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  1. aya abesamis still have a lot to practice in the execution of her catwalk specifically in the fluidity of poses, transitioning and balance. This is the national olympics of beauty so any buckling on the presentation is magnified greatly. the good thing is, she still have time. she looks sweet and pretty. i dig it. Sone people will probably turn a blind eye on her mistakes but I won’t. I want to give her tough love so she will blossom into the queen she is meant to be in Japan.

    Meanwhile, catriona was just doing her thing effortlessly. Long strides with strong legs, fluid twirls, snappy head turns and solid poses. i have very little constructive critique left to say about her other than just toning her body and grow muscles in certain areas. Well she will have the next few months before competing in the Miss universe anyway.

    Athisa channeled Vanessa Goncalves but i think the people are not ready yet of that departure from her sweet , clean pretty image maybe because the hair didn’t suit her over all look. Who needs big hair when it covers her main asset, beautiful face? A bit of suggestion tho, she needs to lengthen her teeth a bit to balance her smile. Her presentation was good too.

    Michelle Gumabao was a revelation in her new body. It has greatly lost mass! Good job Mich. The only thing you should really work hard on is your presentation. Catwalk, turns and etcetera. Controll your stomp while walking cuz your gait makes you look bouncy and heavy. Use your strong leg muscles to practice gliding walk Mars. It makes a huge difference. I kinda see you for supranational title kasi ur personality is so huge ang i feel that you will attract a lot of positivity in that contest.

  2. Catriona – no more questions. she just nailed this one. she knows what she’s doing.. she knows what she has to do. her physique is obviously not the best. but she’s not that big either. may cuts na yung abs nia. she needs toning lang.. shaping ng waist, more hips and butt para mas magka korte. overall – she’s still the one to beat.

    Aya – why am i seeing a younger (or hilaw) na Maxine Medina on her? the styling was very Max during the bbp2016 press presentation. Aya performed well but not as what i am expecting.

    Michelle – natitigasan ang sa kilos niya. Very Katarina ang arrive ng poses niya.

    Janette (12) – anyare sa make up ate?

    Ahtisa – very kylie ang arrive. same with Kayesha. I think she’s perfect for Miss International talaga.

    Juliana – ganda ng presentation. but still not sure with the heavy eye make up.

    Samantha B – very Bea Rose din ang datingan. pwede sila mapagkamalang twinnies.

  3. My observation tells me that the KF girls were more polished in the catwalk and projection skills. Na pag iwanan and Aces and Queens ladies. I personally think ito young forte sa KF – stage presence and pasarela. Time for A@Q camp to considering hiring a good oasarela trainer for their girls. Maybe that cross dressing guy ( the. And escaoes me right now) who has done viral vids with his pasarela skills.

    • I agree, I think napag-iwanan naman ang KF sa fitness and skincare…. Some of their contestants are not in their Physical fighting form like J.K… alang pwet pero taba ng hita… Anjame konting workout pa… and yung ibang girls grabe kamot galore…In fairness kay Ena Velasco.. ang fit and ganda ng skin.. konting palaki nalang ng muscle sa pwet pwede na… At least ang trademark palakol veneers nalang ang problema sa mukha nya. Samantha Bernanrdo.. ang sexy grabe… kung humaba lang ng 1-2inch legs nya e pang MU na ang peg.

      Sa Aces… in fairness karamihan fit… sayang lang si Patricia Asturias ganda ng mukha pero kulang ng workout sa butt and legs… Kailangan naman magpapayat pa ni Michelle Gumabao kahit lean na sya…more cardio nalang talaga and diet… Si Cat naman ang ganda ng pagka lean.. d ko inexpect… pwet nalang talaga kulang…

      • Every one is entitled to his/her opinion. I expect you to respect Karen’s just as you want other posters to respect yours when you declared Aya the best. I completely disagree that she is the best among the 40 candidates. I’m not a fan of chinky beauties with round faces. However, I think Maxine is beautiful with her laughing eyes. Aya is no Maxine. But if you believe Aya is the best I respect your choice.

