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  1. I SAW ALL THE INTERVIEWS…all 40 candidates. And i saw how a viewer rated all of them in you tube…
    #10 Samantha Bernanrdo KF
    #09 Wynonah Buot AQ
    #08 Sophia Baino AQ ( i like her. she is TALL )
    #07 Michele Gumabao AQ
    #06 MJ de Castro AQ ( i am impressed )
    #05 Aya Abesamis AQ
    #04 Muriel Orais KF
    #03 Sigrid Flores RL ( i want this girl to be in the magic 8 )
    #02 Eva Palinjug KF ( my bet for a MAJOR crown )
    #01 Catriona Gray ( definitely for a MAJOR crown )

  2. Muriel would be perfect for Miss International.. If not… for Miss Supranational.

  3. Haha naalala ko yung nagpunta sil sa Gold’s. Funny ang pagsayaw niya. Bigay na bigay pero matigas naman ang katawan. Top 15 para sa akin. Maganda naman pero I don’t think sasagot ng bongga sa Q&A.

  4. More than any other Binibini, it is Orais who reminds me of Suphaporn Ritthipruek, the GENTLE-LOVELY 1st RU to Poonlertlarp at MUThai 2017. That she would have won had the Thai-Swede halfie were not in the picture. And Fahsai Paweensuda-Saetan Drouin was 2nd RU. Mr. Tinio had Suphaporn in his 15-Pick for MUThai 2017 (see his Archives).

  5. Fabian, bong700. I’m currently watching the talent show. Jehza -so delicate and small boned Catriona styling looks foreign. She and gumabao have the broadest shoulders though they r the tallest kaya lusot Think wonderwoman built and her clan.Eva looks like snow white pang mi sabi ng son ko. At May napansin ako maganda si candidate 8 latina styling.maganda si Vicki but she needs some .reduction on certain area. Karen gallman so pretty but really petite. Aya have great hair but not facially stunning

    • No.8? diba si Shane Thormes ba yun? Pansin ko nga may pagka Latina Vibe ang styling ni gurl , ang lakas daw ng appeal at sexiness ng girl na yan

    • Jackiey12, # 8 is s good singer as well. I have not seen her monologue . She may surprise us .
      Cat looks really great . She may appear foreign but I think it’s fine . The world is a melting pot .
      Yup, Aya looks ordinary . But so is Janine . So I’m ok if she wins a crown . She may . Her accent is soft

  6. I used to have her in my top 6 picks but after the final screening she hasn’t been able to stand out in any event I’ve seen of her.

  7. Does anyone tried riding PAL domestic flight from MNL to Caticlan on the way to Boracay? Hayyy! Napakamahal ng ngiti ng MGA flight attendant and Hindi on time ang flight!

    Compare their service to Singapore Airlines or Silk Air na kasehodang nasa Economy class ka eh parang royalty ang trato sayo.

    Compare din yung packaging ng pagkain to say Qatar Airlines, milya milya Ang layo!

    Paano ba maging world class Kung mediocre ang mindset? Anyway, sa ordinary Juan Dela Cruz, “puede na Yan” diba?

  8. Bevy!!! Gandang d n kailngan i-explain, i-appreciate, walang angle n dpat hanapin p, o “peaking”, o dpat dmitan ng maganda o mg-effort ng make up/buhok para lang gumanda….

  9. Sya yung perfect combination ng hot and sweet! Sexy ng dating lagi pero ang sweeeet ng packaging – ang exciting tuloy nya lagi…

  10. Why does it sound like she’s not the one talking in that video? Her voice is not high-pitched. Did PAL use a different voice?

    Maganda ang presence niya. I like her candid shots in sponsor events. Hindi namimili ng angulo.

    She will likely place in the Top 15 circle. And if she gives a short but memorable answer, she’ll likely get a crown.

    Best of luck, Muriel!

    • Try checking the age of the candidates on the last edition of MI 2017. None of the candidate is above 25 years which confirms Norman’s post about MI’s strict age limit.

      • ikaw magcheck claire.. andaming 25 sa last edition ng MI.. vanessa pilgarin is one of those.. makacomment lang mali mali pa..

      • go ka sa website ng miss international mismo.. miss international asia na si kores is 25 pati miss international africa na si ghana is 25 also.. pacheck din bago mag comment..

      • @ lancevince76 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Read CAREFULLY. ClaiRe said “…none (was) above 25…”.

        I think that MI DISCREETLY advises the various ND’s to send someone “NOT 26”, so that the winner will STILL be within the 26-yo age limit by the time she crowns her successor. Non-issue, really.

      • @Observing You… huh??? ikaw tumalon baka gusto mo… hahaha

        @Andrew.. assuming ka naman.. may padiscreetly discreetly ka pang nalalaman.. hahaha

      • @Andrew.. non issue really.. pero check MI website for 2016 contestants.. Miss Belgium and Miss Peru were 26 when they competed.. there.. masyado kayo assuming..

      • @Observing You.. sino ngayon dapat tumalon..

        @Andrew.. check nyo muna facts nyo bago kayo magcomment..

      • @ lancevince76 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Non-issue, nga!

        And, none of those ladies you mentioned got into the Final5, anyway. MI probably just let it pass so as to avoid any ruckus, unlike ME-Sud Afrika 2017 who voluntarily withdrew, this time on HEIGHT issues. But that’s another post on Mr. Tinio’s SPLENDID blog!

      • yes but remember Miss International 2012 was 25 years and 8 months when she won..

    • Pasok na pasok si half Bicolana half Australian sa Miss International. Gustong gusto ng mga Japanese ang caucasian looking pinays.

  11. awww, sweet
    my first time logging in a while
    and who do I see

    murielle “la belle” orais

  12. Before we deport? Hihihi
    She’s pretty
    She will be in the top 15
    May win a crown if she gives a passable answer

    • She does not have the thick accent because she’s reading her lines………yes she did say DEPORT…instead of DEPART…. Hopefully she will not sound very rehearsed during her Q&A.

      • Dapat also “this is for the safety of everyone ON this flight.” Eh kasi, script writer’s fault. LOL.

        She’s okay, but I’m torn between her and Buot and Lemonon and Manalo.

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