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  1. what changed?
    all the ladies looked
    very polished here

    lately, I’ve been pleasantly
    interested in bb 13 kristie cequena
    she seemed like s genuinely sweet person

    I think this is the time when the frontrunners
    are cementing their standing

  2. Kung betsina ni Madam manlo ng Intecon at MGI crowns, kailangan nya ipadala sa MGI si Catriona at sa MIC si Anjame. SUREWIN tong dalawang to sa MGI at MIC tespectively. But seriously i want Cattiona for MU andnothing less.

    • If Cat wins the MUP crown, her fans will rejoice 🙌🎉🎈 Those who do not support her will say NO ❌🙅
      If Cat does NOT win the MUP crown, some of her fans will say FOUL 🙅 and some will accept the crown that she has been bestowed. Those who do not support her will say YES 👍👍

      With Cat’s calibre, I also want her to have the MUP crown 👸🏻 But if it’s not meant to be, her supporters must accept the final deliberation and support the eventual winners.

      Kata also wanted that MUP crown but as fate would have it, she was sent to Intercontinental. She did show her dismay but she accepted her fate. She went to that competition with a fight. Kata fought for that Intercontinental crown like it was the Miss Universe crown.

      I truly believe Cat will do the same. Whether she wins MUP or not, she will give any crown a good fight.

    • Morena , Kata was not in the same boat as Cat is now.
      I don’t think a lot of people were hoping or predicting Kat to win MUp

      • Fabian, when did I say that a lot were predicting Kata to win MUP?

        Yes, Cat and Kata ARE in a different league. However, they both want that MUP crown. Who isn’t eyeing that MUP crown? Lahat naman ng kandidata gusto ang MUP. That’s the sweetest plum.

        The point is – if Cat won’t win MUP and wins another title, she’ll fight for that crown in the international arena. Meow 🙂

      • I can’t say the same with architecture and acctng
        But ……the fact that this girl and Shamcey both topped their respective boards … attests to their academic excellence.
        Unfortunately , girl does not have what it takes to win . But who knows? Her diligence might work here.

      • Morena, u made it sound like people reacted violently when Kata did not win MU P … like the way they will if Cat does not get MUP.

  3. Share ko lang. Ang super fun nina Edj, Jerelleen, Wynonah, KC, Angelica & Karen.

    I like Edj, Wynonah and Angelica here. Relaxed lang sila. Parang hirap magsalita ‘yong nagpa-ayos ng ngipin 😦

    • Wynona Buot really stood out in this video. I appreciate her more in motion. She exudes this strong presence that commands your attention. She’s my next bet after catriona for mup.

      • Akala ko ako lang mag cringe sa tuwenteeey payb!! Parati ko napapansin na hirap siya magsalita. Kahit sa interview video nya ganyan siya

    • Karen looks stunning here!!! She’s not trying hard and very easy breezy…..like a cover girl!!! Bb tuwenti payb!!!! Wow it’s Twenty Five! Girl fix that accent 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Wow I can’t believe at Edgelyn ‘s transformation . She looks and acts very sosyal. If I didn’t know she went to Lyceum .. and if I didn’t see her appearance on Willie’s show back in the day … I would prob be convinced to put her in my top 7.
      Wow also to Buot . She’s definitely in my top 7 along with Karen Cat Sandra Rushton Orais and Aya….. Michelle too if she can lose more weight .

      • What’s wrong with Lyceum, Fabian? If a person’s got grit and determination to go through life, it doesn’t matter which school she came from.

        Edjelyn’s got personality. Her face sometimes looks heavy with too much foundation and blush. Minsan masyadong makapal ang make-up, nagmumukha siyang matanda. I love her Jag make-up. Her eyes stood out with the dramatic eyeliner and contacts. Her lips tinted with a hint of pink. Reminds me of Demi’s make-up during MU finals night where the focus was on the eyes.

      • There’s Nothing wrong with Lyceum in general
        But If someone is to Try to win at the country ‘s top beauty pageant , she better have a good explanation why she went to Lyceum….and it can’t be because Lyceum was the only school that accepted her .
        What does it say abt her as a student?
        In this pageant , we are looking for topnotchers .. not second-raters

  4. My Top 10:


    B–buot, bernardo
    A–adrienne (orais)


      • Haist! Anjame didn’t need veneers. They could have put an incognito brace/invisalign on that incisor and be done with it.

