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  1. I wonder if edjelyn also had a nose job.. Parang ang laki tingnan pag side view.

  2. Wynonah is one of my faves. This lady can talk with substance and can deliver body-wise.

    However, this particular make-up and styling isn’t doing her any favors. It unfortunately aged her. I prefer the make-up she has done herself a few days ago.

    Go Wynonah! Best of luck to you on March 8th!

  3. I love this girl, Wynonah ! She’s in my list of top 5 favorites to win a crown. She has that quiet, mysterious aura that might surprise us in the finals. She’s articulate and intelligent. Good luck, girl 🙂

  4. For a brand that rallies the world’s women to live a “confidently beautiful” life, what persona would be a good brand ambassador from among the 40 applicants from the Philippines? Who among the 40, if chosen MUP, would most likely make the cut to semi-finals, given that 60% weight is given to interview (read: personality, values, intelligence, achievements), and 40% to physical beauty?

    Having seen her BBP video interview, I believe among the 40 candidates, Wynonah easily fits the MU mould. She is undoubtedly a good speaker, and the sincerity, intelligence, emotional maturity and strong personal identity easily comes through. With her academic achievements— consistent top honors and extra-curricular accomplishments from elementary to high school to university (and UP at that!)—I am sure that she can confidently articulate just about any topic at hand. I think Wynonah’s personal brand essence is one of consistent effort and perseverance to keep getting better everytime— win or lose. This is consistent to MU’s brand spirit.

    What about the physical beauty, that aspect that a lot of pageant enthusiasts seem to be so fixated on, which may matter in MU’s final round? Body measurements? Skin tone? Pasarela? As a commercial model, she can give any Latina or Caucasian a run for her money. Moreover, she belongs to the Oriental beauty archetype, that type which the MU crown has eluded for long.

  5. It never occured to me that she had rhinoplasty.. Until the comments below.. But I did notice way back the official presentation that there is something off, and that her nose is small. And not proportioned to her face… Lalu na pag side view.

  6. Wynona may be average-looking, but I’d rather look at her total packaging. Her rhinoplasty is highly noticeable, thus I am reconsidering her suitness for BbP-International crown. She’d rather get Intercon. MUP? Definitely, no. We want somebody who is so confidently beautiful, captivating, exciting… and that is Catriona and no other.

    That’s all!

  7. Being distantly related to President Duterte might be a liability in this pageant owned by the family of Mar Roxas… But based on performance, she would not disapoint… A sure top 15… a desserving winner if ever… but would she be given a crown?

    • If you’re referring to this https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Duterte-Family-Tree-1, masyadong nalulunod ka na ata sa inggit. You’re grasping at straws. Just because her last name is the middle name of one of PRRD’s antecedents who existed in 1875, distant relative na kamo? The law provides for couples with the same last names to have a legal and binding marriage providing they meet certain conditions. Pwedeng ikasal ang may parehong last names dahil hindi ibig sabihin blood related agad-agad. Educate yourself siguro muna at how our ancestors acquired their last names. Sabi ng Lola ko, pinapili lang sila from a list provided by the government sa panohon ng Tatay niya. Kung hindi ka confident sa bet mo, ba’t sa ibang candidates mo nilalabas frustration mo? Kung makapag author ba naman ng fiction, wagas! Ano ba title ng novel mo at para ma notify ko si Binibini 26 to collect royalties from you since character siya sa gawa-gawa mong kuwento?

      • @Ms.1875

        Ok.. I suggest that you be carefull with your statements… I do know that Wynonah’s paternal grandfather was a former mayor in one of the towns of Cebu and “Buot” is indeed included in Catálogo alfabético de apellidos during the 1849 Claveria decree. It so happens that the father of the paternal great-grandmother of President Duterte happens to aquire the same last name from the same area. As a rule, 2 families from the same location can not aquire the same last name unless they are closely related. 🙂

        You know what? I am actually a fan of Wynonah… There are bashers here who are far worse than I am. All candidates are being bashed, all winners would be bashed far worse than this. She should take my comment as a compliment and an honor to be associated w/ the President. If I really want to get rid of her as one of the frontrunners, I know how to do it in a snap… So please do not provoke me to do so. 🙂

        What if this was a test? If Wynonah reacted like you just did then she already proved herself undesserving of a crown. 🙂

      • I claim no expertise of the law but if meron man mapadaan dito, I would appreciate corrections sa legal terms and usage.

        Years back, my friend got engaged to someone na kapareho niya ang last name and this was how the lawyer explained the law. He said second cousins are called kissing cousins because in most cultures, they are allowed to marry. Second cousins are within the sixth degree of consanguinity and the people involved in effect share the same great grandparents.

        Closer2fame, basahin mo po uli ang sinulat mo “the father of the paternal great grandmother”– ilang degrees of consanguinity na ba yan from PRRD to “the father of the paternal great grandmother”? Tapos idagdag mo dyan ang degrees of consanguinity from “the father of the paternal great grandmother” down to Binibini 26.

        Kung 6 degrees of consanguinity nga ay pwede na i-disregard na “relative” to the extent na pwede na magpakasal, tatawagin mo si PRRD and Binibini 26 as “distant relatives”? Tapos may padagdag pa na this could affect her bid for a crown dahil pamilya ni Mar Roxas ang may ari ng BBP. Di naman masyadong halata ano na this is an overstretching of the truth.

