28 comments on “Sunday Specials: Two Miss Universe titleholders. One Designer.

  1. Short or tall….it does not matter because Pia and Demi showed something that other taller girls did not have….a drive to win the crown!!!! But yeah no 5’4 girls and claimed they are 5’9 because they are wearing those tacky shoes lol.

  2. More than height or beauty, these ladies were HUNGRY for that Miss Universe crown.

    Everything about their run for the title made them frontrunners.

    Total package kasi sila. Not because of beauty, or brains, or comm skills, or modeling skills, of EVERYTHING.

    We really only have one girl like that in this bunch. The choice is obvious.

  3. Pia is the brand image of the new jewelry line of Sherri Hill. She’s stepping up. Sana more work for Pia in NY or elsewhere para universal ang reach nya. Sherri Hill must have loved her since she’s the most recent MU winner since Olivia Culpo who has shot an ad campaign for them.

  4. Maiba Lang,

    Palpak ang launching ni Angkol sa 2 powerhouse ng Sudaamerica! Hand-picked pa Rin si Miss Venezuela at Cinco duling Lang and kandidatA sa Miss Colombia! Pucha! Hiniwalay pa!

  5. Demi looks so petite in that dress, but that is not an issue because she is already Miss Universe. Hence, it is really mind-boggling for some Filipinos who consider our beauty queens’ height a terrible issue.

    Demi and Pia are two queens of smize. Perfect!

    • totally agree, Ana. i noticed that when either pia or demi were walking solo on the runway it did not matter whether they were tall or not. even in groups neither one were overshadowed as both had strong stage presence.

      in any case, i’d rather have somebody with charm, poise, grace, even elegance over height any time.
      tallness might get attention at first, but the attention will not be held for long without other things like presence, charm, wit etc

      I think, too, that this new MU Org had been signaling through their choice of winners that height is not as important as it used to be

      • You are right, Sunkist. They were chosen as the Miss Universe brand ambassadresses because they live to its mantra, Confidently Beautiful.

      • That was why I wished Katarina R. won MUP last year. But BBP thought they needed a taller candidate for MUP then Demi won the MU crown. I hope Kat is able to join 2019 BBP to have another chance at the MUP crown.

    • So true, Ana. They both are the queens of smize, although wasn’t it Pia who started that smize trend at MU?

      For the Bb. Pilipinas 2018, who are the smizers? Hmmm…. 🙂

      • I’d love to think that it was indeed Pia who started smizing it all. Gustung-gusto ko talaga ‘yang smizing na ‘yan, may binabagayan! Pero amongst beauty queens, hindi ko makalimutan si Gloria Diaz na nag-smize sa camera (a la Demi level) when all the beauty queens who brought honor to the country had guested on Mel & Jay show on TV. Fresh na fresh pa sa mind ko ‘yan. That show had that episode after Miriam Quiambao brought honor as MU 1st runner-up in 1999. Winner pag-smize ni Gloria dun, nagmamataray!

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