32 comments on “The Life of #Binibini25 according to Jerelleen Rodriguez

  1. I just want this girl to be in The Top 15 and maybe a runner up placement for her outstanding credentials and if she gave a descent performance on the competition. She has a descent height 5’7, a pretty and she is transformable to Beauty Queen Material. This girl really needs to up her game and her camp KF must make her Beauty Queen Material like Shamcey Supsup if she wants a title because there are many strong girls in this Batch. Credentials and Achievements is notice very well in Miss Universe but they must notice the girl first and feel that she has an aura of Miss Universe if she wants to be in the Top 15.

      • Some girls want to try the less competitive pageants first to gain experience so I am ok with that at all 🙂

  2. She literally has the whitest skin of all the girls this year, even compared to the half-Caucasians. Maybe she could use that to her advantage.

    • maputi lang siya eh.. kung puti lang naman kay Vickie Rushton, Eva Patalinjug na lang ako… si samantha a. Mas may dating pa sa akin

  3. Pretty and natural….but not for international level…..but really pretty for pinay beauty.

  4. Other than Wynonah, I think Jereleen is another candidate who, if chosen MUP would easily make the cut to MU semi-finals– given that 60% weight is given to interview (read: personality, values, intelligence, achievements), and 40% to physical beauty (read: EG and SS). For a pageantry brand that rallies the world’s women to live a “confidently beautiful” life, those who get shortlisted are definitely the articulate speakers, young achievers, and have track record of willpower to succeed.

    What about the physical beauty, that aspect that a lot of pageant enthusiasts seem to agonize so much on, which may matter in the final round? In a world where there is no international beauty standard, and where physical beauty can be “manufactured” anyway, she can stand side by side with any Latina or Caucasian or African and proudly proclaim the Oriental beauty. Honed in the academe, she can learn pasarela and all the other trappings of the pageantry business in no time at all, just like what Shamcey did.

    • Scorg, she’s another UP smartie.
      Unfortunately. She has no sex appeal at all.
      Ara and Shamcey at least has pizzaz

      • LOL no offense, but I don’t get the Ara and Shamcey comparison.

        If we are talking about academic intelligence, Shamcey yes, but Ara no haha. The latter is very sweet and stunning in person and performed very well at Universe though!

      • Ara graduated from UP with a chem degree. That alone was an accomplishment . U have to be super duper smart to finish chemistry there with honors.

      • UP Los Banos pa with no professional accomplishments in chemical field?

        Yung pala, she wants to use the degree to create perfume line.

        Andam, Licaros, Supsup and Arida pala!

    • I LOVE this girl!😍
      Quiet and unassuming demeanor.
      I want to see her in the finals where she can showcase her IQ, neck and neck with Catriona…👍

    • I think Wynonah, Catriona, Michele and even Janice are better speakers than her. More girls deserving for a crown. Feat na yung naging official candidate.

    • Having said that,

      I put her on MUP pool considering the “one-size-fits all” format of Binibini.

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