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  1. Tama lang nag avail na si lola osmel sa senior citizen card discount! Kasi naman nag evolve na standards of beauty queens ngayon especially sa MU. Tapos na ang era nga mga glamazonang plastikada at mga naturalesang girlalu na uso ngayon! Kung dati ke gaganda ng mga girls nya like my favorite alicia machado and dayana mendoza vs keysi sayago and stephany gutierrez, ang layo girl! So kailangan ng fresh ideas to bring venezuelan beauties at the forefront in this new era of pageantry.

    But still, osmel is osmel. His record of producing gorgeous beauty queens is rivaled yet unparalleled. It will take many many years for any queen maker to surpass his achievements and contributions to the world of pageantry.

    • not sure if serious ka ba or sarcastic ka with this. Im just gonna assume na serious ka so sakyan ko na rin. Between the two, Korina taking over BPCI has higher probability than Charo because of her husband’s (Mar Roxas) relationship with the Aranetas. But feel ko hindi masyadong bet ni Korina ang Beaucon industry. So mas bet ko na si Charo na lang. Afaik bumu-beauty queen din si Maam Charo nung kabataan nya. I also remember na sinabi nya dati na isa sa mga projects nya as president ng ABSCBN ay maghost ng MU dito sa Pinas. Idk lang kung bat di nya pinush

    • I have a feeling na kapag na if ever bibitawan/bitawan na ni Mrs. Stella Araneta ang Bininbining Pilipinas, ang ABS-CBN ang magti-take-over.

      • truth yan, Go for Abs Cbn and maybe Korina Sanchez will be the Head ,ok lang ako kasi Korina is socialite naman so di pwedeng pucho pucho ang BPCI

    • Since Osmel Sousa will be succeeded by Liquid Sousa,
      Stella Marquez should be succeeded by Melanie.

      World Peace.

      • Thomas . SMA is already 80 y/0. How long do you think she will last without being plagued by physical and mental debilities ? Every body dies and if we are to play the game of probabilities , SMA will have her fateful exit sooner than later.

      • Dear Fabian The Fab,

        That SMA will die is a given. In fact, I will also die and YOU will also die. And no one can tell if SMA or you will die tomorrow or next month or in 2022.

        I just find it tacky and rude that we are talking about the death of a person (and as you Godly put it, “will die sooner than later”) who heads a position that neither you and me has anything to do in her installation. She is not an public / elected official that we can choose to remove or retain.

        I am sure in their little Bb. Pilipinas organization, some kind of succession planning is being done. Wag na natin pangunahan. And if we still want to have a say, maybe you can (with your milliions) can bid for the franchise.

        Lab ya (labia) Fabby!

        World Peace. =+

    • I have a feeling that ABS-CBN will handle Binibining Pilipinas if and when Mrs. Stella Araneta decides to retire.

  2. > Based on the headline, I thought he died already. I associate curtains falling with funerals. Lol.

    > I don’t understand why Osmel’s retirement elicited comments about SMA’s eventual retirement in order to bring in fresh blood ek ek. Hasn’t Bb. Pilipinas for the past recent years brought honors to the country? And isn’t it during SMA’s tenure when the Philippines became an acknowledged powerhouse?

    As Miranda Priestly would say “Truth is, there’s no one that can do what I do. Including Jonas and Rodgil and Cory and Venus (lol). Any of the other choices would have found that job impossible and the franchis would have suffered. That’s all.”

    > Thank you to Mr. Osmel for inspiring a few Filipinos (Jonas, Rodgil) to do to the Philippine pageantry what Osmel did to Venezuela.

    World Peace.

    • PS. I heard that the younger brother of Osmel who is wealthier, healthier and more liquid will succeed him. And since he is very liquid, his name will be Liquid Sousa. Lol.

      World. Peace.

      • Actually ang pinay half sister daw ang papalit. Si Sousan Enriquez! Kaya kay sousan tayo!

      • Dear Bong,

        If you will read up JR was the one who reacted to my post. Prior to this, I never even noticed his /its existence. Lol.

        So there is no “vice-versa” at all. Lol.

        Eyeball eyeball ka jan! Lol.

  3. 40 years of molding beauty queens is no small feat…Osmel has a legacy left indeed. As for SMA, we should not expect her to retire just like Osmel. Their situation is different from each other. SMA still loves what she do. I don’t see her retiring in the next 5 years or so…

  4. Admit it or not, Osmel has become the lord of Venezuelan goddesses he created for decades that Jonas and Rodgil and other pageant mentors try to replicate.

    But then again, one cannot retain power that downfall is destined to come. This is a reality bite not only in the pageant industry but all sorts of life. Nevertheless, a remarkable legacy is worth a thousand words to retell as history.

    To Osmel, you might have belittled some of our MU reps in the past per pageant bulletins, but we are still grateful that you took time to impart your awesome skills to Miriam and Karen. That episode gave our country a breath and a remarkable leap in the pageant world.

    Thank you.

    • To piggyback on Ana’s comment:

      During the MU 2015 mishap, Osmel said that Philippines is undeserving. The MU org should have kept it as it was since Colombia was apparently overall a better contestant in his opinion.

      And apparently, Gloria Diaz was actually the 4th RU. The host messed up and inadvertently named Philippines as winner.

      Double ouch.

      But yes, thanks to him nevertheless. The czar of beauty has inspired Jonas and Rodgil to produce the same (or even better) calibre of strong beauties that have been sent to compete internationally.

      • There was no way Kikuyo Osuka of Japan (who was 4th RU) was going to win in 1969 over the rest of that Top 5.

      • Regarding Osmel’s comment about the mess up during Gloria’s crowning, I think the beauty pageant guru was just sourgraping then.

      • @morena and @ana..

        when he said those ( pia undeserving and gloria 4th RU but the host messed up), osmel perhaps was already showing signs of senility and was having delusions of grandeur.. more likely, he was threatened by the inroads PH is making in beauty pageants i.e. naiinis siya (or naiinggit?), as April Boy’s song would go.. “Hindi ko kayang tanggapin…” lol…!!!

      • OY, it was Karen Loren Agustin who also underwent pasarela training with Osmel.

  5. Met him a few times during Miss Universe and Miss World pageants and I must say he enjoys his celebrity status. He’s been looking frail and fragile lately and I think the economic and political crises in Venezuela have taken a toll on the MVO. Osmel will be terribly missed for sure but I’m excited to see the new directions of the organization that has produced the most number of crowns in global pageantry. Long live Osmel! On another note, will Stella follow suit? She’s been with BPCI for 55 years much longer than Osmel’s reign at MVO.

    • Hindi naman siguro siya affected nung krisis. Kasi madalas siya sa Florida sa escuela nila ng assistant niyang si Giselle na May nagsasabing posibleng pumalit sa kanya.

      Yung nga Lang talagang tigulang na si Lola!

      BTW, I love your beanies on those winter days in NYC!

  6. Whoever replace Mr. Osmel will have a big shoes to fill. Hopefully they will pick the right person. What about Ms. Stella any plans to retire soon? They need a new blood to lead the Miss Universe pageant.

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