  4. After watching the vid, it was very evident that Cat ruled the runway without even trying ! In fairness and with all honesty, Aya and Michele did really well in this group during the presentation 🙂

  5. Ahtisa, Michelle, and Catriona here. Kahit medyo smudged yung styling kay Ahtisa alam mo pa ring lamonera ang fez. Michelle looks good here pero I’d like for her to have her hair down sa finals, and also work more sa pasarela. Cat is polished, sharpened, and Cat na Cat!! She was slaying and having fun and looks gorgeous as always!

    • AYA, are you kidding me? With a round face, looking like a Mongolian. Wala pang nananalong ganyan sa MissUniverse. She is NOT UNIVERSALLY appealing. Post her face in the Latino forum and she will be bashed to death.

      • Hey Jay55, We have our own preferences. Why don’t you stick to your own, kaya nga sinabi ko na “for me.” Respeto na lang, pare!

      • @Nonoy let him talk til bumula bibig. Ang totoo yun candidate nya nilalait na buntis ng Latin sites misso

      • Beauty is subjective. For me Aya is attractive with a good body but definitely not beautiful. She is a good example of how make-up can improve one’s looks. She is too chinky looking and her eyes are made-up heavily. There are a lot of ladies in this batch who looks much better than her. If the country wants to win more international beauty titles the best should be declared winners even if their parents have no names recognitions.

      • @Anoni, ayusin mo muna ang subject-verb agreement ng sentence mo bago ako maniwala sa taste mo (and I’m not a grammar nazi, mind you.)

        And to paraphrase Ruffa second princess? “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

        And with that — you’ve got a think coming.

      • @ Nonoy
        What has my English got to do with my taste in beauty? My vision is 20/20. You want the truth….Aya is plain looking without make-up and kinda short in my opinion. Tell me why no modeling agencies in NYC accepted her. But there are a few Pinays doing well abroad as models including Janine.

    • jusKo ci pia nga horrora ang tawag ng ibang lahi, paano pa kaya pag si aya ang maging miss U 2018.

  6. Very Andrea Tovar katawan ni Cat ngayon.. pero pak na pak pasarela. Parang miss world ph na pasarela ginawa nya..

  7. It is still Catriona for the MUP!!! — at kahit anong gawin ng makeup artist na paglaruan ang mukha ni Athisa Manalo,… Nananaig parin ang Ganda ng mukha nya! — parang Charlene Gonzales, patang mestisang Bombay na Pinay!! — and Athisa stands 5’9″ tall!!! —-Wow!! —Bkit ka pa hahanap ng magandang pandak, kung meron nmang Gandang matangkad!! —with or without stilettos! —MUP for Catriona,… MI for Athisa!

  8. Saw Aya’s intro and WOW did she slay it. You can tell she is a model. Her projection and body position are on point. She knows her angles too based on her poses. PAK na PAK. Slay veks slay…hihihihih

  9. Wala na sa listahan ko ang winner ng dindi pajares award. may salamin yung ganda mo pinaglaruan ng mga hitad. Naging x 2 age mo.ibig sabihin wala kang sense of style
    Taob kayong lahat sa makeup artist ni aya 360 degrees ginanda. Cross out na si urvashi Pasok si miss intercontinental 2014

  10. Ampangit nga ng katawan ni Catring!!!

    Si Gumabao naman pangit ng mouth piece!!!!


    Bb Pangkalawakan – Maria Andrea Abesamis
    Bb Pangbansaan – Karen Juanita Gallman
    Bb Pangsuprahan – Maria Ahtisa Manalo
    Bb Panggrande – Catriona Elisa Gray
    Bb Pangkontinente – Jehza Mae Huelar
    Bb Pangglobo – Michelle Gumabao

  11. Michelle’s posing and walk definitely need more improvement. She also needs to go all out cum finals night since she’s going 1-2 with Catganern. Palaban dapat ang peg nya. Spike mo na yan veks…hihihihi

    • I don’t think so. Aya is nothing but pure hype. Anak lang ng dating MUP kaya nanginginig sa kaka-hype ang mga fans. Nakakaloka ang kanyang sagot sa isang scripted na Q&A huh. Ang nanay nya ay sumablay din sa Q&A kaya winona losa sya noong 1984 edition.

