326 comments on “Your #Binibini20 Catriona Gray’s Journey from 15-Onwards

  1. If Karen Gallman was a few inches taller (huhu i love this girl), or if Ahtisa Manalo had a more sculpted face, or if Michelle Gumabao was more sophisticated, or if Wynonah Buot wasn’t too stiff and didn’t look like Jennifer Hammond, or if Muriel Orais had great communication skills, or if Samantha Bernardo was a more spontaneous speaker, Or if Aya came more prepared, or if Jehza Huelar was more confident (gurrrl wake up ang ganda ganda mo kaya!!!), or Vickie Rushton was a few inches taller as well, or if Ena Velasco didn’t say YES to those veneeers… magda-doubt siguro ako sa current standing ni Catriona. Pero kasi halata namang she’s the most diverse and prepared candidate in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas. So, yes, I really think she’s the one to beat.

  2. I hope Cat goes back to her MWP /MW style .. with a bun and a ponytail . If she decides she wants her hair down for a change , I hope she reWines MWP 2018 . She looked really pretty that night .
    For those when say it’s just hair . Let me tell u hair is everything .
    An ugly hair makes an ugly person no matter how good looking he/she is.

    • Hi Fabian Reyes, I hope not…iba ang kalidad at kalibre na hinahanap sa MU…yung style nya sa MW ok yun sa Miss W, may style xa dun na ginaya nya si Megan Young, kung ganun nya e pipresent ang Phils sa MU, there is a chance na matalo na nmn xa….pero dahil finalist xa sa MW, pwde nya gamitin to her advantage ang experience nya na yun, but the execution should be different…tweetums kasi ang dating nya dun. On the other hand, may positive effect din naman tong pang babash sa kanya, kasi nakakarating yan sa MUO, pag maingay kandidata tinitingnan na nila eto agad. Just like what happened to Venus Raj.Napansin xa agad ng MUO, kaya naimbitahan sa promotion nito, na nakatulong talaga. Pwede rin na planado pati ang bashing, you know parang part of the game plan which is good. Palaban ang hinahanap sa Miss Universe. I want to see a different Catriona Gray, come Miss Universe Coronation night and my gut really tells me, She will be our 4th Miss Universe.

  3. It’s ok that Cat is getting all these unfriendly comments.
    They will keep her feet on the ground and inspire her to strive to be the best Cat she can be.
    It makes me worried though that Cat is not exactly SMA’s bet, accdg to jackiey12.
    I hope Cat continues to work on her body … and to review previous editions ‘ Q&A rounds . That will give SMA no excuse to deny her the MUP crown .

    I mean if she could ‘automatically’ give a MIss Globe winner the MUP crown , what more to a MW 2016 top contender ?

    • I was referring to Maricar Balagtas clinching the MUP crown after winning Miss Globe .

  4. When it comes to personality, without a doubt Catriona Gray already has all the ingridients of an international winner…

    As for physicality, with her undying focus, dedication and perseverance… She could grow a big ass naturaly with regular squats and deadlifts in less than 2 months.

    Cat, that is my only request from you.. Grow that ass! W/c I know you would…. Then no one would question it, if ever you win Miss Universe!

    #growthatass #catganern #catrionics

      • I’m reffering to the waist to hip ratio which make a woman more attractive physically.

        Michele has bones that is in regular proportion to her height with a musculature that is already a bit thick and athletic thus if she leans up… the curves on her body would be more emphasized.

        While Cat has statuesque long bones which needs more meat to create bigger curves… But in her case, her body would be more sexually apealing to men if she has a leaner body but with her butt and boobs sticking out creating an hourglass figure with the ideal waist to hip ratio.

  5. GUYS….stop the bashing….Cat presented the Philippines in the Ms world pageant and made top 5 correct??? She did her best and give her some credit for that. So, don’t hate if she wanna try her luck again in this Bb pageant. Only insecure candidates, I meant bashers would go so low to humiliate one particular candidate. Let the girls compete and enjoy their moment. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. Norman, your fake concern is showing. Don’t worry, she’s still the girl to beat and it hasn’t changed since day 1. No matter what kind of propaganda you try to raise, your below-average favorite candidate is just not in Catriona’s league lol.

  7. In my heart, I know Cat is destined to win. She’s the total package and she deserves it.

    But _______and____are my friends and I am committed to helping them at the expense of Cat.

    I believe if I keep repeating lies, people will begin to think it’s true.

    #trollpamore #propagandapamore

      • ALL CAPS!!!! Gogol pa more…. ha ha ha

        Who’s using all caps now.

        Kalma lang. ibabawi ka ni Cat sa Miss Universe. 🙂

      • That’s true, Twinnie! Ignore the.fakes.

        All-natural Catganern with a kind heart will win. She is the real thing. I love her. ❤️❤️❤️ As do her 137,000 followers in Instagram.

        Nothing fake there.

      • Relax, dear Gloria Moran Ebak! 😘😘😘
        Have you had you breakfast of cat manure? Gutom lang Yan…

  8. Catriona has the “it” —the star power —hence she generates a lot of noise. Her participation and high placement at Miss World is another reason why all eyes are on her; She had proven that she is an international caliber candidate, which makes her the standard that everyone else in Binibini is aiming for. And this is amazing because it will bring out —hopefully —the best in all of them!

    Some fans seem to have a problem on the features she had chosen to enhance —her teeth —because they just can’t stop talking about it. So, she has veneers! Big deal! It’s so common these days especially among beauty pageant contestants! For me, it enhanced her beauty; it makes her look more sophisticated and, frankly, more competitive! …Unlike some Binibinis —past and present —whose veneers are just unflattering and/or distracting.

    Others are pointing out Catriona’s biggest flaw —her body. However, they are just nitpicking. Catriona is a complete package, so her detractors will find every little thing to grab onto to pull her down in an effort to make their favorite shine. Pure insecurities. How do you call it? Crab mentality?

