20 comments on “Individually now, Binibinis 21-30

  1. I feel that No. 25 Rodriguez can be transformed into another Shamcey Supsup 2.0. She already has the best resume UP Diliman Cum Laude Graduate of Accountancy and Business Administration, Accountancy Board Topnotcher, UP Law Student and UP Profesor. Medyo kulang pa lang talaga cya sa confidence at kunting landi pero may potential talaga cya. I hope mag place cya sa finals.

  2. Sino sa kanila ang pan laban ng Pilipinas sa mga Gandang Latina na mga dyosa at mukhang barbie? 2 lang sa group na to ang may ganoong mukha at unfortunately 1 sa group na to ang may magandang katawan tlga.

  3. Sana hinasa muna mabuti yung Anjame bago pinasali sa contest. Well, let’s hope makapasok sya sa top 15 or 10.

  4. Ms Magbitang is my MUP (followed by Ms Abesamis).

    It’s high time SMA must send a very tall, first timer, raw beauty and who’s in her early 20’s candidate.


    • When an academic and career achiever shows off an alluring physique, MUP cannot be far behind. My hunch is that she can be a shoo-in for the crown.

  5. Has everyone seen Ena Velasco’s catwalk and poses? oh my! she looked like a 2 kilometer tall gazelle! I am slowly tipping the MGI Philippines crown to this girl.. She was nowhere in my list when BBP activities started. Slowly she established herself and started pulling away from the pack. She knew how to catch your attention even in groups. Her regional stints are slowly paying off. Just keep it going Ena. She’s on equal rank now with gallman for the MGI crown.. BAKLAAN kasi sa MGI so we should send someone who just knows when to catch attention when it matters.

    As for Wynona, hmm.. she was my alternate to CAT so I was expecting more from her. Honestly, I do not like her bun. Who wears bun on swimwear btw? She could have sported a more relaxed hairstyle ala zuleyka rivera in MU. I knew she was trying to add height but its an overly used almost cringe worthy hairstyle. PLEASE Wynona, whoever told you to wear this hairstyle seems to satisfy his (kasi im sure bakla) own aspirations only and not your best interest. Try to have more fun with your hair. Ok ba mars?:) still like you tho..

    Anjame. please do this again say 2-3 years from now.. ay naku Mars. . by that time hinog na hinog ka na at baklang bakla na so dapat silang matakot sa yo that time.. You’re very good but we need you to be the best kasi ang laki ng potential mo.. right now at best top 10 muna..

  6. Ang sesexy nilang sampu!!! Pero sila yung sampu na nasa gitna lang…tipong di pa gaanong umaangat pero may potential.

    Sofia Biano…ganda ng tindig…

  7. What happened to Wynonah Ryder…. Si Anjame reyna sa batch na to. Gandara din at fresh an fresh.

    • I agree, I’m not a fan of girls with their hair in bun during swimsuit either.

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