30 comments on “Fourteen for Valentine’s Week: Binibinis on the Upswing

  1. Patrizia Garcia needs to step-up and get noticed… I’m getting a bit of an introvert Hannah Sison vibe from her w/c is not good. I hope she and her camp knows that she has the potential to become an International winner… wake up!!!!

  2. I think Aya should not be on the list. Not a lot of good feedback from all websites i have been to. Lots of beautiful ladies than her!!

    • and your basis is?

      Remember, Tito Norms emphasized that he came up with this list based mostly on HIS PERSONAL INTERACTIONS with the ladies. Even titasofpageantry’s Tita Lai said that you really have to experience Aya in person to understand why she’s considered a strong candidate. Maybe the sites that you visit havent seen her yet personally???

    • Well I personally like AYA, Samantha, Wynonah, Karen, Jehza, Muriel, Sandra but yeah i agree with Norman’s top 14 for now

  3. The only one who’s not on my regular list is Kayesha Chua… Just because of her lack of inches and her naturaly unbleached teeth… But there must be a good reason why she won prestigious regional titles like Ms. Manila and Miss Bicolandia. I’ll include her from now on.

    The only one who’s not in tito Norman’s list is Sigrid Flores… Why? Well at Miss Bicolandia won by Kayesha… Sigrid only finished 4th runner-up. I do love the later’s passionfor her advocacies.

  4. Jehza Huelar would not even place with her current styling.
    Pull a Marina Kishira or Riyo Mori look for you to win a crown.

    Catriona Gray is the one to beat for the top plum.

    Aya Abesamis and Michelle Gumabao are the main competitors of Catriona for MUP.

    Karen Gallman could be possibly the Karen Ibasco of Bbp’18, she could win MUP by surprise.

    Vickie Rusthon should be for MGI because her beauty is unquestionable.

    Sandra Lemonon is great for Reina Hispano.

    Eva is my sentemental favourite for Supra or International.



  5. OWN OPINION KO LANG…no offense meant. Jehza of course is popular. after all, this is her 3rd attempt. She might or she might NOT make it. Juana’s fate is NOT necessarily Kurdapya’s fate too. As for Ahtisa, I really am NOT comfortable with her smile, lumulubog ang bibig and it shows in her candid shots. But when not smiling, she is GOOD. In fact, may Kylie vibe and batang ito. I am still waiting for ANJAME to UP her game but as most of you are saying, she is still young and offers a lot of potentials. For now, my choices would DEFINITELY include Catriona, Wynonah, EVA, ENA, Samantha Bernardo, Orais. I am NOT a fan of Aya and Gumabao but i am sure they would be there. I would also include ANJAME in my top 15, plus Vickie Rushton for sheer beauty of her face. MJ de Castro is VERY articulate. I like BAINO too. AGAIN FOLKS, IT’S TOO EARLY TO PREDICT. IT IS ANYONE’S BALLGAME STILL. Remember in the past, there have been a lot of surprises in the end.

  6. My Miss Universe Philippines for now is
    #Binibini19 Michele Gumabao
    #Binibini20 Catriona Gray
    But this is not final for the real competition is still not starting. They are still not presented to the press and there might be strong girls that are still not notice.

  7. andun ako
    fake veneers
    fake nose
    fake skin
    fake Filipino di marunong magTagalog or Bisaya
    fake boobs
    flat puwet

    walang sariling pangarap pasulsol sa camp master

  8. I really want Jehza to win a crown. Though minsan natatabunan talaga sya, I dont know why coz maganda naman sya. Pag solo shots super ganda, pg tinatabi sa matatangkad nawawala presence nya. But she is my sentimental favorite, sana makakuha sya korona. Supra or MI kung papalarin

    • @baby nica. I also like jehza totoo Sinabi mo natatabunan sya . She is not that tall around 5’5 and kailangan nya mag gain ng weight. Kung mag gain sya kahit kaunti malaki improvement

  9. I hope Jehza Huelar gets the Pia Wurtzbach luck. On the third try, may korona na. #fingerscrossed,

  10. I love your subtle sarcasm, Tito Norman! ❤️❤️❤️ Burn those armchair analysts! Kung sino pa kasi ang mga wala doon, sila pa ang malakas manlait.

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