    Let’s face it, Catriona is a chameleon; she adapts and knows what she needs to do to achieve her goal. It’s not being “fake” —as someone on here keeps pointing out —but being smart and knowing the competition. Miss World calls for a different type of woman than Miss Universe, and Catriona knows it so she is packaging herself differently this time.

    Yes, there are other beautiful Binibinis who aren’t far behind the game, who are slowly “peaking”, and will be giving Catriona a competition…And this just makes it that much more exciting! Nail biting! I hope everyone will bring their “A” game on the final night. May the best woman win!

    • bilbil pa more.
      plenty of other girls who are natural.
      i’m not worried.

      • Don’t believe the Glorias!!!

        They propagate:
        Fake accounts
        Fake comments
        Fake truths
        Fake news
        Fake fans

        No to fakes. No to the Glorias!!!!

      • I like it. Gisahin si Gloria ek ek sa sariling mantika! Good job mabait na Gloria.

  9. Daming fake fans like their fake idol.
    Pati name ng twinnie ko ginagamit.
    Fake boobs
    Fake teeth
    Fake nose
    Puro balakang
    Bilbil more
    Fake accent

    • After we eliminate the fakes:

      FAKE WIT
      FAKE IQ

      only Catriona is left standing!!!

      Catriona for the win!

      Bawal ang fake!!!!

  10. I support all-natural beauty.

    Catriona Gray with natural curves and sexiness for the win.

    She still has 3 more weeks to lose unnecessary fat.

  11. Miss universe nowadays has really evolved. It’s not anymore focusing on the beauty, height and body of a candidate. It gives more weight on the substance and the inspiring and encouraging story of the candidate. To have an advocacy is an advantage because it simply shows her heart to help and to bring change to her society. Remember their tagline ” confidently beautiful with a heart”.
    While beauty is relative, whoever exudes confidence and grace no matter what she looks like, and speaks from her heart, then she is the one!

  12. Don’t get me wrong ha pero bakit i have this feeling na it’s not the right time para masungkit natin ulit ang MU crown, iba kasi ang MUOrg now ,gusto nila dapat may manalo bawat continents inuna na nila si Pia-Asia , Iris-Europe, Demi-Africa so ano ang next America? so USA o Latina ang makokoronahan this year. Masyado pa atang maaga to reclaim the crown so masasayang si Catriona in this case .Wala lang napag isip isip lang.hehe

    • Good point veks. I think that MUO is trying to be more diverse with the set of winners to regain its universal presence. They might look for a black winner next.

      • 4m, good point?
        Whoever the best girl is … wins regardless of what continent she comes from .
        Last yr , however , Venezuela could have gone all the way to win MU . She was so pretty !

      • Dapat nga siguro. At least pag nagcrown sila ng black winner, back to Asia ulit ang korona…hihihihih

    • My thoughts exactly. Even if Catriona wins MUP, I doubt she’d even come close to the MU crown. IMG is looking to diversify MU’s audience by paying attention to “non-powerhouse” countries. It wants to scrap off Trump’s old image of the MU brand.

      And being perfectly honest, Catriona will just instigate ire of many “common” (read: non-pageant follower) Filipinos for the crowning of yet another half-Caucasian after Rachel Peters.

    • di naman siguro teh. deserving naman talaga si demi this year. coincidental lang na the last three winners come from diferent continents. tayong mga fans lang naman ang nagbigay ng over analysis na yan. we have to admit, grabe ang drumbeating ng camp ni demi right after she won at ang galing ng performance nya all throughout the competition like pia. hindi rin masama na she had one of the strongest face in their batch. so, i personally do not believe na meron distribution ng title across continents ang MU. Im sure latinas are also gearing up harder kasi they are starting to feel nervous about other countries stepping up their game like asians for instance. kaya wag tayo pa stress. with the right candidate, there should never be any cause for concerns. lamunan na ng mic at backstories na ang labanan ngayon 😉

    • Those are just pure coincidence! Just like when —for eight years —all the Miss U winners’ names ended in the letter A… If this new trend continues then we can make it into a beauty pageant conspiracy theory.

    • Don’t compare me to dogs. Kawawa naman sila….

      Masahol pa ko sa kanila. I’m wurzt than them. I have no soul.


  13. After watching the video I feel she is indeed destined to be a beauty queen. And she has the goods.

  14. Ang daming kuda ng mga veks dito….Kakaaliw…hihihihihi

    I wonder what our dear blogger’s point of view is of Meow meow at this stage of the competition?

  15. Si Glory hole ay isang troll. Maaring:
    1. Basher lag talaga ni Cat dahil bet nya si Karen Gallman.
    2. Fan ni Cat na nangugulo lang para lalong mapag usapan si Cat.
    3. Pampadami ng activity sa blog na ito.


    • You must frequent glory holes to know what it is.
      grossa like her fake idol.

    • No. 2.

      In my heart, I know Cat is destined to win. She’s the total package and she deserves it.

      But _______and____are my friends and I am committed to helping them at the expense of Cat.

      I believe if I keep repeating lies, people will begin to think it’s true.

      #trollpamore #propagandapamore

  16. She is still the one to beat but sometimes I also think Gloria is right with her opinions

  17. Ano ba ang pinag aawayan dito? ganoon naman palagi.. Looking back, everyone was singing songs of demoltion against Pia before. look where she landed herself.
    Sa totoo langmga kumadreng veks. Out of all the forty candidates this year , ANYONE can be sent to MU anytime anyday. Thats how high caliber these batch is..

    BUT not everyone of them has that same level of GRIT to do GREAT…

    Pia wasn’t the best candidate in her batch in MU, but what separated her from the rest is her obvious wanton of that crown.

