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  1. great to see her get a much deserved R&R … plenty of time to get ready for MWP 2018
    I hope she joins and she will be a sure winner, and will go on to get 2nd MW title for PH.

      • Fabian, with her widely opened eyes tapos parang hindi siya prepared … parang di niya alam kung anong sasabihin then she gives off a fake smile at the end.

        Or is she not that comfortable speaking in front of the camera?

  2. Welcome back, Katareyna! She might have gained weight but the important thing is she enjoyed every bit of her stay in Egypt. Exciting to hear that she’s interested in joining another pageant. Go and grab another crown, Kata!

    Aya’s sporting different looks na. She hasn’t mastered the slight opening of the mouth (aka “the blow”) and pouting of her lips. Her last look in this video, the blood red ensemble, gives off a very sexy vibe with her tousled updo hair.

    I like her recent Jag make-up and styling the best so far.

    • A true Filipina beauty like her mom
      If she is ambitious and she can talk , why not ?

    • super depressed yata si ate gurl mo kaya mejo napabinge eating. Feel ko inexpect nya talaga na mananalo sya. And i understand where she’s coming from

  3. Katarina will be our Miss World Phils 2018. She already has her HIV/AIDs advocacy. Beautiful fez the kind the Lola Julia likes. She’s very social media savvy, articulate and spontaneous.

  4. Claire , she should have a beautiful face and body .. and be smart articulate , and outgoing . Since many of the contestants fit this picture, it will depend on the judges’ and the organization’s preferences who they want to wear next yr.

  5. Sasali daw sya ulit sa BbP for a different crown naman daw..say nyo dear readers.

      • if she does, I think she’ll join in 2019. Momentum-wise this year is the best time for her to join since yung focus nya is still in pageantry, pero baka mejo off lang kasi parang ang hayok nya masyado sa crown. And i think ok din na magpahinga muna sya. Plus Aces will field Samantha Lo (and also Maria Gigante i feel) in MWP this year

      • @unorthodox. hayok? kasi nagkakorona na sa BBP tapos join pa ng MWP. eh yung nagkakorona na ng MWP tapos join pa ng BBP? #catganern

      • @bryan @4M gals hinay hinay. Si Cat hindi sumali agad right after nya lumaban sa MW2016. She skipped BBP17, dutifully finished her contract with Cory Quirino’s company, stayed away from the spotlight a little bit, and then came out and joined, wait for it, TWO YEARS AFTER (although I still prefer she had joined in 2019 instead). With Katja’s case kasi, kakatapos lang ng int’l pageant na sinalihan nya and sinespeculate agad natin na sasali sia sa MWP18. Like gets? Months apart lang ang Miss Intercon 2017 and MWP 2018and both happened on the same calendar year. When i said hayok, im not refering to how many crowns one girl achieves kung yun talaga ang dream nila. What I meant by Hayok was yung bilis ng pagsali agad agad at wala man lang pahinga in between pageants.
        Also, I’m not against Katarina joining MWP. In fact I want her to join and go to MW. Ang sa akin lang, it’s too early pa. Besides around October pa matatapos contract ni Katja sa BPCI and around July-Sept ang MWP so mag ooverlap.

        Now I know this explanation wont matter to you, kasi hindi naman talaga si Katarina yung target mo. Si Cat talaga yung pinupuntirya ehem*binabash*ehem mo with your negativity. So I guess this comment goes na lang to all other readers here

      • Veks the problem with Cat last year was that she was still MWP when BBP was held. So either she gives up her crown to join which would have been bad PR for her. In Katarina’s case, she will be relinquishing her crown before she joins MWP so it makes sense for her to join now while she still has the desire.

      • 4m , I think they are still contracted until 6 months after they rel their crown . So 2019 would be her best shot if she decided to join again

      • @4M but you also need to remember that Cory Quirino herself said that they were willing to let go of Cat and release her from their contract if she wished to join BBP17. The then MWP Org was willing to give her the opportunity to join BBP and to me it woud not have been bad PR. In fact, feel ko pa nga super good publicity at right timing nun kasi imagine the national director was willing to let her queen join the rival pageant because she also felt injustice to what happened to the queen in the international stage. No bad blood. Ang perfect timing di ba? But Cat had let that opportunity pass and hindi sya nagmadali that time. Kahit na halos lahat ng tao even CQ pinupush na sya to join BBP17, she stood firm in her decision na tapusin yung reign nya as MWP

        With Katja, you havent heard SMA say na “if she wants to join MWP, we’d let her go”. And uulitin ko lang din, her contract extends up until October. By that time, nakoronahan na ang MWP2018 dahil MWP is usually slated in September. So hindi sya talaga makajoin unless she resigns

  6. Mga beki, amigo, Amiga, tia y maricon,

    For calibration purpose, ano ba sa palagay niyo Ang characteristic na hinahanap ng,

    Miss U

    Miss International

    Miss Supranational

    Miss Intercontinental

    Huwag muna mag-name ng Candidate.

    • Gusto ko yung mga pavirgin effect at kapag nasa stage ay rampa kung rampa at kung humawak ng mic ay parang titi ang hinahawakan at gigil na gigil sa high performance level to answer the question with confidence using her virginal voice and charm to convince the audience especially the judges that she’s the best for the crown😋
      And I thank you😗 cherette.

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      It depends on the pageant’s home or target audience. MU is obviously for the American market. MI is the Paris Group’s search for their brand ambassador. Supranational is probably geared towards “Euro-chic”, plus North Asia (Korea, Japan, and China). Intercontinental, I believe, shows to a predominantly Indian crowd, and India has the world’s LARGEST beauty pageant industry. As for Angkol, well… 🙂

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