19 comments on “Individually now, Binibinis 1-10

  1. The only problem i have with the girls on the no. 1-10 and 31-40 is most of them are quite short 5’5-5’6. The taller girls are on no. 11-30. I feel Vicky Rushton, Muriel Orais, and Karen Gallman are all beautiful but not Miss Universe and Miss International contender. They are quite short so a lesser crown and a runner placement is my prediction with them.

  2. At first ayoko dito kay Shane Tormes dahil sa autolikes nya sa FB. After Talent presentation nagustuhan ko na ang bakla. Malakas ang sex appeal nya. Lalo na ngayon press presentation. I’ll place her for now as Miss Globe Ph. Still Cat as MUP

  3. Romero and Chua look lile Quigaman and Verzosa, respectively. But this does not mean they should necessarily be sent to the Tokyo Dome campaign, any more than Buot being sent “by default” to MIntercon simply because she resembles Hammond. I expect either to make a BIG IMPRESSION.

    Rushton is indeed lovely. Bur I do not know where to place her…

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