    This year I say, catriona is not yet in her fittest form. I can almost hear some people crying ‘yes’ in unison. But thats what those post pageant training months is for. Those are just qualities that can be developed by anyone.

    HOWEVER, there’s this one quality that should be mundane to everyones mind. No amount of physical transfomation can equate to a heart thats willing to give all out for the glory of country above ones self. But truth be told, it wouldnt hurt if you win, countless opportunities open for them too. Case in point pia.

    Venus had it. Janine had it too. Mj, Ara, Shamcey and of course Pia!

    So if I ask you, what was lacking from rachel last year despite her wits and goddess like figure/ face?
    Simple… It’s GRIT..

    What has Pia and Demi have in common? GRIT…

    It is that burning desire to excel that makes a candidate worthy of the crown..

    All the other candidates may have that desire too but not in the same intensity as catriona’s.

    She has a lot more to lose if she failed in this quest. THAT WHY she had to work double/harder than the rest of the ladies since people also imposed higher standards for her.

    So why is she in everyones radar? She had to reach a higher standard thats why thats why palagi syang angat on every apperance than the rest.

    The fact that she stayed consistent and has been used as barometer in countless comparisons vs the other ladies has proven that she is indeed the candidate to beat possessing everything on the checklist as a world class filipina.

    So nitpicking on details like her body is outrageously IRRELEVANT anymore in the IMG era. Just look at PIA and Demi as case subjects.

    I encourage everyone to put yourselves in the shoes of IMG rather than your own personal biases.

    If IMG is looking for that lady given to be easy on the eye yet full of substance, wit , gab and relateability as their spokesperson, shouldn’t we also calibrate our standards according to their preference?

    I acknowledge that there’s one lady in this batch who has been out excelling everyone else all these weeks for the MUP title, it’s Catriona Gray. Some people may not agree but what I say is just hard fact objective observation here.

    The MUP crown looks Gray-er by the day.

    I rest my case..

    • haba teh,,,paki summarize. Popular tlga si Cat….pag sya topic daming commenters

      • hahaha buhay na buhay ang forum teh.. naalala ko tuloy yung entry about mariel de leon. umabot halos 400 positive and nega comments. kung aney aney na kuda at warla ng sangkabaklaan.. hahhaha

      • In short, Catriona deserves the crown.

        Best communicator
        Best pasarela

        The bilbil and no pwet can be addressed with workout and pasarela.

    • Thank you very much for an intelligent and insightful discussion of Catriona’s case… what a huge and welcome departure from the inane and ignorant posts that have peppered this thread and blog.

      I remember that during Pia’s time at MU, some of the contestants did not like her because to them, it is all about the competition for Pia. And I thought, if you are bitter over the woman’s focus and GRIT and hunger to win the crown, then you are in the competition for a reason other than winning it… to party or sightsee perhaps?

      People seem to forget that whether we like it or not, beauty pageants are political. Like you said, it is now more than just about beauty. There are so many other factors that come into play. So many unknowns, so many emergent factors that could determine the winners – at the very last minute. Because of this, the ones who will do well (not necessarily win) are the candidates with GRIT, with resolve, with confidence, with a back story, on top of beauty. No one better meets this requirement than Catriona.

      While I obviously am rooting for Cat, I will not be surprised if she does not win BBPU – her strong candidacy might get overpowered by political factors e.g. Araneta being against crossovers or preferring Aya (being the daughter of a former BBPU titleholder), or another candidate might shine the brightest during pageant night (Ara Arida comes to mind). But like what you did in your thesis, I will not put other candidates down so I can further put Catriona up.

      And to the others that visit and to some, troll this blog, let us keep it classy and intelligent. I know that for some of you, it is easier said than done but I can wish, can’t I? 🙂

  18. As per rumor that I came across, BBP 2018 candidates will be wearing a ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT in honor of the late Pitoy Moreno but others may wear A TWO PIECE if they want to.(Not sure if during the press presentation or coronation night on March 18. Just same as in MOU where they allow a candidate to wear a ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT……

    • Please explain to me like a five year old child how wearing a one-piece swimsuit is a way to honor Pitoy Moreno? Lol.

      Trivia: Pitoy in Spain is colloquial for penis. Moreno is dark. So you can just imagine the reaction when he was introduced there during one of his shows many years ago.

      World Peace.

      • @ Thomas : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Hihihihi. Hahahahaha. Pitoy Moreno. Oh, my. HAHAHAHAAA…! 😉

      • Hi veks. I checked google but I can’t seem to find that colloquial thingy that you are talking about. Ano source mo veks?

  19. may the all natural girl
    on March 18 be crowned MUP

    like me Gloria
    Margarita and Pia

    worked hard to become MU

  20. PAGING TITO NORMAN…Can you please require COMMENTERS / COMMENTATORS to show their TRUE identity so as to prevent BASHING the characters of others participating in the comments section?

  21. bongga achievements ni Cat…well rounded tlga sya….no fellow candidate can beat her resume

    • tito
      may mga abogada at doctora atbp

      anu ba achievements nya bukod sa pagmomodela
      sa Australia wala po masyado nagmomodela
      kaya kaunti lang ang choices kaya siya nananalo

      sa Pinas kasi halfie siya makasamba kayo
      western colonial mentality pa more

    • tito,
      please list her achievements.
      she doesn’t have a college degree.

      • There are different callings for each person. It’s good to have a college degree to help you get a good job. But there are people who don’t need a degree to succeed in life.

        Pia doesn’t have a college degree and she won MUP & the MU crowns. Bill Gates was a college drop-out, My niece doesn’t have a college degree but she’s the executive secretary of Washington state’s Dept. of Transportation director.