        And don’t even get me started with that dental clinic’s name …. DIOR???!!! Diyosmio! 😂

      • LOL

        Looking at her old IG pics, her nose has always been like that.

        Gandang natural si girl but now she’s proud sporting her DIOR teeth.

    • Whoaaaahhh!?!
      Bat kasi kailangan ng gum slicing?…
      Her teeth are distracting me from her beautiful eyes! Kailangan talaga mukhang chicklets ang peg?!… tsk tsk

  5. Marunong pala mag-bilyar si Gumabao! Siya nagturo sa iba.

    I disagree with “preparation period”. An international assignment is as good as any kind of preparation for Magbitang. Hindi naman siya i-fie-field ng kampo niya kung feel nila ‘di pa siya handa.

    What if some development crops up in the next three to five years or so that derails Anjame’s pageant career, or makes it necessary to set it aside? Paano na?

    She’s available NOW. Crown NOW.

    • Anjame has the face, height and body… Her pasarela and modeling skills can compete with the other front-runners… But at this point, can she win an International pageant?

      She still needs a little bit more polish that would take morre than months tp accomplish.. She needs thicker hair… Her make-up needs to level up… her styling needs more class.. Her body needs more toning… and that snagle tooth needs some fixing. She is only 19 and we need an ambassadress that could communicate with fluency and maturity. Too bad there are already at least 6 candidates who may not have the same height but excells in all the requirements of an international winner. Maybe a runner-up position for now and once she’s at her best.. She could represent our country flawlessly. 🙂

    • Well Janicel wasn’t fulle prepared and yet they fielded her for BbP after her Miss world stint.

  6. Just wondering kung bakit all praises ang mga bakla kay Catriona, yeah I like her sometimes pero minsan hindi. Kasi kung talagang maganda sya bakit di sya nanalo sa Miss World. Kung si Megan Young siguro ang pini-praise ng ganito wala akong angal kasi sya talaga ang tunay na maganda. I remember everyone here was raving about Mariel De Leon and the rest is history sabi nga nila.

    • count me out, i was not raving about her, but i was supportive kasi she still wore the philippine sash. hehe

    • I also can see Cat’s imperfections. Malapad at wala ng butt. Madami mas maganda facially kay meow sa batch nato
      But she have the height , she can talk well,her advocacy to help the children to have a classroom is admirable. Sila ni Eva May advocacy( Eva volunteers for the abused women and kids way way back)
      That’s why they are my top 2.
      Winning doesn’t mean ikaw pinakamaganda. I feel it’s really up to the mw organizers who they feel can do the job best.

    • Jeremi, siguro naman pinanganak ka na bago nag compete si Catriona ano?

      Ipaala ko para sa selective memory mo. Bago ang coronation night, si Cat ang bet ng mga pageant sites na manalo. Pati ng ND ng ibat ibang bansa ay binabati na si Cory. Si Julia ang pumili ng nanalo.

      Hindi sya maganda sa paningin mo, dahil mas bet mo si Aya. Purihin mo na lang kagandahan ni Aya, wag nang tutulad kay Gloria labanderang troll.

      • saan tabloid mo naman na nabasa na
        siya ang MW top pick
        at may congratulate pa kay Cory
        wala talaga panlaban ang torch speech nya
        na paulit ulit

        yun ang make or break kay ate girl na megan young version 2
        and now pia version 4 siya


    • I cannot think of any human being without imperfection. Can u name at least one “perfect” pinay beauty queen?

  7. OMG! Ngayon ko lang natapos ang lahat ng web interviews ng mga BBP candidates. Major revelation si Wynonah ha! Articulate pala ang baklang to! I love her na!

  8. My current TOP 15:

    Catriona Grey
    Aya Abesamis
    Murielle Orais
    Michelle Gumabao
    Ahtisa Manalo
    Patrizia Garcia

    Anjame Magbitang
    Wynonah Buot
    Vicky Rushton
    Karen Gallman
    Jheza Huelar
    Eva Patalinhug

    Samantha Bernardo
    Sigrid Flores
    Edjelyn Gamboa

  9. Cat and Michele are gorgeous. They already sealed their fate on the coronation night. Like I always say here, Cat sports different style every time she comes out. ‘Di s’ya nagpapaumay. Michele naman is vibrant at paganda ng paganda. With her age now, ‘di na s’ya pwede for International, so she is Globe-locked in.

