60 comments on “In Groups of 5 and 4 now: Prophetic or Coincidental?

  1. Paki post naman po yun similar photos nung winner circle ng previous years to comoare 100% accurate pa hehehe

  2. kahit pa sino manalo as MUP
    Brazil at Thailand naman magiging top 2 eh

  3. salamat Dok
    dapat ang bisitahin nila na next

    para makapagpasalamat sila sa lahat ng
    kaplastikan pinagawa nila sa katawan at mukha nila

  4. It looks like Aya is going to be MUP and Catriona is MI. Aya is born with a silver spoon I reckon but hopefully she will be a humble, friendly, bubbly, and TRULY confident MUP. Catriona fits the MI bill. She is dainty and can do a prepared speech well. This is my assessment from what I see.

    As to my preference, I want Cat to be MUP instead so she can be vindicated of the MW travesty. Travesty because she was wrongly packaged with the squinty eyes and that young debutante gown that only a super gorgeous face like Megan could have pulled off. I don’t think it was the torch speech that did her in though redundant.

  5. kahit solo
    walang pinagbago
    puro fake ang fez dahil sa muk up


    bpci nasan ang charity works

  6. puro pictorials, sino naman ang sponsors dito wala naman
    nasan ang charity events
    bpci walang charity works

    petsa na?

    puro fake make up naman and photoshopped photos

  7. puro pictorials
    na photoshop naman.. juiceko

    nasan ang charity events BPCI
    petsa na? nganga pa rin

    • Habang wala pa po yung charity events, concentrate ka muna dun sa charities mo…Atat na atat ka po e…

      More than 1 month pa before the pageant.

      Tandaan mo, pageant pa rin naman ang sinalihan nila…pageant na may sponsors. Sponsors na kelangan din bisitahin, etc.

      Kaloka ka

  8. every year nalang may groupings na pictures na lumalabas na tulad nito from Binibini mismo, at taon taon yung groupings na yan may winners. It may be too early to tell but trust me, may nanalo na based on how they were grouped #AllTeaNoShade

  9. Ahtisa looks like Pricilla Perales -Miss International 2007? Here. Karen,Cat, Muriel, Michelle, Ahtisa, Kayesha, Wynonah, Jezha, Patrik, Sandra, Aya, Vicky – your top 12

  10. what becomes of the three who are not in any of the pictures ?
    This batch of 40 can be dwindled into a batch of 30 and still remain very strong and very competitive.

  11. Catriona and Karen looks so glamorously good I can’t stop gushing over them! Eva is pretty but most of her looks are so matronly, Vickie is okay and lol Ayaw looks so out of place in their batch, ipinagsiksikan teh?

    Michelle and Ahtisa (that face omg that’s what I’ve been waiting from her!) in theirs, Jehza looks the best in hers while Kayesha, Edjelyn, and Wynonah almost made it. I’ve noticed it before but Wynonah’s nose looks weird especially her side profile.

  12. No to EVA………….Vickie looks stunning on her own…….but in a group picture, her beauty does not stand out. That’s all………….but no to EVA……………ordinarily plain.

  13. In the first pic, I will remove Eva and add Michelle, Muriel, Jehza, and Ahtisa. These 8 women will most probably end up in the winners circle.

  14. Not really, Tito Norms.

    I mean at this early stage of this competition, I don’t see Karen, Vickie and Eva in Cat’s League. Aya is peaking so she belonged up there. Michelle and Murielle must be in Cat’s group, and so is Samantha Bernardo.

    But who knows, in the next coming days these ladies will peak and go head-on-collision to bring home the much-coveted crowns of the Binibini.

    That’s all!

    • I counted 37. Meron bang dumoble? Also, bakit yung iba ay naka official Bb. Pilipinas tshirt at yung iba ay hindi? Preferential treatment 🙂

    • Spot on.

      I don’t see Bb. 16 Annali(z/t)a Vizcarra, Bb. 36 Loren Mar Artajos & Bb. 39 Trixia Marie Maraña here.

      I saw Trixia’s Jag solo pic in IG but she’s nowhere in these group photos.

  15. Personal preference, Catriona and Karen stand out. So proud of these 2 Aussie beauties!

    BBP likes playing coy with their audience. These group shots certainly gets everyone talking!

  16. Catriona and Karen wow! Aussie Filipinos all the way!!

    These group shots are all part of BBP publicity to cause more controversy. Haha it’s smart. It gets people talking that’s for sure.

    Can’t wait for March 18!

  17. They are all beautiful but my eyes went straight to Athisha.
    She should join Miss World.
    Aside from her I also like Wynonah, Karen, Aya and I must say I like Catriona here; her best look so far.

  18. Catriona and Karen wow! Aussie Filipinos all the way!!

    These group shots are all part of BBP publicity to cause more controversy. Haha it’s smart. It gets people talking that’s for sure.

    These girls are all beautiful!

    • She’s pretty but she doesn’t strike me. Walang recall ang looks nya. She’s the beauty that’s easily forgotten.

    • Muy guapa! Vickie seems to have lost weight. She looks long and lean here. Extra points for her working out!

  19. Feeling Kylie itong is Ahtisa gurl….hihihihihi… Carry naman and I have to say Group 2 pic nailed this shot!!! Cat looked kinda out of place sa Group 1 pic. She should have bent a little bit so the height difference isn’t too obvious. Look at Aya she actually did try to lower herself since Karen is the shortest.

    I like Group 3 too. They’re a little spread apart but it really worked.

    • Cat should have been placed in the middle since she’s the tallest in that group. Then it should have trickled down to whoever is shorter than her to create a symmetrical balance:

      Karen – Aya – Cat – Eva – Vickie (ala Mayon Volcano formation)

      The diverse beauties of Filipinas is shining through in these group photos.

  20. 1st and 2nd picture pak! kahit nag awrahan, halatang may team effort pa rin.

    sa first pic, talagang nag SAMPALAN ng ganda! naloka ako ng slight!

    pero my God out of the 40 ladies in this photoshoot, si Athisa talaga ang may pinaka pasabog na ganda! pagtingin mo sa photo, you will immediately zoom into her face.

    im quite disappointed sa fourth pic, parang may hinimatay sa gitna ngunit kelangan magpa picture. they could have done better kasi they obviously have the face. pero parang walang concept at coordination.. sorry ha but take this as a constructive criticism to do better in any group photo. this is not a barkadahan pic. this is competition shoot so always put ur best foot (or feet) forward.

      • Tama ka marshie. Her aura reminds me of Kylie but she developed her own unique presence din as bbp season progresses. Nothing wrong with her at all although There are some areas for improvement like she needs to gain a bit of bulk in certain parts like her upper extremities for added proportion lang naman. Kailangan nya magkalaman ng konti kasi her arms are a bit too slender kaya she looks thin on stage. But her face, wow. She can be fierce or sweet while looking expensive!

  21. My top 6
    Catriona Gray
    Ahtisa Manalo
    Wynonah Buot
    Sandra Lemonon
    Jehza Huelar
    Juliana Kapeundl

  22. My top 16 so far:
    1. Karen
    2. Wynonah
    3. Eva
    4. Muriel
    5. Vickie
    6. Aya
    7. Jerelleen
    8. Ahtisa
    9. Jehza
    10. Catriona
    11. Ena
    12. Sarah
    13. Anjame
    14. Sandra
    15. Patrik
    16. Michelle

  23. First and second pictures, I am sure the winners and runner ups belong to these two groups.
    The group on the third picture, one or two might snatch a minor crown or a runner up placers.



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