        Olympic Gold figure skater medalist Tara Lipinski never went to college but because of hard work and her sparkling personality she got the job to be the primetime commentator for figure skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

        But life is not about getting a college degree or how much you’ve achieved nor how much you possess. Life is about how you treat people and making a positive contribution to society to make it a better place. Cat knows how to treat everyone with love and respect and she’s also made several positive contributions to society with her advocacies.

        The golden rule and true success in life is to love God and to love others. Aim to love!

  22. Just be respectful and let the candidates enjoy their experience……..they are all deserving to be in the competition…….after all they were all chosen to be after the.screening right???? Don’t be such assholes and down right rude……that’s all!

  23. Let me just say this please: Catriona Gray won’t be Catriona Gray for nothing. Enough said and with that, I rest my case (for now) 💞👏👼😹😇🤗

  24. Catriona deserves to win any of the Global Beauties Grand Slam Pageants more than representing Philippines in Miss Universe and placed without the Peacock Crown.

      • @ Nonoy Suma : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        MIntercon and GI are the ones being referred to, here.

        But MInercon seems “bizarre” in its selection process, and Angkol Nawatt will “never crown a Pignay”, as one of us commented long ago.

      • Well, there’s a possibility that Catrina will be sent to those competition if that is what SMA wants.

  25. off topic:
    Jennifer Lawrence’s styling at BAFTA
    she looks stunning with light makeup and regal in her minimalist gown and
    her bearing!!! I really don’t recognize her as she is normally the bubbly girl-next-door type

    just a little reminder of how big of an impact a change little change can do

  26. OK, guyth. I am ready to defect. HOWEVER, subject to the following conditions :

    1. MUO will NOT implement an On-line/Social Media fan’s vote, at ANY point for the duration of the MU pageant. If we can win MI six (6) times without the benefit of such a poll (but surely Aurora-Gemma-Mimilanie-Precious Lara-Bea Rose-Kylie possessed their own weaponry-of-sorts), then let the Gray Cat be the next recipient of the Phoenix Crown SIMPLY ON THE STRENGTH OF HER OWN MERITS.

    2. There shall be NO Filipinos to sit as judges, at ANY point of the pageant. If the Gray Cat truly has the admiration of foreigners, then a “countryman’s nudge” is not necessary.

    3. The MU 2018 pageant shall be held in a country with NO sizable Filipino expatriate or immigrant community – ie, Chile, a former Soviet bloc European country like Belarus, Ukraine, or Georgia, or Myanmar. And NO, I am NOT being facetious! Why not? Did we even know that Trixia Maranan was named Miss Asia in India, by Indians? And these counties I mentioned are not necessarily financially-incapable of hosting an international beauty pageant. After all, LED walls are a dime-a-dozen nowadays…

    4. The Preliminary Scores will AGAIN be displayed. And the individual judges’ scores during the Finals proper will (also) be flashed LIVE, just like the good old times! And, finally…


    • Andrew ,
      U do not have to go too far . Mexico Ecuador and Panama are hostile enough countries for our candidates. Even Thailand And Vietnam will be hard on them.

      The internet votes can only do so much . And I don’t think those votes were to blame for the inclusion of our reps in the semi-final round and beyond . I’m sure our candidates from 2010-17 made it on their own merits .

      Whether the scores are open or not to the public does not change the fact that we need someone with a beautiful face and body , pleasing personality , and great comm skills .
      The presence of a Filipino judge I believe has no impact in our reps chances At MU. If it all, it would be negative based on the results of 2011 2014 and 2017.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        I don’t want a country that has already hosted MU before (although I don’t think Ecuador has?).

        We therefore have, as a nation, placed our faith squarely on and entrusted the Gray Cat solely to MU, that the MUO would never knowingly “do harm” to any candidate. Not that they would, and neither do I think they would. Fair enough! After all, and as you said, the MU crown is the ONLY one that matters.

        Alright, then. Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray for MUP 2018! Case closed for me, on this.

      • Andrew, Ecuador was the host country in 2004. Jennifer Hawkins of Australia won. It was an amazing show and the stage was divine.

  27. Is it her fault that she’s being hyped that much? is it her fault na people think that she’s super deserving to wear the Philippine sash again? come on guys, na prove na niya na kaya niya.

    I still think that na-sustain niya yung energy from the start. It feels like people is just waiting for her to be crowned. I have been reading a lot of blog posts and misso posts and most people (even non pinoys) are saying that Cat has what it takes to be our next MUP and hopefully our next MU.

    Cat is just doing her assignment. Let’s just be honest guys. she’s just a strong candidate to be ignored.

    My worry is just she’s too strong that Madam will put her to Intercontinental or Grand international for us to have our first crown on those pageants. But I believe hindi naman nila sasayangin si Cat.

    Let’s just all pray na lang to our respective bets. Huwag na natin siraan pa or magkalat ng negative thoughts about a certain binibini just because you feel she’s a threat to your personal bet.

  28. The problem is people tend to oberhype certain candidates. Making all kther people/readers that she’s the obly one to beat. And if Cat loses or lands a crown lower than MUP, the eventual winner will get bashed. Kawawa naman.

    I have nothing against Ms. Gray. And I saw a video on the things that she needs to inprove on – nunber is her body. Not in her best form, same with Pia when she won the nationals. But she can work on it. I just think she lost her spark.

    I just hope that people stop outting her on a pedestal thinking that she’s the only one to beat. There are other equally or even more beautiful girls deserving of the crown.

    Overhyping will just break everyone’s heart. Especially her die hard fans. Tapos magagalit sa magiging eventual winner.

    • True. The same thing happened in MW2016. Everyone assumes that she will bring home the title and others even overhyped it. But when the results did not favor them, they said a lot of bad things to the winner and even to the organizer. I hope the supporters of Cat this time will be humble enough to accept the result in case she will not win.

