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  1. Cat looks amazing…..Karen looks very pretty. Vicky looks good I hope she shows more personality. Jehza is fading….fading fast. I still have high hopes for her. The PAtalinjug girl will try next year!!!!

  2. Buti pa si Mareng Kylie. Pa ice cream2 na lang ngayon while looking glamorosa. Bongga. Happy birthday sizt! Kelan ang pa ice cream mo sa men? Hihihi

  3. Happy Birthday Kylie!

    More power to Kylie. In short, Kylie-Kyile Power to you. =)

    World Peace.

  4. Eva looking good naman psla pag naka- Smile kita ang teeth… Mas may sparkle ang eyes nya if she smiles that way!! — i would place her and Ahtisa as both fighting for the Miss Philippines International title… the Bb. Pilipinas Universe is, of course reserved for Cat!

  5. Isa sa mga kahanga-hangang modern beauty queen of the land. May class at hindi panay kalandian lang ang alam. Megan and Kylie are the epitome of a true beauty queen. Both are role models worth emulating. Both are worthy of people’s adulation.

    • Megan living in with her boyfriend and admittedly sharing a bed with him ? How is that worth emulating ?

      • Fabie, isyu pa ba yan sa panahon ngayon? As long as they do it in private and discretely, it is none of your business. ‘Ika nga, play with your demons in private. Huwag mong ipangalandakan.

      • Pinangangalandakan nga e. Otherwise , how would anyone know? Honestly , virginity in the Philippines is still highly valued …. despite the influx of western influence.
        Megan lives a modern life that cannot be considered a model for most young Filipino women. It’s prob accepted in showbiz but not anywhere else.

      • Since na brought up mo Yan Fab-B, ako din nagtataka sa kanya Kasi sa interview niya sa rappler, Sabi niya 2011 pa Sila Ni jowakels which means nung nanalo siya nung 2013 Sila na. Technically, seven years na sila pero parang walang wedding bells ringing around kahit na nasungkit Niya Yung bouquet sa isang wedding event.

        And Yung guy parang walang bayag mag propose! Pakiwari ko ba Hindi pa siya sure sa identity niya.

        Then again just “benefit of the doubt” maybe they are still planning for greater future!

      • Dear Fabian,

        Pasensya na ikaw favorite ko to give a reply to. Hehe.

        May I know who hurt you in the past that you became so bitter, suspicious and self-righteous about so many thing in life?

        From belittling the kind of school these ladies graduated from, to the state of SMA’s mental health to run Bb. Pilipinas. From the young boys that you assumed Osmel Soussa will enjoy upon his retirement, and now to the activities inside the private bedroom of Megan Young.

        Why that so much anger Fabian the Fab? La Vida Es Corta Fabby. Life is short. Carpe Diem. Sieze the Carpet!!! Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Oh goodness………..who cares if Megan has a boyfriend or she is no longer a virgin, OR she’s not considered a model for most young Filipino women……….has she not broken any rules/laws or hurt someone? Has she publicly humiliated her fellow Filipinos or acted thuggish on or off camera? Whatever she does behind closed door with her bf or fiancée or spouse is none of our business. I’m sure that the majority of these candidates are no LONGER VIRGINS!!!!

      • Wtf how is Megan sharing a bed with her boyfriend a bad thing? Bf nya naman yon, they’re not doing anything wrong nor is it a bad influence, she’s already a grown woman in her mid twenties lol.

      • Fabbie, virginity is overrated…hihihihi…. I think you must still be living in Maria Clara era…hihihihihi… Cheretteeeee

      • Thomas ako ung nagcomment about Osmel and his boy servants…hihihi when I say boy I meant younger guys who are of legal age…hihihiihi

    • Panay kalandian ang alam ? U r prob referring to Pia. These girls would not be at the top of their game Kung pure kalandian lang ang alam . It takes a lot of discipline and hard work to be MU MI MW or any Miss . Nothing falls on their head/lap for free.

      • Fabie, why so defensive? Wala naman akong pinatungkulan. But the fact that you dragged Pia in this discourse, don’t blame me if i assume that there must be some truth to it. Nagtaka nga ako bakit kinaladkad mo si Pia dito. Pero ikaw nagsabi nyan ha, hindi ako.

  6. Happy birthday, Kylie! You truly are the queen of pose.

    Will our next Miss International come from this year’s Bb. Pilipinas candidates?

    Interesting Jag groupies. Will the next MIP come from Group B?

    GROUP A: Karen, Vickie, Aya, Karen & Cat
    GROUP B: Michele, Muriel, Ahtisa, Sam & Sandra
    GROUP C: ?, Sigrid, ?, Ena & ?
    GROUP D: ?, ?, ? & Patrizia
    GROUP E: Jerelleen, ?, MJ & Anjame
    GROUP F: Kayesha, Edj, Jehza, Patrik & Wynonah
    GROUP G: Sophia, Julianna, Agatha & ?
    GROUP H: Janette, ?, ?, ? & ?

    • Karen and Cat look amazing….Aya ok nice shot…Patalinjug….nope and Vicky looks out of place!

    • Replace Eva with Buot and Aya with Sandra, that would be my ideal top 5 . But there are 6 crowns at stake .. so I will keep Aya.

    • 5’6 and 1/2 lang pala si Aya Abesamis! — kasingtangkad nya lang ang mudra nyang si Desiree V…. Here, it us pretty obvious!

      • 2nd or 1st runner up…..only. Don’t care if she’s turning 26yo and does not warrant a guaranteed crown placement lol…..🤔🤔🤔

      • BbP website shows Aya is 5’7 1/2. She also prefers to wear regular shoes not the platform shoes.

  7. Lodi, anuva?! Nag-birthday ka na’t lahat, dili mo pa rin me ga-add, ‘uy! Ambot, man… 😦

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