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  1. Eva, maganda ang face mo sa totoo lang. sa body frame di ganun kaganda pero maaayos naman yan. Medyo baduy ang datingan mo pero dapat ginaguide ka jan ng stylist or camp mo. Ang issue ko sayo is your comms skills. Magbasa ka and mag ready sa q&a. Mag practice ka with your mentors kuno. For now, a runner up position is not impossible. K thanks

  2. I agree in most of the comments done here. No question she’s really pretty. However something falls short sabi nga. I think its the overall proportion from head to foot. She has a petite build. Meaning, her shoulders are narrow compared to the size of her head. Nothing is wrong with that but when you add a volumized hair into the formula, her shoulder will look narrower. Also her legs appear short kasi curvy siya. A lot of guys find it very sexy like marian rivera but it makes your legs somewhat short.. Thats why runner up muna ngayon so she can work on the small details to further enhance her chances. I recommend she get a v line procedure like maxine , then develop a bit of deltoids to balance her shoulders. Sa totoo lang, her figure reminds me of vina morales.

  3. I think she is a prime candidate for being best served as a runner-up. She’s got time and I think that will only benefit her. I know she has a lot of pageant experience, but I feel there is something falling short and I can only attribute that to life experience.

    Also, has she only lived in Cebu? I think some time in the NCR as a runner-up will expose her to experiences and connections that will round her out.

  4. Classic beauty based on above
    Spontaneous pics however show she looks more like Sandra Bullock and this is not a compliment .
    I guess her winning or losing depends on how she looks and performs at the Q&A that night .
    So I’m on the fence right now

  5. Angelia Ong Beauty sya dito. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s not good either. Charot!

  6. I need to see what kind of shoes she’s wearing……….that will determine what kind of contender she is……the “bakya/promdi” girl or simply elegantly stunning not trying hard contender without wearing those tacky ugly ass shoes.

    • Unfortunately, it seems like all the KF ladies are required by the camp to wear those tackly 8″ elevator shoes even Anjame who is almost 5’11”.

      • I agree, it made Anjame look cheap kaya, like she was trying too hard but that is probably her camp. She being juxtaposed against Catriona is an interesting contrast already but when she ‘tried’ to tower over everyone she looked like a sore thumb.

  7. She’s pretty in planned photos, but is surprisingly mediocre on candids.

    Her skin tone has always baffled me – seems similar to the skin tone of someone taking glutathione.

    • I noticed that, too. Most of her poses: face is angled with a closed-mouth smile.

      Went through the archives to see how she did in the Q&A portion of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014 [from 0:38 to 1:41]. Her thought process was there but she went on dragging her answer.

      • Too wordy and too rehearsed…..she needs to relax while delivering her answer. If you talk to much you’ll crack under pressure…..just make it simple and don’t be using elaborate sentence to deliver your point…..that’s all!!!

      • Actually kung saan saan na napunta ang sagot. Parang ginamit niya sa sagot niya dito ang lahat ng minemorize niya. A little bit of everything ba hahaha tse

  8. No doubt, her beauty is eathereal. However, whenever she is with the other contenders, she seems to fade away in the background. She should learn how to stand out. She needs to polish her comm skills too. Just my two cents.

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