    • I don’t think it’s over hyping . Overhyping is when u describe a candidate more than what she actually is .
      In the case of Cat , it’s just more people singing the same praises creating a boisterous impact .. hence the misconception that She is being overhyped. U have to respect the fans for that. They have been watching pageants for a long time so they know the pulses of these organizations.
      I don’t Think Pinoy fans have protested too many results. It’s undrstandable in the case of MW 2016 because one of the placers could barely answer the questions and the panel had PR and Indonesia ND ‘s . If not for that , Pinoy fans would have respected the outcome however ‘ugly’ the winner was

  29. Andito na naman yung isang namumukod tanging insecure kay Pusa. Tahol ng tahol ewan ko kung bakit nagpapapansin. Di ko alam anong pinaglalaban niya. How pathetic. Haha sige lang

  30. Gloria, pwede tumahimik ka na. Sa ginagawa mo lalo mong pinapa-overhype si Cat. Unless yun talaga ang purpose mo dahil ang totoo bet mo talaga sya. #reversepsychology

  31. MY OWN OBSERVATION since 2010 to 2017. SMA sent MJ to Ms. U @age 27, Rachel Peters @age 26 and Olive to Ms. S @ age 27…while they all ended in TOP 10, that was it for them…Pia was 26 when she won Miss Universe. I guess Pia’s stars all aligned with the universe. MAHIRAP TALAGA pero sana lang we send no more than 25 years old in any pageant, no less than 5’7 in MAJOR pageants like Universe and international.
    POINT #2…Please do NOT classify other candidates as SECOND -FIDDLE to Cat…Example ENA is a doctor, EVA is a law student…DOES THAT MAKE THEM SECOND-FIDDLE?
    POINT #3…PRACTICE RESPECT by not demeaning the other candidates.
    POINT #4 MAHIRAP PANTAYAN SI CAT AS SHE IS A TOTAL PACKAGE, height, beauty, Comm skills, articulateness, WIT and CHARM, experience in pageant and modelling…BUT I AM SURE CAT WILL ACCEPT HER FATE NO MATTER WHAT TITLE SHE GETS.

  32. Cat is topnotch yet unassuming. I really dont get where the hate is coming from.

  33. As much as i want Catriona Gray to win but it seems like Aya is the one being eyed for MUP this year. Gines Enriquez of BPCI anticipated her presence during the filing application.

    • Hi Servania. I actually like Aya managed her styling lately.. her looks alone is also very world class. however, i feel na she needs to improve on certain aspects like her spontaneity and eloquene. I kinda feel also that she was pressured into the limelight to tread on the foot steps of the beautiful ms DV.

      I need to feel that she really wants this so bad. she should be someone who’s very spontaneous and steadfast during interviews. I actually love her beautiful filipina features but if only she can get half of Ms desirees fierce stage presence… if she can do that, it will put another candidates fan favorite status a well deserved challenge.

  34. She is still the front runner pero she should not be too overconfident about it especially come coronation night. Marami ding mga palaban who could get the main crown away from her if she becomes too lax about the competition

  35. i am confidently beautiful with a purpose
    to save mother earth most esp the asia pacific

    i wanna show the world, earth, asia pacific the universe
    that i am grand international supranational scuba
    intercontinental tourism beauty queen

  36. sana in Filipino – Tagalog or Bisaya
    ang Q and A sa March 18
    mag ka alaman na

  37. On an ordinary pageant year, many current candidates are deserving. But Cat (as of today) is still the clear front runner. All the rest are far seconds. Like mice scrambling for the top post.

    I therefore conclude that it is only “when the Cat is away, the mice will slay”.

    World Peace.

  38. Throw all the stones you want at Cat. But one thing is for sure, you can’t put a great candidate down. Cat is unstoppable and will continue to roar louder 🦁 come pageant night.

    The very BEST of luck to you, Binibini #20! 🐈💖👸

    • Well Julia Morley already did. Remember MW2016? If Cat is not down, she will not join BBP 2018 to prove her worth and to be in the top.

      • Yes, I remember MW 2016. Sorry, I don’t get your last sentence. Would you mind elaborating, b?

  39. Opinyon ko ito ha mga baklita, I will talk about Cat kasi blog for her ito. K? I believe Cat is the one to beat in this year’s batch. She is well-rounded and very famous na malamang magustuhan ng MUO. Obviously, she is not perfect, just like all the candidates, pero ang flaws niya can easily be improved. I think isa sa mga flaws niya na laging tinitira sa kanya eh ang katawan niya. I think mas madaling iimprove ito kesa, let’s say, comm skills. And the fact that she’s highly talked about, be it good or not, means she has most people’s attention. K fine thanks.

  40. regardless of the bashing, it will all come down to Q & A and we all know that Catriona is almost like a spokesperson for beauty with a cause or for beauty with confidence and heart, as I said previously, she is “subok na matibay, subok na matatag” sa Q & A… this is her journey

  41. Daming fake dito.
    Just like their fake idol.
    Daming satsat with fake accent.

  42. Catriona Gray is the only BbP 2018 candidate who has ALL THE GOODS and is the sure shot to be the next Miss Universe 2018. She is hungry to be named the country’s pride of sort, bagging the most prestigious crown on the planet. With Catriona, I am sure the country will maintain its consistent inclusion in the semis, if not the finals, of the Miss Universe competition. And, she is ready to be crowned Miss Universe 2018.

    I must admit that we also have Michele, Muriel, Aya, Vickie and Wynona in the competition, but they are not at par with Cat’s caliber. I also cannot see the MUP crown on their head. Another thing, Cat is storming pageant websites here and abroad, and that is her advantage among her peers. So, by the time she competes in Miss Universe, she has to live by everybody’s expectations and do her best.

    Folks, I am not blinded by all the body-shamings thrown at Cat. I mean that is a constructive criticism, albeit a pristine clear bullying, which I believe Cat is taking positively. That flaw can be remedied through frequent visit to the gym, and I know Cat can take a crack doing that.