        Take your own advice and you be careful with your statements. Sa tingin mo ba na when your Catálogo was enforced, may advance notification sa citizens? Na merong help desk? Na they were given access to information and education? Sa actual na nangyari, sapilitan ang mga mamamayan na pinagpila ng mga sundalong may mga bitbit na armas. Sinindak dahil minamadali sila sa pagpili ng apelyido. At lalong walang interview na nangyari prior to making a choice to check one’s genealogy. Kung ito ang naging sitwasyon sa malalaking pueblos, paano pa kaya sa mga kasulok-sulukan na lugar like a small town in Cebu?

        You are linking her to PRRD and in the next breath implying na very possible masasawi lang efforts niya because of Mar Roxas tapos she’s supposed to be complimented? You are practically threatening her.

        In a society rife with political wars, paano ba naging helpful ang statement mo? Ginagawa mo pang under the guise of a “fan”, may dalang lason ang uri ng support mo.

        Oh so you’re able to get rid of her in a snap? If ganyan ka kamapangyarihan at ka maimpluwensya pala, ibig sabihin may access ka to the candidates. Kung ganoon naman po, at fan ka ni Binibini 26, you have the means to talk and to counsel her in private. There is a proper avenue to take up a topic as sensitive as this. Huwag yong ibandera ala blind item sa tabloids.

        If this was a test, please read the article again. Binibini 26 is asking to be sized up on her own merits and not on her connections.

      • @Ms. 1875

        Well, you are really blowing this out of proportion… Your double-edged carelessness is starting to become her liability… Keep it up and it might either bring her closer to a minor crown or to the end of her pageant journey. Goodluck! 🙂

      • Closer2Fame, Grow up. Dyan ka magaling, resorting to threats dahil walang masagot na matino. Ikaw ang namintas, tapos ako ang nag blow things out of proportion? Ikaw ang pumunta dito sa article, anong inexpect mo? Mag popost ka tapos luluhod lang lahat sayo? Then manghahamak ng inosente dahil galit sa nagawa ng ibang tao? Kung maka pag sociopath at god-complex nga naman. Veks, may gamot yan. Matapang ka lang dahil sa anonymity.

  8. Hmmm reminds me of Jean Garcia/ Ruffa Gutierrez???? She does for some reason I could be wrong lol 🤔🤔🤔

    • Maybe a cleaner younger version of jean Garcia ?
      Ruffa to me looks totally different

  9. I don’t understand why people think she looks old . Women in their 40s look like sunshine Geneva and Donna Cruz. Women in their 50’s look like Sharon pops agot and Alice dixon
    Wynonah looks her age.
    She will deliver !!!

  10. Miss Intercontinental like Jen, not Miss U too matured looking, very disappointing 😔

  11. Buot in Cebuano language is “bait” or kind.

    Her nose is kinda small for the size of her face.

  12. Oh, no! Mr. Tinio said “suplada” (aloof) ang arrive. CANNOT be for MU. Pa-mysterious? “Eh, ‘di Supra, kasi pa-friendship-friendship, kuno, kay Olive Tree. Ligwak din. May “s” naman ipadala natin.

  13. I’m pretty sure she will shine on finals night .
    Watch her Binibining Pilipinas talkathon video and u will know what I mean. She has improved a lot from her Miss Cebu days. She will be. At’a biggest threat

  14. Bakit ito sinasabi ka-aura ni Ara or Jen pero di issue, unlike si Ahtisa na ka-aura ni Kylie pero parang mas ma-issue hihi. Maganda siya, pero sa totoo lang, mukhang matured na siya ha. Goodluck bes!

    • I find ahtisa different from Kylie who was fierce all throughout the competition . Ahtisa channels a much sweeter….’more ‘smiley ‘ .. image

      • Veks Athisa has a “bitchesa” look in her. hihihihih parang yung mga konyo back in college days…hihihih

    • Veks kasi si Wynonah eh hindi naman talaga copycat ni Ara. yung eyes lang! Eh ung Ahtisa girl eh parang kafatid ni Ky Ky….

  15. She will shine in the universe i dont mjnd her pulling cat chance to represent the country. Wyn or cat i dont have a problem. Wynona is ara arida vibe and brain, a better speaker than ara i must say.

  16. Mga veks kelangan ba ang mas exciting na events ng Bbp? Can’t wait to see the National Costume competition and swimsuit… Bored and bored na me!!! hihihihi

    • 4m , she’s MU MI MGIor runner up for me
      I don’t want to waste her to intercontinental Supra or globe

      • 4m, Janicel didn’t lose because of she looked.
        MIO wants women with gravitas like Lara Bea and Kylie.
        I want her to win MUP next yr but MI this yr is fine

      • Fabbie Janicel lost because she didn’t fit the mestiza look. Even Chanel delau of Curacao should have won over Kevin Liliana beauty wise. But she is dark skinned.

      • Looking at the past winners, it seems that the MI judges and organizers have preference over fair skin. It doesn’t mean they won’t crown a dark skinned lady. The last dark skinned winner for Miss International was Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico. This was in 2014. Another dark-skinned beauty Elizabeth Mosquera of Venezuela won the MI title in 2010.

        Yes, facially-wise Chanel Delau is gorgeous. And the sound of her name is beautiful, too 🙂

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