    While Ahtisa Manalo looks pretty, I don’t find appeal or X-factor in that. She is just an ordinary-looking mestiza I can find next door.

    Here’s a new one na medyo napansin ko – Candidate No. 21 Ms. Anjame Magbitang. I find her beautiful, very Filipina beauty. Ito ‘yung gandang hihintayin ko three years from now. I know may ipa-polish pa sa batang ito. Kayang-kaya s’yang i-improve to perfection. Kaya, girl, don’t be disappointed if you can’t get any of the crowns now. Bumalik ka three years from now and show everybody the real deal. Ikaw ang Miss Universe 2021!

    That’s all.

    • Join cya every year ana at patulan yung malilit na pageant like century slimmers body shots etc to prepare herself sa 2020 BbPilipinas kc 3rd attempt na nya yan kahit runner-up muna sya nx year kc dipa talaga cya hinog at wala pa yung confidence level to be competitive internationally at maimprove pa ang styling 😋hihihi cherette

      • She has to get a little mature din in order for her to unleash her inner confidence. Practice English a lot by reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Talk to a lot of professionals using English vernacular, then enroll in an English proficiency training center. Pagbalik nito in 2021, kabog ito. Facially nagagandahan na ako sa kanya, pero mag-i-improve pa ‘yan ‘pag bihasa na s’ya in using beauty products. Ngayon kase kita pa ang rawness niya at ‘yung confidence n’ya is nakatago. Sa galaw n’ya ramdam na nai-intimidate s’ya ng mga kasama n’ya. I want her get MUP 2021. That’s all!

  10. Lets be real. In any bbp activities like this, ang una mong hahanapin si Catriona.

    You’re either curious how she sports her look and ogle at her insanely gorgeous face or you’re just waiting for a picture that will support your validation that she’s not that pretty anyway compared to your favorite candidate.

    Saka mo na i scroll down ang ibang pictures.

    If that doesn’t spell STAR power to you, then i don’t know what is.

  11. Anjame,.. In the first foto literally stoodout!! — ang tangkad kasi,.. She should wear her hair strrraaaiight like Cara Subijano in the past!! — like Pocahontas! — para maiba sya sa mga candidates na curls and waves ang labanan!! — her jetblack, long stresses will standout amidst a sea of waivy curls!! — the more her height will be much more pronounced and emphasized if her hair will be just straight!! — think ANNA BAYLE!!!! 😍😍😍

  12. Anjame,.. In the first foto literally stoodout!! — ang tangkad kasi,.. She should wear her hair strrraaaiight like Cara Subijano in the past!! — like Pocahontas! — para maiba sya sa mga candidates na curls and waves ang labanan!! — her jetblack, long stresses will standout amidst a sea of waivy curls!! — the more her height will be pronounced and emphasized if her hair eill be just straight!! — think ANNA BAYLE!!!! 😍😍😍

  13. oo nga- my eyes went to the ageless blonde bombshell in the middle..who said Stella had one foot inside retirement’s door?? There’s actually a long-standing rumour that she is at least 9 years younger than her claimed date. The source came from Maria Isabel Lopez who used to be invited to Stella’s super-exclusive birthday parties organised by socialte Betsy Westendorp. The rule was this- no posting on social media, which Isabel did – not sure which social media platform- and of a video showing the poet Virginia Moreno (designer Pitoy Moreno’s sister) chiding Stella about keeping her real age secret. After that, Isabel was not only dis-invited indefinitely from future bday parties but also from attending BPCI final coronation nights.

    So long live the real queen and may you bring your adopted country more crowns!

    • 9 years? meaning 14 years old siya nung naging Miss international. Ow cmon.. makapagsabi lang ng tsismis.

  14. Cat vs Wynona , the true heavyweights
    Edjelyn looks good. I just can’t get over the fact that she went to Lyceum …. and her appearance on Willie’s show was def a turn off .

