70 comments on “More Photos from the Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Charity Visit at the AFP Medical Center

  1. Top 5 Jag Videos on Jag’s official FB page as of 11pm today

    1. Catriona Gray at 15K (if these views can be taken as an indicator of who will win it all, milya milya ang layo niya)
    2. Ahtisa Manalo at 8.6K (im surprised she has higher views than the more popular showbiz girls Vickie and Michele)
    3. Michele Gumabao at 6.7K
    4. MJ de Castro at 4.3K
    5. Vickie Rushton at 4.1K

    • Perhaps the eyes? Maria Isabel Lopez was really sensual back in her Bb Pilipinas days. Juliana is a bit timid and comes off shy.

    • She’s slowly but surely peaking! Kahit na ano pa ang sabihin nyo, this is one lady who will wear a crown come finals night!

      She knows how to play her cards right!

  2. The Jag videos are out. Cat is not that fit yet … let’s hope she gets to tone her midsection area (one of the hardest ones to tone).

  3. JawsKuh, diko akalain na ang Winner sa pagpapatigas ng TT ng mga sugatang sundalo natin ay walang iba kundi ang Grandma for all Seasonings na c Lola SMA hihihi 🙂
    May asim pa talaga ang Lola 🙂
    Pipilahan pa rin yan ng mga ipapatukhang kong mga Bagetz, Diosmio mahabaging Birhen ng kabadingan hihihi 🙂
    Kabayo(GloriaMoranWurtzbach) lang ang tumatanda hihihi 🙂
    Cherette hihihi 🙂

  4. I like the way Michelle and Catriona smile… natural and sincere ang dating 😘

    Lol😀😂😅… may naka ‘tiptoes’ na naman…ang awkward!!!

  5. Taco Bell, dairy Queen, Pizza hut sponsors… How ironic this is a beauty contest… Hihihihi…
    Tama na pagkain ng junk food at stress eating… I can see who’s slowly getty flabby… Da who!!! Hihihihihi

  6. Buot doesn’t look good here, I agree. But should we depend on just one pic the decide someone’s fate?


    • Kinakabahan ako kay cat. The real competition begins after the press presentation. cat has almost everything eh pero iba pa din talaga if on point na ang body nya that time until the coronation night. kailangan ma pa toned nya yan kahit ganyan katawan nya or mapapayat pa ng husto before the coronation. Oo may mga mga past winners na nanalo na hinde fit or sexy ang katawan or ala pia during bbp. pero IBA pa din talaga pag body check na in short Total package! Para sure n sure. if she wins bbp universe gym lang ang mas pag tutuunan nila ng panahon sa kanya. Cat joined bbp ng biglaan kase. she never planned it kaya ganyan ang katawan nya now. Pero kaya pa naman maayos yan only if her team will focus more on toning her body. I hope Mas mag focus ang bbp sa gym Ung left days nila before the coronation eh i gym nila ng mga girls. Tapusin na nila ang sponsors visiting before the press presentation. Para naman mas maraming time sa gym.

      • i believe though that Cat has planned her joining this 2018. Based on how we see her, do you think sasabak sya sa gyera nang walang game plan? like gets, it’s not in her character to do abrupt decisions. Remember the teasing photos of her wearing a replica MU crown right after Demi’s coronation? And her IG posts of her vacation in Australia days before deadline of submission ng application para kunwari hindi sya makakapagpasa dahil nasa abroad sya.

  8. Jusko, si Madam! natagpuan ata niya ang fountain of youth. ke ganda ganda. parang 50s-60s lang siya.

    • Agree. I was about to comment the same thing. SMA’s posture and face belie her biological age. So to those who are saying she should retire or die (sooner than later [ that’s you Fabie dear. Lol]). Think again.

      The ladies as usual are pretty. But I find their poses with the soldiers awkward and forced. One was even holding the shoulders of a wounded shoulder as if petting a dog. Lol.

      One guy was so relaxed as if ready to be serviced by SMA. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas beneath that taut skin and thick make up is a shrinking brain and rotting flesh and insides. I deal with that a lot at work . Women in their 70’s 80’s and 90’s who still wear high heels and drive . One little stress like a fall or infection is enough to throw them in the Nursing home … or u know what I mean hihihi

        Harsh ? Yes , life is hihihi

  9. Angat na angat ang lapad ni meow. My queen di ako yun klase na praise ng praise sayo katulad ng kulto kahit na mukhang suman ka na tapos magagalit fans kapag di ka nanalo. Pag may malasakit ako sinasabi ko totoo dahil gusto ko manalo ka.
    Right now I can say it’s anybody’s ballgame. Coz the meow is not fit

    • Baka structure na ng katawan nya yun. Mukha namang walang taba at malapad lang talaga ang kaha.

    • @nonoy, have you seen her 2016? Di ganun katawan niya. Jubis yan di kaha. Lahat ng pica na ka angle. Takip braso sa bilbil. Wag nyo compare kay Pia. Pia is voluptous at kahit majubis yun dati di nagtago ng bilbil

      • I’ve seen her even before 2016 where she sang and modeled for Bench Universe in 2012. Wala talagang shape

  10. they should go to women crisis center or the like
    instead of this AFP chuchu where they are
    only perceived as sex objects

  11. No to Buot, I’m disappointed. She doesn’t look good on candids😌. But yes to kuyas…

  12. Honestly, SMA is the standout in these pics. She is looking the best I have seen here since first running into her at the Aladdin Theater in 1996!

    And where are the current queens? Parang checked out na checked out na lahat.

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