38 comments on “#Binibini19 Michele Gumabao and her dogs

  1. Bagsak pala powet nitong Michelle na ito..I am not a fan..medyo contrived ung pina project nyang bubbly personality kuno..pero cutie brother Nya.

  2. I wonder why our dear blogger didn’t have a feature on Cat Ganern’s talent?

    And whoever made her wear that long matronly sleepwear dress should be fired!

    OMG that pair of long gloves that number 8 (?) wore was like soooooo yesterday too…hihihihih Fire their stylists!!!

  3. Well, the dogs obviously didn’t “perform” as planned, but I still found them adorable! Michelle didn’t lose her composure at all — she was calm and collected, and was very gracious throughout the performance even though her act didn’t work out as planned — and I admire her for that. She has a genuine and endearing personality. Good luck Michele!

  4. This girl is a mess.
    She came unprepared for her talent show.
    What kind of candidate is that ? It means that she cannot be trusted to lose weight to get ready for her international pageant .
    She is not disciplined at all. There are more candidates who are more willing and ready.
    Please do not give her a crown this yr.
    But I know she will get one . She is confident on stage and has good comm skills . I’m sure the judges will like her.
    MARIEL 2.0

    • Ay grabe naman…At this point, sobrang laki na ng nabawas sa weight nya…Last year lang, she was huge…now, super lean and medyo muscular na nya…

      And re her talent – she’s so brave para magperform with dogs! First timers lahat, sya and the dogs. Natural sa athletes yan…risk-takers…

      Dahan-dahan sa comments – sa volleyball, nanunupalpal yang si Michele….baka gawin nya dito sa pageantry naman…hahaha!

    • Hello fabian😋
      Michele is disciplined in preparing her pageantry 😉
      It’s just that her dogs were spoiled and stubborn 😁
      Don’t mention Mariel here because she’s very happy now with Robin 😄 hihihi

  5. With that composure and confidence, plus com skills to match, this DLSU lass will surely nail her Q&A if she makes it to the top 15. This means, she’s destined for one of the crowns.

    Hopefully, BBP International cause MUP is reserved for Cat.

    • @tyra Michelle and cat can be mup but let’s leave mi to the delicate beauties. Di pwd boksingera body sa mi. Even meow body cant be mi.Wag na umulit magpadala ng mukhang bouncer like last year.

  6. This is my MUP 2018! Period.

    Fun, athletic, not contrived. No melodramatic or tragic backstory or advocacy.

    And with CUTE-HOT jowa (good follow-up to Governor Migz Villafuerte).

    Might not be the next wearer of the Phoenix Crown, but certainly engaging enough to be placed into the Final5 to get the chance to know her thoughts.

  7. Magaling Magaling magaling😋
    Beauty Queen ang dating 😋
    Cguradong confidently beautiful ang dating at hindi cya yung “ahhh ahhh ahhh ummm ummm I’m nervous hihihi”😄

  8. Not impressed with her talent but I am impressed with the way she handle herself under those circumstances that the dog is not following her; but she still remain pleasant.

  9. I don’t think the talent competition has a bearing on who’s going to win on March 18. Kung may puntos man yan malamang deduction sa final tally. LOL

    • ay oo nga ano.. kaya lang wala ung mahiwagang kristal.. nakalimutan atang dalhin..

    • kapag naging OFFICIAL CANDIDATE na kayong dalawang mapanglait dyan, staka ko tatanggapin ang comments nyo. pwede nyo naman purihin ang mga kandidata nyo na hindi kayo nanlalait ng kapwa. Si Dr. Ena ang pambato ko at hindi si Aya nga pala. Kung makapanglait kayo parang wala kayong Diyos sa katawan.

      • @ROXAS CAPIZ.. hahaha nagaalita ka pa.. eh sa pangalan mo palang me implicatoon na sa look ni AYA yan during the talent night.. tsaka pwede ba.. bago mo kami sawayin.. unahin mo muna mga mas malalakas manlait dito gaya nina AnGelo reyes, Fabian, c2f, gloria etc. makacomment ka parang kami lang mga masama..

  10. Everyone knows Volleyball is her talent. Nice to see a different side. YouTube is available for highlights lol. #19 shines under pressure just like in the games

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