19 comments on “#Binibini35 Sandra Lemonon and her “revelation”

  1. si aiai
    vic sotto
    danica sotto
    rachel peters
    ay mga kamag anak niya

  2. She’s pretty and vavavoom but…

    I don’t know if it’s her cool French side and translation, but she seems not so bright. Not in an uneducated way, but more of she’s always gotten by on her looks and didn’t need to develop a personality way.

    I find her multiculturalism and now this backstory angles a bit contrived. Cliché.

    I’m looking at others more now.

  3. Thanks Sandra! I was almost about to type my observation but now I know why. See, theres a story behind every picture. At least now people understand and encourage you that you have to get that surgery the soonest as it may compound your problem in the future if left untreated. I myself have episodes of allergy and i find it really bothersome if one side or both nostrils are congested. So whatever the results gonna be, go get it done and take better care of yourself 🙂 Go siszt!

  4. Ano kaya’t manalo siya ng title and then she was paired with a roommate and while sleeping she’s making those “tooth grinding” noise known as bruxism? Makapag beauty rest Kaya si roomie?

    I hope she doesn’t have apnea coz it always compliment bruxism.

  5. She reminds me of Nia Sanchez, especially dun sa bottom pic. I’m not saying kamukha ha, just ka-vibe! Very playful yet sweet! Also sultry….

  6. Such grace and honesty! I want her to win a crown 👸🏻 that embodies sexiness.

    The best of luck 🤞to this beautiful lady who wouldn’t have trouble in answering her final question in four different languages.

  7. interesting, I woulkd never have thought she had some teeth/jaw issues
    I found her lips, mouth to be her most attractive feature

  8. No matter what….you look great and you have embraced your flaws. You look relaxed and effortlessly classy. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Candidates should not read Norman norman .. at least while they are in the heat of the competetion

    • At vahket fabian 😋
      OK lng ba kay Momma N yan😄
      Mas gaganda ang performance nya kung iembrace nya lahat as constructive criticism😗
      Dyan papasok yung mantra nilang “I’m confidently beautiful and not nervous at all. …..pero slight lang hihihi” ganern divahhh🤗

  10. Her dad looks mixed, with the very pointed nose a sure-tell, not to mention the skin. Interesting! So Sarah is a quarter Caucasian pala.

  11. She’s pretty, classy and articulate. And brave enough to accept what she is – being true to herself.
    2 thumbs up for you, Sandra 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. She can always consult an orthodontist to have it fixed. I hope it’s nothing serious.

  13. Avahhh, kung ganyan sya sumagot the way she delivers of what is written about herself ay winner ka na kc excellent answer na lang ang kulang sa ganda mong yan😋hihihi

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