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  1. @Anonymous
    Since you have mentioned my name down below in your “tete a tete” with Ms. Fabian Reyes, let me just say that you sound so pretentious talking about class in a beauty pageant blog. Hiyang hiya ako sayo! Sobra.
    Let me just invite you to a cravate noire party where you can show your so-called class where you can have little conversations with the “real” guests. Or have you ever been to one? Maybe you have been to one but your “class” was not enough to start a classy conversation and all you had to do was to eavesdrop. So yeah do not come to a beauty pageant “masa” blog talking about class insinuating that you are the classiest person on here. So come on now!

    • I’m actually surprised that you know how to spell class. I don’t mingle with your kind so please kindly uninvite me.

    • Jeremi , bakit naman Ms.? Tse hihihi
      Be careful ,anonymous is thy holy incorruptible mother Mary

    • Sorry Anonymous me neither! I don’t mingle with your kind too because it’s very apparent that you are not what you think you are. Real classy people never go out their way telling the whole wide world that they got class except the pretenders or the so-called climbers. I can sense one if i read or see someone just like you.

      • Thank you for your response, Jeremi!

        I apologize for dragging your name when I called out Fabian. I do remember mentioning you when I did the same about two weeks ago because of something crass that you mentioned. I was going to attach your comment to prove it but your reply on 2/17 @ 7:48 and the one above affirmed my impression of you. Thus, I stand by my point!

        First, I need you to re-read my comment. When I said “class”, I didn’t mean to imply “social class.” Class = breeding = choosing words wisely. I was surprised that you thought na nagpapasosyal aq or I am trying to be a social climber, etc. Nagets mo ba yung message ko?

        In fact, I even mentioned na I grew up around the slums of Tondo, sa may kangkungan, namalengke kami sa Blumentritt, naputikan ang mga talampakan ko, etc but hindi ko maisip kung kalian aq nawalan ng respeto sa kapwa! You proved your elitist persona of yourself by stating some facts:

        a. “i sound so pretentious talking about class in a beauty pageant blog” – what did you mean? Because nasa general blog tayo, kailangang maging bastos? Dahil ang locale ay palengke, kailangang di respetuhin ang mga tindera? Nahiya ka sa akin, in a sarcastic tone? Did I deny that I am a fan of this blog?

        b. “Let me invite you…..” – again, ang perception mo ay, kailangan lang magpakita ng class (or breeding) kung nasaan ka. Why not every day, every time? Who’s trying to be pretentious now?

        When did I refer to myself as socially advantaged? I drive a Toyota, simple lang ang condo ko, I work 50 hours a week to make ends meet but totoo aq. I don’t need to bash these 40 girls who are only trying to follow their journey/dreams to make me feel better. How about you and Fabian? Again, I don’t want to not prove what I called you out on before but you showed your true colors from your responses above. It proved that you are selective in showing your breeding and because this is a general/masa blog, as you stated, no need to choose words wisely.

        Kapag nainvite ka sa wedding ni Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, share it with us! Baka tingalain kita then. But for now, you are “just one of us.” We need to be nice!

  2. I cannot believe the amount of people on here who think it’s okay to body shame these woman. Who cares if they put on or lose weight during BBP. Look at how many winners of MUP in the past who had some weight to lose before miss universe. Such include, Janine, Bianca, Ara and more notably, Pia. All these woman were beautiful enough to win MUP but what made them even more beautiful is their sheer determination to prove to themselves that transformations are possible. That’s what makes them confidently beautiful.

    Commenter Annonymous is right, there are so many classless people who comment yet can’t even show their own faces. Let’s judge you. Your personalities alone prove how fugly you are ahem, gloriamoranwurztbachz. You need to grow the eff up you scum bag.

  3. Oh what happen to meow meow? Kinulang sa gym o sa damit lang? Huwag magpakampanti masyado baka ma Karen Timbol in 1995 huwag naman.

    Ok Ms Gray, ill be generous. Bbp International or Intercontinental for you today. Bawi ha. Few weeks back, undisputed MUP kita.

  4. If I had to choose one candidate to Win as Jag Queen , it would be Ahtisa . But Cat or Aya would be fine as well.
    I bet it would be Ahtisa vs Cat for Jag Queen.


    • Anjame Magbitang reminds me of a raw version of Miss Universe Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic. They should start Styling her as the Iconic beauties but w/ a modern twist…

      • C2f , take note : she’s raw
        she’s not ready
        Body and comm skills included.
        Even if u let her speak in Tagalog, she won’t be able to articulate her answer well . She does not have that gift. So she needs practice practice practice … with our dearest blogger

      • Fabbie I agree, She’s still young and raw. I hope they she gets runner up. She has so much potential…

  5. IMO, Aya has the best aura here. She may not be the most beautiful facially but her overall demeanor tells me that she might snatch the top plum. I like the fact that she is playing her cards similar to that of Rachel Peter last year.

    • Aya will not win us the MU crown . Her demeanor is too relaxed . We need someone who has the drive to win it all like Venus Janine and Pia.
      In this batch , it’s only Cat and Buot who have that kind of energy . Michelle may have that too but Her behind is like a grandma’s it is so off-putting.

      • Ok Fabie but I will bet all the stars and the moon that your Cat will not get MUP hihihihi. My opinion may be far from the maddening crowd as they say but it will happen. Cat will suffer the fate of Dindi Pajares whom everyone considered as front runner but look what happened. The best placement Cat can get is MGI or Intercontinental. So wish Catriona the very best of luck.

