23 comments on “Exclusive Interview with your #Binibini37 Patrizia Mariah Garcia

  1. OK naman sya ah… Huwag naman kayong ano hihihihi
    Trainable ang peg at makokoronahan to kung ako ang magtrain sa kanya 🙂 cherette hihihi

  2. Patrizia is one of the beautiful underdogs who I want to see in the Top 15 circle. Love her piercing eyes; I hope she stays away from those blue contacts.

    Standing at 5’6″, she could potentially be the next Kristel Guelos, who bagged the 2nd RU last year. Kristel was another underdog and her getting the 2RU award was a big but pleasant surprise during pageant night.

    Best of luck, Patrizia!

  3. I hope she does her best to standout… Focus on trendy styling as in modern & high fashion but flatering to one’s assets hindi yung basta nalang mag standout. Think cheerful thoughts when talking para madala young buong convo.. drink green tea instead of Cofee… Sayang naman potential to win a title.. dapat nag leave ka na ng work matagal na para walang hassle.. focus on winning… Pinaka maganda sa lahat e lumipat na ng camp!

    • Camps has nothing to do pag nasa stage na ang girls. Yes ,nakakatulong sila sa training pero nasa sa kandidata na yun kung iapply nila

      • El Tocuyo award is given to a favorite who gets snubbed at Finals Night. This came up when Venezuela did not make the top 13 when Miss U was held in the Philippines.

  4. Sultry and pleasing ang aura nya based on the photos.
    Dear KF, please hinay hinay naman sa veneers.

  5. One of the under- the-radar candidates that upon second look or closer scrutiny can be a potential placer.

    I am sure there are quite a few like her in this batch. We are just too focused on the so-called-frontrunners.

    To be fair, the overly-hyped candidates may be deserving but let us give others a chance. The world does not revolve around them.

    Kudos to Mr. Norman for featuring these lesser-known candidates level the playing field.

    World Peace.

    • that’s true, frontrunners are so nakakaumay to the point na wala nang excitement sa kanila. Marami pang girls dyan na deserving like Kayesha Chua, Ena Velasco,MJ de Castro,Shane Tormes etc.

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