29 comments on “Now or Never for #Binibini1 Vickie Marie Rushton

  1. The face! Gandara! But I think hers is very commercial. Pang artista like Ana Roces or Carmina V. during their youth. Hindi pang beauty queen mold. Although sa ngayon naman wala nang masyadong mold mold kasi nag eevolve na hihi. Pero ang malaking issue sa kanya ay hindi siya articulate. Comm skill is king nowadays – make or break na siya now sa totoo lang. Kayod sistah!

  2. Mup cat Mi patalinhug MIC Michelle
    MGI karen supra Ena globe Vicki or lemonon runner up jehza sigrid. sabi ng mga baks fave ng grandma yun kamukha ni intercontinental 14

  3. d na sya puede sa International because she is turning 26 this year…sa Universe naman SMA had been sending 5’7 and above candidates. baka sa Grand Intl sya ilagay…

  4. Sa age grouping ni Norman, hindi na siya puede for Miss International. Hayys! Sayang! Which makes Eva Patalinjug on the spotlight for that crown!

    Runner up placement or for Miss Globe to amplify her existing career plus the Miss Photogenic award is not bad at all.

  5. Gorgeous for MI. She can do a prepared speech. If she’s gunning for MU, she better be full of energy and express herself well. Perfect English not necessary, as long as you can convey your message and connect to your audience. MU is not dry and dull.

  6. Ganda ni vickie! wala along ibang title na maisip na pwede sa kanya other than miss international.. Vickie and aya (altho lately sa styling nya, pang MU na rin) are MI prototypes.. what i like is nakikita na natin ang pagbaba ng timbang nya kaya she’s starting to bloom. But suggest ko lang na she wears push up bra kasi yung structure nga boobs nya ay medyo pababa. It makes her torso appear shorter thats why.

  7. beautiful. pero she needs to step up her styling as a beauty queen. i don’t know ha but for me her beauty is more of a model / tv personality. I have yet to see her aura totally as a beauty queen. Her web interview – for me – is so monotonous. it’s like listening to an e-book na walang feelings ang pag deliver. but again, if she wins.. sana mahasa ng todohan.

    • I remember Cathy Garcia Molina (PBB days) saying, ” O ano Vickie, puro ganda na lang ba?” (walang kalatuy-latoy umarte at magdeliver ng lines) Yes for becoming a beauty queen but not as Binibini queen. Sorry. #MissEarth4her

  8. Undoubtedly, Vickie has a beautiful face, not tall and articulate enough though. She will crack the top 15 being a talent of ABS-CBN. She needs the drive, spark and eloquence if she wants to win any of the title. Nonetheless, good luck girl 🙂

  9. Runner-up daw ka day…Ti, sugot ka anay sang runner-up lang hihihi😋
    Ipakita mo gid ya na Di lng ka guapa, bright pa hihihi☺

  10. Beautiful and has nice bosom, but there’s something lacking though. Hmmm she needs a little feistiness on her presentation/personality!!!

  11. Vickie is guapa. However, her web interview showcased blandness and she wasn’t engaging. I hope she’s honing her communication skills.

    Sure, having a beautiful face will garner you points in a beauty contest… but more brownie points for those who can speak their thoughts cohesively and with ease.

    Best of luck, Vickie!

  12. Boring features . Tisay but that’s it. No even gonna get noticed on the streets of any western city. CAN WE JUST DISCUSS CAT, MICHELLE , ANJAME AND KAREN? Those are the only girls worthy of MUP.

  13. Maputi lang. Stand out in Manila. Blends in everywhere else, particularly because of lack of unique facial features.

    Compare against Manalo, who is maputi rin, but has those big beautiful eyes to complement doll-like overall facial proportions. Manalo would be noticed and remembered outside the Philippines.

  14. Is she pretty? Yes. But I don’t think she has queenly qualities. Ms Globe for me would be her highest placement kinda like Nelda Ibe who really doesn’t have the queenly qualities either.

    • 4M, please define queenly qualities 🙂

      Maganda pero dapat may X-factor?
      Dapat marunong at may laman ang sagot?
      Must be comfortable speaking and posing in front of the camera?
      Must be fit?
      Must have a strong advocacy?

      • Morena it is subjective. Physically I look for girls who’s looks capture my attention and register right even after a first glimpse. Yung hindi ko kelangang tingnan 100 times just to remember their faces. She has no “spark” in her eyes. When I saw Muriel, Aya, Cat, and Karen, their looks registered right away so those are the ones I’m rooting for. There are beauties that sometimes take a while for me to warm up to. Michelle and Wynonah are examples. The more you look at them the more you appreciate them. But with Rushton, waley talaga…hihihihi

    • @4M

      I like Ibe. She showed determination and hunger. Maybe not for MU-level, but certainly for other titles. To me, that’s a requisite for any beauty queen. Being a pretty face alone and going through camp motions isn’t enough. Several of our titleholders last year appear to have just done the bare minimum.

      Yes you need to be beautiful and well-spoke. You also need to want to do what it takes to win an international title. Ibe had that.

      • I like Nelda Ibe, too. I find her one of the most humble and down to earth Bb. Pilipinas queens. She also shared that she had to shed weight when she joined last year. People were taunting her she is joining Bb. Pilipinas, not Bb. Bilbilin. She laughed it off and was determined to lose the extra pounds. And she did when she secured the Miss Globe Philippines crown. Yes, a minor crown but she didn’t disappoint. She didn’t come home empty-handed; she bagged the 1RU at the Miss Globe competition.

        She may not have been a crowd favorite but she definitely has queenly attributes in my opinion.

      • My favorite last year was Sirene but she bombed the Q&A hihihihihi… But she would have won a crown had she given a decent answer.

      • And to think that Nelda placed so high…that in iself makes her a deserving Binibini Queen.

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