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  1. My current Top 15 in Random Order

    Catriona Gray- the next Miss Universe!
    Athisa Manalo- lovely face body and personality.. Should be sent to a pageant hosted by an Asian country.
    Aya Abesamis- total package… hopefully her exotic features would be a hit in her assigned international pageant.
    Michele Gumabao- she’s got all the goods… just needs to lose a bit more weight… cant wait for her final styling. She could totaly slay in any international pageant.
    Muriel Orais- well proportioned, beautifull face & body…. great modeling skills… just needs some improvement on her comskills.
    Jehza Huelar-great back story, personality, excellent bone structure & body proportion.. hopefully her newly developed comskills would be enough to make up for her petite frame.

    Eva Patalinhug-pretty face, great personality.. just not a fan of her body proportions.
    Wynonah Buot

    Patrizia Garcia- please try to standout… Focus on winning
    Ena Velasco- not a fan, but SMA loves women doctors so a sure TOP 15 for her and I heard she could slay the Q&A.
    Samantha Bernardo- She mastered pageantry really well. I just wish that she’s a good speaker and a few inches taller… But based on beauty,
    She takes the cake.
    Vicky Rushton- Pretty face,sexy body, great personality, again lacking in height…
    Karen Gallman- christina ricci crossed w/ mila kunis face, good comskills but lacking in height…
    Anjame Magbitang- love the height.. but too young & raw.. she has all the potential to become a future international winner.
    Kayesha Chua- great personality, sexy body, but again too short.

    • Wow you said it all! I agreed with the height comment on Karen and Vickie….just wonder why you left out Lemonon???

      • Sandra Raymundo Lemonon was part of Top 5 finalists in Miss World Philippines 2016. She is a Fine Arts graduate from a Macau-based academic institution who can speak six languages namely English, Portuguese, French, Cantonese, Spanish and Filipino. This 23-year-old queen is 165 cm and is a part-time model & baker. Sandra loves thrill in life and adores doing adrenaline sports like rock climbing, jet skiing and cliff diving. ( from angelopedia…but in Binibini wikipedia, she is 5’6′ )
        I LIKE THE FACT THAT SHE SPEAKS 6 LANGUAGES…baka puede sa intercontiinental.

    • jeske ang template before si Megan
      may nangyari ba

      now ang template naman eh Latina
      jeske yang bet mo tumetemplate din ng iba

      walang originality

      so okay lang kahit sino pa template ng ibang Binibini

  2. Cat, Eva and Wynonah are my TOP 3…AYA is a sentimental favorite bec she is the daughter of a former Ms. U 3rd runner-up and Michele Gumabao is the daughter of Dennis Roldan…WILL THIS WORK FOR THEM? I WONDER! ( peace ) NAGTATANONG LANG PO

  3. I wonder how Tito Norman approached the candidates not included in his top 14.
    Cat vs Wyn for MUP
    I like Wynonah’s handwriting … sign of a very reliable person .
    Still Cat for MUP . But Wyn May snatch it from her … with proper styling .

      • Thomas , just based on my personal experience …nothing scientific or proven without doubt
        Every letter every stroke ninamnam Pinag -iisipan

    • Fabbie, this is not something new that he’s done. These assessments are based on what he saw and heard as the girls go through the day to day activities.

      The girls not on the list should actually use this as fuel to drive them more and figure out what she is doing wrong or what she’s not doing to gain some steam.

      • 4m, I’m not sure these girls will use his top 14 as a ‘fuel’ to do better . These girls may think of it as favoritism on our dearest blogger’s part . After all, there is nothing much we can do about facial beauty height and comm skills . They will not change in 1 month … or ever.
        If I was a candidate not mentioned in the top 14 , I’d probably stay away from our dearest blogger as far as possible . And if I made it in to the top 15 come finals night , I would most likely ignore him forever . A psychological slap … if I may.
        But it’s just me hihihi

      • You’re too harsh veks. I think how the girls handle themselves is a big factor too. If you cannot put yourself out there during the events then you won’t be able to show your queenly potentials. It’s not just about the beauty that’s being judged right now, it’s the grace, the communication and how they style themselves in each event.

  4. My current Top 15 in Random Order

    Catriona Gray
    Athisa Manalo
    Aya Abesamis
    Michele Gumabao
    Muriel Orais
    Jehza Huelar

    Eva Patalinhug
    Wynonah Buot

    Samantha Bernardo
    Patrizia Garcia
    Vicky Rushton
    Karen Gallman
    Anjame Magbitang
    Kayesha Chua

  5. Love. Love. Love.

    Happy Valentine’s to all especially to the 40 beautiful candidates, to the blogger, and to my fellow commenters.

    World Peace.

  6. It’s funny how these people make judgment on certain candidates when they never met these girls…..you guys are pathetic and laughable…..very Provential “probensyana” mentality… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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