11 comments on “In the Spotlight: Your Binibini 5 Rose Marie Murphy

  1. Ay kog labda dzai! 😉 lami syang bayhana… laban lang dzai! mudaog lage ka, ampo lang… ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Hmm Miss Butuan pa lang di napanalo. Sana nag MWP or MEP muna girl para mahasa. Nagqualify ka sa Bbp and that is something so kailangan mo lang pahasa.

    • Mutya hong Butuan 2010 first runner up pala sya. hihi…tama ka, sana nag MWP or MEP muna sya… kaso baka kasi tumanda kaya nag BBP na… sana maka semi sya…

  3. Pretty nurse……I don’t know why it’s necessary for her to mention her being “fair skin”……..why?

    • It is rare for kids in her province to see someone so fair hence they could be intimidated by her.

  4. She seems genuinely nice
    I don’t know which team she belongs to
    She needs help in the make up dept .. to make her face look less greasy and her nose less prominent .
    A little dose of assertiveness won’t hurt either … and some sweet and sexy vibe.

  5. There is an apparent typo there Sir Norman. ‘Leaving bear the beach’ instead of living near the beach. Thanks!

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