      • Korek Fabbie. Tatanga tanga tong si Jeremi. Wala namang credibility. Tse! Panget mo.

      • Veks Rachel “I am nervous” Peters was also relaxed last year and yet she still won. Even Elizabeth Clenci wasn’t palaban,

      • 4m, I beg to disagree.
        Yes , Rachel was relaxed . Do I have to tell u what happened to her at MU? If she had shown a little aggressiveness, I think she would have gone farther than top 10.

        And Clenci, are u kidding me ? She was palaban from beginning to end of MGI 2017 . Every step every stare every head movement and every word … talagang intended to snatch the crown . If not only because the judges were mostly Latina,….

    • Agree w Jeremi minor crown for pusa. Hearing some insiders not all are impressed w pusa

    • Aya is attractive but beautiful? Not even close. Her nose is typically Pinoy……she needs a nose job. Without make-up she looks ordinary. Not surprised no modeling agency in NYC took her in. Janine and Shamcey are pretty but make-up make them look gorgeous.

    • Aya is attractive but beautiful….not even close. Her nose is typically Pinoy, she needs a nose job. Without make-up she looks quite ordinary. Janine and Shamcey are pretty but make-up make them look gorgeous.

      • are you saying that a typical Pinoy nose needs a nose job? are you saying that a typicial Pinoy has a not-so-good-looking nose?

      • Pakita nga ilong mo? Im sure pango yan o ribbon cut at kaya ipasok ang piso sa butas hahaha

      • @Unorthodox…among SEAsians Pinoys have the worst nose. A cosmetic surgeon friend told me its the most difficult to reconstruct. Take a look at the Boxing King Senator and the man from Davao. Aya’s nose flares outward specially when she smiles. Yes, it needs enhancement if you are in show biz, modeling, beauty contestant or in a job where personal appearance is paramount. If you’re just a regular joe/jane, there’s no need unless you want to improve your appearance.

        @ Observing U…..sorry to disappoint you but I have a Spanish nose thanks to my ancestry.

      • unorthodox
        It’s life and it’s not fair
        Like the Jews who hate their big noses . Pinoys are worse because the Face is mostly nose . Painful? Yes , especially in women . Thanks to make up which makes the look less painful for women.
        It’s a sad reality .. but u can make up for it with something else .after all , happiness is not just all abt look.

  6. My Top 6 for this award:

    Catriona Grey
    Aya Abesamis
    Ahtisa Manalo
    Muriel Orais
    Jheza Huelar
    Sigrid Flores

  7. Ahtisa Cat and Aya for Jag Queen
    Absolutely no to Michele . She is very very very big !!!!!

    • Talagang “very, very, very big!” What did you gain from this insult? And please define big!

  8. Sandra and Samantha B.- sexy
    Karen and Cat-Classy and Hollywoodish
    Muriel and Vickie- Sweet/Fierce

    • No to Michelle
      I don’t feel Muriel either
      Rushton Cat and Ahtisa the prettiest

  9. truth be told…in all honesty…jag QUEEN award will go to a TALL and SEXY lady…NOT for short candidates who appear so PUNGGOK wearing jeans…JEANS WILL ALWAYS LOOK NICE IF YOU HAVE LONG LEGS!

  10. I took am losing interest in Buot and Lemonon. The former is registering mature and the latter can only be pictured from one angle for so long.

    I am liking Manalo much much more.

  11. I thought Buot and Cat are for MUP, but seeing Buot’s photos lately, will bump her to MGI…Cat is still miles ahead of everyone, my opinion.

  12. Last year, Rachel got the Jag special award. I was rooting for Sirene – ang haba din ng legs nito at marunong talaga mag-pose.

    • Sirene really nailed this shot…

      I’m sure there’s gona be a lot of copy-cats this year.

  13. If we’re going for what Jag is looking for: confident, sexy and chic … I’d go for the sweet lemonade, Sandra.

    I like these ladies as well as they showed pizzaz:

    Stephanie Joy

    • I actually liked Jag .. back when I was not willing to pay for A pair of Levi’s
      Now that I can afford Levi’s , I prefer something else like joes or 7 for all mankind .

      But iit really doesn’t matter . It’s in the wearer . U may buy a $500 pair of jeans. but if you are short fat and ugly , it really won’t mKe a difference.
      Good thing , these girls all look hot and pretty .

      • Levi’s does not innovate that’s why they are not fashion forward as if they are stucked in the cowboy era. I prefer the jeans created by Diesel, DKNY, Armani and even the jeans at H&M and Zara may do for me.

      • I don’t know, Fabian, but you must always expect a critique from me.

        I don’t understand why your crassness bothers me. I always read the blog and look for your comments kasi expected ko na na may sasabihin ka na classless. It’s expected (ditto with Jeremi). Laking slums din aq but I have to thank my mom (rest in peace) for teaching me values and the importance of choosing words wisely. I feel so badly for you coz wala ka nun! Example of your word that I took notice before: umatungal. Pwede naman nating sabihing “umiyak” or something synonymously close, depending on your intention. I can imagine you saying “lumamon” instead of “kumain.” Again, choosing words wisely will eliminate the impression of lacking class. Sorry to say, you weren’t taught.

        When you can afford Balmain Jeans, lemme know. Pa Joe’s and 7 for all mankind ka pa, wala ka namang class. Really? Short, fat and ugly? Who died and made you god of “body shaming?”


      • Thank you , anonymous. The Queen of Class.
        U r Holy Mary , Mother of God.

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