46 comments on “The Binibinis and Philippine Airlines

  1. yung group pic kung san nsa gitna c muriel parang may pahiwatig…, well @gloriamoranwurtzbach, sorry ala ang bet mo hahaha!!!!!!

  2. Cat looks amazing…..Karen is ok here…..Jehza looks refreshed with the fan solo shot…..I don’t know about Vicky she look ordinary and with light skin… she was wow from the other previous pictures…..the rest look ok….Aya meh! The PAtalinjug girl looks meh and nothing special….She better not wear that promdi tacky whorish shoes anymore!!!!

  3. Gamboa is really pretty. Too bad she lacks in aura, almost similar to Huelar who I’m just not seeing the oomph from either. Both have nailed their styling but as much as I want to place them somewhere on my list, I just can’t now.

    Patalinjug has been amping it up the last few appearances. The fresher styling and at ease aura has been serving her well.

    • With the Olympics going on, I’m just all afire with competitive aplomb and the triumph of the human will to succeed. It doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks. Or what setbacks and failures you’ve faced in your journey. All that matters is you have the fire and desire to win.

      Almost T-30 days to the biggest night of your life ladies, game na!

  4. Sorry po, but all I am getting from Manalo is, as one commentator said earlier, Jessa Zaragoza. The actress-singer is fine, but therefore “not-a-new-look”.

    Buot is not so-tall, pala. Ngayon ko lang talaga na-realize.

    Tormes is giving me Jamaica Ambal vibes. Read : “I-don’t-know-where-to-place/send-her” feels.

    And Baino is REALLY tall, indeed, pala (redundant).

    Roman is beginning to endear herself to me. Hope she at least cracks into the 1st Cut.

  5. I really want Muriel to win Miss PAL. She deserves that title. The Pajares sisters didn’t have the OOMP factor last year especially the other twin.

  6. Miss PAL will be among Cat , Ahtisa , and Rashton
    Karen is pretty too
    And so is Michelle .. but I Can’t get over her grandma’s butt

  7. I wonder if PAL would award Miss PAL to their already Star Employee Muriel Orais.. or pick some1 more popular like Cat Gray or Michelle Gumabao?

  8. Michelle, Muriel, Catriona, Aya – So far, sila ang parang sure na at least mag-top 15…mga strong crown contenders din talaga.

    If meron man ako winiwish na sana e sapian ng malalang landi, si Juliana Kapeundl sana. My goodness, sya ang MUP ko last year! Ang ganda gandang babae kaso matamlay sa stage talaga….

    Wake-up and step-up a little more, Juliana! 🙂

  9. universe – cat
    international – athisa
    supranational/ grand/ intercon/ globe – karen
    intercon/ globe – eva

  10. Cat really Shines without Trying Much!!! — Gandang Universal ang peg!! — Ahtisa– sooo Doll- like features!! — parang Kylie!! — soo fitting to the Ms. International crown!!

  11. Miss PAL 2018 goes to Binibini 3 Muriel Orais, parang sampal naman ata pag di niya yan mapanalunan, i understand na hindi nanalo last year yung mga Pajares Sisters since flight attendant sila but nothing special sa mata ng mga bosses ng PAL pero this year kasi si Muriel ang Face of PAL , as in makikita mo mukha niya sa lahat ng Print Ads ng Company sa mga Magazines,Billboards,flyers etc.

    • I don’t think the PAL bosses are obligated to choose her as Miss PAL. They can choose whoever they want.

  12. Maganda talaga si Cebuanang Eva my miss international Philippines
    Gumaganda si Aya crownworthy. Michelle looks sexier crown worthy
    If only Vicki and Karen are taller.

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