33 comments on “Sunday Specials: To start them young in pageants: Yay or Nay?

  1. not a good idea. eh di halos lahat ng candidates pare-pareho na ng back stories. na they want it eve’s ice birth and in an early age they already in heels doing pasarela. chererette 😜😜😜

  2. Its ok to start training them young but there should be limits. No skimpy outfits, no suggestive moves and poses. In simples terms, wag i sexualize ang mga bata. The pinay little girl shows a lot of potential and mas may finesse ang galaw unlike yung latin little girls moves na baklang bakla na hindi na nakakatuwa.

    When organizing fashion shows involving kids, organizers and PARENTS alike SHOULD be aware of these limitations otherwise be sanctioned for exploitation.

  3. This is an awful sign .
    Why , Michelle, did u come unprepared?
    U didn’t have to participate if u had no talent.
    What does it say abt you?
    Can u be trusted to lose weight if u were given one of the crowns?
    Poor dogs!!!

  4. I think a girl should join a beauty pageant when she is at least 18 when it involves a swimsuit competition. For the big national pageant like Miss USA and our very own Binibining Pilipinas. I suggest a girl to first finish her college degree and do some charity work in her community. In this way she can have a good resume because a Beauty Queen is like a job. The girl with the most beautiful face, pleasing personality and have the best resume always wins. Do some charity work in her community for in this way her answers in the Q & A will be more meaningful and come from the heart.

  5. Big NAY.

    Wearing make-up to look like an 18 year old girl, dressing up not their age … it’s over-sexualizing. And it opens doors to pedophiles. Encourage little girls to get into sports to practice sportsmanship or science+technology to challenge the brain.

    This little girl walking in these heels is tacky.

    • Morena this one is over the top
      Dapat cute at funny like Ryazan Mae.
      They should spend the first 15-18 y honing their confidence onstage and comm skills and living healthy ( with Sports /exercises and eating nutritious foods). Walk and make sure up can be learned easily .
      It’s the personality and the comm skills that take a lifetime to build .

    • In fer, ang Galing rumampa ng bata . I t goes to show it doesn’t take a genius to learn the proper pasarela in very high heels.

      Aral muna At healthy living .

  6. If it is a tAlent and intervirew/q-a competition like EB, I’m all for it .I t helps these girls build a competitive spirit and trains them how to walk and talk onstage.

  7. Too soon for still pre- teenagers and early exposures would spell Pageant-patty demeanor,.. If not well tutored by their would- be mentors… There is something beautiful in Rawness and effervescence and care- free approach to joining pageants…. It is OK if the now matured and well- honed candidate with so much pageant credentials tucked under her belt, can temper pageant- patty mannerisms… So she won’t comeout as too “aral! ” or rehearsed on her stage movements. One thing that’s really going for the veteran candidate is the Stage Confidence though,.. that maturity to filter-out fear on pressure moments on-stage like the q&a portion…. At the end, everything should come down to the pageant candidate, her mentors, the appropriate dresses and gowns, and knowing what are the specific pageant ” can’t do withouts” for the aimed title,.. like ME looks for a flambouyantly Eco-sensible platforms, MI for a subtle and finesse stage presence, Doll-like features with a well-rehearsed speech on global camaraderie( as what Bea Santiago stressed)…. So, there are pros and cons for it…. It’s a matter of knowing when it is already too much and when there is something that still needs to be polished…. Everything has to be in balance!

  8. i really don’t agree raising the AGE limit of any international pageant to 28 and above. THE FISH IS NOT JUST UNFRESH BUT ALREADY STALE! Besides meron na tayong MRS MRS MRS NA MGA PAGEANTS…dun na lang sila!

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