    As regards others’ reservation or prompt discredit about Cat’s losing in Miss World 2016. Do you want a bitch slap from me? Use your common sense, only if you have. That pageant as well as any other beauty pageants have different selection process, criteria, and panel of judges. Thus, it’s very elementary to conclude that Cat won’t win Miss Universe.

    That’s all!

    • Maybe for you Ana, Cat has the whole package but not for the judges in the preliminaries and in the finals. Are you with the girls the whole time for you to come up with the statement that the other contestants are not at par with Cat? Even the judges on the finals night will not be able to say that, cause they only have 2-3 hours to see the girls and judge them on that moment only. What if during that moment one candidate will not perform well and the others delivers.

      I wish your 3 paragraph will also apply to those who says that Cat will win, since all pageants have different judges, selection process, criteria and looking for different qualities in a winner.

      • b,

        I will throw your question—although in a slightly different tone—back to you. Are you with the girls 24/7 to say that Cat is not a notch higher to the other girls, or these girls are at par with Cat, in this stage of the competition? While I know that it’s everybody’s ball game on the final’s night, the point of debate here is Cat’s capacity and capability to win the MUP, and eventually, the MU crown.

        Dear, I may not be visiting Araneta for the BbP activities (because I live in Alabang and my hectic skeds don’t allow me so), but, mind you, I am following closely the competition by reading all pageant blogsites and web pages and collaborate with the pageant experts. What about you?

        That’s all!


      • But aren’t the judges being brief by the organization as to what they are looking for along with their CV’s and set card for calibration?

  43. You know tito who are the overrated??? Her bashers!!! They are the true overrated. Hinde lang yan! OA pa!!!! If you have nothing good to say to someone you dont like just shut up!!! Hinde mo naman gusto so why putak ng putak just to show your bad side/attitude. Aangat ba ang manok mo sa pag da down nyo sa mga taong hinde nyo gusto? Isang beses na pabibigay ng hinde magandang komento is enough. Hinde na kailangan ulitin pa. Nagpapasikat ka lang naman. Lahat ng girls na yan may weakness. Lahat ng girls na yan may kanya kanya strategy. Wala pa sila sa tunay na labanan. Ang galing nyo magcritics sa hinde Nyo gusto pero hinde mo alam na bet mo ang sinasabihan mo ng ganyan or ang bet mo ang may kulang o may mali sa kanya.

  44. i am confidently beautiful with a purpose
    for mother earth esp the asia pacific

  45. Only 2 candidates are very much qualified to be an excellent spokesperson as MU2018:
    1. Meowwww
    2. Spike
    All the rest are ‘Fake confidently beautiful, ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh I’m nervous’..😄hihiji
    But Meowwww is the total package 😋

  46. If ever Catriona will wear the MUP crown , major camps here in our country will both help her journey AQ and KF, i just knew that her stylist and make up artist are the ones who did Rachel Peters and Elizabeth Clenci who are known KF Girls.

  47. QUESTION TITO NORM: Has there ever been a failed Ms World contestant who eventually won MU?

      • Yes, Fabbie – Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe.

        In 1999, 19-year old beauty queen from Botswana, Mpule Kwelagobe was crowned Miss Universe to become the first African-born Black woman to win the coveted title.

        In 1997, she represented her country at the Miss World competition, but was unplaced. But two years later, she became Botswana’s first ever representative at the Miss Universe contest after winning the first ever Miss Universe Botswana pageant.


    • Georgina Rizk of Lebanon (clapper in Miss World 70; Miss U 71)
      Michelle McLean of Namibia( top5 of Miss World 91: Miss U 92)
      Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana (clapper of Miss World 97; Miss U 99)

    • Miss Namibia – Michelle McLean

      She was Miss World 1991 – Top 5 Finalist and Miss Universe 1992 – Winner

      *** So alams na ang magiging fate ni Cat! Fingers crossed

  48. I hope Tito Norms would also feature Karen’s own journey: “Karen Galman’s JOURNEY TO BEEF JERKY SKIN: I Need Proper Lighting & Angles Please”.

    • Spare Karen from insults, you don’t have to be rude just to praise someone , so you think you are a better person now after you insult someone?

      • Yan ang mentality ng ilang mga Catganerns dito…hihihihi… If they look at themselves in the mirror, they see gloria. Kaya sobrang galit nila kay gloria kasi birds of the same feather ang peg nila..hihihihihi

    • Karen gallman is beautiful in person. Kung pagandahan winner .ngunit siya ay 5’4

  49. or she can represent Australia next year
    in Australia there are no dramas
    they will just send the right girl
    no camp wars
    and would even be on Top all the time
    even winning the crown
    or all major international crowns

    Philippines is over dramatic

    • Pinoy fans are passionate not over dramatic
      Pageants make us( you too) happy … and talkin about pageants keep our ( and your) blood flowing … life .
      It’s like sports in the US … and something else somewhere else in the world

    • you are all proofs of that drama mga dudes
      wala naman relevance sa ekonomiya itong
      pageants na ito

      poorita pa rin mga ex beauty queens like ara arida and mj to name a few
      nasan si mutya datul? nagbebenta ng motorsiklo


    • Gloria,
      We know that beauty pageants are not necessarily the way to go if u want to amass riches.. unless u marry someone like Araneta. Isn’t Margie Moran’s husband money too?
      The point is .. u and me and a certain sector of society enjoy pageants so much it occupies a good part of our working and non-working life . Whether it provides someone financial stability or a potential for it is beside the point . The most important is .. pageants make us happy . That’s why we all are here.

