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  1. Gloriamoranwurztbach

    Hoy gaga kang baluga ka mag laslas ka ng belat mo. Hayof ka.. walang kwenta

  2. Fake Pinoy accent trying hard.
    Smile na lang with fake teeth.

  3. This Janice girl will have an eventual career in news casting.. kever na wiz ma winnie monsod basta may career as anc new reader ! .. kabuhayan showcase din itey gurl!

  4. Cat – ikaw na.
    Janice – ang mata ay sa camera lng, huwag pahalatang nagbabasa 😄
    Muriel – at yan ang kasabihan and I thank you 👏👏👏

  5. nawala ang Aussie accent ni Pusa. Naging neutral. She registers well on cam and is an effective speaker. That we know. Remember Miss Universe is also about being a spokesperson, promoting its brand. That we know too. Here’s hoping Catriona gets the much coveted crown. At least there’s one thing we don’t have to worry about – communication skills. If only Nicole Cordoves had Maxine Medina’s facial beauty, she could have been a tough contender for MU 2016.

  6. Si pataporn Wang magiging mup kahit magmemorize pa ng encyclopedia mga Merli. Remember circa 1993 nung nanalo si dindi at 2016 yan mangyayari masaklap pa nyan baka minor minor pa ibigay sa inaasahan. Tanong nyo pa kay Mr. G
    Kaya wag nyo laitin ang tinakda.

  7. I don’t mind if the girls are not that excellent in communication skills , Ara Arida best example but still her answer were both good in BBP and MU. Sobrang tigas pag nagsalita na si Ara pero mga sagot niya may laman. Andaming good speakers dyan pero substance waley. At the end of the day, sa finals parin magkakasubukan lahat.The game is not yet over.!!

    • So true- Ara was the roughest, but she had rock-solid conviction and didn’t try to change how she sounded. And that’s the trick really- stop focusing on refining your delivery and shift it to the content of what you’re trying to say. On one hand, kung wala ka ring masyadong content (which has afflicted the likes of Charmaine Elima, Jehza Huelar, Sirene Sutton) waley din.

      • Ara Arida is legit matalino naman kasi kaya kahit ‘di si super galing ang comm skills, may substance pa rin sumagot.

      • Hoyyyyy papansin kaya pansinin na kits now
        Hihihi 😄
        Anong walang content c Queen Jehza😤😠
        Wait ka lang daw sa coronation night at may crown cyang ihampas sa U 😄cherette

      • Naalala ko si MJ na superganda raw ang sagot pero honestly di ko na gets ang advantage of being a woman na sagot nya hahahaha. Ariella Arida’s Q&A performance during BBP13 was told to be SUAVE and SLAYS!!!!

  8. I question the whole point of an exercise that achieves nothing but reinforce stereotypes and biases on English fluency/delivery ek ek achu chu but I guess with pageant finals night a million years away, they need to do something to pass the time right?

    In this instance, it’s obvious the native English speaker wins (Catriona Gray). Is there anything she can’t do? Oh wait- there is one; convincing bashers that she’s really the one to beat because that’s the hard, sobering truth.

    The other two girls shouldn’t quit their day jobs for a career in TV presenting; Janice Roman’s hand movements are distracting and excessive; one moment, she’s emphasizing a point and the next, it seems that she’s trying to cradle an imaginary infant. Muriel Orais is gorgeous and has a beautiful speaking face, but I’ve muted it because she sounds like my teacher in elementary coaching me for a declamation contest; her idea of vocal impact is to emphasize every last syllable of every word.


  9. taas ng hairline

    fake teeth
    fake tan
    fake boobs
    flat puwet
    fake Pinoy accent

      • Hi Bong,

        I agree with you “Fake Account yan” gloriamoranwurztbach (He is Jeremi”

        By the way long time no hear hope you are doing well.

      • Hi Rose, congratulations at mabenta ka ngayong Valentines day 🌹
        May mga offer sa akin pero nakakasawa na at katawan lng ang gusto sa akin🤗
        I’d rather go night swimming in an exclusive and quiet place and ignore the claws of lust and be free as a bee🐝 este a bird🕊and sip a cup of coffee ☕ or drink a beer 🍺
        Yes, I’m single and happy😋😄

      • Ooooow. I agree. Basura bunganga ni Jeremi pag si Cat. Etong si Gloria ek ek of the same caliber.

  10. Norman is really gutsy for naming names again .
    I wonder how he can convince the other 26 candidates to sit down for interview . .. if he gets that far. They may avoid him like a plague from here on . Hihihi

  11. The report on Facebook/Zuckerberg is NOT fun. The one delivering it is being all cheerful. (sigh)

    Avoid the “MTV veejay” peg.

    Again and nevertheless, she will win something. Period. Now, hate me.

    • maybe she does it (CAT) para ang isang “NOT FUN” na report man lang ei di ganun ka sakit or kapangit pakinggan sa mga tagapakinig. Pangit na nga ang news para pang takot ung pag dedeliver mo. Maybe that’s what she wants to imply… what matter is, may potential, magaling at kaya nyang makipag sabayan…

      PS:magaling din ung dalawa, mjo mabilis lng onte magsalita c Roman…

      Just my 2 cents

      • What do you expect from those with bias against Cat. Walang makikitang maganda yan. Puna ng puna. Whahahaha.

  12. I guess this is the only trait that makes Murriel fall short against Catriona Gray and Michelle Gumabao…

    Karen Gallman may be more inclined in this aspect but her physical height will always be lacking among the front-runners.

    Eva, Anjame, Vicky & Jhezza could only fight for minor crowns because of this.

      • 4M i think its not because she is half aussie. Not because she doesnt have Filipino tounge. Marame ngang half half dyan pero waley naman in terms of speaking/ascent. Even full foreign blooded hinde lahat meron o maganda ang ascent o magalIng sa speaking. may mga Pinoy naman na marunong mag foreign ascent o magaling sa speaking kahit pure pinoy sila kahit Filipino tounge sila. May mga sinuwerte at meron namang nakuha sa determination at pag aaral para ma achieve ung goal sa ascent at good speaking skills and i think cat i achieved that goal from being a good student.

  13. Love Muriel and very impressed with Janice Roman! Muriel needs to avoid the “kunot noo” when speaking though.

      • @4M

        I was suppose to type the same reply as yours.. naunahan mo lang ako hehehe 😀

      • 4m and C2f,
        She is not pretty in the traditional sense of the word . But so is Janine ….and Shamcey among others.
        She sounds good and I think she may do well in the Q&A portion if she gets that far.
        It will all depend on her styling on pageant night.
        For me , she may win or lose depending on how she looks on coronation night.

        PS I like that she tries not to get her mom’s name into the mix

      • No. I am just one of our “dear” blogger’s readers and armchair coaches….hihihihih… Ain’t nobody got time for this Qrown qrown ek ek…hihihihih

    • She graduated vale from mababang paaralan at mataas na paaralan ng Sapang Baswit. She did not mention where she went to college and where she’s teaching at right now.
      Why Kaya? Hihihi

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