83 comments on “Looking forward to the Official Swimwear Shots of Bb. Pilipinas 2018

  1. It should have been any shades of green for the swimsuit because this is the 55th or emerald edition of Binibining Pilipinas.

  2. Where is the National Costume post? Our dear blogger must have gotten ahead of himself…hihihihihi

    • Sinensore ng mga diktador na dilawan 4M hihihi 😄
      Akala ko pa nman ay ipinaglalaban nila ang freedom of expression/press freedom at ayaw sa diktadura😄
      Naku ha mga plastic na dilawan.
      C Trollanes nasa america na nman nagpapatawa sa kanyang kabobohan 🤗
      Basta c Queen Jehza mananalo sa Darna Costume na gawang Divisoria😄

  3. gold swimsuit
    di man lang binigyan chance mamili ng
    swim wear ang mga candidates

    so old school

    syempre may binabagayan ang gold

      • Si Karen ang bet ni Gloria.

        Wag ka maniniwala na wala. May nagbanggit na na mention nya na dati si Karen. Pero syempre, palusot ngayon ang bruha dahil baka nga naman ma bash ang bet nya.

  4. sino itong professional kontesera
    na hinahanda na sumali daw next year
    sa MEP at gumagawa na ng advocacy for mother earth

    mag world record yata ito na sasalihan lahat ng

  5. Ang masasabi ko lang ay dapat hindi masyadong iedit o overly photoshop ang official swimsuit photo ng mga kandidata, let their natural beauty of the face and figure comes out in the photo.

  6. Sa competition gold. How about sa photo shoot and for Press Presentation? What color po tito?

  7. If Mahal nyo talaga mga queens nyo. Tell them to be fit sa swimwear. Discipline . May mga mukhang lalaban sa sumo. Hinay hinay muna sa buffet at wag pakampante dahil frontrunner.

    • Sierra Bearshell doesn’t have a gorgeous body and Rachel Peters has that near perfect figure matched with long legs but the result has been the same?

      • @Claire if our so called frontrunners will continue to look like sumo at suman. Then we will not even reach Rachel’s top10 placing.

  8. What is Catriona gonna do ?
    Some people are saying she’s doing it for the show . How can U judge someone ‘s heart when u don’t even know her ?
    Maybe she thinks she is very blessed for where she is in life … so she feels obliged to share her blessings around . What’s fake abt that ?
    On the other hand , they say Michelle is cool and drama-free because she has no advocacies ?
    Something is wrong here .

    • Fab-B, huwag ka na magtaka sa level of judgement ng mga taong walang cuenta ang buhay! It reflects on their opinion!

      Dapat sa mga Yan sinasampalan ng libro ng “the 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey para malaman nila Kung anong purpose ng existence nila sa mundong ibabaw!

    • @ Fabian Reyes and @ ClaiRe IbbeTson : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Ayyiiieeee! I am owning up to this! Hahahaaa!

      Hu d f_ck s Stephen Covey? Obviously someone so BLOATED with his ego he wrote about it.

      The Gray Cat is FINE! You can both dig through the Archives to find my comment on Mr. Tinio’s post regarding her fund-raiser wherein she sang. Emy Egenti, our old favorite was even there. I praised her. I still do.

      I was not alluding to anybody in particular about being “contrived”. All I wanted to say is that Gumabao is my MUP 2018. Tapos! Plus, the jowa. I am malanding baklang thunders. So, sue me.

      Not a few of us expressed reservations about calls for The Gray Cat to NO longer give pageantry a second shot after the bizarre treatment she got from Tandang Hulya. Myself included. And even among those who were in favor of it felt it was best to postpone to 2019. It’s ALL in the Archives!

      But here she is now. Well, then good. We all know she will not come out empty-handed. And we have our good friend Fabian Reyes expressing his view that he preferred the old Cat, circa MW 2016, NOT this “transformation” obstensibly to prove to the skeptics that she, too, can play the Universal game.

      So, ano ba talaga? The Old Cat? The New One?

      Also, another comment in an earlier post from someone I no longer recall saying that whichever title she gets, major or minor, the Gray Cat will show ALL the stuff she is made of. ‘Yun pala, ‘eh?!

      So, you see, dear co-commentators (tama ba? Parang sa Misa..), the Gray Cat has NO worries! She can get away with anything and ignore all the criticism because she knows she is “in the jar”.

      And precisely for this reason, I chose to leave the Catriona Gray support group because one less warm body in that group will not matter and certainly no one will notice or care if anyone leaves. I chose instead to throw my support SOLIDLY behind JUST ONE (1) candidate by joining her group because I firmly believe she needs it more than the Gray Cat. Dahil MARAMI na ang meow-meow!

      Even Jesson Cappuchino commented that the Gray Cat’s rabid fans were over-hyping her. And NO, I do NOT have his permission to say this.

      CHILL! The Gray Cat cannot lose. If the approval of Latinos that you guyth like to invoke as justification for giving her the Universal campaign is any indication, then no amount of villification – fake boobs, among others, care of our dear gloria-something – can derail her.

      ‘Eh, ‘di, panalunin niyo si Catriona. Ako lang naman siguro ang uuwing luhaan sa pagkaligwak ni Gumabao. Why, indeed, are you so defensive of The Magayong Uragon?

      • @ gloriamoranwurtzbach : Good afternoon/morning/evening.


      • Well well well
        The ever so diplomatic Andrew has unleashed his hidden dragon .
        I guess I sounded like I was born just yesterday.
        Is there any one else among the 40 girls with an advocacy who has any chance at all to bag MUP?
        While I want Cat to win MUP , I think her fight will not be an easy one . There are so many tall gorgeous and smart women in the competition .Cat is not a stand out like she was during MWP 2016 . I don’t think any fan claims she is perfect.
        Her body needs toning . And while her comm skills are excellent , her Q&A performance needs improvement . She should watch you tube videos of previous editions ala Pia and take down notes ala Janine. If she does , she will do well at MU (provided she wins MUP first
        We are not asking to make Cat the automatic winner . We are just saying she does not deserve to be described that way . But then again u said it was not meant for her . Well , yeah . I was born yesterday , wasn’t I?hihihi

  9. Ang tagal pa ng finals March 18
    I’d like to include Samantha Bernardo and Eva P in my top 15
    Samantha … because she is disciplined and has leadership qualities . Her flawless performance at the Talent competition proves she is in it to win . I just wonder where she went to college , anyone?
    Eva P … because she is really pretty . She just needs proper hair styling to hide her odd facial contour .

  10. Woooooaaa! Salute to Mareng Laila and Tita Belay for the concept behind those gold swimsuit!

    • yes thats true
      because we always see them in casual
      and evening gown

      time to see them in swimsuit and natcos

      transformation shall it be

      world peace

  11. Hmmm. buti pa ang BBPilipinas may photoshoots! ang miss universe, waley! CHAROT. totoo naman e. nakakamiss din di ba? ang swimsuit, headshots at evening gown portraits ng MU. haha

    can’t wait for the photos. may national costume photoshoot din ba tito norms?

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