      • Maganda stance nya and she stands out in a sea of mestizas. It worked to her advantage too that she danced in front of the judges in the opening.

      • Di ko gets bakit laging sinasabi na dahil anak siya ng dating MUP kaya siya na-hype?! Give her a break! Whats wrong with Aya ba? Its not her fault na anak siya ng dating MUP. Hindi niyo ba nakikita na she’s making an effort para makilala siya on her own merit (and her team as well) not just because anak siya ng dating MUP?! Leave her alone! Kung threatened kayo sa kanya, its just because, you can see her potential being the next MUP instead of another candidate. She is not pangit as others would say. She is damn gorgeous! Ano bang batayan niyo ng pangit ha?

        Cheer on your fave candidate and refrain from saying unnecessary comments towards the other girls. Napakasimple.

      • Thanks 4M! Hahaha! Not rehearsed. Sunugin ko sila ng torch. Hahahahaha!

        Universal Peace. ✌🏽

      • AK kasi hindi talaga siya maganda, I mean.. just look at her face lol. All the hype that went to her was all because of her pageant pedigree and her supposed flagbearer status of A&Q. If it weren’t for all of those, nobody would even talk about her.

      • Be nice AK…hihihihi let’s just focus on Aya, I like Michelle, Muriel and Wynonah too but some of the girls are really levelling up now that the competition is getting fiercer.

      • Eh, hinahype rin naman ng mga fans si Catriona. They are so delirious to the point of lunacy.

    • Agree veks. She just needs a little bit more spunk and just a little bit of thirst to win. And start training with Nad on Q&A para bonggang bongga na sa Finals.

    • She is NOT UNIVERSALLY APPEALING. I repeat, she is not UNIVERSALLY APPEALING. Wala pang Anyang mukha and nano sa Universe. Pang BINONDO and beauty, NOT Miss Universe

  12. Ganda ni Aya! Lakas ni Samantha kaso sana maparaanan ang makeup nya…lagi syang ganyan…alam na alam mong may makapal syang funda, alam na alam mong naka-contour…hindi natural tignan…pero may dating sya talaga.

    I still feel na Michele will win big come 3/18

  13. Sinong nag makeup at hairstyle kay ahtisa??? She won the dindi pajares award 2018. Sarap patayin yun makeup artist at hairstylist. Nagmukhang 40 at kirat si ahtisa


  15. Sir Norman is it true that you did not cover the Press Presentation of Bb. Pilipinas 2018?

      • The word is ‘sanctioned’ temporarily. But I will be back very soon. It was because of the sneak photos of the National Costumes.

    • I’m sorry to use the word “Banned” tito. You are still my favorite blogger. kudos to you. You still update us with Binibini even if you’re sanctioned temporarily. I adore you even more 🙂

  16. Best body Samantha Bernard
    Best styling Aya Abesamis
    For the vertically challenged candidates .I suggest Aya’s hair style. It will make you 1-2 inches taller

    • Gumaganda c Aya in fairness kapag may make-up Jackie noh😄hihihi
      C Samantha naman ay nakita ko sa kanya c Ms Clenci kapag nagsalita cya☺

    • Magaling talaga ang styling ni Aya.
      Pero di mo na maitatago ang katotohanan dahil nakita na sya na walang make up.

      • Pinaglalaruan cya ng mga veklah Johnny or mga supporters lng nya yung maiingay sa veydjo 😋hihihi
        Pero winner yung veklang nagmake-up ke aya medel ha. .parang pinagsuot ng blusang itim hihihi cheret 😊

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