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  1. Ok I’m excited to share my comments.

    This is just based on the swimsuit presentation video, seeing the candidates moving really spell the aura one exudes.

    I believe that most Bb Pilipinas best in swimsuit winners were not necessarily the ones with the best bodies (Ariella, Joanna Eden) but those that possess commanding presence once they start strutting on stage.

    May mga candidates din na ang ganda and ang lakas ng dating nung individual rampa but when the rest of the batch line up , may mga candidates na biglang nagffade and napapako lang yung mata mo sa 1 or 2 candidates.

    So here’s my review per batch:
    1st batch =

    #7: Sigrid Flores: Amazing presence but she kinda overdid it
    #8: Sherry Ann Tormes= Rachel Peters vibe, potential best in swimsuit
    #10: Kayesha Chua = I love the confidence, she has a very subtle stage presence as well but kulang pa ng konting attitude I would say.

    Winner in this batch= #8 Sherry Ann Tormes

    2nd batch=
    #11 Aya Abesamis = She finally landed on my radar. Nice body proportion, I’m still on the fence but alright she’s in this time
    #14 Samantha Bernardo = Nice body and nice projection
    #15 Julian Kapeundl = Not the nicest bod but I love her stage presence. The way she glides towards the mic was very regal. I definitely think she’s going to make the cut again the second time.
    #16 Analita Vizcarra = Nice stage presence as well
    #20 Catriona Gray = Need I say more, right from the very moment she started panning towards the middle of the stage, the arm movement, the pasarela. She is so there.

    Winner in this batch = #20 Catriona Gray

    3rd batch =
    #21 Anjame Magbitang = She finally got her best styling, nice height and bearing. Well proportioned.
    #24 Edjelyn Gamboa = Like Kapeundl, she definitely brought it. Nice movement I love the gait, definitely an Aces and Queen arrive! May latina vibe sya.
    #27 Henna Cajindig = This girl is slowly climbing up my charts.

    Winner in this batch = #24 Edjelyn Gamboa

    4th batch
    #33 Steph Abellanida = She’s one of the surprises. I love the stage presence as well.
    #35 Sandra Lemonon = So sultry, so sexy
    #38 Karen Galman = She’s better when she’s just being fun and free. I realized that fierce does not fit her despite of that beautiful face. Love her (go, schoolmate! UQ represent…)

    Choosing my best in Swimsuit:
    A. If talking about aura and stage presence alone = Catriona Gray..far second is Edj Gamboa and Sandra Lemonon.
    B. If talking about combo of stage presence and actual Swimsuit body = Sandra Lemonon and Sherry Tormes

    Overall Best in Swimsuit…..

    Sandra Lemonon……
    – I like that she stayed very briefly on stage like she didn’t try so hard to grab attention..She was like ‘Hello, pak pak pak pak…bye manigas kayo jan’

    (Sherry Tormes in very close second)

    • Only problem is that the award is resserved for the winner of BBP-Universe… and shortest recent winner of that award is Ariela Arida… Samantha Bernardo as a total package is far from Ariela Arida.

  2. Di kayo nag cover ng press presentation tito norms?

    Anyway, Michelle Gumabao was super stiff sa movements. I don’t know pero i am seeing Katarina Rodriguez on her.

    Catriona – she’s really in it to win!iba ang confidence, the projection and all. may silbi ang pag hype sakanya ng fans niya.

    • If ever shes showing some over confident tru her movement BUT her face/expression relax lang. hinde ung over confident na alam mo na…. tamang timpla ung kanya. Definitely pang MU talaga sya. I really love her.

      • overflowing ang confidence niya – in a good way. feel na feel kong wala siyang hesitations and alam niya ginagawa niya. Nakaka excite talaga. sayang lang that the binibinis doesn’t have enough space to showcase their pasarela and poses. The stage is too short kasi e tas may mic pa.

      • Yeah. In good way. Ok na ung stage. Only the mic ang prob. Sana sa baba ng harapan ng stage nalang inilagay ung mic or nasa taas pa din basta nasa harap. Kaysa naman nasa gitna. para mas maganda ang lakad nila. Good thing walang nadale sa mic.

  3. O ayan Fabie naka ponytail na si Catriona natin hehe. Hinde naman pala sya mataba eh mga mema talaga mga bashers. Pero kung mataba talaga days ago. Pumayat namn agad. Pero she need to make her body more toned. She still showed us her signature walk. ganda talaga. I expected that she will come out with soft curly hair ala latina. but ponytail is a great choice too for SS. Pero sana nag soft curls talaga since we already saw that ponytail when she competed MWP. Sana iniba para malaman kung babagay or what when in movements. Para mas ma compare if what suits her come finals. Stand out for me sandra also. Consistent din si ate. I also like number 34. Parang mixed ni nicole c and bianca G. Idk pero she stand out for me. Parang kamuka din nung taga KF nung 2016 batch na nag backout. Forgot her name. The frontrunners also did their best. Halos lahat naman. Number 40 is giving me Janicel Lubina vibe. Love their SS even up close. Also their gold SS durIng photoshoots. Mala venenuzuela nga.

    • Basa basa sa pageant sites. Pinaglalait ng dayuhan katawan ni meow just now at Hindi indogs shupiters . Mga Africans ,europeans

      • Body lang naman ang mas nasa isip nila na criteria. Humahanap ng butas mga yan. Hinde nila tinitignan ang stage presence and confidence. Yeah Having a good body is great and a plus. But theres more important things to find in the candidates. And that is stage presence and confidence. Wala sa criteria ang body speaking of bbp and Miss Universe.

    • unti unti nang gumaganda katawan ni Catriona…come finals pak na pak na yan !!! and napansin ko lang, ibang iba na stance ng mga candidates ngaun in terms of swim suit pose…they all pose the same – with the right knee bent side ways…it requires lots of training just to stand that way…ibang iba sa pose ng mga beauty queens in the 90’s and early 2000’s

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