    Karen Sandra Rushton Orais Ajame Jehza … maybe Ena Michelle and Trixia

  15. This time Athisa looks pretty with straight hair….she now looks more stunning compare from previous looks with wavy locks. Straight hair makes her look womanly….however I don’t think she’ll snatch any of the top crowns……🤔🤔🤔

  16. Catriona’s boobs are normal sized here meaning she never did any surgical enhancements on her breasts.. She doesn’t need any as of now but if ever she does in the future, I recommend tastefull ones which is placed under the muscle so that it won’t affect breastfeeding. The more natural route is by just eating lots of yams, soy products, grapefruits, dairy products, grains, etc… the healthiest route is avoid these foods and enlarge those muscles(chest & butt) by working out at the gym. 🙂

  17. dami niong hanash kesyo cat is taking selfies lang and always on her phone. pero pag manok nio gumagawa non, todo tanggol kayo. wag tayong ano jan.. maging objective kayo.. lol

    their taking a lot of selfies kasi chinicheck din ng sponsors ang posts nila. they can use their phones pero pag ‘program proper’ na ng activities nila. wala na yan.

    BTW, Madam is aging gracefully ha. she doesn’t look 81 (?) at all.

    • I agree. I like seeing the ladies in sponsor events. There are some that still wear a lot of foundation, eye make-up, false eyelashes, drawn eyebrows and lip color in the above photos.

      Michele, Ahtisa and Annalita look very natural.

  18. My Catriona – either cropped or always at the background in her every pic. Why are they doing this to you…

  19. Super ganda ni Queen Jehza hihihi 😋
    Virginal look with a Virginal voice hihihi😗
    MI na MI ang dating🤗
    Ano bang problem nyo sa CP nila eh kailangan nila ang phone to take pictures kc minsan lng yan mangyari sa buhay unless take3 or 4 na silang sumali at ienjoy to take pictures for documentation at baka konti lang pics nila sa media or worst ay wala or pangit pagkakuha at least kapag lola na sila ay may pic sila na masasabing galing cila sa Taco bell at Di nila makalimutan yung parang yellow tae na nilagay sa tacos or sa Dairy queen na ewan ang mga lasa 😄ganern #CatganernMU #QueenJehzaMI 🤗hihihi

  20. dami reklamo sa seflies
    let them post sa social media accounts nila
    wala naman reklamo ang sponsors
    wala naman nilabag na rules kundi ang rules nyo.. jusko
    di naman kayo sponsor nor judges

    let them be

  21. I guess Taco Bell is big in the Philippines….lol. It’s a junk food worst than Mcdonald.

  22. I soooo agree with Justgrc!! — Ladies, be professional.. You have One hour with each sponsors, on their chosen location shoot… Dito narin pinipili ng mga Sponsors kung sino yung pipiliin as their Binibini of choice as endorser,.. Pwede namang hinayhinay sa pagse-selfie!!… I haven’t seen Meow meow holding a cp and takibg
    lots of selfies!! — soo professional!

  23. Ugggh the ladies in the background all playing on their phones.

    What is it with Pinay beauty queens and that problem? How unprofessional. Parang innocente. “Look we are at Taco Bell! Never been to a Taco Bell before!! Pa show off pa more!!!” Tapos ang post naman eh more of the same pa selfie selfie for the thousandth time.

    One hour lang, if that even, yung appearance. Post after na lang on the bus or at home at night.

    I’m surprised SMA doesn’t enforce a no phone rule during sponsor events. No boobettes, no nudettes, no phonettes. You don’t see the ladies at their international competitions face buried in their phone like any millennial at the mall or Starbucks.

    On that note, I’ve never seen Meow Meow playing on her phone. Winner talaga!

    • Let’s the girls relax and have fun veks. Even I wouldn’t want to be called Ms Taco Bell…hihihihihi

    • Cat is actually sharing a lot on her IG stories so she is also on her phone. The problem is that the girls in the background are photographed when they weren’t supposed to. I would start complaining if I see formal photos of them with their phones on one hand.

    • Actually on that photo above with Jehza sitting on the pool table, you can see Cat on her phone sitting in the table in the back. But nevertheless, I agree with you.

    • @4M

      They can relax March 19.

      Walang pa relax relax when you are competing for the title of your life.

      Tell me those pictures of a whole table of ladies staring down at their phone doesn’t look horrible??? I’m sure some will just argue they are doing a Pia and thinking before clicking.

      Hihihihi Meow Meow purrrrrr

      • it doesn’t look horrible veks. Geez they are at Taco Bell from crying out loud… Hihihihi… Tell them to stop when they are at a high function like black tie event then yes phones are off limits…

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