  50. Isn’t it enough that Catriona is universally liked and rooted for by other countries’ pageant enthusiasts? The Latinos, Indians, and even our uber-competitive neighbors in Thailand and Indonesia are already proclaiming her the next Miss Universe if she is given the honor to represent our country. Just read their FB and IG pages. Fortunately for the intelligent and educated Filipino people here who have astute taste and excellent discernment, we fully see in Catriona what these foreigners see and are honest enough to admit.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Fabian: We can kiss the Miss Universe title goodbye this year (and for the next few decades for that matter as there is no one in the horizon at all) if anybody else is sent this year. No one else deserves it and the MUO I’m sure will agree.

    • hihihihiihihi… Ang OA mo veks. “Kiss the Miss Universe goodbye” ang drama nyo.

      If someone else wins the MUP crown I just hope it’s from A&Q. Lola Jonas would work his butt off to get back to the top spot.

      • 4m , he was just trying to emphasize a point
        And he’s right , there’s no one else capable of getting the MU crown this yr except her .

      • That is flat out wrong. Wag na kasing OA Fabbie eh… One can emphasize a point without all the Filipino exaggeration that is rooted in soap opera…hihihi..

        Also, to her fanbase, WAG masyadong GIGIL. Baka luhaan ang peg cum finals night… hihihihih

      • 4m , Kung Luhaan sya sa finals, It’s fine . That’s her destiny.
        Just realize people here have been watching beauty pageants for a long long time . So they know who has what it takes to win the crown .
        If u see a team at practice , for example, and the players are slow and can’t even dribble or shoot , will u still say ‘oh that team is gonna win ‘ ?
        Common sense pls
        Tse hihihi

      • @Fabian 4m second paragraph might have a valid point .I heard the queen mother is not exactly raving about pusa like the mere mortals

  51. Ang lapad niya. She is posing like kc concepcion to hide her built.
    Pia was overweight when she joined and won binibini but even before Pia is confidently beautiful. Walang angle angle kahit na malapad go!!!
    Catriona on the other hand is hiding w posing and Photoshop. No confidence at all. If you can’t lose weight embrace your flaws

  52. Who are we kidding? Catriona went in this journey armed with a strategy and a focus. I don’t think she has lost sight on what she’s aiming for. It’s more like she is downplaying her favored status to give other girls a chance to shine. Catriona wouldn’t want all the spotlight to herself. And if ever she gets it during BbP events I think it’s because the fans, media, and sponsors have sought her out. She is also isn’t the type who will post everything on social media. She’s in fact low key when it comes to her presence off and on stage. But she is a performer and when that time comes, she will make her presence felt whether you like it or not. Don’t blame her if she is a stand out. Catriona is and will always be the one to beat! Go Pusa!

    • Amen to that, Dawn ! It is just sad and hurtful how some people would try to bash and put her down for no reason at all. She’s not perfect, yes, but, for heaven’s sake, who is ? Why can’t we just support the girls without having to compare them with each other ? And just wish them all well.
      May the best girl win.

    • I agree ..she will deliver when it matters and it will be on coronation night
      Just watch MWP 2016 again and U will see.. fierce but sweet…and very acccommodating to fans .

      • Right on! These are just a few of the wonderful traits of Cat that made me a fan of hers esp how accommodating she is to everyone. She exudes so much positive energy. Just pure sunshine and pure love! And don’t forget that face! Go Cat!

  53. I hope Tito Norms would not play favoritism, and would also do a feature for Aya Auring Abesamis’ “ROAD TO FORTUNE TELLING: When A Tiyanak Gets All Dolled Up”.

    • I can’t wait for this upcoming normannorman artlce: Aya Auring Abesamis’ “ROAD TO FORTUNE TELLING: When A Tiyanak Gets All Dolled Up”.

      • OMG i have to find out where u r coming from
        Aya looks like Madame Auring ?
        I don’t think it’s an insult exactly
        Di ba parang mistisang Imelda Papin si Madam Auring ?

  54. Take Cat out of the competition and BBP 2018 would be ho hum ! Is it her fault that she is “overrated” & “overhyped” ? If it is, then, I salute her because she deserves it in a very positive way. This girl who has shown humility & unquestionable passion for her advocacy has worked so hard to where she is now. I get it – some people would argue, and say “she has nothing to prove, she is 2016 MW finalist already, so she should just give others a chance and just give up on her BBP bid”. Why should she stop though ? Let her compete fair and square. If she wins, thank you. If she loses, at least she tried.
    IMHO, everything happens for a reason. Whatever fate awaits her at the end of her Binibini journey, be it and let us all accept it. But to bash and criticize her is totally unfair to some of us who believe that she has what it takes to win. Let’s all support our favorite candidates but not at the expense of others. Spread the love and positive vibes, please. To all the Binibinis – good luck girls, peace out 🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. It never ceases to amaze me how Filipinos are so quick to degrade their beauty queens, especially if it is someone they do not support. They will say and do anything in an attempt to “destroy” someone they do not support. From Gloria being too short, too Chinita to Desiree looking too much like a maid to Ara being too manly and so on. God, how many times were Gloria ,Margie, Venus criticized by Filipinos for their over bite? How many Filipinos called MJ ” horse face”? All these things said as “constructive criticism”. I call it shooting yourself and your country in the foot. It is mind blowing that these same arm chair judges would use the beauty queens name as their own when blogging. REALLY?!?!?!? I seriously doubt that any of our queens would have anything to do with the filth that is spewed by those using their name or anything form of their name. And so this year, it seems like Cat is the target for the vileness. If by chance she gets the top plum, there are the Filipinos here and elsewhere determined to make sure that they infest this and other blog sites with their hate, their insecurities. There are times where I wish I could meet there people face to face just to see if they are truly vile or if they are just hiding behind a computer? Oh well, I’m sure that this post will be met with “thumbs downs” and defensive posturing. It’s fine, I expect as much. It’s that time of the year when the pageant trolls come out. Unfortunately, the hate spewed by Filipinos towards their own only feeds and adds to the venom foreign trolls are more than willing to spew towards any Filipina queen. It’s an impossible dream , I know, to just have a pageant where you support who you support without degrading others. And when the dust settles, support the winner(s) regardless. You don’t have to give them 100% if they’re not your choice. Just stop the hate. Support another country if you wish just STOP THE HATE. Sorry for the long post. Just my humble opinion…

