na reputable and di bayaran? I know na they have to make a living pero kung yung “influence” nila sa internet world eh may bahid ng kademonyohan, why continue supporting them? In the end, tayong mga fans, na they are using, ang may say parin. I mean, sino ba ang “followers” at “page viewers” nila? Di ba tayo? Kung wala yang mga fans na ginagago niyo, wala din kayo. Tandaan niyo yan! Enough na sa ilang taon na lokohan. Mas malakas kapag nag-unite lahat sa facebook groups dahil yun talaga ang venue na walang bias at hocus pocus na ganapan.

    Remember, in this day and age ng internet worldz, it only takes one person to destroy an empire na built by fans’ support. One person lang na maka-figure out ng gagohang nagaganap ang kailangan. Sure, pages, sites nila yan, they can do whatever they want, go whatever route na feel nila, pero as I said, kung may kademonyohan na na nagaganap, tama lang na ipaalam sa lahat ng unaware. Without credibility at trust ng mga fans, these pages wont last long. Forever evolving ang internet world, daming venue na pwede puntahan ng mga fans, wag yan kalimutan.

    • No offense ha pero grabe din manlait ang mga fans ni Catriona lalo na sa mga threat ni Cat sa pageant ,Ipinapamukha niyo kasi na si Cat lang ang karapat dapat na manalo na tapos na ang laban kaya siguro nabibweset na ang ibang pageant fans .pare pareho lang ang lahat at yan ay tatak pinoy. Filipinos never learned, crab mentality at its finest.

      • Im a Cat fan and yes i agree na most other fans ni Cat (lalo na dito sa blog na to) ay sobrang makapangbash talaga (at unguarded times i admit ako rin naman). Worst is to use “yaya” as a derogatory word to describe how ugly a candidate is for them, not realizing na degrading to both to the candidate/s at sa mga katulong na ni wala namang kinalaman sa pageantry pero ginagamit yung profession nila as form of panlalait sa ibang tao.

        People, nasasaktan tayo kapag nakakabasa tayo ng “constructive” cristicisms ng ibang tao para kay Cat. Imagine nyo yun ha, fans lang tayo pero nasasaktan na tayo sa mga negativities thrown at our pambato, what more yung mismong kandidata na nilalait. Gets natin na hindi nyo bet ang certain candidate/s. Pero pwede naman natin sigurong iexpress yun through saying na “not my cup of tea” or “not crown-worthy talaga si ate gurl”. I believe magegets naman na ng ibang taong makakabasa ng comment nyo pag sinabi nyo yun. Iwasan na siguro natin yung “thunder thighs” or “mukhang katulong” or “madam auring/pokwang”

    • ho ho ho hold your horses there. I know ate Laila (almost) personally. And i can attest that she’s not like what you are saying/insinuating.


      PHP 1000.00 PER EVERY IG POST



      PHP 25,000.00



    • Hi. Ako Yung admin Ng Titasofpageantry Kaya di na rin ako ganun ka active dito. Dalawa lang kami dun and hindi si 4M Yun. My co admin is another commenter from Norman nung time na classy pa mga Tao dito.

      Hindi ko Alam anong issue mo.

      Ay bago ka pala at dito.

      Sana may bayad ginagawa namin. Ni free ticket or stubs sa mga events Hindi kami maka score. Unang una NAKAKAHIYA!

      Hindi nako ganun ka active sa Norman because it pains me to say this pero grab na palengke levels Ng mga Tao dito! I used to be so into this posting pictures, posting updates pero Grabe na kayo dito.

      That’s all.

    • Hahaha! Laki ng inggit mo kina Tita Lavinia and Tita Belay a…na-block ka? Di ka pinapansin? Bait ng Titas, basta matino ka…dami mong sinasabi, di naman totoo…hahaha!

      • Pag nagsasabe ng observations, inggit na agad? San banda “veks?” Mas marami pa followers yung aso ko sa ig kung yan ang pinagdadada mo. Get on misso level or tito norman level of popularity bago ka mageepal diyan. Malamang isa sa dummy account mo yang “superman” which is my point here na you are trying to divert to “inggit” lol! Patawa ka lang? Kung may inggit, malamang ikaw yon kasi di ko marealize bakit ganon na lang ang dislike mo sa mga tunay na magagandang girls, tapos all out ang support mo sa mga di gaano kagandahan… then I saw your two baboy faces. Yun pala ang sagot! Kaloka!😂 Gaya ng sinabe ko, fan ako dati ng baboy na yan, kala ko okay sila pero habang tumatagal pabababoy ng pababoy ang agenda nila. Hindi kame bobo para hindi marealize yang mga captions at mga pics na pinopost niyo sa ig na kunware “constructive” pero destructive criticisms pala. Ganiyan ang ginawa niyo sa mga past binibini last year na hindi niyo bet, kunwari concerned pero may agenda pala. Pag sa bet niyo may negative comments, binubura? Pero pag sa hindi niyo bet hahayaan niyo lang duon. Buti na lang at hindi nagbabasa ang mga girls sa cheapanggang ig niyo this year.

        Bisto ka din na 24/7 ka babad dito. Bakit? Sabi mo you left normannorman pero here you are using your “laila” account. Bisto kang baboy ka! 😂👌🏼

      • Oh honnneeyyy, I’m merely relaying yung sinasabe at feels ng thousands and thousands supporters ng multiple bininibinis na binababoy nitong laila aka 4m aka gloriamoranebak. Ginawa niya last year yan sa ibang girls ba di niya bet. Di na uubra ngayon yan. ☺️

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