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      • YES!!! No to curly curly hair. she’s not that big naman pala. if you notice her tummy area, may abs or parang may cuts na kahit papaano. more toning na lang or shaping of the waist. I LOVE IT! sweet pero sexy.

        hmmm ano ung overskirt nila? parang ang weird tignan ano ho? LOL

      • Yep, planks and sit-ups lang katapat ni Cat 😉 I feel Cat is determined.

        That no-purpose skirt is giving me an Arabian nights feel! 😉

    • Thanks for sharing.

      Cat is clearly in it to win. She nailed her pasarela. Doing all the necessary smizes, turns, charms, etc.

      Looking better though. Thankfully, she’s losing the bilbil. I’m sure she’ll be even better toned come March 18!

    • Daming paid supporters. Press presentation nga, meaning press lang dapat nandiyan. Wala dapat bias sa press, except lang kung may pinasok na paid supporters yung mafae choochoo diyan para mapansin na marami fans kuno. Magkano per head? 1k ba? Lol 😂

      • THeyre it’s paid naman.

        Many former winners support Aya because they’re close to her mom, Desiree and aunt, Mafae who’s are both international runners up. Nothing wrong with that. It’s their right.

        The cheers you were hearing came from those seated on their table.

        Anyway, catganern for MUP with or without cheerers.

  1. I’m not really sure what the hype is with Bernando. Our blogger seems to favor her, so maybe he sees something in person that doesn’t translate well in cyberland. She reminds me of our Binibinis from the 2000s, most of whom I can’t remember.

    Also don’t get the hype with Velasco. We’ve had other doctors before and nothing happened with them. Also very little aura. Even Karen Ibasco exuded more reach and accessibility. She reminds me of half of Binibinis 1-40 in any given year, most of whom I can’t remember.

    The others are the clear frontrunners. Wonder what led to Buot’s exclusion, but even I am getting bored of her Hammond aura. So 2016 na yan. But Meow Meow in that pic. I love how she’s taken on glamming up and playing the role of a MUP without hesitation. Say what you will, love her or hate her, the Cat’s Meow lingers on your eyes. Anyone but her for MUP will be a disappoint and the Universe will always wonder about the one that got away.

    Agreed also, nakakapagod to follow this year. Koronahan na yung Pusa. Pa-release na yung iba to resume life as normal.

    World Peace.

    • I’m glad I could see Sandra’s front view. I also like this girl ok ang height at maganda.
      I hope the ladies take the criticisms in a constructive manner. Like other commenters I also noticed the way meow body pose in her pictures . It’s like she is hiding her flaws. Its either one embrace one’s flaw or work your butt .

      • Hi jackiey12, have you seen Sandra in person? How is she in person? Do you find her lovely at may appeal?

        Most of us can only see the candidates through photos and videos. Some ladies tend to be naturally photogenic and some are not pero maganda pala in person. I would like to hear your point of view. Thank you.

      • Hi Morena thank you for asking maganda in person si viki , Karen, eva , Sandra,ahtisa. Viki at Karen maliit talaga 5’4 the latter 3 are around 5’7
        Disappointment: Muriel di gano maganda, jehza( sobrang payat)
        Ahtisa( when she introduced herself she ate her words)
        Baby skin: Eva and aya.
        Styling: Aya May budget malamang
        Sex appeal: Sandra and Shane. Shane might be the Elizabeth clenci
        Height: anjame true 5’11 .

      • Interesting to hear about Shane. She does not register well in photos; sometimes her nose appears big in candid shots. I like her when she sang that Aretha Franklin number. Ang sexy ng dating niya.

        Glad to hear about Sandra. Her sex appeal meter is a 10.

        I’m surprised about Muriel. She is really photogenic.

        Anjame for me is the quintessential Filipina beauty of this batch: brown and beautiful. Her towering height is truly an advantage.

        Thank you, jackiey12! Hope to hear more tidbits from you, especially on March 18th 🙂

    • i feel like the pics are too busy. There’s too much going on na nga with the background so sana simple design na lang sa swimsuit. Like, gets? Flashy na nga ang color dahil gold tapos ang dami pang ganap ng folds and details mismo. sana simpleng gold 2 piece na lang

      • I guess it is a test…

        Only the girls who are facially superior could shine through all this busy styling and intricate background.

    • May binabagayan ang shiny gold material. Definitely not in that design and cut. Nakakataba ang shiny fabric.

    • There’s sooooo much going on. they couldve retained the gold swimsuit and just use a plain or much simpler background or just a matte solid color swimsuit instea of a shiny gold.

      BTW, deleted na din tong photos sa instagram. LOL Tita’s ig kasi posted it na agad. ayan kasi. LOL

      I saw the complete set and i must say tinignan ko agad ang kay Cat. LOL not her best style but still gorgeous! I think she look best with hair up or clean hairdo para mas ma focus sa paka ganda niyang fez.

      sana ang peg niya on BBP Coronation is her MWP look with fierceness.

  2. So Doctora Ena Velasco is the apple of the eye of SMA? well gusto ata ni Madam nang bigating profession at di lang mowdel mowdel,yun lang nakikita kung dahilan.

    • I heard the same thing…. I hope she only gets Ms. Globe… But that means Jehza and Wynonah’s potential placements are on the rocks… If not Globe… Ena would be sent to International. I pray that she would only get a runner up placement.. If she wins, I would support her… but IMHO, the only thing she could improve on is growing her butt naturaly.

  3. Ena, for me, is overhyped. She’s beautiful pero im seeing MJ Lastimosa X Rachel Peters in her. tatak kf talaga ang beauty nia. LOL

      • grabe kasi the styling is sooooo MJ. very KF. those veneers and the contact lenses? haaay nakita ko na yan. LOL not unless she’s really a performer…

  4. Ena Velasco will be Angelique de Leon 2.0!!!
    Overhyped but CONFIDENTly Beautiful…..LITERAL!!!!!

      • True favorita ni sma si dra at aya .
        madami pa naman hopia fantards then warlalu pag minor minor or ligwak di naman fit yun idolet nila.
        Ok dyosa idolet nyo noon 2016 .2018 na di pa maka front view shot. Swimwear competition bago q and a

      • Angela Fernando is also a doc and she even won Miss Thomasian Personality and Miss Earth Eco Tourism ..and yet she clapped in 2016
        I hope that rumor is not true.
        There’s nothing special abt being a doc .. it’s just another profession . An engineer an architect or a model is not necessarily inferior to a doc . It’s what u do with your profession that will set you apart from the rest . Ena has not yet proven anything in Medicine.

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