  56. Still the one to beat!!!!! I really admire her courage and passion to make her fans happy! I see a completely different Cat who will be up there being herself for her country men and fans around the world! Go #catganern

  57. Well, her journey is not so different from that of Poonlertlarp, after all! So, you can imagine how Filipens would feel if MUO will do unto the Gray Cat what they did to the Thai-Swede halfie – eliminating her from the Final3. We all witnessed the kind of expectation the Kingdom of Siam placed on Mareeya Ehren.

    Why should the Gray Cat be worried? Precisely that : LOFTY EXPECTATIONS FROM HER OWN RABID LEGIONS, WITH NOTHING LESS THAN THE FOURTH MU CROWN AS THE WAR BOOTY. Because if she fails to nail this, Pignoys will also accuse Mommy Sugar of doing what Tandang Hulya did two years ago : taking advantage of over-hype, even if it was rightfully earned.

    In her hands lie the FATE-FUTURE of the MU brand in Las Islas Filipinas!

    It is a position-burden she now ALONE bears, of which the other front-runners like Gumabao or Buot are GLAD to be free of. Unlike Ariadna Gutierrez who came (to MU 2015) feeling she already had the DIC crown in the bag, the Gray Cat, like Queen P, will go with the need to “have something to prove”.

    • The longer the people wait for the coronation , the more time they have to sit back and reflect on Cat . Like Norman said, people were almost unanimous about Cats chances at first . Once she signed up, people started scrutinizing her from head to toe and inside out .Oh she’s not that gorgeous ! Her body looks horrendous! She needs to practice at Q&A, she only has this advocacy for the pageant blah blah blah

      And this is good development . It will keep Cat on her feet. She is now competing without that impression she is a perfect candidate
      And if she makes it to Las Vegas for MU 2018,expect a huge huge crowd. People love her more they have ever any rep in the history of BP.
      If she loses, don’t worry . Pinoys will accept that as most of us believe in the fairness of The MUO.

    • Maria failed to deliver during the Q&A round.

      If you fail to notice the structure of their answer, they have a prepared answer already which they will just attach to the existing question causing a mismatch. Ganun din ang nangyari Kay Paween.

      Cat can analyze and answer question. Masyado lang malalim sumagot for mediocre judges!

  58. Catriona Gray is the blogger’s favorite to win MUP since day 1.
    Last year, it was Mariel de Leon and the rest is history as they say lol
    IMHO, Catriona will be relegated to a minor crown which is MGI.

    • Jeremi , I never got that impression Mariel was our dearest blooger’s bet to win MUP last yr .
      And how did u come to the conclusion Cat was his favorite this yr? If I had to guess , it would be Aya. … I think because of his tremendous adulation of candidate #11 ‘s mother

      • Fabie dahlinnn ugh your memory is so short! Hihihi
        The blogger predicted Mariel as MUP and Charmaine Elima as MIP last year but we all know what happened to those two. Never did he mention Rachel Peters as one of the top contenders. If I am not mistaken only me and 4M were fighting for Rachel Peters because everyone else was rallying behind Mariel and Dindi hihihi

      • Really ? I will search that
        Rachel was one of my choices too . Now look what happened . It was still good but it was sort of a let down when we failed to see Philppines all the way to the end … esp for those who had to fly to Vegas to see it .
        As for Dindi , do not put a period yet . Babangon sya At dudurugin ka … hihihi

      • Jeremi , u right . Our dearest blogger predicted Mariel to be MUP 2017. Looking back , I can’t believe how he came up with that . I guess he was basing it on Mariel ‘s potentials .

      • Fabie, please totally bar Dindi in joining pageants hihihihi. She simply does not have it.
        Rachel Peters did very well and she made me so proud when she was walking on stage with that vavavoom body and impeccable gown wherein I didn’t find any flaw even up to this day.
        In contrast, at the Miss World 2016, I noticed a lot of flaws about Catriona; she seemed so stiff, rehearsed, unnatural and trying hard to impressed that even her answer to the Q appeared to be insincere. She was not her real self during the competition. Eager-Beaver!

  59. Ganyan ang ugaling aso na nagkukunwaring tao.
    Wala ng ginawa kundi tumahol.
    Bakit di mo na lang purihin ang kandidatang sinusuportahan mo?
    Bakit kailangan manlait ng ibang candidate? Dahil threatened ka?
    Leche kang aso ka tumigil ka na ha.
    Pakalmot kita sa pusa!!!

  60. some improvements only … tone the body, sleeken the legs, sculpt the waist and she will be 99.99% perfect for MU2018

  61. Still the one to beat and will make a history in Philippine pageantry. The negative comments are due to insecurities and jealousy. Let’s just say she made this year’s edition of BB more exciting and buzz… Goodluck Catriona, hardwork will payoff soon❤️

    • Notice the first 2 who commented. Very orchestrated. As if the person just switched account. 🙂

  62. she was the one
    where is the old all natural Cat I supported all the way to MW

    plateau now

    flat puwet
    bilbil and rice pa more
    fake tan
    ni hindi nag aral mag Tagalog or Bicolano
    horrendous veneers
    fake boobs

    I hope the all natural girl on March 18
    be crowned MUP

    she may have a chance on next MEP
    if she will start advocating for mother earth now

    • …but who am I kidding, really?

      As much as I hate to admit it, I know that in the end,

      Catriona Gray will win MUP.


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